Friday, 31 January 2014

faux leather

Hi everyone

Ooh I did enjoy that play & can't wait to have another go.  The faux leather (for those who haven't seen it on C&C with Sheena Douglass) starts off as a piece of kraft card which is then treated with a water & glycerin mixture.  This is followed by being embossed in an embossing folder then treated with inks

I didn't have any proper kraft card - but I do have a pile of kraft thin card folders - so I cut up one of those.

Here is my play

All set up ready to go

The card after being sprayed several times, both sides, with the glycerin water mix, scrunched - then put through the E-bosser in an embossing folder.

after being inked with Vintage Photo & Spiced Marmalade

then inked with Fired Brick & Black Soot.
The Black Soot was used mainly to highlight the embossed image

After the final stage of being sprayed with Crafter's Companion - Spray & Shine.

When I showed it to Bob - as I do all my new techniques I try - he said "I didn't know you could emboss leather in the E-bosser".  Success!!!!  He was quite surprised when I said it was card.  That is the result we all want, isn't it?

I don't think I will be using this piece - I want to keep it - but will definitely being playing some more.  Also I will be investing in some good quality Kraft card too.

HERE is a link to Sheen Douglass's You Tube video on how she does this - will give you more detail than I have here.

That's me for now.  'Bye.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

member showcase

At the Mold II meeting on Tuesday Betty told me the story of Mother's Day cards she has been making.  It would appear she made a couple - they were seen - & more were ordered.  I asked her to send me photos to put here - & here they are;

Well done Betty.  They are lovely.

It is so good to see the cards you make - so come on ladies - send me photos.  Boast about your efforts.  That is what the blog is for.

Back later.

Special birthday card

Hi everyone - here is the photo of the birthday card I made last week for one of our club ladies - Liz in fact from Mold II.

I couldn't show it before her birthday in case she popped in to have a look at the blog.  I don't think she bothers with the Internet but you never know & I didn't want to spoil the surprise.

The stamps are from Lily of the Valley & are quite detailed - so I stamped them in black archival ink onto white card & managed to emboss them with clear EP.  I then used pink, blue & green shades of Distress Inks to lightly colour them.  A little 70 on the tag & a small Happy Birthday peel off to finish.

The card is a 5x5 square card & I rounded the 2 outer corners & covered with the blue floral paper.  Next I cut a smaller square of the pink floral & placed a strip of matching paper down the back on the left & right side.  This allowed me to roll the corners without having white paper showing.

This afternoon I have been playing with the faux leather shown by Sheena Douglass on C&C - will let you know how I get on.

'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

mold II photos - project

This will probably be my last visit today & I am back with the project photos from last nights Mold II meeting where the theme was Four square.

As I said in the last post - I didn't lay down any restrictions & just waited for great ideas & as I also said - I was not disappointed;

A lovely clean & crisp design, & exactly as someone from Mold did - tried to catch me out  - as at first I though - hmm, only 3 squares.  No there are definitely 4 & very clever design it is too.

Another delicate design - makes you think of spring.

Delicate again - spring must be in the air. A lovely clean & crisp design. Isn't that sentiment gorgeous.

Seems like this evening is staying with the more pastel shades - or will that change shortly.
Lovely layout & design - I like the little ribbon hangers on 2 of the squares

I love the little buttons that give texture & interest to this lovely clean design

Oops - I am really sorry about this one, & I remember sitting down to take this so that I could rest my elbows on the table.  Believe it or not I have treated it to try & get it clearer.
I think if you click on it & get a larger version you will be able to see better.
Such a shame. Sorry - I think it is Betty's card.

A really nice layout with a clean crisp design & colours.

A different shaped & folded card to present these 4 squares.  Nice to see something a little different.

Talking of different!
The next few designs & the one above, were made by Rita.  Now Rita actually turned up for the meeting one week early - so I think in the space between that week & last night she made some of these at home.
I love this wall hanging & there is another one below;

Just shows our ideas are not necessarily just for cards.

You know how much I like black & white & this card just shows why - it is so clean & fresh.

A nice splash of colour - I guess Easter isn't too far away, is it.

Another Easter card.

If I have allocated one of the last cards to Rita & they are in fact yours - let me know & I will correct the post.

That's me for today - I will have some of my work to show you tomorrow.  'Bye till then.

Mold photos - January Project

Hi - Yes it is me again, this time with the photos from the Mold project on 16 January.  You may remember I held them over until Mold II had also tried this project.  CSNW are not doing this project until March - but I didn't like to hold the photos over that long.

So here they are - the project was - Four Square.  The idea to use four squares in the design.  I didn't put any restrictions on what could be done & how - so was looking forward to some great ideas & was not disappointed from either club;

A lovely clean & crisp design adorned with one of the paper bows we made that night too.

Sorry this is a little fuzzy but I think you can see the great design & layout.  Love the colour scheme.

