Wednesday, 30 November 2016

an aniversary card

Good afternoon ladies.

Last week Bob started going down with a cold.  I told him I didn't want it & as he was going to be working away for3 days I thought I would be OK.  Oh, no! Yesterday I started sneezing, so dosed myself up & today it is down to one of those states where you need a paper hanky handy all the time. Fingers crossed it will go as quick.

This morning I took a break from Christmas cards & made an anniversary card for our daughter who lives in the USA. It will have to go in the post tomorrow, along with Christmas cards to make sure it gets there on time.

Here is the card;

The base is a black 15cm  (6") square card & the background paper is one of the many in my stash. I am trying to use them a little more as I have far too much.  

The flourish is a Tim Holtz die that I treated myself to last week.  It came with 2 other dies & they leave the pattern in the paper. I just love them & I have 4 others of his dies that leave the image in the card - they are a little more abstract in their design. 

So the black you can see is the card showing through the paper. The paper is a delicate shade of pink with other colours on it in the butterflies.  I die cut the  "Anniversary" & the butterfly from black card & brightened them by using a lilac Inca Gold gilding wax on them.

Tomorrow I will show you the design for Christmas cards that I chose for the ones I make for one of my non-crafting groups.  Each year for a while now I have made them to be given to those people attending the get-togethers.

That is me for today - more tomorrow.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

a birthday card

Good afternoon everyone.

The last few days I have been doing well with die-cutting & stamping for Christmas. Then sitting down to do some more, after my shopping spree yesterday, my Gemini started making the most peculiar noises. It sounded like a mixture of the rollers slipping but then something really grating.  So I stopped using it. Thank goodness I still have my E-bosser which I hope will hep me finish the work.

I bought the Gemini through Amazon - so went on line & sent an email to the retailer.  This morning I had a message from them to let them have my telephone number (I gave my mobile) & they would talk to the full retailer - which of course is Crafter's Companion!  A company I am not much fond of at the moment due to my problems with their dies.

Anyway my troubles dealt with here is something much nicer - the card I made for Nadine to give her mum on her special birthday;

This is the box I made to put it in.  After I took the photo I added a gem to the centre of the bow to add some bling.

This is the card sitting in the tissue inside the box.  It was made using the Tattered Lace Book die. The flowers & Ribbon we bought to match the card which is a purple mirri card with dots.  Nadine wrote her own message which I have die cut & layered onto the same purple card & is attached to the back. I also made a shaped stand for it to go on. I was very pleased with the result I hope her mum liked it.

There are loads of book layers on the die as well as other little things - so this is going to get used a lot next year.

That's me for now.  I have been sorting my desk, taking the Gemini off & putting the E-bosser back, so I now need to see if I can  finish the work I was doing.

'Bye for now.

Monday, 28 November 2016

a recent card

Good evening ladies
I hope you all had a nice weekend.

I spent a lot of it die-cutting for some of my "other" Christmas cards & printing inserts for cards, so quite busy sessions.

This morning I braved the shops to do a bit of Christmas shopping that I couldn't do on line.

Anyway I have a recent birthday card to show you today - it was for Nadine's mother who had a big birthday this weekend.

I decided to go with a simple design & chose to die cut my flower sprays out of white card to give a sort of Wedgwood style.  Some blue gems added for bling.  I chose to put her age rather discreetly on the inside, on the insert.

The floral spray die is from Tattered Lace - it was free on one of the Tattered Lace magazines.  The petals of the roses have been lifted to give dimension.

Tomorrow I will show you the other card I made for her, for Nadine to give her.

There was a beautiful sunset tonight - so it looks like being another nice day tomorrow.

I had an email from Dot of Mold II answering my question about the pretty card that was used in one or two of their project cards last Tuesday.  I have put her answer under the appropriate post - here.

That is me for this afternoon 'bye for now.

Friday, 25 November 2016

member showcase

Good afternoon ladies & what a lovely sunny day it is.  Crisp, cold & frosty - but sunny. That will shorten the winter.

Today I have a member showcase for you & one again it is Rita of Mold II club but this time not a card that she has had published in a magazine.

The card I am showing you today is one she made after the club night on Tuesday using the frame box design that Carolyn had shown everyone;

Another lovely card Rita & that angel is just perfect for the card.
That is the nice thing about this design - because of the space behind the frame you can use the slightly larger embellishments that normally would get left out.

