Saturday, 30 April 2011

just chatting

Hi everyone
Wow! I have had a weird day today - not sure where my crafting head was.

After doing the shopping this morning I sat down & worked out how I was going to make my next challenge card.  Found the design, decided on the shape of card, made it.

When I signed in to my other blog & started to write it up I discovered I had made it for the wrong blog so I had to go & find which blog the theme was for - only to discover that it was for a stamping blog & I hadn't done any stamping.  Just a few minutes ago I thought I might enter a "cheat" by just stamping a greeting on it - but that didn't seem right.  So it is now part of my collection awaiting the right birthday occasion & person.  I have detailed the whole process over on my blog - but here is the card for you to see.

An easel card with a difference.  I decided to stick the right hand flap down flat instead of making it another easel.

I am off now to set up the birthday greetings for May & then to see what blog challenges I can enter this week.

The church bells here have been going nearly all day - I think the church has been busy.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Friday, 29 April 2011

An Award!!

Good evening ladies
This is a short posting to give you some news about my personal blog.  I have been given a blog award.  Please pop over & take a look.  If my blog is not on your Favourites (& why not!!!!!!! - te he) just click HERE

Did you watch the wedding - wasn't it beautiful!  Television does give you some wonderful opportunities that the people waiting in the streets didn't get to see. A couple of things stand out for me - Prince Harry looked back when Kate was walking down the aisle,  & said something to Prince William which looked like "wait & see", then Prince William telling Kate she looked beautiful - that was a clear as clear & finally when they walked out onto the balcony Kate said "Oh Wow".  The sight of all those people really surprised her.

I suppose I really should have talked above about the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge -  I don't want to be sent to the Tower for being disrespectful.

Needless to say no crafting done today - hope to make up for it tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.  More tomorrow.

Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings

It's 29 April & a Mold member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Jill

Have a lovely day


Royal Wedding Day

Our very best wishes to the happy couple

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Two challenges entered today!

Good evening ladies
Today I managed to find two challenges that I thought I would enter.  One is at "Allsorts" where the theme is April Showers, & "My Time to Craft" where the theme is Perfect Pets.  Here is the April Showers photo;

I have had this little froggy for sometime & it was time for him to have an outing again. I found quite a few clear flat backed gems that I realised would be suitable for creating raindrops.  Tell me, do you have trouble getting those little gems off the acetate they are stuck on?  Whilst picking them up to place them on the card they kept flying out of the tweezers.  I have no idea where they went either - so I probably have sparkly gems in my hair, stuck to clothes & certainly stuck to the carpet.  Isn't crafting fun?

If you want to see the other card just pop over to my blog, by clicking HERE.  There are two new posts - one for the frog card & one for the pets card.

The prize for my winning card arrived in the post today - so I shall have to think of a project to use the items.

Are you all watching the wedding tomorrow?  I will watch some of it - but don't think I would be able to watch it from 8:00 am - will start as everyone starts to arrive I think.  I do hope the weather stays nice for them.

Well! it's another long weekend - so have fun in whatever way you will be spending your time.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Photos from Mold II evening

Good afternoon ladies & once again what a beautiful one.  Will it last to the weekend?

OK, so here are the photos from the project as last nights Mold II meeting.  We had a session on easel cards & these are the work in progress cards;

This really is a nice card whichever way it is made - looks good on a mantelpiece. I really enjoy making them myself too.  I have already mentioned that the altered pegs show & tell will appear in early May - after Wednesday 4th in fact.

I was knee deep in Easel cards again today as that was the project in my workshop at PBC.  I had seven ladies & they each made the bases of 3 cards, then after a break went on to decorate one or more - much as we did at club night.

When I got back from my workshop I had had a delivery from C&C.  I had ordered the Crafters Companion Envelobox maker.  The first item I am going to try is an envelobox for that gatefold card with recessed frame.  So, when I have cheated & used the board, I will work out some instructions for you, to hopefully give out at the meetings when you make the card.

That's me for today - unless I think of anything later.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Mold II club night

Hi everyone
I have just got in from the Mold II Club night.

Tonight our Show & Tell was the Altered Pegs & some really great designs & alterations.  Photos after the first week in May.

The project was Easel Cards.  We played with a couple of layouts & then everyone chose one to decorate.  I took photos of the work in progress cards & will be creating a slide show tomorrow.