Well! definitely 4-square on this design (twice) a great layout & there is that colour scheme again.

I love the shaping on these squares - very complimentary to the base card.  Great design.

Those stamps are brilliant - they are from Michael Strong stamps & are part of his cloisonne range.
There's that paper bow again.

A lovely colourful card (another bow!) - that background is just right for the design.

Another delicate pastel design along with bow - very pretty

A great layout & at first it had me fooled - only 3 square? - but no the card is the fourth square.

Aren't these tea-cups delightful.  Each one has been cut out - oh yes - there is the bow again.
That bow was popular that evening.

Flowers & butterflies - always go well together - lovely card.

& now for something completely different - what a great idea.
I think I might have to steal that design.
A simple use of square ink pads - we don't use them to their full capacity.

That's the photos from Mold I will be back in a little while with the ones from Mold II.
'Bye for now.

member news

Last night at Mold II club Betty brought in the latest copy of Papercraft Inspirations (or it might have been Papercraft Essentials) - but in any case one of her cards had been showcased.

Well done Betty - am I correct that you won a prize too?

The other piece of member news is a photograph of Liz at last night's Mold II meeting showing her with her birthday flowers.

It is a special birthday for Liz & it is actually today - so very Happy Birthday Liz.

Mold II photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone
Well, as promised here I am with the start of quite a lot of photos to show you.

First, in this post - the Show & Tell from last night's Mold II meeting, where the theme was a card using the Ghosting technique learnt at the November meeting.

A lovely card - this technique is so clever - it looks like it has been dry embossed.

This card didn't photograph too well - I should have taken a couple of closeup shots.
It was unusual to have used an outline stamp - but it shows that the technique still works.

See what I mean about the dry embossing - it is almost as if it has been through an embossing folder.  It's a lovely technique.

So there were only these 3 cards for the Show & Tell but what great designs.  I will be back shortly with some members news.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

just chatting

Hi everyone
Well, we had a very pleasant meeting of Mold II club this evening - the first one of 2014.  Lots of chatting & catching up to do.

I took photos of the Show & Tell & also the project which I will be able to start loading tomorrow. As the project was the same as the one that Mold club did for their January meeting I will show Mold photos first then those from Mold II.

There is also a members news photo to show, & one of the Mold II ladies - Liz - is celebrating a big birthday tomorrow, so I have a photo of her with the flowers the club gave her.

But first I have to get them all loaded on my computer which I will do in the morning.

That's it for tonight.  Lots ore tomorrow.  'Bye for now.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Play day

Hi everyone

I had quite a good play day today.  It started with making a special birthday card - which I won't be able to show you for a day or two.

Then - whilst having my lunch & watching Sheena Douglass on C&C I discovered something else to try.  I really only caught the tail end of the programme - but as she is the Four Day Deal this week I have gone ahead & set all the programmes to record.  Hopefully they will repeat today's programme & I can see the bit I missed.

Anyway at the point I watched she was taking embossing folders a stage further.  After watching I just had to have a try & here is the result of my play;

A piece of card is embossed in an embossing folder (the piece on the left), then the raised areas (as much or as little as suits) are coloured with pens.  I used Promarkers.  This looks good in its own right but the colours I used were quite bright - so if I hadn't been going on to do the next stage I would have used softer colours.  When the colouring is dry - or you use your heat gun to speed things up - the whole thing is coloured with a layer of Gesso.  The effect as you can see is to soften the image. 

This folder was the first one I could grab out of my storage binder - I have one in mind to try tomorrow that has a smaller more all over pattern. Mind you I have quite a busy day tomorrow so not sure if I will have time - although it doesn't actually take long to do.

Tomorrow evening is the first 2014 meeting of Mold II club - so there will be photos to show you from the evening - which will probably be put here on Wednesday.

That's me for tonight - I can't wait to have another go at this & to see what else Sheena did.

Night night - sleep well.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

A mixed media card

Hi everyone.
Earlier today I took some time out for a "me time" session & worked on another mixed media card - this time with some stamping.  I suppose it could be described as mixed media & collage.  Here is the card;

It started off as a 12x12 patterned scrap book page which I cut into four 6x6 pieces.  I decorated one & have 3 pieces left for more cards.

I have posted this card along with a very detailed description of how I made it on my Rubber Stamping blog which you can get to by clicking on the link at the right hand side of this page.

I used various media & elements - mask with Distress Ink, sequin waste with filler paste, watercolour paints, sequin waste, paper topper, background stamps, paper flowers & flourish, flat backed gems. At the moment it doesn't have a sentiment on the front - I am looking for the right stamp.

The finished page was layered onto black card then onto a white base card.  I really enjoyed doing this one & have an idea for another using a little more mixed media than in this one.