I hope you all have something nice planned for the weekend that is upon us.  Have a nice weekend.
'Bye for now.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

mold II photos - part 2

Good morning everyone.

This morning I have the photos from the project in Mold II's final meeting of the year - when Carolyn showed them how to make that lovely frame card.  Here are their cards;

A lovely silver peacock sits inside Helen's card.

Annette used these lovely teddies for her card & I love the way the one that is sitting down is on the outside of the frame.

Sue chose some pretty pink roses for her card with a matching greeting.
I can't remember the name of the Company that made these images - they have a foiled style finish.
It will annoy me until I remember - they used to be very popular.

Carol has the same style of image as well - this time delicate lilac flowers & matching greeting.

Dot's card is very wintery with its all white finish.  Lovely card.

Rita's card uses the "Me to You" bear & is stunning. The box itself was made from black card which really adds drama to the finished item.

Sylvia's little patio scene in her card looks so peaceful you just want to step inside, sit down &  relax.

Christine's card with it snowy acetate really is Christmas in a box. Lovely card.

Carolyn - thank you again for your idea - it was most enjoyable to make & the samples above show that.  I did prepare card for another one whilst I was there at the meeting but it is for someones birthday (once it is finished), so you will have to wait a while before I can show it.  I do have 2 others cut out waiting to be put together which I must try & do perhaps during the coming weekend.

The ladies rounded the evening off with a group photo - which was taken for us by the caretaker as she had arrived to lock up;

What a lot of lovely happy faces.
But I wish I had stood at the back - this photo will have to go up in the kitchen - I must lose that weight - so hopefully it will help.

Great evening ladies.

Sometimes when I am typing these notes I have a word whose spelling I may be unsure of  & I have to do a little research as to which is right.  I put this here because I had that problem with describing Dot's card.  I used the word "wintery" & blogger spell checker underlined it as an error. So I changed it to "wintry" which waas what they offered & it was of course happy with that.  I didn't like the look of "wintry" though - so off I went to Google - 

"Wintery vs wintry

In modern English, wintry is the preferred spelling of the adjective meaning of, like, or relating to winterWintery has a long history in English, but it has never been the preferred form, and it has no meanings of its own."
So, there we have it - I still prefer "wintery"
'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

mold II photos - part 1

Good afternoon ladies.

This afternoon I have the photos from last nights Mold II meeting & the first set is of the Show & Tell, which was to make a pink Christmas card.

Despite groans last month when this was announced we have some great cards, & here they are;

Carolyn's card is the very popular circular / rocker stepper card.  Carolyn actually gets asked to make quite a lot of these for people.  I like the cheeky snowman - great card, & by the way it was pink the camera has turned it a little more lilac coloured.

Elizabeth has stamped her image then stamped it a couple more times to be able to 3-d the flower. Very effective.

I love this pastel pink card with the silver peel off baubles from Sue - very festive.

Ah! looks like some sharing done here, as Carol has the same baubles but on a much brighter pink - again - very festive. As you can see this card has been personalised & I am sure Molly will be delighted with it.

Sylvia's pretty pink sparkly Christmas tree looks a picture on her loely background card.

Betty wasn't with us yesterday evening, as she has been in hospital - but sent her card along.  A lovely classic style card Betty, & get well soon please.

Elma used a Crafter's Companion card die for her card & I love the delicate colouring of the embossed areas.

Annette's card was made  using the z-fold style card & some papers from Hunkydory & that lovely greeting was part of the papers.. I thought it had been stamped.

Rita has made 2 cards with lovely embossed card & stamped snowflakes. There is also some bling on each one to add festive sparkle.

Great cards ladies.

I will be back tomorrow with the photos from the evenings project.
'Bye for now.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Catching up & a member showcase

Good afternoon everyone - sorry I didn't get to pop in yesterday but I had a very busy day & then was out in the evening.

Bob & I had a fantastic day on Sunday at the show in Birmingham, those horses are absolutely beautiful & so clever.

This afternoon I have a member showcase to show you & once again it is for our very published lady - Rita of Mold II - who has had a card featured in Papercraft Inspirations;

I love the use of the button for the centre of the flower.
Well done once again Rita.

Tonight is the final meeting of 2016 for the Mold II ladies & they have Carolyn showing them that lovely frame card.  So tomorrow there will be some great photos to show I just know it.

