Sunday, 31 March 2013

just chattingjust ch

Hi - thought I would pop in for a few minutes - we have just had a nice evening with Russ & Nadine, & Bob has just left to take the home.  Other than their visit we have had ourselves a pretty lazy day.

Which was very much the case yesterday too.  Although I did meet up with a friend for coffee down at Daleside Garden Centre in the morning - where we had a nice coffee, a cherry scone & a really good natter.

Tomorrow we are going to have a run out - probably over to Cheshire Oaks - well M & S actually.  Then a fairly relaxed rest of the day & weekend.

In a way this is the last weekend we can be so relaxed & laid back.  All the different elements that make up Thursday 25 April are coming together now.  So! it's dotting the i's & crossing the t's really.

Next week sees the postponed Mold II meeting on Tuesday & then on Wednesday it is the April meeting for CSNW - so a busy week.

Did you all remember to alter your clocks?  So Summer is supposed to be here now!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Happy Easter

I hope you all have a pleasant Easter weekend.
Don't eat too many of these..............

Happy birthday ........................

...................... Elma, a  Mold II club member

have a lovely day Elma

Happy (Special) Birthday!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Friday, 29 March 2013

Just chatting

Hi everyone
Just popping in briefly to say good morning & I am not ashamed to say - blow my own trumpet.

I discovered this morning that one of my digital challenges was chosen this week as a featured page, then voted into the top 3.  Details are on my digital blog which you can get to by the link on the side of the home page.

I hope you have some lovely things planned for Easter - at least the weather looks a bit brighter.  We have a fairly busy weekend but I will pop in when I can - especially if there is anything of interest to report.

Take care & enjoy yourselves.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Projects page update

Hi again - a quick post - to let you know I have updated the projects page.  Not all the projects have photos at this point - but I have added what I have to hand.

Mold II club page update

Just popping in quickly to let you know the Mold II club page has been updated with your programme for April through to June.  I will be bringing your personal sheets with me to the meeting on Tuesday.

Let's hope this snow is gone - or at least enough - for everyone to make it to the meeting.

Photos of projects will appear over the next few days.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A late Mold photo

When I posted the photos of the Mold March project last week I mentioned that 2 ladies were finishing their tea-light card/gift at home & would send me photos.  Tonight I have received one of them & here it is - it is from Joanna;

Joanna sent a little write up with the photo which said - that she stamped a small heart onto some mulberry paper & punched circles out around them.  Then she heated the tea-lights & popped the mulberry paper circles on top (having punched a hole in the centre for the wick).  She then heated the wax again briefly just to sink the paper into it a bit.  Joanna then closed this description with the words - What do you think?  Well I think they are beautiful & what a difference it makes - a much prettier gift.  Just miffed I didn't think of it.
Only joking.

Mold Club Page - update

Just popping in to let you know I have updated the Mold Club page with the details of their programme for April, May & June.
Photos for projects will be added soon.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

I've been stamping ...........

........ finally.

I pulled out on of  my stand-by stamps that I like using because I thought that would kick start me again.  I stamped it 3 times & coloured in 2 of the images then created 2 cards with them.  Here they are;

The background paper I had printed to use in a digital design but it went so well with the flowers I used it for this card instead.  I decided to stamp the image on a separate piece of card & cut around it.  When I looked at it laying on the card front I thought it reminded me of a pocket - so I put it on sticky pads leaving the front open.  Then I created a little tag & inked it with Distress Ink Victorian Velvet which I also went around the edge of the background paper with too.  I then created a little tag & added some pink ribbon.  The tag will have a sentiment stamped on it when I decide what to use it for. The image was coloured in with water colour pencils & a water brush.

This is the second version - this time the Distress Ink I used was Crushed Olive, & the colouring was done with a little set of pearlised paints which give a similar finish to Twinkling H2O's.  Very simple cards - but I am pleased with them.

I still have a third image to colour in & create a card with which I will do tomorrow.  A nice respite from wedding things, although I had work to do on that today - the table seating layout.  Just waiting to hear how many of my brothers family are going to be coming over so I can finalise that part.

hope you have had a good day.  More tomorrow.

Happy birthday ..........................

................................... Rita a Mold II club member

have a lovely day Rita
Happy birthday!