You may be pleased to hear that Betty's husband managed to take her Cuttlebug apart, retrieve her Tattered Lace die & put the Cuttlebug back together again.  So now we have a happy Betty again.

I hope you are having a good weekend despite this very variable weather.  More tomorrow. 'Bye for now.

Friday, 24 January 2014


....... yes, I have found those stamps with the dies & all the other stamps & things I bought at the last Port Sunlight Stamp Festival.

Having sorted a book-case & some boxes yesterday - today I tackled my crafting desk.  I didn't find what I was looking for - but oh do I have such very tidy desk drawers now.  It was a great opportunity of getting rid of unwanted things that had just been pushed into them.  Under that desk is a wire-mesh 4-drawer unit.  Two of the drawers hold cards & envelopes & the other two hold stamps.  So! out came the drawers & they were thoroughly sorted - no, my items were not in there either.

In frustration I sat in my chair & looked around the craft room.  Was I going to have to open every box that were on the shelves in order to see if I had somehow put them into a box they shouldn't be in?  Well, it wouldn't be every shelf as some hold folders which hold other things.  As I stared at one of the bookshelves I still had to tackle which mainly contained boxes with 6x6 & 8x8 paper in plus magazines & books, I spotted a box.  Now most of my things are stored in those boxes which when not in use collapse flat & the box part sits neatly inside the lid.  This particular one didn't - it was actually meant to hold photos & even had an acetate window in the lid to hold one. I thought it was still empty but when you are desperate as I had become - no stone is left un-turned.

Well! what a surprise - there they all were.  I must have put them in there when I started seriously making Christmas cards.  To make sure I kept them all together I must have thought the box was a good idea - what I didn't think - was - would I remember that that was where I had put them. Obviously not.

Anyway they are now sitting safely on my craft desk - waiting to be put in one of the folders that holds stamps (which I will do tomorrow), & in fact several of them are waiting to be used in the next few days.

As I said in the little post I did earlier today - I did manage to make a card this morning, but not a rubber stamped one.  Here it is;

& here is the inside

it's just waiting for the message.

That's me for tonight - a very relieved me I must say - I don't like losing things.  At least now I know it is just me putting things away safely & then forgetting where.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Night night.

A frustrating day, but .......

............... not mine.

I didn't write anything last night because there wasn't really anything of interest to report & I had not got around to making any cards.  Although one side of my craft room has been searched for those elusive items.

But I did get an email from Betty of the Mold II club (apologies Betty I did say I would blog it last night) - this is what she had to say;

"Hi, Just thought I'd let you know about my "fab day"!!.  After cutting a very small Tattered Lace die on my Cuttlebug, I couldn't find thee die.  Later I found it had vanished into the Cuttlebug. Now my Cuttlebug is unusable.  My first crafting disaster.  Let this be a warning with tiny days.
An unhappy crafter (temporarily).

This morning I had another email from Betty which read -

"Hi, I had a thought.  I should have used a magnetic sheet while cutting, then the die would be secure.  Bob is working on the Cuttlebug with a screwdriver, trying to take it apart.  Fingers crossed!! Betty"

So ladies - be careful of small dies.  Although as I said to Betty I just don't see how it could get inside the machine - but then I have never owned a Cuttlebug.

Right I am off to do some more searching of my own items.  I have made a card this morning - not a stamped one - & will show it to you later.

'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Another chatty post ..........

....... but perhaps not quite so lengthy as yesterday.

A pretty ordinary day today really - my first bit of excitement was a trip to the chiropodist, then some shopping - then I realised I needed to sort out my crochet workshops folders.  I have a crochet workshop tomorrow which includes 4 new ladies, so I had to make sure I had all the necessary notes for them.

As well as notes & samples I also take along balls of wool for their first lesson - so I had to make sure I had enough balls of wool too.  Then I noticed I had lots of repeats amongst my samples due to the fact that I often work with them when doing something specific like making a flower motif or a granny square & so on.  So I had a little clear out of those too.

Then I did some You-tube watching - some tutorials to help me work on some new workshops at the garden centre.  I was also gathering ideas for the workshop we will be doing with the clubs.

So! that was my day.  But popping back to yesterday morning ...... when I opened the dining room blinds there was an absolutely gorgeous sunrise.  Now you know what I am like with that sort of thing. Off to get my camera & take photos.  This is the beauty of our new house too - our back garden is enclosed so very secluded, which allowed me to go out into the garden whilst still in my dressing gown.  We are not overlooked by anything as all the properties are bungalows.

Naturally I thought I would show some of the photos to you - to brighten the post up a bit.


that's my cherry tree in the front - which I have to learn about looking after it - it needs pruning.

those clouds are brilliant

and look - the moon was still up.

Right I am off to bed now - have to make time after my workshop tomorrow to make some cards - so I may have some to show you, if I remember to photograph them before sealing the envelopes that is.

Night night.