Thursday, 30 June 2011

Day 6 & 7

Hi everyone
Well! here we are at McDonalds again.  How are you all - I hope you are getting the lovely sunny weather that we are.

Now where did I get to?

Hmm reading back - not very far.  I don't seem to have said that we spent Sunday doing absolutely nothing, very restful.

When I last blogged I think we were just on our way out - so haven't said anything about that day.  We went to a rather nice small town called Lannion - lots of hills though - but some3 really beautiful buildings. Then we took a really nice scenic tour around the coast line.  Some great panoramic views from the cliff tops. Then back to this town where McDonalds is to find our evening meal. 

On Tuesday we visited the village of Pont-Aven which is where Paul Gaugin started his school of painting in 1888.  A really beautiful village with a river flowing through - very picturesque. So lots of photos to take.  It was very busy as it is fairly commercial & of course because of Gaugin quite popular.

Yesterday we visited a 19th century village called Poul-Feton.  It had been left to crumble away but has been rebuilt & everyone is in old Breton dress.  It was very interesting  to see how people lived then - animals & people all in one house.   I was a little disappointed after watching a video about their lace that there wasn't anyone making the lace, but we did see a lady spinning & dyeing wool which was very interesting.  It tested my little bit of French to ask what she was using for the different colours.

After that it was back to the gite for our evening meal.

After we finish here - I am not sure what we are doing today.  Early next week the Tour de France takes place all around us - so we will have to choose carefully where we go then as many of the roads will be closed.

Well thats me for today - talk again in a couple of days.  Sorry I can't show photos at this time as it takes so long to upload them to the blog.

Bye for now.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Day 3 (remainder) to Day 5

Hi Ladies
Whoo! we found a Mcdonalds.

I am so pleased as it gives me the opportunity to properly say "Thank You" very much for all the birthday cards - they were absolutely gorgeous - just blew me away.  They are displayed all around the lounge area of the gite.  Talking of the gite - it is just heavenly - way out in the country - just the birds to disturb the quiet.

Yesterday was really hot - reached 92 degrees (old money) & we did absoloutely nothing.  Well except to make our breakfast then later our dinner.

But Saturday - our journey to the gite was very good & took less time than Google maps or Bobs satnav said.  The roads are so good here.  We arrived in our gite about 4:00pm, had a couple of hours quiet then went out for my birthday meal.  The couple who own the gite had booked us into a local restaurant.

Now! it looks like these holiday writings will be rather full of superlatives - because the restaurant location was stunning & the food out of this world.  The restaurant was situated by the side of a lake & with my little camera every ready I finally got to take a picture I have wanted to take for years.

I am hoping that I can put it here for you to see - so here goes - lets see what happens.  No! sorry it was taking too long.  Will try once more another time, failoing that you will have to wait until I get home.  The lake was absolutely still & had the reflection of the banks, trees & clouds in the water.

Well that is it for now.  will pop back again I am sure now that we have found this place & it is on the way to most places we will be travelling each day.

Hope you are all well & enjoying the same weather - although today is cooler & a bit cloudy.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

day three - well start of

Good morning everyone!

It is just 9:10 am here - which of course is 8:10 am with you.

We have just had our breakfast & starting to sort ourselves out for the final part of this journey to start our holiday proper.  Google quotes about 4.5 hours - but we will of course be having a couple of stops - so a bit longer than that.

As I am unsure about when I will next be able to talk to you I would like to thank everyone for their cards that I have brought with me - I have in fact not looked at them yet - as I decided I would prefer to look at them when we get to our gite & be able to find somewhere to display them for the length of the holiday.  I can't believe it - I have reached the grand old age of 70!  Or as Bob expressed it in his card - sixty-ten. Where did all those years go?  I am still only thirty something really.  I wish.  No I don't actually - I have enjoyed every stage of my aging process - reaching various age stages has never bothered me.  Anyway enough about that.

The weather here has been pleasant - it was rather warmer yesterday but windy.  This morning is overcast - but the forecast is for a warm sunnny day.  We will see.