Monday, 25 March 2013

just chatting

Hello everyone - well it is starting to thaw - but we still cannot move our cars, & it is very cold especially now (about 8:00 pm)

I didn't get round to doing any stamping today after all - although I did stamp an image 4 times on something I was making.  But not proper full blown stamping.  I was going to have a session but I suddenly had an idea for one of the CD Sunday challenges I have to do for May.  So with everything that is going on & not wanting to leave it till the last minute - I decided to make it now & schedule the post.  I cannot show it to you now - but you will be able to see it on 19th May.  Actually I had got so inspired I actually made 2 things for the challenge.  Not often that happens.

So after clearing up after myself I prepared things on my desk for a stamping session tomorrow.  That will have to be after I have done some printing relative to the wedding.  We were going to be very informal about seating but decided in the end to have a table plan - so I have to make place name cards & draw up a plan.

With regard to Mold II meeting I have heard from everyone - but need to give Liz & Elma a phone call as they don't have email.

I think that tells you about my day - sorry you can't see my crafting photos just yet.  More tomorrow - have a good evening.

Mold II Meeting - UPDATE

Hi everyone - especially Mold II ladies

I have just spoken with Karen at Parkfields Centre & we are booked in for next Tuesday - that is - TUESDAY 2 APRIL.

Karen said it is deep there & we wouldn't get in.  She lives just across the road from the centre - so can walk in.

I have heard from most of you as to whether you are free or not & to make sure I will email everyone again with the confirmation of next week.

Take care - it is beginning to thaw - but if it goes really cold it will freeze.  I don't want to hear of any of you falling & hurting yourselves & that is not JUST Mold II ladies - its ALL of you.

'Bye for now.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

just chatting

Good evening everyone - how are you all?

Well I have not ventured out of the house over the weekend - the snow is piled up around the cars & if we clear it off the cars it will merely get in the way of moving the cars.  Stale mate then. Will have to see what tomorrow brings & the rest of the week of course.

I will be ringing Parkfields Community Centre tomorrow morning with regard to Mold II's meeting which I am postponing until next week - but need to make sure that the room is free for us.  So keep an eye on this space.

This afternoon I worked on a couple of digital / CD cards, as I have been asked to be a guest designer over at CD Sunday challenge blog for May.  I think I did already mention this.  One of the cards was for May so I cannot show you that one - but I also entered the challenge set earlier today for this week.  So I thought I would show it to you here. I am actually hoping to do some stamping tomorrow - so watch this space.

Here is the CD card - the theme was "Bundle of Joy".  If you want to know the ins & outs of creating it pop over to my Digital blog.

More tomorrow.  Night night.

Saturday, 23 March 2013


Hi everyone
With the amount of snow we have had I am wondering whether we may have to postpone Tuesdays meeting.  I don't think it would all be gone by Tuesday even if we didn't get any more - but I believe there is more to come tonight.

I will try & get hold of the centres office on Monday - & see if the following week is available in case we decide to move it.

Let me know what you think if you read this.  Plus I will send out some emails a bit later today.

Friday, 22 March 2013

mjold photos - part 2

Hi - I'm back again

This time I have the photos of the project last night at Mold club which was the Tea-light gift card.  One or two are not completely finished but it gives you a good idea of the design in mind.  Two ladies were still decorating theirs - they are taking their own photos & sending the to me later.  So they will appear on their own in a future post.

Here are the cards;

Isn't that image delightful & what a lovely CAS card.

Another Teddy & some very nifty gluing of ribbon around the aperture - that took patience.

This image is beautiful & doesn't the colour of the card go so well with it.  A very rich looking design.

Very glamorous design & the tea-lights have been put on the right-hand side on this one.

Some more lovely rich papers.  Sorry it is a little blurry.

This one was made by a visitor.  One of our ladies asked if she could bring her daughters along to the meeting as there was no-one to look after them that evening.  They have been before & always sit there & do their own crafting.  The oldest daughter joined in with us last night & this is her design.  Very colourful & bright.  Well done.  The other daughter just did her own thing.

I love this owl.  I think he was part of a free gift on a magazine recently.  Nice bright cheery card with a great greeting. Another one with the tea-lights on the right-hand side.

A really elegant monochrome version, using coloured card as the base.  Very rich looking.

This one still has some of its decoration to be put on & has the tea-lights on the right-hand side.  I love the bow.