An idea I put to everyone was the possibility of arranging a coach trip somewhere crafty.  One idea was to go to Crab Apple Crafts at Frodsham, as there are other places of interest there - a patchwork embroidery shop, a candle shop, a second hand book shop, various antiques.  I suggested Topaz Crafts (Dawn Bibby) as suggested by ladies at CSNW, & someone said that Topaz was up for sale as Dawn Bibby was going to concentrate on TV.  I will think of some other ideas - it would probably be about September time.

That's it for tonight - more tomorrow.

I won, I won

Hi everyone
I am so excited - I have just found out that I won second prize in the CD Sunday Challenge for Sunday 18 April - their Happy Birthday Theme.

Here's the card that I won with;

Now I need to find a challenge with stamping to win.

I will be back later as tonight is Mold II club meeting - the show & tell is once again - Altered pegs - I am looking forward to seeing those.

'Bye for now.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Just chatting

Good evening everyone
Just popping back to say I hope you have all had a lovely weekend & just think we have another one at the end of this week. Yes I know there is always one at the end of a week - but I mean another long weekend,  duh.

Today I did a lot of catching up on my personal blog & made a card for a challenge (a stamping one this time) then around 3:00pm Bob & I went to the "Running Hare" for our meal.  We went to celebrate our anniversary which is today.  It's strange to think that this time last year we were in France & our anniversary meal was in a canal side restaurant called Napoli.  Yep - I know - in France - Italian restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!!  The weather was similar to today.

I realised yesterday that I had missed 2 opportunities for an animation on the blog on Saturday as it was not only St. Georges Day but Shakespeare's birthday too.  Never mind.

That's it - more tomorrow.

Members News

Good evening ladies
Just popping in to let you know about one members news.

Joanna of Mold Club has entered a challenge on the Michael Strong blog & won a prize.  They had to make a card with 15 (& 15 only) items on it.

Please pop over to Joanna's blog to take a look.  Click HERE.  You have to pop over to her website as I cannot pinch a copy of the photo to put here.

It is a beautiful card & I love the stamp.  So much so that I popped over to Michaels website to see what his stamps were like.  Oooh yes, got to have some of those - particularly the ones that look like Joanna's fan stamp.

I will be back later.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Just chatting

Hello ladies
Another beautiful day - it has been kind to us.

I spent some time earlier today creating some more caught-in-crystal.  When it is safely dry I will photograph them & put photos on here.  A couple of blogs back I had a comment from Caroline that said ".... re crystal one, have you got a scanner, might give you a better picture".  It took a couple of days to sink in what Caroline was referring to - the picture of my workshop caught-in-crystal. How daft is that.  So I shall try that this time with the ones I have done today.

I also pulled my finger out, so to speak, & made my card for today's CD Sunday Challenge, where the theme was Butterflies.  Click HERE if you want to take a look.

Right! that's it just a quick pop in today.

More tomorrow - don't wear yourselves out in your gardens.  give yourself time to sit back & smell the roses.  Well whatever flower you have out at this moment in time.


Saturday, 23 April 2011

Late card for March Show & Tell - Mold

Hi everyone
Just decided to pop back in quickly in order to show a card from the March show & Tell at Mold. 

The theme was the card in just cream, coffee & aqua.

Rhiannon one of the members could not attend that evening so she brought it along this week.  I like that because it is still taking part.  So if you get caught like that - always bring it along next time - or the time after even.  It's still good to see what you did.

Here is Rhiannon's card;

I love the bird cage.  They are quite popular at the moment, aren't they?


Mold Club evening

Hello Ladies
Here I am with the photos from Thursday evening - when the project for the evening at Mold Club was easel cards.  After we had a play trying out different styles I left the ladies to start decorating one of their designs.

I was allowed to take photos at the end of the evening - but I must stress that I took them in a "work in progress" state.  But some good designs were coming through.

I think I mentioned in the last blog that the photo's of the Show & Tell of Altered Pegs will not be shown until all three clubs have shown them.  The same applies to the Andy Warhol Show & Tell.  I may have repeated myself here - if so - I apologise.

I must apologise that a couple of the photos are just a little blurry.  It is also difficult not to get a shine back from the table.  I am going to look out a cloth that I can put down when taking the photos.  It has worked when taking some of the photos here at home.  Here is the slide show;

Good aren't they?  Just think how good they will look when they are finished.

