Friday, 30 October 2015

just chatting

Good afternoon everyone.

I am just popping in quickly for two reasons.

The first reason is to copy here a comment from Sylvia the new lady who started with us at MoldII on Tuesday evening.  I thought if I just published it at the post she had commented on you might not see it. Here it is -

"Many thanks to all who made me so welcome at the Mold club last Tuesday night.  I've obviously got a long way to go to be at your standards but look forward to the challenge. Looking forward to the next meeting & talking to you all again (& maybe this time remembering your names!!)"

Sylvia - you are very welcome.

The second reason is to say sorry for not writing a post yesterday but my computer decided to crash o me again. Bob has been busy today creating everything on it on another computer.  So this post is on my new computer.  It is a newer verso of the one I had plus I am on Windows10 - so there will be some learning curves. 

I haven't done any crafting today, but have made a start on tidying my craft room before starting on my Christmas cards.  So no time wasted.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Just popping in to let you know I have now updated the club pages & project photo page for the remainder of this year.

'Bye for now.

MoldII photos - part 2

Hello again.

I am back with photos of the second project at the MoldII meeting last night, where Joanna & Janet showed the ladies how to make a Christmas bauble from old Christmas cards.

Because the bauble takes 20 circles for each one, which also had to be folded a certain way Joanna pre-cut & scored them for the ladies.  Although quite a task Joanna did have the tools for the job - but we still send her a big thank you.

Here are the photos.  Mold ladies made this last year & will recognise the work that goes into them -









Well done ladies, they turned out really well.  I wonder how many of you will make some more?   

Must put my thinking cap on now for these fifteen Christmas cards I have to make. That's not all I have to make, that's just the ones for Bob - then there are the numerous ones for me. 

I also need to update the club pages.  

I know I ask this question a lot but I am going to ask it again. Please will you let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to include in the club programme.  We are fast approaching the time when I need to have ideas in front of me for next year. I must say thank you to the ladies who have already offered ideas and/or their time to take a meeting or two - it is much appreciated. But there is still quite a few months to fill.  Please, please, please - ideas for me.  Thank you.

MoldII photos - part 1

Good morning ladies.

Well, I made it to the MoldII club meeting last night, I didn't do anything other than welcome a new lady to the group, but thoroughly enjoyed watching the demonstration & the results of everyones work.

First I must welcome Sylvia to the group - I hope you enjoyed the evening Sylvia & look forward to seeing you again at future meetings.

There was no Show & Tell at last night's meeting, as Joanna & Janet from Mold club were showing 2 projects.  They also found time to demo another technique that the ladies could go home & try.

Here are the cards they made for the first project - but before that a couple of photos of the group working;

Now their cards;

Annette - a lovely delicate design. I love that Merry Christmas.

Betty created a musical design.  Now I know what to do with that music stamp in my drawer!!

Carolyn always has such lovely sentiment stamps & those colours are so intense. Lovely.

Elizabeth went for a different colourway.  It just shows this design works for any occasion.

Elma chose to put her sentiment on a co-ordinating block which I think fits really well.

Helen chose a very deep quote from Gandhi to complete her card. Very true it is too.

Rita made 2 cards & also chose a different colourway. Very apt for this time of year.

Sue has a great mixture of stamps on her card. 
The dark edge (I think was done with a pen) makes a really good finishing touch.

Sylvia is our new lady & said that she had not been getting on very well with stamping, hence joining a club.  I think you have done a great job here Sylvia.

The next card shows the "ray" technique that Joanna & Janet demonstrated at the end of the evening. It really is a very effective finish.

This was the one created by Fiona at the Mold meeting earlier in the month.

Well, my first task with regard to Christmas cards is the fifteen I have to make for Bob.  I think it is likely to be the style made at this meeting, although I am tempted by the card above.  We will see.

Right that is it for this post. I will be back in a little while with photos of the second project the ladies did.  'Bye for now.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

another member showcase

Good afternoon ladies - it is me back again.

This time the member showcase is from Rita of MoldII club who also had a card featured in the latest issue of Papercraft Essentials magazine;

Rita's card features the little robin stamp that came free with the die.  I love your post box Rita.

That will be me for today ladies, but should have some photos tomorrow from the MoldII meeting tonight.
'Bye for now.

member showcase

Good morning everyone.

This morning I have a member showcase for you & this time it is from Annette of MoldII who has one of her cards featured in this months issue of Papercraft Essentials magazine;

A really festive flip flop card & Annette has used a freebie die & stamp from an earlier issue of the magazine.  Well done Annette - I have that die, but have not used it. Now I see how well it cuts I can see it being used quite a bit, thank you for the inspiration.

I will be back a little later with another member showcase, then this evening I will be off to the MoldII meeting. Not sure if I will play an active part, we will see, but I will be prepared with camera. The evening is being taken by Joanna & Janet from Mold club.  Thank you ladies.

Monday, 26 October 2015

member showcase

Good afternoon everyone, today I have a member showcase for you & it is from Rita of MoldII club. Rita rather took to the Northern Lights technique that Joanna showed us all & has sent me a photo of some cards she has prepared using that technique.

Rita has promised to send me a photo of the finished cards, when she has done them. Some great colours there Rita.

I also have 2 more member showcases to share with you & will probably do this tomorrow. The reason being, & you may need to look back at my opening greeting for a moment, - I started writing this post early this afternoon.  Just after I had put Rita's photo in it my computer froze.  Then it went to a very grey stripy screen display.  I started working out how much I could afford for a new one - but a quick mention to Bob about the problem & he went to work on it.  I did a get bit worried when he took out the battery & then the hard disk, but lets face it I know that he knows what he is doing.

Later my computer was back as it should be. So just in case, some time was taken out from blogging to run a backup.