The colours on this one are gorgeous very autumnal, & I just love that flower stamp.

So there you have them - great work ladies - it really makes a nice card & gift to give.

Now I am off to photograph a card I have made from items off a CD for the CD Sunday Challenge.  If  I don't post it very soon I shall miss the challenge.

Have a nice weekend, don't get too cold.  .Bye for now.

mold photos - part 1

Hello again
As I sit here writing this post the church bells are ringing.  It is not their usual practise time that is normally Monday evening.  So I wonder if someone is getting married & ended up getting a whiter wedding than they planned for.

Right! the photos to show you in this post are the ones from the Show & Tell of the evening where the theme was "a card depicting a film title".  I did mention in the quick post I did last night that I had forgotten to take my camera - so these were taken on my mobile phone.  Therefore I apologise if they are just a little blurry at times.  I do find it hard to hold the phone & touch the screen without moving the phone. Here are the cards;

No need for any guessing on this one - "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"
One of my favourite films - I absolutely adored Howard Keel.

Another great film - "Herby"
I used to have a Herby - mine was a very deep orange - I absolutely loved it - was sad to see it go.

This has got to be the cutest Harry Potter ever.  Really great card.

Another great film (& book too) - The Davinci Code

I hold my head in my hands for this one.  My first look was a quick glance & didn't take in what it was - my thought was why do a Christmas card?  Duh! this card is white!
So yes the brain eventually kicked in - White Christmas - very clever interpretation.

Everyones favourite film &, again, book as well --  Black Beauty.
Lovely card.

Now! Isn't this fantastic?  You don't even need the little book attached to the card to know this is
Jungle Book.
What a great use of a Tri-fold Shutter card.

I shall be back in a little while with the photos from the evening's project.
'Bye for now.

It's here ................

 ................... it looks very pretty & picture postcard & Christmasy.

Yes it is the snow - back again - if you have to go out in it please wrap up warm & take great care.

I must take a photo this morning though because areas of the garden do look pretty, & when it snowed earlier in the year there wasn't enough of it in the garden to produce a nice picture.

I will be back later with photos from the Mold meeting last night.

Have a good day.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

just chatting

Hi everyone - what a very unpleasant night.  That's the weather I am talking about - that wind is bitter cold & I haven't long been in from the Mold meeting & it was very sludgy rain that I drove home in.

It's the first day of spring today - why snow! My daffodils were just starting to lift their heads & open up - this cold will kill them off.  It looks like we are definitely going to have quite a lot over the weekend - so please please wrap up warm if you go out & stay safe.

We had a good meeting at the Mold club this evening where we made the tea-light card - I have some great photos to show you tomorrow after I have loaded them onto my laptop.  Nearly didn't have any photos because I hadn't taken my camera with me - just don't know where my head is at the moment.  Good job I updated my phone a while back & the camera on it is quite good. Well it is once I can remember how I actually take the photos with it.

Right I am off to bed - hope you all sleep well & that any snow does not cause you problems.  More tomorrow.  'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

wedding diary 10

Another peek into the preparations for my big day.

As I had planned I managed to get the cake covered today & it went well & covered first time.  In the past I have covered cakes & had to take the fondant icing off, re-roll it & try again.  But today, thank goodness, it worked first time.  I have added the base design to it & it has the ribbon around the bottom where it meets the board.  But - I am not going to show you the photo of that - as the cake from now on stays secret.  Well - you have to have a bit of mystery at these times don't you?  Especially at my age.

But I thought I would show you a photo of the roses now they have been dusted with the pearlised ivory dust.

This photo shows 3 of them dusted & one not dusted - the one at the back.  
Perhaps not as clear as it could be  ...

....   & here are 2 photos - the one on the left is not dusted & the one on the right is dusted.
I tried to place them closer together but Blogger won't let me. But I think they are close enough for you to see the difference.

Kneading all that fondant to cover the cake took a toll on my hand & wrist, but I got there & as I said managed to cover it first attempt.  When the fondant has dried a bit more in a couple of days I shall put the ribbon around the edges of the cake board.  With regard to icing I now have left to cover a larger board that the fruit cake & its board will sort of sit on & the two boards for the Victoria sponges that Nadine is making for me.