That's it ladies - have a lovely weekend whatever you may be doing - & I hope to tallk again soon.

Afterthought ----- if there are spelling mistakes please forgive me.  I am reading it through & usually at home I put it through the spell check.  When I did that on Thursday night it highlighted just about everything, Don't know why & it took ages to clear it all down.  So it is mistakes & all whilst here.

Birthday Greetings

Well there is one on here for everybody else ................... so

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me

It looks like there is probably the right amount of candles too.

Birthday Greetings

Birthday greetings

It's 25 June & a Mold member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Clare

have a lovely day


Friday, 24 June 2011

Day two

Hi there again - it's me
Right, we have now moved from Calais to Le Havre & arrived at our overnight hotel about 1:00pm, after a nice leisurely start to the morning. The motorways over here are so much better than at home - sad to say - & the journey was only just under 3 hours, but hardly any traffic. 

Getting to Le Havre was not a problem, but actually finding the road that had the entrance to the hotel was a little more difficult.  Bob has sat nav in the car but since his lady was programmed some rights of way have been changed & a second exit off a roundabout was a one-way only in the opposite direction to which we wished to go.  Frustration set in as we could see the hotel but not how to reach it.  Obviously we did find the way in the end & it is also very close to a big shopping centre.

So! after booking in & sorting ourselves out we strolled over to the shopping centre - well there was milk to buy again.  Ooh - the hardest part was walking past the patisserie counter - not sure why we didn't decide to spoil ourselves.  Perhaps later in the holiday.

Then as we walked around the centre I spotted a magazine shop & am now in possession of two craft magazines - sorry - French craft magazines.  I usually treat myself to one or two when I am over here.  Although I cannot speak French - except for a few words - I do not find difficulty following directions in a craft magazine & it is nice to see what they are up to here.  With their card making they are quite heavily into 3-d work.  I am hoping that somewhere during our holiday there might be a craft shop - so will sit down in a minute & scour the adverts.

During our walk round the centre we spotted a couple of rather nice restaurants so now we have to make the decision - hotel or centre.  In the meantime we are having a very restful couple of hours.

Tomorrow we move on to our gite & I cannot be certain when I will next be able to have a chat.  Our gite is right in the middle of the countryside without very much around it, so not a lot of hope there - unless the people who own it have wi-fi, as they live in the large property attached to the gite.  Ok - I know it is really the gite attached to the larger property.

Right! I am off to read my new craft magazines.  Bye for now.  Take care everyone.
Hope to talk sometime soon.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Nous sommes arrives

Hi everyone
Well we actually arrived at the hotel about 4:15 pm (That's 3:15 pm for you).  We had a good journey down from North Wales - encountering quite a bit of rain, but it is dry here - a little cloudy but reasonably sunny.

We are staying just on the edge of Calais, then tomorrow we move on to Le Havre where will be staying on Friday night.

Taking it easy for a couple of hours - we have tried to catch our emails but link is slow.  Yet I managed to get onto blogger - strange.  Keeping fingers crossed it doesn't fall apart when I am ready to upload this.  Bob has sorted the TV - so we are also keeping an eye on Wimbledon.

We have decided to spend this evening at the hotel - having our evening meal here about 7:15.  We are not heading off too early tomorrow morning as Le Havre is only about 3 hours away.  But it will be nice to have the time to look around as I have not been there before.

Well! I am not going to push my luck anymore & will sign off now.  There will probably be a wi-fi link at the hotel tomorrow so if I have the chance will let you know what the day was like.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

quick chat

Hi everyone
Just popping in for a quick chat before heading off on holiday.

Did manage to make one card yesterday - a sample for a workshop when I return, but will have to show it to you after the holiday, as my camera is packed away.

I have a very nicely packed craft bag to take with me - we will definitely be having some lazy time at the gite & that makes sure I have something to do.

I hope the weather improves here for all of you & perhaps you will keep your fingers crossed for my weather too.