I am off to do some of my own card making now.  A little earlier I updated my personal blog with my entry for the CD Sunday challenge.  Got it uploaded by the skin of my teeth though as a new one is due to be put up tomorrow.  If you want to take a look just click HERE.

Hope your weekend is continuing well.  More later.  'Bye for now.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Mold club evening

Hello everyone
Just popping in quickly as I have not long been in from the Mold club evening.

I took pictures of the Show & Tell altered pegs - but like the Andy Warhol cards I am not showing them on the blog until each club has had their evening with them,  But I can tell you there was some brilliant pegs tonight.

The project was easel cards & after trying out a couple of shapes many were decorated so I took photos of those too.  But - sorry - I am really tired, so you will have to wait until tomorrow to see them.

Another beautiful & hot  day - lets hope it continues.

Chat more tomorrow.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Festival exhibition

Hi - it's me again.

Now that I have handed over my work for the Festival Exhibition board I think I can show you what I did.  it's not like it is the competition.  The board had to be just white & silver - no other colour.  That is a bit testing but once you get in the flow it's not too bad & in the end I made 3 & I even had an idea for another one - but I didn't want to go overboard.

We do the exhibition board to reflect the competition which this show is "Silver Celebration" as it is our 25th show, which also have to be in only silver & white.  It will be interesting to see the creativity - our followers  never cease to amaze me with how they interpret our competitions.

So - here are my 3 board cards;

We are given 4" x 4" white card to start us off.  So I trimmed mine a little & layered them on to silver card.  All the stamping is silver embossed & the gems are flat back silver pearl-type gems.  The first one is as you can see using a Clarity Stamps corner stamp. I love these corners & as I keep saying on this blog - I don;t use them enough. The third one has our logo stamped on it & I dug out some little number stamps to add the 25.  The flower in the centre of the middle card was a very pale colour paper flower, which I dabbed on the embossing pad & then heat embossed with silver EPI.  It actually looked more grey than silver - so I did a fine second coat & that improved it - then I found a silver gel-type pen so highlighted areas with that.  Not bad at all even if I say so myself.

That's it for tonight.  Going to put some of my things ready for tomorrow nights meeting of Mold club & then off to bed for a read before settling down to sleep.

Hope you all have a good night & see you Mold ladies tomorrow (or today I guess as you probably won't read this until tomorrow).

cards for workshops

Hello ladies

My what a beautiful day - will it last over the bank holidays?

Today I have got the photos of the 2 cards I made for my workshop yesterday.  I am afraid the caught in crystal one is not very good.  I tried several different ways of taking it.  Without the flash wasn't any good & with the flash you get a light in the middle & the stamped image on the front was not so clear either.  But the colours have come out well.  In fact I have so enjoyed playing with this technique again that I am going to make up a couple of sheets with different inks & just save them for backgrounds.  The spotlight technique is very simple & basic.  Here they are;

The other card I have to show you is the very quick card I made for my friend who had just become a grandmother for the second time.  There is stamping on it so I do save face;

Isn't that pram cute?  It's from a range by the maker "Kars" & they are all small stamps.  Great fun to work with.

As I mentioned yesterday my workshop today was a new group of ladies starting on Crochet.  The craft shop is undergoing some changes & the area that is the workshop was having a new floor laid.  It was part done yesterday - but today they were going to try & finish it.  The only place to hold the workshop was the coffee shop.  I was a bit worried that we might get interrupted with people wanting to know what we were doing - but only one lady came up & spoke to us.  Turned out it was the very thing she wanted to learn - so she put her name down for the next session.

After the workshop & back at home,  I made sure I had a sample of the card we will be making in the May meeting for Mold & Mold II, & there might even be 2 samples.  I think CSNW make it in June or maybe a bit later. I also spent a few minutes heat embossing some fabric flowers - trying a different method of doing it other than using the melt pot.  I was pleased with the result & hope to do some more tomorrow.  Those that I did some time back using my melt pot I didn't like they were too thick - this method was better.

Right I have some other photos for you - but I am going to put those in a second blog.  So that's it on this one, the next one follows straight after.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Catching up

Hello everyone
Sorry I haven't blogged for a few days - nothing wrong - it's just been reasonably quiet.