Then my next test is the ribbon for the Victoria sponges.  It is a quite wide cream ribbon which I will put grease-proof paper behind so that it doesn't get any grease type marks from the cake on it.  But I am hoping to trim the ribbon along its edges with some cream/gold really narrow ribbon that I have.  My mind now needs to think about what adhesive I will use to do that with.  So, basically - cakes sorted!

Also today I did give time & thought to the Stamp Clubs & re-wrote the instructions for the tea-light gift card.  I also drew a new template & created some basic stages to help talk you through the process of making the card.  I really hope you all like this project.

Plus of course early this evening I went & moaned about the car.  The outcome of that visit is - I am going to keep a record for a week of when & how the locks do not work properly.  Of course - with Murphy's (or s..s) law it probably won't go wrong.  But at least I still haven't paid the last bill.

Tomorrow is my busy day of the month.  I try once every other week to have my hair done at the shop.  Tomorrow is that day - this week.  So in the morning I am having my hair done - a shampoo & set.  Then it is my regular monthly lunch.  After which I get a couple of hours at home "to relax!" - then it is off to Mold club meeting,  All that on the day that is 5 weeks from W-day!   I am hoping to go & browse some clothes for the holiday,  on Friday - just me - just time & space for me.

Look forward to seeing the Mold ladies tomorrow night - then on Friday will have photos for you from the meeting.

Almost time for bed - sleep well.  Night night.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

just chatting

Hi, how has your day been?

Mine started well - I finished dusting roses, so will probably be able to show you a photo tomorrow. Then I went to Mold & met Sue for a lunch get-together & natter which was very nice.  Sue has asked me to send a "hello" & best wishes to all you Mold & Mold II club ladies who know her.

During our short drive (& in fact my drive to Sue) guess what happened?  My car happened.  Those car repair people have not solved the problem of my locking system.  Sue wondered what the noise was as we drove along. It really was quite good to have someone else hear the noise & know that I am not going crazy.  But I am going (& have got) - mad.  I will be going back to them tomorrow when Bob gets home from work.  You may remember I told you that their card machine wouldn't work with my credit card - they had been having problems with that particular card all day. They had left me to send a cheque or drop the money in this week.  Aren't they in for a big surprise tomorrow. I am going to refuse to pay it until the problem is solved.  I have had enough.  So there.

This evening Bob & I went to the hotel to finalise things for the wedding & Bob paid the balance of the bill.  Painful!  Plans going to plan - so another stage reached.

Thursday sees the Mold meeting for March & for me the start of 3 meetings of making the tea-light card.  I do hope you all like it.  I had some fun with it this morning as I checked the notes & measurements & then had the brain wave that it might be a good idea to measure the tea lights.  Having done that I then had to go through the notes again altering a few measurements as the ones I bought for you are just a little bit bigger.  Need to make a mock up tomorrow. - but it will have to wait until after I have covered the cake.

So that has been my day. I hope yours has been better & that it has included some stamping - & not of the feet like me.  :)

More tomorrow.  Night night.

Monday, 18 March 2013

wedding diary 9

Hi again

I hope you all had a good weekend & got lots of lovely things done.

Tonight I have my Happy Stampers club night so have put the few things ready that I need for that - I think we are doing something with colour.

During the day I have been working on the flowers for my cake.  I think I have enough now & all but the last 4 are now dusted with colouring as are the few leaves that I will be using.  When I make roses I always add the calyx as if for no other reason it tidies the back of the rose.  When I went to do that today - couldn't find my calyx cutter.  I did sell off a lot of my cake decorating things a while back as I figured I wouldn't be making any more wedding cakes.  How wrong can I be!  One for Nadine & Russ 3 years ago, one for my god-daughter last year & now one for me!  They say necessity is the mother of invention - so I look through the cutters I have retained & found a smallish blossom cutter that was just the right size.  By the time I had thinned the sugar paste with the ball tool & pulled the petals out a bit they were fine.

My shoes have had a third coat of dye & I think that will probably be just about right.  Tomorrow Bob & I are visiting the hotel to finalise some of the arrangements -so things are coming to their closing stages.

Five weeks on Thursday!!!!

Have a nice evening.  Another thing I am doing tomorrow is meeting up with Sue for a coffee & a natter which will be good.  'Bye for now.

Club page update - Mold

Just popping in quickly to let you know that I have updated the Mold club page with details of the 2013 Project.