Talk again soon

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Mold meeting part 3

Good Saturday afternoon ladies

Well, I think I am just about getting over the fantastic meal I had last night.  The portions were very generous - most enjoyable -  but somewhat more than I have been eating lately.  So today I am somewhat full.

I am popping in today to post the photos of the show & tell from Mold II's meeting last Thursday.  I have, in the past, been having problems with slide shows & have sought some advice as to how to eradicate them. The problems that is, not the slide shows.  For now I am going to put all the photos in separately as I did the ones in yesterday's post.

If you want a slightly bigger view just click on the picture & it will open in a different window.  You can even click on it again & increase the size a little bit more.  Just click on the back arrow to return to the post.





These last four photos are actually one complete card - two photos make the front & two photos make the back.  I took two more photos of this card showing it together rather than in sections - here they are -

Isn't it gorgeous?  Only now & then do I single out a particular card & this really has to be one of those occasions.  It was made by Sheelagh.  Well done.  The sentiments on it were stamped with a stamp she won in a raffle.  It was one I had bought some time ago & not used & thought it had words on - but couldn't see them - they only show up when the stamp is inked.

Well I made the decision not to put these photos in a slide show because of problems & then experienced problems doing it this way.  On my little screen the photos are side by side with three in a row where possible & the last four all fitted on one row too.  But of course your screen layout may be different.

I started off by saying - good afternoon but now it is early evening.  I had to stop every so often to calm down before continuing, or little computer might have gone through window.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Mold meeting - June project

Hi - It's me again
This time I am back to show you the photos of  the project from last night.  We made the large window tag card.  Not all the decoration was finished but some had advanced enought to allow me to take photos, But not everyone wanted a photo taken.

After I have done this I will have to get ready to go out with Bob for his Company's celebration meal.  So the photos from the Mold Show & Tell will be in a post tomorrow.

The rather strange second to last photo was taken so that you could see the easel style support that one lady - Barbara - had put on the back of her tag.  So this tag can have a stand - or it can be adhered to the front of a larger card.  Quite versatile.

That's me for today ladies.

More photos & chat tomorrow.

Mold photos of May project

Good afternoon ladies
I have just finished loading all the photos I took last night & I am going to put them here in 3 posts.  This one will show the couple of items that were brought back last night of the May project, which was the Gatefold card with recessed frame.  There were two brought back & there is a photo of the outside & the inside for each of them.

This is the first one

and this is
the second one

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Mold club night

Good evening ladies
I have recently returned from the Mold club meeting  - I have taken photos of tonight's show & tell, tonight's project & a couple of the finished projects from last month which the ladies brought back for me to see.

Tonight we made the large window tag card & the show & tell was to include newspaper in the card.  I was very impressed with the show & tell results, & will have a slide show of them for you to look at tomorrow.  I am sorry for the delay but if I am tired - which I am at the moment I can easily make mistakes & then I get very frustrated.

This particular Thursday in the month (3rd)  I attend a lunch which is connected to another interest that I have, & sometimes I do get a bit tired doing the two things, because the Mold meeting falls on the same Thursday.  But neither of them can be  moved to another date - so as long as I take the rest of the day leisurely I am ok.

At the meeting I told the ladies about an event being organised by Debbie Moore of Create & Craft fame.  She is holding some events called "Cardilicious" & one is supposed to be in Wales - North Wales infact - in Ysceifiog.  Not far from Afonwen.  I went onto her site tonight to check details & this one does not appear on it - so I have emailed her to enquire if it is still taking place.  Will let you know outcome.  With no offence to Ysceifiog - it seems a rather remote place to be holding it.

Well ladies that is me for tonight I am afraid - definitely ready for my bed.  I will sort the photos during tomorrow & get them on here.  Need to save my energy as Bob & I are out in the evening - his business is celebrating 15 years & we are all going out for a meal.  Very nice.

Talk tomorrow, sleep tight.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

just chatting

Good evening ladies
Sorry I didn't blog yesterday but it really was a non day.
I don't mind burbling sometimes - & actually once I start I do sometimes find something to talk about - but yesterday - No.