Bob & I decided to have a quiet restful weekend.  Poor thing he has been getting up about 5:30 every morning for a couple of months now - a good long contract job, & there are still more weeks to go.  But it means he is pretty tired by the evening time - so we don't do much.  He's not getting any younger - te, he - Ooooh he'll kill me.  But then I'm not either - hence the quiet restful weekend. 

During the weekend I got little bits & pieces done towards projects & workshops whilst Bob attended to the lawns.

Yesterday evening was the HSNW club night & we had Tracey from Lavinia's Stamps visiting us.  We had a great demonstration & she has some lovely new stamps.  So remember to take a look at her stand at the festival.  I was very good - I didn't spend a lot.  I bought 2 small word stamps - both the same word in different sizes as a set & also a "text" stamp.  You know the sort I mean the words are in a foreign language (I think its real) & it makes a nice little background. I can't wait to add it to some of my cards.  I also handed over my entries for the exhibition board for the festival & took some photographs yesterday morning.  Now that I have handed them in I will photos of them here when I blog tomorrow. 

I also have a couple of photos of sample cards for the workshop I did today.  We did Spotlight Technique & Caught in Crystal Technique.  The C-in-C technique gave me all sorts of headaches.  None of the shops were selling the Johnson Klear Floor Polish - they have actually changed it's name (which I have now forgotten) - which I found in a little local hardware store. I know that Crystal Lacquer can be used but it is shame to use such a nice items for that purpose. When thinking about the inks or paints I would give them to work with I opened a small plastic tub that was in a drawer in my desk to find it contained the reinkers for Poshibilities Inks - (I think that was the right name).  I like to use Alcohol Inks but without sounding mean - they are a bit expensive for using on the workshops. Not everyone takes care in using some products provided. Then there was the tissue.  I hadn't got any - again couldn't find any - then remembered I had bought it before from Asda. I popped in there - plenty of blue, pink, silver - but no white.  As the pink was the palest I bought a pack of that & a pack of silver.  On the workshop - & in my sample - we used the silver & it worked very well.

Tomorrow morning I have another workshop - this time it's crochet.  A second group starting to learn.

So that's what I have been up to since we last chatted.  I hope you had a good weekend & of course we have a long weekend approaching, plus another one the week after.

I will be seeing some of you on Thursday evening as it is time for the Mold May meeting.

I mentioned the festival earlier - ALL tickets are sold.  So if you hear of anyone thinking they had better send for them as it is getting close - please let them know.

That's me for today - more tomorrow with pictures.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Members News

Good afternoon everyone
I have had another good stamping session this morning & completed my entry for the HSNW exhibition board for the May show.  In fact I got carried away & made three - I will photograph them over the weekend for you to see.  Now! Shall I enter the festival competition?

After my lunch I sat with all my latest magazines & had a good look through for inspiration, & for a change I decided to enter for some of the freebies that are always on offer.  So I now sit & wait with baited breath & fingers crossed.

After having a read of the latest Craft Stamper & checking what the new Swap was, I decided to go to their website & have a look around.  The readers gallery is full of some great looking cards & very inspirational. During my look around I went to the swap area where they show more of the entries than are featured in the magazine, & who did I find there?

Annette Jones of Mold II club
& here is her entry;

That is absolutely delightful Annette.  Well done.  The theme was a wall hanging.

I know there must be other Annette Jones's about - but I am sure that is our Annette.
Right that was what I popped in for - I am off to do some more surfing for ideas - then Bob & I are popping out for an early evening meal. We have decided to go Indian.

More tomorrow - enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Just chatting

Good evening ladies
Quite a quiet day today - well after the workshop anyway.

Once again a good workshop - did I mention it was for the Hougie board?  Looking around craft shops you wonder if another gadget is required let alone another version of gadgets already created.  I thought that when I first saw the Hougie board - but I have to admit it is very handy & useful.  I have several printed "templates" of cards & you have to cut card to size then put markings all over the place before scoring & further cutting.  All that can get a bit confusing - on the card I mean.  Too many marks is not good.  This is where the Hougie board comes into its own. We had great fun this morning creating different patterns on standard card size pieces of card - putting it to the use as of an embossing folder in a Big Shot or similar machine.  OK you can't do the fancy swirly patterns but as one of the ladies said she wished she had had the board when doing some wedding invitations.  How elegant they would have looked with a few embossed lines.  It was interesting to watch them as they thought of ways to use the board & how it could change the look of their cards without having to buy lots of equipment.  By the way we didn't just try out embossing patterns for the fronts of cards - they made a very nice stepper card & the basis of a box to clearly show how easy the board makes those.