'Bye for now.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

mold photos part 2

Good morning ladies

Gosh another weekend is here - I hope you have some nice things planned. Tomorrow Bob & I are off to Birmingham to see the Lipizzaner horses from the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. It is something we have both always wanted to see.

Back to today & I have the photos of the Mold club project from Thursday nights meeting.  We were once again joined by Carolyn of Mold II who showed us how to make the Frame Card.

In all the photos there is a slight shadow at the top - this is due to having to photograph them laid flat & the light caused the frame to put a shadow there.

This is Yvonne's card with that lovely "Me for you" bear on it obviously enjoying the snow.

Some beautiful floral decoupage from Clare on her card - very delicate.

Joanna's card absolutely bursting with poinsettias - it's almost a present.

Mair's really pretty clean & simple card. I like that the flowers are in the box as well as on the outside.

Rachel's card has that lovely Christmas sweater from her show & tell in it.

Maureen used this stunningly beautiful & colourful butterfly decoupage on her card.

Lynn also had impact colours on her card & I love the way that floral decoupage fills the corner.

This card from Joan is so delicate I love the pale blue colours & again the embellishments have been brought to the outside as well.

From Janet a many layered decoupage picture & some really gorgeous snowflakes.

I love the way that Sheelagh has draped the foliage die cuts around the fame pulling the eye into the decoupage in the centre

Rhiannon has used one of the little "Gorjuss" images in her frame in a delicate shaded of lilac.

The effect of the cards standing all together on the table was quite stunning, so I took a photo of them in 3 batches & then tried merging them to make one photo.  It doesn't quite work out as a couple of them overlap a little into the next photo - but I think you will get the idea.

Thank you once again Carolyn for a great evening - the ladies really enjoyed this project, which I think shows in the results.

I did make a card during the evening but it is lost between the centre photo & the right hand photo so I will show it here now;

I really like this project & have already cut out the card to make another one.  Thank you Carolyn.

Right! that is me for today.  I won't have the time tomorrow or blogging - so I will be here again on Monday.
Have a great weekend

Friday, 18 November 2016

Inspired by.....

...... the card this week with Carolyn.

Just had to pop back in today after all.

Whilst having a play with (oops sorry whilst -  working on) my Christmas cards this afternoon I had an idea inspired by the frame card from the Mold meeting with Carolyn last night.

I had some of my stamping from Thursday night left over & decided to make another card using them. Then I thought about the frame card & thought ......... box!  Not a box to put something in (although effectively I did) but a box on a card.

Enough waffling!!!!   Here it is;

In the top photo the card is laid down & the lower photo it is stood up, making a tent fold card. I used clear Wink of Stella pen on the poinsettias to lift them but that isn't too clear in the photos. They had been stamped & embossed wit silver EP.  The flower inside the box is on a sticky pad & has been shaped & the flower on the outside is just lightly glued to the frame where it touches.

I am pleased with this card & may use the style in the new year for special birthdays or occasions.

Right! I am really ot dropping in again until tomorrow.

Mold photos - part 1

Good afternoon ladies.

This afternoon I have the first set of photos from last nights Mold club meeting & they are of their Show & Tell cards.  The theme I had set was Pink Christmas cards - well they did not fail in their challenge;

A pretty little girl going skating was Maureen's very delicate pink offering.  Really pretty Maureen.

This is Joanna's card & I don't think anyone (including me I must add) realised how she had made it. The silver die-cuts had been embedded into the card.
This means the die cuts were made in the pink paper, then the silver card & then the one put inside the other - including all those little fragments in the snowflake.  

Mair gave us a really pretty & dainty pink Christmas card - a lovely clean & simple statement.

Joan gave us a see through card with the Snowman standing in front of a scene viewed through an acetate panel.

Now here is a card to make you feel warm & cosy at Christmas & this one is from Rachel.

Lynne gave us a colourful group of Christmas decorations on a lovely collage style card.

Janet's card "fizzed" with a pink snowflake garland with extra smaller snowflakes dotted around.

Rhiannon's card showed a delicate pink Christmas tree.
These days the artificial trees come in all colours, along with the various decorations.

Sheelagh's delightful pink Christmas card was made in the Z-fold style that Carolyn had shown us how to make a couple of months back.

When I remember the groans & the faces as I announced what this Show & tell would be, who would have thought that these cards would be the result.  Well done ladies.

Tomorrow I will have photos of the evenings project for you.
That is me for today  talk again tomorrow.