So that is how it got to the evening before I could post.

'Bye for now - more tomorrow & of course it is the MoldII club night - I hope to pop along to that, even if I don't stay all the evening.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

a recent birthday card

Good afternoon everyone & how nice it is to see the sun shining this afternoon after the dreadful downpour this morning.

The photo I have this afternoon is of the birthday card I made for our son-in-law in USA whose birthday it is at the start of November.

It is always more difficult to make cards for men I find, especially if you are not so close to them that you have an idea of interests etc.  Recently I spent some time on Pinterest (if you don't know what that is - just Google it & take a look around), looking for ideas for men's cards.  In particular over the last few days for quick & easy makes.  Of course once you find designs you have to hope you have materials & embellishments to make something very similar.

Here is my card;

I chose a Kraft scalloped edge card & looked out some nice dark brown card which I put through my watch embossing folder.  Having decided to layer the brown card onto gold to lift it I die-cut the Happy Birthday also in gold. This die was free on a magazine some time ago & it is the first time I have used it.  It cut very cleanly & I quite like it. Then to lift it again I embossed a small square of gold card in the watch embossing folder placing it over just one of the watches.  All the pieces were then layered onto the main card.

It went straight to the post office yesterday morning & the lady at the counter said that currently they were taking about 5 - 6 days.  But that is from here to there.  Their internal post is very different - but even so, that still leaves it another 5 - 6 days to reach him.

So that is one November card done & 2 more to do.

Each Christmas for a while now I have made 15 Christmas cards for Bob to send out, so yesterday he asked if I would be doing him some this year. For a couple of those years I have created a design, asked his approval, & then created all 15 the same - he is happy for me to do that again this year.  So I am now off to think about a quick & easy design.  Will let you know what I come up with.

Don't forget the clocks tonight!

Enjoy the extra hour

'Bye for now.

Friday, 23 October 2015

just chatting

Good afternoon everyone.

I am still here, & have not disappeared, but I didn't really have anything to talk about for a day or two - well not craft things anyway.

I have been frustrated at trying to get to see the doctor again - you have to ring early in the morning to get an appointment & it is surprising how early & quickly they disappear.  The final frustration was that this morning Bob rang for me & they only had one Doctor on duty & therefore only taking emergency calls.  Ah well - try again Monday.

Anyway I did get to make the card for our son-in-law in the USA & will show you a picture tomorrow.

The weekend is here again & of course the clocks go back.  Have a great weekend & enjoy your extra hour.  I am hoping to get my other cards made & perhaps make a start on Christmas.

'Bye  for now.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Wedding card

Good afternoon ladies

Today I have for you the photo of the wedding card I made for Gareth & Elayne.

I made a tent fold card (that is the fold at the top).  The original idea was to use the over the edge die on that fold, but I am not that keen on the hole it leaves on the back portion of the card, so I cut it from a single square of white card.  Before die-cutting the edge I ran the card through an embossing folder with small dots.  Then I scored a line each side of the dotted portion. I then die-cut the message, followed by the wedding bells flourish from white card & lilac card & the two initials from the same card.  Across the two score lines a laid the lilac ribbon & wrapped it around the back. This was then adhered to a piece of lilac card leaving a small border around 3 of the sides leaving the top part of the message sticking above it. This meant that the lilac showed through the lower portion of the message. I then glued the two toppers together slightly off centre to create a shadow - which I didn't find as easy as they make it look on TV.  Three little gems along the bottom completed it.

Biggest problem with this card?  I needed to search out an envelope the right shape & didn't have the right size paper to make one.

I was very pleased with the finish - the colours were chosen because they were the colours in Elaynes bridesmaids dresses & decorations on the invitations.

Now I have to set my mind to some more special cards - a niece who is 50 the early part of November, along with a colleague of Bob's who is also 50.  Not forgetting our daughter-in-law Nadine who has a birthday next month, along with Ryan our son-in-law who lives in the USA.  All that should really test my creativity & I haven't started my Christmas cards yet!!!!!

'Bye for now.

Monday, 19 October 2015

A recent card

Good afternoon ladies I hope you all had a good weekend.

Today I have a photo for you of another recently made birthday card - by me, that is :)

I wanted a nice clean & simple card & in my "I will use that later" box was this butterfly background piece - which I had stamped, by the way!.  I cut out the size I wanted using a scalloped edge die & after trying it straight onto the base white card realised I needed a colour behind it.  As quite often happens - I chose black card, which I trimmed close to the edge leaving a small border around.  I then stamped the greeting & cut that down & mounted it on black card as well.  I decided to make the sentiment a feature on the front of the card rather than inside it. Two gems on the sentiment topper & a little flourish at the side.

There you are - that is me for today.  Tomorrow I will show you the card I made for Gareth & Elaynes wedding.

'Bye for now.

Oops nearly forgot - would someone from CSNW let me know how their meeting went at the beginning of the month, please. I have been thinking about it.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

mold photos - part2

Good evening everyone.

This evening I have the photos of the Mold project from Thursday night for you.  The project was given by Joanna & Janet & they showed the ladies 4 different Christmas Cards.  You will see one that has a Christmas Ornament embossed into the card - Joanna prepared those cards for the evening for everyone.  Thank you very much Joanna I know the ladies will have appreciated that very much.

Here are their cards;









I am not, for a change, going to write any comments against the individal groups. Because all I need to say is - ladies these are absolutely gorgeous.  Well done.

I am very envious & sad that I was not there that evening - I have missed a brilliant evening.  I love all 4 of the designs but in particular like the one with the radiating lines of colour & the one with the embossed shape.

Many many thanks to Joanna & Janet for all their work.

That is me for today ladies, more tomorrow from me.

'Bye for now.