Saturday, 31 December 2011

Projects page


Quick pop ibn to say I have uploaded some of the photos for next years projects.  Still the "stag" card to do.


Members news

Hi everyone - I am back

Once again reading one of the latest paper craft magazines I find one of our members has been published.  Also, once again, it is Betty Langdon from Mold II.  In the magazine she is listed as Liz Langdon & as I said before I am sure it is the same person.  No-one has contradicted me so it must be.

Here is the card & it was featured in Papercraft Essentials (Issue 76);

Well done Betty / Liz - keep up the good work.

I have a couple of other magazines still to look at I wonder what else I might find.

To close the year of  my photographs of the world around us here are 2 photos I took on the morning of 27 December.   I hadn't really spotted any interesting sky images for a while & this was spectacular.  The 27th is also my Dad's birthday & he would have been 100 this year - perhaps he sent me the scene.  Who knows.

I just can't get enough of these sights, the only problem is that I am usually still in my dressing-gown & if the photo needs taking from the front of the house - I have to hope nobody walks or drives past.

Have a lovely evening however you are celebrating the start of the New Year - we are off to Gareth's with Russ & Nadine.  Then tomorrow they are back with Bob & I for a New Year family dinner.

Happy New Year everyone.

Club programme update

Good morning ladies

I have this morning uploaded you club programme for the start of 2012.  I have also added a new page that will hold the photos of the projects for you to get an idea of how they will look & help with your choice of materials.  Up to now when I have loaded a sample I have put the photo on each club page - now they will appear once only on the new page.  I hope this doesn't prove awkward for you - but it means i am not using extra space for the same photo.

There are changes to how the programmes were handed out to you before Christmas & this was due to the appearance of a card with a technique I wanted to show you straight away.  With CSNW & Mold II they decided at their last meeting to move the months down one to have this new card at their first 2012 meeting.  Mold had already had their November meeting - so I have popped it in for February & moved everything else down a month.  Now I must point out that for Mold this could change again as after updating the page I realised that I was moving Joanna's project without asking if it was convenient.  So I must check with her later today.

The next thing I have to do is put the samples photos on the new page. 

I also have some member news to write about - so I will be back again later.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

We have reached 500!!

Good morning ladies - how are you all?

This post today gets us to another milestone - it is the 500th post on the blog.  That's a lot of chatting isn't it, & long may it continue.

I have popped in today for 2 reasons - one, to include a photo of a Christmas card I made that was missed from the post the other day;

& secondly to say that the programme pages will be updated tomorrow.  I have collected the info from all 3 clubs, but have to check all my notebooks to make sure I list them according to the changes that were made after I had printed out the lists for you.  At the moment the changes affect Mold II & CSNW, but I suspect will also affect Mold once they know about the project. Mold had already had their final 2011 meeting before I saw the project in a workshop that I attended a few days later.

Over the weekend I will work on the samples for those 3 months & take photos & add them to the club pages.

Later today Bob & I are taking our grand-daughter out to buy her Christmas present & then taking her for a meal which I think Gareth will be coming to as well.  She is a very clever artist & I think we will probably be taking her to Hobbycraft for new materials - but you never know - she may prefer something else.  Unlike a lot of children (oops she won't like being called that - she will be 16 in March) - it is very hard to get from her what she would like as presents.  Always has been.

Well! I suppose I must start getting back to the normal routine but it is very difficult as Bob is on holiday until the end of the first week in January - so I tend to shut off too.  My lovely Christmas presents are still on the floor beside my chair - so I think today I really should put them in their proper home.  Hope you had lots of wonderful presents too.

That's me for today.  More tomorrow.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

quick chat

Hi everyoneI hope you have all had a lovely Christmas - I know it is not completely over yet.

This is the first time in 3 days I have opened my computer.  I just popped in quickly to clear the old programme details for each club & the Events & Workshops information page ready for the new details.

I will start putting it all here tomorrow.  Talk to you then.

Ooh before I go thought - did you see the birthday greetings for Dot on Christmas Eve?  Well there is a mystery - the animation I put there for her was the teddy & cake - I have no idea where the 2 sets of balloons came from.  Not that you are not worth it Dot - but usually there is only one animation. I think Christmas elves must have been having fun with me.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Other cards I have made recently

Hello again - I hope your Christmas Day went well & that like Bob & I you are having a more restful day today.