At the last meeting we agreed the ATC's could be brought in each month - but if you would prefer to work on them through the year & bring them in in February 2014 - that is fine.  I will be saving the photographs for publishing on the blog until that time.

At our meeting on Thursday this week I will be bringing the programme information for the April to June meetings & then that information will appear on the blog by the weekend.

Back later.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day

If you are Irish, have friends or family who are Irish or just love the Irish

Happy St Patricks Day

OK - so I chose this one because of the Yorkie

Saturday, 16 March 2013

just chatting

Hi everyone

Phew! I am just having a sit down & a cup of tea after working on the final 4 roses & starting on creating some leaves.  I say "phew" - it is not hard work but it affects my back with the standing.  I have in the past tried to do these sugar flowers etc whilst sat down - but I cannot work the same.
Tomorrow I will be covering the cake & putting the initial decoration on it.

I got my car back OK yesterday afternoon. The man knocked off quite a bit of the labour charge so that was something - but still a bill I could have done without.  Mind you I haven't paid the bill yet as their card reader wasn't accepting Mastercard & as I didn't have enough money on me he said either send them a cheque or pay in cash next week.  So the money is mine  - all mine - for a bit longer.  :)

I need about 4 birthday cards over the next couple of weeks - so Monday I hope to do some stamping. That will make a change at the moment.  There was a really nice little set of stamps with my Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine - I may use those or some of them.

So I hope your weekend is going well & you are doing all sorts of nice things.

More tomorrow.  'Bye for now.

Friday, 15 March 2013

wedding diary 8

Well another stage reached.

This morning I worked on the latest set of roses getting them to look a little fuller & there will be one more layer to go on them.  I have left 3 as buds.  I have also got 4 more to bud stage - they too will have more layers by the weekend.  Then that is the roses made, which gets me to the leaves.

After sorting the roses to their different stages I then dusted the flat blossoms.  This is a bit like adding pearl-ex powder & similar to your stamped image.  (See the link to stamping there????).

Here is a couple of photos of the blossoms;

this photo shows the undusted ones by the side of the dusted ones
It has a pearlised lustre to it - in Ivory - which just darkens them a little.

a closer view

Just a short while ago I took another look at my shoes & they have dried lighter than I would like - so I have put another layer of dye on to see if that darkens them.  I think they will look just right - if necessary I have enough dye to have a third go.

Still waiting news on my car - they rang yesterday to say they had found the problem (or actually the man said - pretty certain) & had ordered the necessary part which they would put in tomorrow (that is today).  So now just waiting for the call.

I hope you have a good weekend organised.  We should be going to the hotel to discuss our arrangements - but as yet - they haven't replied to say that is convenient with them.  What is wrong with people not answering emails & calls.  Oops must be careful - or I will go off in a mood again.

Deep breath, calm & relax.

'Bye for now.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Hi again

Firstly I am sorry I did not write a post last night - but hey - they are just like buses - first there are none then 2 come along together.  Te he.

I am afraid I was not in the right frame of mind to write last night.  On Tuesday as I drove home from Mold I had a repetition of my cars locking system problem.  It drove me mad - so by the time I got home I was at boiling point.  It was too late to ring the garage that had been working on it & thought they had cured it - so I couldn't do anything until yesterday morning.  So! consequently I basically seethed all evening.  Good job I was on my own.

But in a very lucid moment I grabbed my laptop & "googled" the problem. Within minutes I had loads of info on what the problem was likely to be & how to cure it.  So yesterday I phoned the service people, had a good old moan, told them I wanted it sorted & did not expect a big bill.  (This in reality means I do not expect any bill - as it would appear they changed something that hadn't needed changing - but we will see).

So I dropped the car off this morning & they have given me a courtesy car.  A very nice Vauxhall Astra which is one of my favourite cars. I owned one for a years before some joy riders in Mold nicked it.  I have already had a phone call the service group to say they have pinpointed the problem, have ordered the new part & I should get my car back tomorrow.  No mention of any costs.  Tomorrow could be interesting.

Enough, enough!