Today I have been over in Liverpool with Caroline - another day of just chatting with a friend about lots of crafty things.

Caroline & I share several interests - other than rubber stamping, because after all it was Caroline who introduced me to the craft.  We both enjoy digital scrap booking & entering challenges amongst other things. So we had a good chat about those things.  I find a visit to her home & going into the room she works in quite inspirational with all her samples around.  It's just remembering the ones I want to try is the difficulty.

It was rather a wet day, but for a little while it was fairly sunny so we had a wander around her garden, which was very pleasant.  She does seem to have green fingers.

Tomorrow evening is Mold meeting for June - so should have something to report tomorrow.

Hope you have had a couple of good days.  Chat tomorrow, night night.

Monday, 13 June 2011

A day out

Good evening ladies
Where did I go with Sue today?
Well we went to Frodsham to The Lady Heyes Centre to visit Crab Apple Crafts.  We walked in the door & there was Joan & Rachel from Mold club.

After a long chat with them we started looking around to see what would catch our attention.  I love all those lovely chipboard items they sell there - books, ribbon boxes, picture frames, drawer units - all waiting to be painted & covered in papers & then put into use.  There was a beautiful advent calendar box.  It was a large square chipboard base & all the bits to make the boxes which were placed around the four edges of the base.  This left a big square in the centre which in their sample had a beautiful Christmas decoupaged picture.

I was reminded of the Christmas decoration I made there a few years ago - it's base was 4 small canvases - well I say small about 4" square.  We decorated them with inks & Christmas papers & images. Great fun - I forgot to hang it last Christmas.

We had a good look around a few of the other shops - Sue looked in the fabric shop while I popped into the candle shop.  Then we had a nice leisurely lunch - & as we were going into the restaurant Joan & Rachel were coming out.

I bought a couple of little bits & pieces - some small daubers that I had been looking for to do small area inking with.  I had spent rather a lot at the workshop on Saturday so was holding on to my pennies this time.  Well! I am on holiday in 10 days time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I must settle down & make some birthday cards - my brothers girlfriend & her daughter in law - we have birthdays one day after each other.  Does that make sense.  Yes.  Three birthdays on three consecutive days.  I do try & do something totally different each time.  I did make a couple a few weeks back, but I have changed my mind now, as I have had another idea. That's why I don't like making cards too early.

That is me for tonight.  If I get some cards made - will show them to you tomorrow.  Although I will also be putting up my monthly slide show of cards etc that I made in May.

Ooh - nearly forget this is the 300th post.  Soon adds up doesn't it.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

a crafty workshop

Good afternoon ladies
Goodness me where has the sunshine gone.

Well, as I already told you I was attending a workshop yesterday being run by one of the retailers that attends the stamp festival.  It was for the members of HSNW - we have a couple of these a year.  Yesterday the visiting retailer was Jean & Malcolm from Crafty Individuals.

We were really spoilt with the projects they had chosen & the materials available to us.  I completed 4 projects in all, as I think did most of the ladies.

We started the morning by making a rather nice pendant into which we put one of the little pictures that Crafty Individuals is well known for.  This was a nice easy project to start with but I could have chosen a brighter picture to use, then I would have been able to do more with it.

I have stamped in it - a little white butterfly.

The resin cover that goes over the picture helps magnify what is beneath it but does stop you putting any deep embellishment under it.

The second project was the one that possibly needed the most time.  It was a little chipboard frame that has its own stand.

My frame was octagonal & in natural chipboard so needed covering or colouring in some way.

 It took me a while to decide how to decorate it as we had such a large choice of materials, but eventually I found the paper I liked the most.

I used the back of the frame to cut the shape from the paper for the lining.  For a little while I toyed with the idea of covering the frame with the paper as well.  But no - I couldn't see me cutting around that curly outline very neatly.

I then coloured the chipboard with Adirondack Denim ink over which I also put a thin layer of Stonewashed, as it softened the shade of blue a little.