After posting the Christmas cards I had made I popped into the blog & browsed my postings over the last few weeks.  I didn't show a lot of my work did I - although the blog is more about your work.  So here now are some cards I made over the last couple of months

This is the card I made for our daughter-in-law back in November.  Nadine loves Yankee candles & this was a nice way to present her with some more.

I really enjoy this embossing technique - there is nothing difficult about it but I like the effect.  After stamping & colouring the image it is put through my big shot & an embossing folder, then after that it goes through again to be die cut.

This was the card I made for my 85 year old cousin - he loves his gardening.  The boots & flower pot have been decoupaged & I also put another boots & pot on the back of the card.

This card was made with a Crafty Individuals stamp which I have had for a little while & not yet used.  It doesn't need very much more with it - although now I look at it I think the white card it is placed on needs something.

I love this fantasy flower & I got to use my "dotty" stamp again.  That hasn't been out of the drawer for a while.

Then this card is the one I made for my friend who had moved house.  It's from a Papermania Christmas set which I had ordered & didn't received until Friday 16 December.  But the image I thought was just right for a Christmas time move.  You can't see them here but after the sentiment there are some dots - which lead into the sentiment inside.

I created this image for a challenge a little while ago & never used it for an actual card - it got used this month.

Since these cards I have made some others - but they are for January cards - so will show them then.
Bye for now.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas cards made

Good morning everyone - I hope your plans have reached completion & you are having time to yourself before the busy day tomorrow.

Have a wonderful time.  Here as I promised are a few of the cards that I made this year

I don't think I have duplicated any of the photos - but many of the designs were created in different colours - such as the little girl with her cracker was created on red card & green card as was the card with the Christmas tree & noel.

I actually did stamp the majority of my Christmas cards which I was very pleased about.  I will put the other cards I made during this month in another post.

Birthday Greetings

It's the 24th December & a Mold II member has a birthday today

Happy Birthday Dot

Have a really lovely day

Friday, 23 December 2011

sad news

Good morning ladies
This little post is mainly for the ladies from Mold II.  I learnt last night that very sadly Elma's husband has passed away.  I know that you will all hold her in your thoughts at this sad time - particularly over such a time of year as Christmas.

I have sent emails to the group but thought I would mention it here too.

"Our thoughts are with you Elma"

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Enough cards?

Hello Ladies

Well - it's almost here - how have your plans been going?  Well, I hope.

These last days bring those worrying thoughts, I find, as more cards plop through the letter box.  Is this from someone I have forgotten? 

I did a quick check on my work through the last few weeks towards this end & found that I have made 166 Christmas cards & at the same time had made 10 birthday cards, 1 wedding anniversary card & a new home card.  I know quantity is not important but I had made myself a promise I would not buy any cards during 2011 & of course Christmas is the biggest challenge.  I did it - not one purchased card.  It feels really good to have achieved it. Over the next few days I will put photos of some of those cards here for you to see, as now everyone will have received their card.

All presents are bought - tomorrow is wrapping day & collecting the turkey day.  Then for Bob (who is now on holiday)  & I the Christmas break begins.  A couple of quiet-ish days before the big day.

This afternoon I spent a couple of pleasant & fun hours with Helen (from Mold II), when she came around to me for me to show her the software package I use for my digital scrap booking.  I haven't used it much just recently & showing her around it got me all fired up to do some more - so I think I know what I will be doing in some of the quieter moments.

I think that is it for today ladies, hope to be here again tomorrow.

Night night - sleep well.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

I won!

Hi everyone
Just popping in to say I have just had an email from a challenge blog that I enter from time to time - it's the one where CD images are used.  I entered the particular one on the 4 December - I didn't actually comment about it on the club blog - this was mainly because I had decided to give the card to Sue who I knew would appreciate it.

But my card was chosen as the top one of the top three.  If you want to take a look - go to my blog & scroll down to the posting for the 8 December.

Whoo!  Now I am ready for 2012.

Back tomorrow

Birthday Greetings

It is 20 December & a Mold II member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Chris

have a wonderful day

Monday, 19 December 2011

Some missing photos

Good evening ladies

Here are the photos that have been sitting on my mobile phone for a while.  They are from the November Project at CSNW, which was the card with the different pop up centre.  The first photo in each pair is the outside followed by the inside;

these silhouette images work really well inside the card as well as outside.

these flowers are just perfect for inside this card, & there are lots of similar images which would work too

The image for the outside had not been completed but the flowers inside are again - just right & using the one colour gives a really CAS (clean & simple) finish.