Let's talk of nicer things.  I had a really nice lunch yesterday with my friend, we went to the Red Lion in Northop.  They do a meal for two at 2 prices - either £10 or £14.  Should you want to turn that into a 3-course meal it is an extra £3-50.  It was excellent - will definitely be going back again.  Afterwards I visited Nadine where we had a think about my shoes.  I took the decision to dye them - after all - they have been in the cupboard for about 10 years (good thing they are still fashionable, or at least they are for me).  After they were done they looked just perfect.  Although this morning when I looked again as they are now completely dry they are not as dark as they could be - so I might try another coating.  I need to see them in good daylight against my outfit.

Ooh yes another piece of news!  As you know I regularly enter a challenge for CD crafting.  Well! I have been invited on as a Guest Designer for May - it is quite exciting.  I have been given 3 of the 4 themes so will have to working on them straightaway as the first one will be due the first Sunday in May.  I have more or less sorted that one - so need to have a think about the other 2 & hope they don;t take too long with the 4th one.  Well! instead of sitting here talking about it I had better pull my finger out & start thinking about it.

Hope your day is problem free.  More tomorrow.

'Bye for now.

ps -I  had to "google" something whilst I thought of it, just before publishing this page, & found this quote - which I think I will keep in mind.

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” 
 Ralph Waldo Emerson


sixty s of  

members news

Hi everyone

I have some member news for you this afternoon.  Joanna from Mold club has had one of her cards chosen to be on the home page, for a month, of the Michael Strong group she belongs to.  What is more it is her Show & Tell card from February when the theme was Daffodils.

Here it is;


Well done Joanna.

Back again shortly.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Just chatting

Hi everyone

I must apologise I do not have any stamping news to give you.  It has taken rather a back seat at the moment which I hope you will understand.  Although having said that I can show you some digital work I have done - which makes me feel a bit guilty - but I can do that when I am sat quietly in my arm chair in the evening.  There are some birthdays coming up in the family & amongst friends - so I am going to have to set to & do some stamping in the next couple of days.

Today I worked on my sugar roses again.  I added another layer to 6 of the rosebuds that were left as buds as I have finally worked out exactly how many I want to have.  Then I also made another 4 bud cones to make 4 rosebuds which I have decided I might want.

I also tried the dusting powder on the sugar paste to see the difference between dusting the roses & painting the roses - you mix the powder with spirit - eg - Vodka.  The Vodka allows you to paint but dissolves in the air leaving just the coloured surface behind.  So I will take a look at that in the morning to see what I think.

Have I mentioned my shoes?  I have 2 choices - a pair I have had for a while & a new pair that Nadine spotted in the shops.  So tomorrow afternoon, after I have had lunch with a friend, I am going round to Nadine to see if I am going to dye the shoes I have or not as they are not quite the right colour.  Decisions, decisions all the time.  Still there can't be that many left as there is now a little over 7 weeks to go.

Here is the digital page I made earlier this evening - if you click on the link on the right side of the home page (well every page actually) you can read all the information as to how I created it.  It is based around my beautiful bouquet from Gareth for Mother's Day..

Hope you are all well.  More tomorrow.  'Bye for now.

Monday, 11 March 2013

new links added

Good morning!  No snow where I am but despite the sun it is a rather cold day & the wind is slowly building up which will make it feel colder.  So make sure you all wrap up warm & keep safe, especially if you have the snow.

I have recently been asked by ladies in the club what my stamping blog is called so that they can go & have a look.  Well, of course I also have the digital blog now too.  So this morning I have put a link on the side bar of this blog which will take you to whichever one of them you want to have a look at.

If you decide to visit them I hope you find it interesting.  The rubber stamping one is not getting a lot on it at the moment because of the wedding preparations.  I post the cards I make as I make them but I am not doing very much in the way of "play" with the stamps at the moment.  Will return to that in May.  The digital blog gets reasonably regular posts as I can do that work on my laptop even whilst "watching!" TV - which I find quite therapeutic.

There is not a link on either of my 2 blogs to the club blog - I keep that separate just for you club members.

Have a good day & I may be back later.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Look what I received...

Yesterday afternoon I received a very nice surprise - this lovely bouquet for Mothers Day from Gareth

& as it was time for a digital sketch challenge, this morning I sat & created a page using the photos of the bouquet that I had taken.  The sketch required 6 photos which is something that would normally put me off - but because I had taken a lot of photos of the bouquet I had what was needed.

Here is the page

Aren't they beautiful?

