Saturday, 29 June 2013

A craft room - almost

It's a rather big almost too - as you will see from the photo that I am going to pop in here.  Bob decided he could get into the room, move a few things & at least get me a desk to work at.  So yesterday we organised the position of the desk & this morning I found a few essentials to put on & near it.  I decided I needed a photo of my first sit down in my new craft room so Bob obliged & took one for me.

Here it is;

Yes! that really is me down the end there.

I think I have already shown you the state of the craft room in a previous post so the only improvement from that is that Bob moved some of things down by the window so as to get my desk turned round for me to use.  I also have a bookcase down there to put some of my things on as I find them.

I spent a lot of yesterday & today emptying the boxes that are in the dining room & washing all the crockery & cutlery & putting them away in their appropriate places. It feels a little more like home now with the glasses in the top of the dresser & the "family" crockery in the cupboard at the bottom.  One more box to empty & that should be it for that room.

Our lounge is L-shaped & the smaller section of it Bob will use as a study.  So everything from our study at the other house (which was bigger) has to be found somewhere to live.  They are the next boxes to unpack, plus there are the lounge boxes to finish unpacking & they probably consist mainly of books off the bookcase.

The kitchen is sorted - although every so often I decided things would be better in a different cupboard - but at least its tidy.  The bedroom is sorted as well.  So getting there slowly.

Tonight we are going out for a meal with Gareth, Russ & Nadine for my birthday which will be very nice.

I hope to start having crafting news for you soon which means we are getting back to normal.

Have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing - I think reasonable weather is promised for tomorrow - so with a bit of luck we will be able to sit in our garden for a while.  Take care.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Mold photos - part 2

Hello again & this time I am here with the second set of photos from Mold II;s evening on Tuesday.  This time the photos of their project for the evening - which was making their own Washi tape.

I must remember to refer to it as tissue tape - as it can only be referred to us Washi tape if you have used the Japanese Washi paper.

Here are the photos -

Some nice colourful tapes & both thin & wide tape used.

Another good selection of tape & those monochrome butterflies are great.

I love that top one with a sort of continuous vine effect & the fans are just right for this, aren't they.

Someone has been busy here.  It shows that whether you use an individual stamp or a border style stamp - it all works.

Someone else who was busy creating lots of pieces.

On the top 2 pieces of tape a text stamp has been used,  But the text is not like sections of a book, it is more like in a newspaper ads page,

Some more tape using that text stamp & some border stamps.

I think the centre tape in this photo has been made by using a random part of a larger stamp.  Doing this gives your larger stamps another use.

You all seem to have enjoyed trying out the Washi tape & I am pleased about that because after all that is what the club nights are about -learning things.  Of course its important we enjoy what we do too.

Over the next few days I will update club pages for each club with details of your programme for the next 2 or 3 months.

That's it for tonight.  Sleep well.

Mold II - photos 1

Good evening everyone.

Ummmm - it looks like Bob & I could be the bringers of the wet weather today.  This morning I picked up some solar lights for the garden & whilst I was at my workshop he popped into Buckley & bought a BBQ. So sorry about that  :)

Now for some club photos - the first set is the Show & Tell from Mold II's evening where the theme was an ATC with Roses as the theme, & here they are;

Two lovely monochrome ATC's - aren't they pretty?

Beautiful flower photos - they look really good with the gold edging.

These three ATC's have been created by our painting member - Liz - they are really lovely
& are going to some of her pen-friends.

Some pretty rose background paper to compliment the lovely sentiment

Three roses that have been decoupaged & coated with glossy accents - or similar

Some more decoupage roses in a totally different way - really lovely

Last month the Show & Tell was a card depicting a film & Christine brought hers along on Tuesday rather than miss out & here it is - 

When we were all looking at the card all sorts of ideas were given out - "High Chaperelle", "Bonanza", "Wagon Train", "Rawhide".
When putting the photo of the card here I realised that I don't think we asked Chris which one it was - so will have to ask her next month.  I think Rawhide was my choice.