I am sorry it took me so long to get them on here.

That is me for today ladies - hopefully some more tomorrow.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

just chatting

Good evening ladies
Having yesterday sorted our lounge out in order to display the Christmas cards, this morning I sat with a nice cup of tea by my side & opened all the lovely cards that you have given me.

I had received some through the post - so I looked at those again & worked my through those I had collected at the club meetings.  Ladies - they are absolutely beautiful - thank you very much.  After Christmas when it is time to take everything down & put everything away I will photograph them all (as I did last year) & show them on the blog.  Meanwhile I will just enjoy them all.

This afternoon I decided to enter one more blog challenge this year - mainly because the theme caught my eye.  I always pop into these blogs each day & see what challenge is being set - but recently did not seem to have the time or the inspiration to join in. Today was different. You can see the card I made on my personal blog by clicking HERE.  In fact due to becoming overcome with memories I actually made two cards.

Also today I retrieved the photos of your projects that had been taken on my mobile phone camera & will show them in a posting tomorrow.

I do hope you are have been having a good weekend.

More tomorrow

Saturday, 17 December 2011

just chatting

Hello ladies
Today has been a domestic day - but yesterday I met up with Caroline, Liz & Karen to discuss the stamp festivals for next year.  This is the meeting where we sort out the retailers & their stands.  This time we met at the Garden Centre at Sycamore Park (on the A41 near Ellesmere Port), so we had our discussion over coffees & a snack, & then later visited the craft shop - Creative Pastimes.  So! already part of 2012 organised.

The only worry during that time was whether the snow was going to come down harder & settle.

Back home in the evening I finally got around to putting up our Christmas Tree & decorating it.  Also put up  the various "strings" around the room to hold the Christmas cards we have received.  So now we have entered the realms of the festive season.  But just to make us feel warm & sunny Bob organised & booked our journey for our holiday next year. 

Then this afternoon I spent about 2 hours in the craft room & got started on birthday cards - to build up my collection for next year.

That's it really - perhaps more tomorrow!

Take care in this cold - wrap up warm.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

just chatting

Hi everyone
Just popping in to say hello & to say I will try to blog each day over the coming week but can't promise.  Most of it will be taken up with getting the house ready for Christmas & not a lot of time for crafting. So there won't be very much craft talk about - but you never know I might go somewhere or do something that might be of interest.

I might take some photos that I think you might find interesting.  Talking of which (see! - I never know when I am going to think of something to talk to you about) - coming back from Asda around 2:30 this afternoon there was quite a downpour but as it eased & the sun shone there was a truly beautiful rainbow.  But as I was in the car driving I couldn't photograph it.  By the time I got back home it was fading almost to nothing.  Shame.

This morning I met Sue down at the Garden Centre & we had lunch together & exchanged Christmas cards & presents.  One of the items she gave me was wrapped up in some very interesting paper that she had made - gave me an idea for a project next year.

Talking of next year - do keep popping in to the blog as I will be changing the club pages to show the programme for the first few months of 2012.

Also - during the next couple of weeks the look of the blog may change - providing the lady who is going to help me can manage it at this time of year. She said she thought she would have time.  If not it will probably change in the New Year.

So that's my chatting for today - I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

just chattting & a blackbird

Good evening ladies

My day started a bit slow - I had things I wanted to do, still some cards to make despite thinking I was near to finishing.  I just couldn't come up with an idea that would set me off.  I didn't  actually start until about 2pm - but then everything went well & the mojo flowed.

It was when I was later in the kitchen making a very much needed cup of tea that I spotted ....................

Mr Blackbird stopping off at the "Ty Gwyn Arms"

He had already been having a good peck at that apple before I decided I just had to go & get my camera & see what I might be able to capture.

just taking a rest before starting again

nearly, nearly got a shot of him pecking at the apple - but not quite

I think he has suddenly realised it is time to go home - perhaps he heard Mrs Blackbird calling - managed to get this shot just before he took off

We always leave apples on the tree at this time of year for the birds & I love watching them.  Shortly after the blackbird we had a blue-tit after the same apple - but to have got pictures of him I would have needed a good telephoto lens & a tripod.  I have a little tripod for my camera - but it was upstairs in its bag & by the time I'd have run upstairs & down & fixed it to the camera he would have been gone.  But it is very useful for shots I know I am going to be taking.

That's my day - hope you had a good one.

More tomorrow