Around the frame I stamped in black ink a little butterfly which I had borrowed from the large selection that Crafty Individuals had brought with them.  Next I chose a slightly larger butterfly & stamped it twice onto the leftover paper from the frame lining.  Having found some flowers that went well with the inked frame I decided to place them against one edge & then the butterfly diagonally opposite.  I glued one of the butterflies to the frame & then glued the second one over it by the body only.  I found some small flat backed gems & placed 3 down the butterfly body to emphasise it.  Gems were also put on the 3 flowers.  The frame was edge with some dainty white & gold braid. I really like this project & bought a couple more to do.

The other 2 projects I completed were both tags.  We used some beautiful patterned tags & at first it seemed a shame to work over them, but I did - one a little more than the other & I have bought a couple of packs to play some more.  The pink one has an easel style strut at the back so that it can stand.  I didn't put a strut on the blue one but had some leftover card which I may now add to it to make a slightly shorter back to it - so that it will stand up landscape orientation.


As you can see I was a little more adventuresome on the blue tag than on the pink tag.  I stamped with one of my flourish stamps on the pink tag & added some flowers.

The top right-hand flower has a filigree floral brad placed through it.  I should have taken a close up of it.

The blue tag again has stamping on it on the frame, which was again one of my flourish stamps.  Before stamping the frame I coloured it with a pale blue Promarker, as the inks were not drying on the frames.  I then selected one of the butterfly pictures to put behind it & another one which I glued to the piece of card that was pushed out to create the frame, with some flat backed gems placed above & below it. some of the ladies had lots more on their tags - I just find it a shame to cover the design on them like that - but they are in very delicate colours which I am sure Jean designed them so they would just be backgrounds. Each time I try something like this I do put more on them.

This morning as I took the photos I remembered that I had some tools that were for distressing paper - but one of them I had used in the past to take away excess paper around a shape.  So I am wondering if I might have been able to cover the aperture of the frame & use that tool to get a neat finish.  Must try that on one of the frame I have bought.

A most enjoyable day - I didn't get tired & lasted all day- but definitely tired today.

So there you have it I hope you enjoyed reading about my day & trust you all had a good day too.

Tomorrow I am out with Sue - who knows where we will go, but I will tell you all about it.

Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings

It's 12 June & a Mold II member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Sue

have a lovely day

Friday, 10 June 2011

just chatting

Hi everyone
Well, it wasn't a craft day today after all.

First thing my printer ran out of black ink & was low on the colours so it was necessary to pop down to Staples in Sealand Road for new ones.

Then yesterday when I was out with my neighbour we had looked for something to go on a card she wanted to make for her grandsons graduation - without luck.  So whilst down in Sealand Road, I popped into Hobbycraft for her.  No graduation items there also, but they are selling Promarkers cheaper again - so I bought the shades of grey pack I have been thinking of buying.  They had lots of those plastic storage boxes for sale & I saw an A4 box that contained 17 small boxes - couldn't resist those could I & bought 2.  They mean that I can put all the little bits & pieces in the little boxes leaving them inside the A4 box for storage.  Much easier to store & hopefully easier to find as they will all be in one place.  You know the sort of things I mean - brads, charms, buttons, those metal twirly things you pop on your cards, beads, eyelets, book rings - whoa thats 7 of them filled.  No! possibly more as some things will fill 2 boxes.

Then seeing as Matalan was just round the corner, I popped in there & got some tops & stuff for my holiday. 

Tomorrow I am on a HSNW workshop (being taught not teaching) - so after all that shopping I had to put my kit ready for the morning.  Will tell you all about it over the weekend.  Also I will probably put my "Cards I made" last month, slide show on.  I have a little work to do on the slide shows as there is a slight problem with them at the moment.  Have found how to cure it - just need to take care setting it up.

So I have a reasonably early start tomorrow - early as in I will be leaving the house about 8:45 & often I am still pottering at that time before getting started on the tasks of the day.

Down to 13 days to the holiday now!