One of the main things I like the board for is concertina folding.  I don't know about you but in the past I have carefully measured the spacing for concertina folding, made sure (as I thought) that I was scoring the lines nice & straight & then finding that when the strip was folded it was on the slant. This was not good for - lets say - the spine of a book.  This would make the book sit crooked.  Now with the Hougie board my concertina folds are perfect, which helps me with something else I enjoy making - rosettes.  Mind you this morning - do you think I could get it to lay flat - it insisted staying in an upright ring.  But as I said to the ladies - you are in charge of paper & card - not it in charge of you.  So we won & all had beautiful rosettes.

After a little bit of lunch back home I took my neighbour for a little drive.  She had had quite a bad few weeks & was feeling very low.  We just drove through the country lanes out towards Holt & on, stopping at a very nice garden centre for a cup of coffee & a sticky bun.  A good old natter was had all the way there & all the way back.

So that was my day - very pleasant indeed.  I hope your day was enjoyable & satisfying too.

Tomorrow I am going to try & have another stamping day - so hope to have some news on that for you along with pictures.

Have a good night.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Just chatting

Good evening ladies
More a domestic day today than a stamping day - but I still got a little done.

A friend of mine became a grand-mother for the second time at the weekend so I made a card for her.  I used some background paper & a plaque type topper from an oldish issue of Making Cards & then stamped a little pram onto the plaque.  It was a small stamp that I bought at PBC for just £1-25.  I can't remember the make - I must check that.

After that I prepared those cats & butterflies that I had stamped yesterday for putting on to cards later.  Also yesterday I stamped a rather pretty flower garland - so I coloured those with my watercolour crayons.

Before all that of course I had to take Russ & Nadine to the station - mind you I was a bit worried about the size of their case - I only have a little car!  But we all fitted in ok.  They return on Monday when I will be going to the station to pick them up again.

Tomorrow I have a workshop with the Hougie board again, everything is ready for that.

When I have put those toppers together as mentioned above I will take some photos including the new baby card & put some of them here.  Probably be Friday or Saturday.

The other thing we did yesterday evening which I forgot to mention was we booked our train on Euro Tunnel for the holiday.  So things are beginning to take shape on that.  I think I shall have to have a count down counter!!!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A good stamping day

Good evening ladies
Well! I promised myself a stamping day today & that is what I had.  Most enjoyable. 

Mind you I had to clear my work desk before I could start. Then of course it's a little think about which stamps, which inks, what card.  I did change my mind a couple of times before I settled down to stamp - but you do don't you?

I used my oriental poppy again, stamping it in black memories ink pad onto white tags.  Then I coloured the tags with distress inks - the one below is in Stormy Sky.  In my wooden mounted stamps drawer I found a small bamboo stamp so I used that to decorate the side of the card. Then I decided to use a vintage car stamp that I hadn't used for some time & stamped & embossed it in gold EP.  Actually the label on the jar said "champagne".  I then coloured them in with H2O style watercolour paints.  It was a set that I had bought a couple of years ago from "The Works" in Chester.  They have quite a nice shimmer to them & only cost £2.99 the set. For the background paper I used a local section from Google maps.

To round the day off I used left over background paper & toppers from a challenge card I had made a couple of weeks back. Plus I stamped quite a few of that funky cat & pretty butterfly that I showed you some days back ready to do some more card-making tomorrow.

I am putting one of the poppy cards & one of the car cards here - if you would like to see the others they are on my personal blog & can be seen by clicking HERE.

Tomorrow morning I am taking Russ & Nadine to Chester Station - they are off for a couple of days visiting Nadine's parents & her sister.  Her sisters baby that arrived just before the wedding last year is one year old - so they are going for her birthday.  One year old!  Where does the time go.

So that is me for tonight.  Hope you enjoyed another lovely sunny day - wonder what tomorrow is bringing.
Chat tomorrow.  Night night.

Monday, 11 April 2011

A day out

Good evening ladies
Today, as I said it would be, was time out with our daughter-in-law Nadine. 