Hope all you Mums are being spoilt today.

mothers day

Happy Mothers Day

Here is a bouquet for all you Mums, for all of you who have Mums
& those of you who like me have lost their Mum.
They might not be with us in person but are always in our hearts.

Happy birthday ................

.........................  Carol a Mold II club member

have a lovely day carol
Happy Birthday!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Happy birthday .............

............. Rhiannon, a Mold club member

Have a lovely day Rhiannon

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Friday, 8 March 2013

wedding diary 7

Good evening everyone.

Well! I managed to get my roses on another stage & thought I would show you some piccies.

I managed to make 8 of them a little larger with another layer of petals.

Here is a close-up of 2 of them

then a close-up of the left hand one from the 2 above.

The small ones in the back of the first photo will be turned into buds with just one more layer of petals.  Once I have done that I will have to make some leaves then the final stage will be to dust them into their finished colour.

I must say a thank you to Verena from CSNW who noticed that on their club page I had labelled 2 months as May.  I have now been & changed the second to June.

I don't know if any of you go back now & again at look at older posts - it is a good idea to do this as people do leave comments. The reason I point this out is that there is a comment on the post for 2012 Project -Mold II - Dot, & the comment is for you Dot so do go & have a look.

That's me for tonight - off to bed now.  Sleep well everyone.

Today is ................

...................... International Women's Day

Have a wonderful day celebrating all women everywhere - whether famous, a neighbour, family, someone you know or indeed yourself.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

club page update

Hello again
I have sorted out the problem I had earlier & the CSNW club page has now been updated with details of the 2013 project & the programme for April, May & June.

CSNW ladies please note in your diaries the change of date for the May meeting - it will be held on the second Wednesday of the month rather than the usual first Wednesday.

Mold & Mold II ladies I will be updating your club pages straight after you have had your March meetings.

I am off to bed now - well fairly shortly - so sleep well.  Night night.

Update news

I have just started to update the club page for CSNW - Blogger has been playing me up & the wording is all over the page on my screen when I preview it.  Plus some type looks bold when I don't want it to be.

I will go back to it later & try to make it look neater.

Then I will be gradually updating the Mold & Mold II pages as well.

CSNW photos - part 2

Here I am again.

The theme of last night's project was that card that I couldn't think of a name for.  The one with the folded centre with an aperture in it?

Here are the photos of their cards & I have taken the front of the card & then the card open to show the inside.

I love these teacups all nestling inside each other.  The little cupcake still has to be coloured.

More cakes inside - don't they make you feel hungry looking at them?

A pretty thank you card & those butterflies really suit the floral paper.

The inside - that circular framed greeting is very nice too.

A very delicate design & I like the bow behind the square - a nice monochrome card.

This card isn't finished & therefore the folded section has not been glued together yet.
That delicate colouring also taken through to the inside.

I love that flower & the delicate shading with inks is really effective.  The border has been stamped & then cut out to give that ribbon strip

There's the border strip again on the inside.

Very pretty card - I love the twine bows & again the shading probably this time with chalk.

 The shading has been taken through to the inside as well.

Another delicate monochrome card.  The light was behind this card - so you can see the layer on the inside.
It didn't show up the same "in the flesh"

The inside & this time there is an image strung on a piece of card & placed in the aperture.  Card was used to hang the image in the aperture, as the ladey making the card didn't have any thread with her which would have been more suitable.  I nice use of the aperture section of this style of card.

Another monochrome design & that is a really lovely stamp.

The border repeated inside along with a delicate inner topper.  Very CAS card

Also a delicate design - I had taken the photo of this card upside down. It wasn't until I was working with it that I noticed the bird cage was upside down & when I looked at the photo of the inside ......

I realised my mistake. The inside is still upside down in this photo.  I did try flipping the right way up but then it looked like it was falling off the table or hanging from the ceiling, & also didn't look right.  So apologies for that - but I hope everyone can see the idea behind it.

I just love these lady stamps - so elegant & sophisticated.  The border is very effective with the blending of the ink over it.

The border again taken into the inside - also another monochrome design.

I think this style of card is worth the little bit of fiddlyness to put it together because it is that bit different to standard card shapes & has that surprise inside.

Tomorrow I will be doing some more work on the sugar roses so may have some photos of that for you.  Have a lovely evening.  'Bye for now.