That's it for tonight.
Sleep well & have a great weekend.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Just chatting

Good evening ladies
Well as I said yesterday I was having a day out today.

I took my neighbour to Llandudno.  We visited the craft shop & I bought some card for workshops etc & some card for producing templates that will be used.

Llancraft have always had the shop next door - but they have now turned it into the Christmas Craft shop.  There are loads of peel offs, decoupage,m stamps, papers, card, brads, stickers.  the only thing they didn't have was  A4 card in red & green - which is something I was looking for.  I want to make an early start on some Christmas ideas - guess I might have to wait a little longer.

We didn't stay long & took a slow drive back towards home & stopped off at Tweedmill (just in case I might find something for my holiday) & we had our lunch there.  Talking of holiday - only 14 days to go now.

It was a very pleasant day & the rain stayed away as well.

Right that is all I have today - should manage some more card making tomorrow - so could have some photos for you. Hope you have had a nice day.

Night, night.

Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings

It's 9 June & a CSNW member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Joyce

have a lovely day

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Faux layered cards

Good evening ladies
Today I have been concentrating on finishing the samples for PBC workshop on faux layers.

The card on the left has been created using the faux torn paper technique, & is a stage on from the blue card shown the other day.

This time after creating the faux strip I used a slightly darker colour ink on the edges which highlighted the torn edge, as if the centre core was a darker colour.

The flowers had not originally been thought of as an embellishment but when I masked the card to stamp the little flowers down the central strip the masked slipped & I ended up with a portion of the flower on the white card.  I found these little flowers couple of projects ago so decided to use them again & changed their colour with DTP technique.  Although I like clean & simple I wasn't too happy with the amount of white & thought about stamping a greeting.  But then if it had gone wrong as the work was done directly on the base card the project would have been ruined.  In my peel off box were these line greetings that were actually on the curve - so they were ideal.  I like this technique & as I have said on a previous posting - they are going to be used again - I enjoyed using them.

The card on the right has used the technique that Joanna - a club member shared with us quite a while ago.  The layers are produced by using a piece of acetate with an aperture cut into it.

I created the inner layer first making sure it was big enough to hold the floral image, by sponging the ink off the acetate towards the card creating a narrow border.  The acetate was then moved a little to one side leaving a small gap on 2 sides & the cutout from the aperture placed over the central part to protect it.  Ink is then sponged into the gap.  The process was then repeated a second on the other side. 

I then stamped the image into the centre, coloured it with Promarkers. Next I created a mask of the image & used it to cover the image in order to over stamp with the oriental text, using the acetate frame as well to keep the text within the central panel.

The ink work was done using the individual pads of a Kaleidocolor ink pad & used again with the pads closed for the sentiment.

To give more of an appearance of layers I used a grey pencil down the right hand side of each section & along the lower edges to create the illusion of shadow.

Tomorrow I am taking my neighbour out for a trip to Llandudno so possibly will not get any crafting done. I will almost definitely call in at the craft shop.  Well I do need more card & stuff for my workshops!

That's me for tonight.  Sleep well.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

just chatting

Good evening ladies
Just a quick pop in for a chat today - no photos to share - but tomorrow there will be.

I spent some more time on samples for my workshops over at PBC this morning, then after lunch I went down to the garden centre to meet up with my festival committee colleagues.  We always have a "debrief" after a festival - check if there are any matters brought to our attention by you the ladies who attend, or in fact from any retailers too.  Plus there are things to do in preparation for the Autumn festival in October.  It's no wonder the year seems to pass by quickly - because the other thing we had to discuss was dates for the festivals in 2012.

I also had an email a couple of days ago from a group enquiring if I could do a talk or demonstration on something festive for Christmas.  Christmas 2012 that is - gosh that's another year gone.

Here I am thinking about not only Christmas for this year but next as well & I haven't been on holiday yet.  Aah - but only 17 days to go.  I hope that you all have plans well under way for your holidays as well.