So that is the first set of photos - I will be back again a little late4r with the photos of the project for the evening.
'Bye for now.l

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Birthday pressie........................

............................. here it is

The chopped photo is not my bad photography skills - but I didn't want the registration number on show.
Not bad aye?

I think I mentioned sometime about my new craft room & how long it is likely to take me to sort it ... here is the reason why.

ah well - maybe by Christmas

Off now to get ready for the Mold II meeting.

birthday greetings

Birthday greetings
It is 25 June & a Mold member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Clare
Have a lovely day

Monday, 24 June 2013

mold photos - part 2

Hi, I am back again with the next set of photos, this time for the project of the evening.

For that evening I had decided to take the group out of their comfort zone (possibly) & try something really different.  The project was to decorate an Art Doll. Not sure what that is?  Well it can take different forms but the one I chose for them looked like this

I found this on the Internet some time ago.  It's a strange shape & comes with an alternative mermaid style tail & a pair of wings as you will see.  I gave the ladies a printed image (outline) which they then decorated & cut out.  I also gave them a sheet of face patterns to help out & she did not have any hair.

Here are those made by the group

It looks like this one has a party skirt ready to wear.

I seem to have forgotten to flip this one upright & I cannot do it in blogger, so we will leave her to rest.  I think the extra pieces are meant to be wings - they are in a rather unusual place.  Or perhaps they are water wings seeing as she is a mermaid.

Another mermaid - very colourful & I love her cheerful face & her hairdo.

Mermaids seem to have been popular with this one looking rather serious.  Very pretty design,.

Very delicate design, with wings this time & she has been given a hat

That's a very saucy look with that hat.  Great fun.

Another hatted image - this time a crown.  Those little flower stamps are just right for this. 

Now this is rather exotic isn't it?  Love the beads around her waist & her stylised hair-do.  That fan image is just great for the design,.

Now an eastern image - very Bollywood.  Love her hair jewel.

Now a Steampunk image - just perfect for these sort of way out images.  The wings look really feathery & love the hair - or is it a hat?

A mermaid with a cone hat & a shaped bodice.  Brilliant.

Now something a little different on this one.  Lynne who did this actually cut the image as an aperture, out of a thin sheet of paper to make a mask & then decorated through the aperture.  

I think the ladies enjoyed doing this - some said they found it quite therapeutic & definitely fun.

So keep an eye on your programmes Mold II & CSNW - these are coming your way some time.  

Tomorrow I am meeting Karen, Liz & Caroline for one of our festival discussions.  Then in the evening it is the June meeting for Mold II.  So hopefully on Wednesday there should be some more club photos to show you.  Both Wednesday & Thursday mornings I have workshops at the craft shop.  So quite a busy couple of days.

A little earlier this evening I picked up my birthday present - but I cannot show you or tell you about it tonight as I really shouldn't have had it until tomorrow.

Mold photos - part 1

At last I hear you cry - photos to look at.

This set is of the Show & Tell for the evening, which was an ATC with a theme of roses.

A beautiful decoupaged sparkly rose with shiny leaves, & I love the 2 opposite rounded corners - very effective.  It's a lovely stamp too.

Another lovely stamp & more decoupage work with sparkles.  Love the tiny leaves that have been decoupaged.

These 2 beautiful roses have been stamped on parchment paper then coloured & embossed with a ball stylus on the back to raise the shape.  Absolutely beautiful.

A stunning black & white image with the look of Zentangle about it.
Don't know what Zentangle is?  Keep an eye on the blog & your club programmes. 

A really delicate ATC with some beautiful rolled roses on it.  These rolled roses can be made by cutting a circle of paper then cutting in a spiral from the outside to the inside. Finally you roll it in a similar manner to quilling.  But in this instance the spiral is a stamp.