I took her over to Liverpool to show her some of the areas where one side of her family ancestors came from. I went to Liverpool through the tunnel at the end of the M53 motorway.  I still cannot get to grips with which one that is - name wise I mean.  Then we drove along by the Liver Building, & the Albert Docks.  Instead of following the main road up Parliament Street (I think it's Lower Parliament Street at that point) - we went along Sefton Road towards the old Jubilee Gardens which are undergoing a make over.  One of the roads that were in her family history was off of Sefton Road - but Google maps showed it in 2 different places - but where I thought it was was a dead end road.  So we continued on to Otterspool Promenade.  Back in the late 1800's one of her ancestors & his family had lived down by the shore just there in the Fisherman's Cottage which in 1933 was taken down & the Mersey Fisheries disappeared.  Some of Nadine's family also lived in Jericho Lane which is right by the Otterspool Promenade.  I would think that they most probably lived at that end of the lane nearest the shore. I then took a drive towards Toxteth cemetery where we know at least one ancestor is buried - but of course today we had the rain that the weatherman had promised - so we didn't stop.  That will be another visit.  We finished the day out by taking the non-motorway home - driving along the main road past Liverpool Airport across to Frodsham & home the back way at Chester.  A good day - shame it rained.  Our next trip will be out towards Anderton in Cheshire where the earlier families came from before going to Liverpool.

We had a phone call from Gareth tonight - he is at home feeling quite poorly  - sounds like a nasty cold but he suffers with hay-fever so this weekend's weather will not have been good for him, poor thing.

Tomorrow has to be a stamping day - I am getting withdrawal symptoms.

Hope your day was good too.  More tomorrow.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Change of mind ...

.. which of course is what us Ladies are allowed to do.

Good evening ladies & what a wonderful weekend of weather.  I hear it may rain tomorrow.  Ah well we should be used to that by now, shouldn't we.

So what did I change my mind over?  You will remember I was going to go out & purchase one of those metallic pens in silver to go around the edges of my pillow box tags.  During the night I woke up & the first thing that came to mind was ..... "layer them onto silver paper or card for the border".  Well! you do don't you - wake up & think of things like that I mean.  I can spend ages trying to think of different ways to do things with no luck at all - then wake up in the middle of the night & instantly solve the problem.

Out came the Big Shot again & I used the next size up Nestabiltie die to the tag size & cut 35 silver plaques.  Then I glued the two layers together.  Just what the doctor ordered - so to speak!

This morning I filled the boxes with their contents & I am now just left with putting the ribbon round & adhering the tags.  But I am not going to do that part until a couple of days before they are needed to make sure the tags don't get crushed.

Also yesterday morning I put the finishing touches to the challenge card & photographed it, then put the link on the challenge blog.  You can see the card on my blog by clicking HERE.

Tomorrow I am taking Nadine over to Liverpool to an area where some of her ancestors lived.  We are going to see how close we can get to one of the areas & look for a couple of the streets, two of which I know still exist - but I doubt the properties do.

More chat tomorrow - let you know how the Liverpool trip went.
Night, night

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Birthday greetings

Its 9 April & a Mold II member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Phyllis

have a great day

Friday, 8 April 2011

Just chatting

Hello ladies
Well! I didn't get as much done today craft wise as I had wished.  No great problems - just several other little things cropping up.

At one point in the afternoon I decided to put the silver edge on the logo tags for the pillow boxes.  I have had my container of silver embossing powder for some time now - so I am wondering if it has "gone off".  It didn't emboss very well at all - or alternatively it is possible that the card I used soaked up too much of the embossing ink before I got the powder on.  Then also I couldn't seem to avoid having little splashes of the powder on the main part of the tags, even though I had used my little anti-stat bag.  So after using up 12 of the tags I decided not to continue as I didn't like the way they looked.  So I have stamped 12 more to replace them & tomorrow will have to cut them out with my Nestabilitie die. I was very disappointed as the silver edge did look better when laid on the coloured pillow boxes.  Then during the evening I had another idea & thought of going around the edges with a silver pen.  But I had 3 gold ones & no silver - of those nice metallic calligraphy style pens.  So! I need to go out & purchase one tomorrow.

As it was such a nice sunny day & I needed to pop my repeat prescription into the surgery - Bob & I decided to take a slow walk to the surgery & then around the village after that.  Very pleasant indeed.