I am going to have to make some changes to part of the blog - but may leave it until after the holiday now - don't want to mess with it before that just in case.  I am going to change the page for tutorials & will have to find a way to hang on to the two that are on there at the moment so that I can put them back. The way it is formatted at the moment could get unwieldy.  I am also looking at changing the background - if that proves to be reasonably easy it means we can have some seasonal backgrounds from time to time.  So I am doing the research & reading at the moment.

Well that's it for tonight - more tomorrow - sleep well.  Night night.

Monday, 6 June 2011

A new technique

Well it was for me.

Good evening ladies.

After finishing the sample spotlight cards this afternoon I went on to start on samples for another workshop that is taking place this month.  It is called Faux Layers.

Now although I headed this "a new technique - well it was for me" - that is not completely true, as within the clubs we have done a form of faux layering when we used acetate templates to build layers around a central image.  I will be covering that technique as well & will have to prepare some samples in that style.  But today I started on the faux layers which could also fall under the heading Faux Backgrounds, & completed the first sample card.

Despite the colour in the photograph the base card is white.  The faux layer or background is the blue section to the left.

It is achieved by tearing a strip of copier paper in a random style & placing it on the right hand side of the card leaving part of the left hand side to the fold uncovered.

Ink is then sponged onto the card starting on the torn paper. For this card the faux layer has been created by Adirondack Stonewash ink.  I then overstamped with a flourish stamp using Adirondack Denim ink.

For the focal image I stamped the flourish on a piece of white card again using Adirondack Denim ink, then added the sentiment in the same ink.

Next step was to trim the piece of card & then to make it look as if it was layered.  I placed a strip of straight edged paper near the edges of the card & inked with the Denim ink creating a narrow blue border.  This was then glued to the front of the card.  It gives the appearance of a card with a layer of decorative paper down the left side with a layered focal image to the right of it.  Effectively 2 & 3 layers respectively.  In the days of high postage this is very handy indeed.

So this post, & the last one, showed samples of cards being prepared for workshops down at PBC or as it is properly known Purple Butterfly Crafts.  PBC now has a blog - just click on the name in the previous sentence to go there.

Good card making day!

Hello ladies
Ooh, I have had a good day today making cards.

I started by returning to the technique called Spotlight which we have done at our club evenings.  But it is new to my workshops down at Purple Butterfly Crafts.  I say new I did have one workshop a few weeks back, only I didn't have any new samples, so I thought I would buckle down & create some.

I made three cards all with the same image but created a different spotlight on each.  Then I created a fourth one treating the spotlight in a totally new way - well new to me.  Here are the photos;

This one is what I would call the traditional spotlight technique.

The image has been stamped in black archival ink, then part stamped again - just the large flower head.

The flower head is then coloured, cut out in a circle & placed in the correct place over the top of the black & white image.

In this second card I reversed the spotlight technique by colouring the whole image & then leaving the spotlight cutout in black & white.

In the third card I have taken a totally different approach & coloured in the whole of the left hand stem flower leaving the larger flower in black & white.

This final card has been made in the style of one I saw on the Internet & I am unable to give credit for it as I forgot to note where I saw it.  I shall have another look later & can always pop back here & insert the credit.

This bold style border stamp has been stamped three times using a green Stazon Ink.  I have only added colour to the central  panel thereby creating the spotlight effect.  I rather like this card & think I can honestly say I would not have thought of using it like that without seeing the item on the Internet.  Isn't it good that we share our ideas in this way?

Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings

It's June 6 & a CSNW member gas a birthday

Happy Birthday Gwen

Have a lovely day

Saturday, 4 June 2011

A challenge card

Hi everyone
Well, I did get a card made this afternoon.  I nipped upstairs while Bob & Gareth were watching the rugby.  It's a card for a challenge at CD Sunday, where the theme was scallops.

I nearly didn't make it as the challenge closes tonight in time for a new one tomorrow.  All week I had been saying to myself I should get on & make it, but this lethargy just got in the way.