Another delicate design - a very watercolour painting style, along with the use of a piece of washi tape across the top.  Hand-made washi tape I must add.

A great set of ATC's & well worth the wait to see them.

Back a little later with the second set of photos.

Problems with blogging

Hi everyone
Just popping in to apologise for not putting Mold photos on here yet.  But I am experiencing a little problem with my netbook which is where I keep all the photos for the blog & generally work from when writing about everything.

I had made a decision to return the process to my laptop (which I am using now) - but I need some spare time to do that.  Last night I loaded the Mold photos & went to post the first batch to find my netbook has "lost its link".  Bob is going to look at it for me during the day - so hopefully tonight I can keep my promise of photos to show you.

I am off first thing this morning to the optician - time for new glasses I suspect.

Back later with a better write up I hope.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Catching up .,..............

..... well I suppose you could say that this is truly our first day in our new home.  We were very fortunate in that the man buying our house was happy for us to take our time moving out.  So although the really big main part of our move was over Monday & Tuesday this week we did have some things to go back for this weekend.  I won't go into details here about what that was, but there was still almost a days work to be done, & with the help of Gareth our son, everything was cleared away.

So that is why I say that today is probably our first proper day in our new home, because we now do not have a link to our old home.  A home that has served us for 21 years.  It was sad letting it go - but it was exciting moving on & already this feels like home.

There is lots to be done as I am sure most of you will appreciate & especially if you have done it before.  I have some photos to show you later - mainly of the room that is to become my craft room

Talking of photos - I still have to show you the photos from the Mold meeting on Thursday.  I hope to do that tomorrow - please bear with me - I really hope to be back to normal with those sort of posts asap.  After all it is the Mold II meeting on Tuesday (25th) - so I have to get back to normal.

Now I do have a problem with my new craft room & when I get to show you the photos of it straight after moving you will see why.  But I will do my best to have everything together for the clubs - and / or to sort things so that the club nights go ahead as planned.

Stepping back a day or two I also have to say that some of our in house sorting was made easier by the help from our son Russ & our daughter in law Nadine on Thursday.  Nadine helped me sort the kitchen  boxes so that everything is almost where I want it to be, whilst Russ helped Bob with other things like TV's etc.

We also found time to set up the Patio set & managed to sit outside for a snack & a natter.  I then had to leave them having something to eat whilst I went to the Mold meeting.

Now the patio set - that is another story.  I saw the one I wanted at Asda in  Queensferry a few weeks
before we new we would be moving.  I wanted it - but Bob being the sensible one  :)  said "not until we know the move is OK" Well he was right - but when we went to Asda on Thursday they didn't have the one I wanted (except the one on display which they cannot sell whilst the item is active). The lady was very helpful & checked if they had any in the warehouse- answer no.  Would I like  her to look online for me - Asda online that is?.  Yes, please.  No! it was out of stock.  I am by now so disappointed - I had set my heart on this particular one. Why do we do this?  Next question was  "Could she ring around the other stores for me?"  Yes please.  She rang Ellesmere Port - they had 4.  We popped over there & I have now got my patio set & as you saw above we have already had it put up & used it.  Next big purchase a BBQ - before the summer (?) is over.

Well! I have prattled on quite a but over this move.  Believe me this blog will soon return to what it was meant for - talking about the things YOU do - with the occasional bit about what I am up to.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

We are here

Good evening everyone.......

& a very late evening it is.  Tonight it has been the June meeting of the Mold group & we had a great evening.  I had fortunately chosen a project that didn't need much input from me & seeing as I wasn't even sure what day of the week it was - it was a very good choice   :)

Since getting back home from the meeting Bob & I have been sitting & discussing what is going where with one or two rooms for how we work tomorrow.  It is very fortunate that we do have similar ideas - although tonight before I went to the Mold meeting we did have one thing that for the first time ever we didn't necessarily agree on.  But I think I am going to be OK with it - well a moderation of it.  Te he.