The weatherman says it is going to be a good sunny & warm weekend - so I hope you all have a lovely couple of days.  Enjoy yourselves  I will talk to you tomorrow.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

pillow boxes saga

Good evening everyone & hasn't it been nice to see the sunshine again.

Today has seen the next stage of the pillow boxes.  First I popped into PBC for some ribbon & a Versamark pen.  I need the pen because I am going to emboss the edges of the HSNW logo tag with silver, & the pen will be easier for more precise placement of the embossing ink.  I think it will look much nicer than just plain.  The ribbon I bought, which is going to go around the boxes, has silver edging as well.

Before settling down to make up the pillow boxes I spent a little while searching through my CD's for the materials for this weeks CD Sunday Challenge which I want to enter.  I had to make a decision today in order to make the card, as the challenge changes again this coming Sunday.  That decision made & some manipulation done I printed off everything I required.  Tomorrow it's cutting out & putting together.  I have chosen  ........... well, let's wait until tomorrow for that. There will be a picture of it on my blog - but I will put a link on this blog when it is done.  Just in case you want to see what I have been up to.  It's also time I did some more stamping to be blogged about over there.

Back to the pillow boxes.  I settled down with my embossing tool, ruler & embossing mat & some really good strong glue.  I got myself into a bit of a conveyor belt system.  First I scored several of them - it's the curved scoring at each end that has to be done carefully so that the box shape is correct.  After a couple were prepared that far I started gluing them.  At first I used some very tiny pegs to hold the glued seam together whilst the glue dried.  They are only about 1" long & quite light.  But I did find that left too long they were starting to leave a mark.  So I went about it slightly differently - I scored & folded one box & glued the seam.  Then held it closed for a few seconds using a tissue in case any glue seeped out, which could then be wiped off straightaway.  I then put that to one side & started the process on another box.  When the second box was done to that stage I then went back to the first one & popped it into shape, & continued in that manner.  Did you follow that?  Good.

It actually meant that the 35 boxes did not take overly long to do. I haven't yet decided exactly how I am going to use the ribbon & will have to think that through for tomorrow. But first task will be to finish the tags.  So all in all it is going very well.

For now I think I will close my computer down, check all the lights are off - don't have to see if the doors are locked as Bob has done that & head off to bed where I will read my book for a while.  It's a very strange combination - it's a detective story set around the 2050's with some of it on other planets, but it is also quite racy. Not sure if an "oldie" like me should be reading such things.  Te he - just try & stop me.

Night, night - sleep well.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hmmm! another missing day & CSNW Meeting

Hello ladies
Uhm! I seem to have lost a day again - who stole Tuesday?

So Tuesday - in the morning I had a really pleasant workshop down at PBC doing the embroidery on paper workshop. There was supposed to have been 3 ladies but one of them had a rather nasty cold & decided to give it a miss.  I don't normally run them for less than 3 - but couldn't very well send the ladies home.  Still it was a very pleasant workshop & they enjoyed the work.

Before the workshop started I spoke to Lesley about Friendly Plastic & doing a workshop with it.  The shop doesn't sell it but that evidently doesn't matter.  So we decided to try one in May. Then later in the morning whilst my ladies were having a coffee break, I was walking around the shop having a look to see what new things had come in & overheard 2 ladies talking about jewellery making & one mentioned Friendly Plastic.  Me being me I poked my nose into their conversation, apologising but I had overheard them talking about FP & told them about my discussion with Lesley. One of the ladies asked to put her name down straight away.  So it looks like that might take off.

Of course that then got me thinking about the heating of the FP.  A little while ago I had someone asking me about Melt Pots & I mentioned that I had one & had been thinking of selling it.  About 4 weeks ago I passed it to her to see if she would like to buy it - anyway she has returned it to me as her husband has bought her a new one.  (Mine had only been used once!).  But I wondered if I could use it for the water heating method for FP.  I don't think water in the main pan would be good - but I could possibly warm the water in a foil dish inside the main pan. I think I might give it a try as there are one or two techniques that are better in water than via the heat gun.  Will let you know how I get on.  If anyone knows whether it is possible or not - or even advisable or not - let me know.

Right, back to yesterday - in the afternoon I had a bit of pampering - having my nails done - you know how I like to keep them nice.