Here is the card;

The shapes were cut with some new dies I have which I bought from Purple Butterfly Crafts & I can't remember the make.  They aren't Nestabilities.,

I cut the base card with the largest of the dies & then cut the layers with each of the smaller dies.

The papers, borders, little flower & main image were all off a My Craft Studio set of CD's.

I just can't get over how realistic the roses look in the main image.  I haven't done any decoupage - it is just a flat image.  It shows how good the photography is.  That is - that done by MCS - not my me.  Mind you that's not too bad either this time.

The hardest part was running the folded card through the Big Shot to cut the base card.  I had chosen quite a thick card & it really was hard to run it through.

Tomorrow I mus start making some more stamped birthday cards.  Also I want to start putting together a box of craft things to take on holiday.  I always take something even if it doesn't see the light of day.  If I didn't have it I would want to do something. Well you would wouldn't you.

Enjoy this lovely sunshine.

More tomorrow

Friday, 3 June 2011

I won again

Hi everyone
My day today still isn't right - still feel grumpy & can't make my mind up about anything.

Still I managed to get the tutorial up & running, although that drove me mad when the computer played up.

Then a short while ago I had a really nice surprise - yes, one of my challenge entries has won me a prize - the entry was for the "Alter" challenge over at "Crafts 4 Eternity". If you want to look again it is HERE.  My prize is to choose 3 digi stamps & I found some really nice ones to have.

I haven't done any actual crafting today, I am hoping to do some tomorrow.  I spent some time this afternoon looking on the Internet around the area in Brittany where we are going for our holiday to see what I might want to visit. Looks like there are going to be some beautiful village, river & canal scenes for me to photograph.

With this lovely weather today I also pulled out all my summer tops & cotton jeans to wash & get ready for the holiday. I do love watching the clothes blowing in the breeze on a sunny day - but then when they come indoors there is the realisation that they have to be ironed.  Ugh!

That's me for today - have an absolutely lovely weekend.  I believe this weather is set for a couple of days now.

Talk soon.

Finally a tutorial

Hi everyone
I have just added the tutorial I mentioned yesterday to my personal blog.

It wasn't as straight forward as I thought - although I am still learning how to do these things.  As I mentioned - yesterday I think - I did the notes in Word which I then put into Blogger, adding the pictures after.  It was rather slow & frustrating & kept doing things a different way to what I required.  When I tried to move photos they went to a different area than the one I was trying to put them.  But I got there in the end.  On that basis as I don't think I can just copy it from one blog to the other & also I can't go through the recreation again - I would end up throwing computer through window, perhaps you wouldn't mind popping over to my blog to look at it.  Clicking HERE will take you directly to the tutorial.

It is quite long - but there was no way I could abbreviate it any more.

Please feel free to leave any comments at the end of this blog.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Photos from CSNW meeting

Good evening everyone
Hasn't it been a lovely day?  It also promises to be warmer tomorrow - just need that breeze to drop, or at least the wind to a breeze.
I mentioned last night that CSNW was a small gathering last night so only a few photos, in which case I am not doing a slide show place them here one by one.

The photos are from their show & tell where the challenge was to include newspaper in the design.

I tried to get any text to wrap around the photos but once again the computer dug it's feet in & did things they way IT wanted to do them not the way I wanted to do them.
Anyway the photos are nice & clear.
Perhaps it is just me as I have had one of those days.  My workshop went well, but afterwards I just felt odd - a bit grumpy, unsettled, lethargic.  So perhaps my head wasn't in the right place for this. Although I am sure I wasn't doing anything different.  Aah - I did.  I pulled all the photos in together where as I normally pull them in one at a time putting the text in as I go.

OK apologies computer - perhaps it was me.  Sorry!

Think I better pop off to bed hopefully have a better head tomorrow as I want to upload that tutorial now that I have worked out how to copy a Word document into the blog.  I was really pleased to find I could do that because when I am on holiday I will be able to write something each evening & then upload it all when we are somewhere with a wifi link.  See how I think about you all.

Night night, sleep well - talk some more tomorrow.