But I cannot think how I managed to go through the evening without blogging.

Anyway onto today.  Remember those 35 baskets?  I have now cut out the logo labels - using one of my Nestabilitie dies - they look good.  Then after some thought the decision was taken to make pillow boxes rather than baskets or boxes.  Well, I have a plastic template - or I should say - I have 3, different sizes - from Wendy Stenton.  Could I find them?  Of course not.  They must be in one of the big boxes I have packed up.  But whilst looking for something else I found a card template of one - I must have used it when doing a boxes & bags workshop.  It was just not quite big enough so I scanned it & enlarged it a little & bingo.  I copied the shape onto a piece of card & cut it out, folded & glued it & then checked that it was still the right size.  Bingo again.  So then I picked up the chosen card, printed off 35 & then cut them out.  Tells on the old fingers.  Tomorrow I will be scoring all the fold lines, shaping them & starting to glue them into shape.

Tonight was the April meeting for CSNW & it was quite a small gathering but we had an enjoyable evening making easel cards.  The show & tell was "In the style of Andy Warhol".  Of the small gathering only 4 had made the card.  I took photos but I am not going to put them on the blog until all of you have had your show & tell on Andy Warhol style.  Also the show &  tell with the "altered pegs" - I will photograph them but will not put them on the blog until everyone has had their show & tell session.  Seems fair.

Phew, that should make up for missing a day.

That's me - off to bed now.  Sleep well - talk again tomorrow.  Promise I won't miss it.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Some embroidery

Hello ladies
I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend, & that those of you who are Mothers and Grandmothers were spoilt rotten yesterday.

On Saturday Bob & I drove over to a little village in Staffodshire called Gnosall.  This is where Bob spent a lot of his younger life & we went to put some flowers on his parents grave.  I picked some beautiful daffodils out of our garden to take as I thought they would be nice for Mothers Day, & Bob told me that they were one of his fathers' favourite flowers, which I didn't know.  So a good choice.

Yesterday we had a quiet day rounded off with family round for dinner in the evening.  Gareth came round & Nadine came without Russ as he was working until about 10:00pm poor thing, but I plated him a meal for Nadine to take home with her.

Craft wise I put the finishing touch to the couple of samples for the Embroidery on Paper workshop that I am doing tomorrow morning.  Here is a picture -

Because the flower on the left had open worked petals that were outlined in stem stitch I lightly coloured them with lilac chalk.  It really finished that design off along with the little faux bow.  I seem to have got stick in a lilac / lavendar phase at the moment.  I also managed to stitch some more images & will be turning those into cards sometime during the week.  So watch this space as I also hope to include some stamping.  I decided not to put a greeting on the front of these 2 cards so that I can put the most suitable one on them when I want to use them.

That's me for today, talk to you again tomorrow.

Friday, 1 April 2011

just chatting

Hi ladies
Well! today was supposed to be warm & sunny - but I think they got it wrong don't you?

I didn't fill my day as planned after all as Gareth rang me yesterday on his way back home from Germany to see if I would like to go out to lunch today for my Mothers Day treat. Now I am not one to turn down a pleasant few hours over a good lunch - so I said yes.  Of course Bob came along as well - couldn't leave him at home.  We went along to the newish pub near us - the Running Hare.  It is a newish pub but had recently had a fire problem & only re-opened yesterday after its refit.  A lovely meal & most enjoyable couple of hours in good company.

I had spent most of the morning hunting for a book I felt sure I still had, to do with embroidery on paper.  I am running a workshop on this & wanted to look out some new designs.  I can't find it anywhere so  I hope I haven't lent it to someone & forgotten who.  Anyway I did find a couple of small booklets, so spent some time deciding what patterns to use & then writing up my notes accordingly. Over the weekend I shall have to work a couple of examples. One of the books had decorative corners & borders rather than full images - I think I will combine some of that with stamping, as I really do quite enjoy embroidery on paper, & haven't done any for a while. I am not sure how I managed to leave this preparation so close to the workshop date - I thought I had prepared ahead of time.

Sadly I heard this evening of the passing of a colleague & will need to make a sympathy card tomorrow. The year is only a quarter way through & already, I am afraid, I have had the need to make too many sympathy cards.

I hope you have something nice planned for the weekend & that the weather is kind to us.
Talk some more tomorrow.