I have taken some photos of "my craft room" - which I will put up here over the next couple of days. You will be amazed.  Why?  Well just wait & see. The priority for photos on the blog does come down to those taken at tonight's meeting of the Mold club & then future club meetings of Mold II & CSNW.  I will try & set aside some time during the day tomorrow to post those photos - after all I need to get back to normal.  Normal?  What on earth is that.

As you can see from this post I am back on the Internet.  I never thought I would admit to being lost without it - but I was.  The minute you wonder about anything - you just Google it & when you can't?  What on earth do you do?

The title said "we are here" - we have in fact been here since Tuesday late afternoon.  But this is the first chance I have had to sit & talk to you.

21 years ago Bob & I moved to North Wales & we both said - "never again".  Well! 21 years later we have & I now repeat that statement.  Never again.  But then of course we are both 21 years older & in 21 years time - I don't think we will be worrying about any move - I think others will be doing it for us - if there is any move afoot anyway.

I know we are in no way near straight - it will be a long slow process - but this home is just perfect - it was made for us & we are already content in our decision.  We are really lucky.

More tomorrow - thank you to all of you good luck messages.
Sleep well - I expect you already asleep it probably only me that is awake.

Night night.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Today is the day

Hi everyone - quick pop in before the phone line is closed.

We are sat here having breakfast in an almost empty house.  It is really strange.  I just can't believe how many boxes our little home has been packed into & I don't think they have packed the craft room yet - that is one of today's jobs.  Most of it is in boxes which need putting into bigger boxes.

I am the "old" house watcher today - I will be here whilst the last things are packed.  Bob will be chasing the keys to the new house then staying there as things are moved.  I don't expect to be at my new home until late afternoon / early evening after Bob comes back here to check everything is locked up & visits the purchaser who lives just up the road from us now.

Not sure when we will have the Internet as I think I have said before.  So photos from Thursday's Mold meeting may not appear for a couple of days.

Tha'ts me for now - take care everyone - will write again as soon as I can.

Just re-read this - paragraph 3 - it is not me that is "old" but the house.  No rude comments please.  :)

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Two days to go

Hi everyone I hope you have all had a great weekend.

It has been a busy one for us trying to prepare the house for the removal people tomorrow.

My little craft room is all packed in boxes - I just hope I know where everything is when I am ready to unpack.  I have been very good & made sure that the Mold & Mold II boxes are ready for their club nights.  Mold is this Thursday & Mold II is a week Tuesday.  Also I am attending a workshop myself on Saturday so have had to put the things ready for that, also the things for the crochet workshop I am running on Wednesday.  It's going to be a busy week.

Tomorrow I shall watch my little home being put into boxes as cupboards are emptied & ornaments, crockery etc put safely away.  Then on Tuesday the big task of the furniture & actually moving.  I would think by the time we get to the new house the only thing we will want is a cup of tea, something to eat & a good nights sleep. Then it all starts again in the other direction - unpacking.

I can't remember which day we get the Internet link - I think it is Wednesday, but I will write a post as soon as I can after that.

Take care everyone.

Friday, 14 June 2013

catching up

Hello everyone
Time for a catch up blog.

Well, today we learnt that monies have been transferred & that completion should be Tuesday - which is what we hoped seeing as the removal company are packing on Monday & moving us on Tuesday.  I have to admit I have been worried as to whether the date would be met & had visions of us sleeping overnight in the removal van.  I have been waking up at night thinking will it work? Am I prepared?  Hopefully tonight a good sleep

Last night I visited Carmel WI & talked about rubber stamping.  My neighbour came with me - as my glamorous assistant.  She used to come out with me years ago when I did these talks regularly we used to have great fun.  I, or I should say we, were very graciously received & there seemed to be a lot of interest & quite a few ladies who already stamped & had even visited Port Sunlight.  They are thinking of asking me back to run a workshop some time in the future.

Now ladies, did I take my camera?  No!  because why take photos of me.  But when we came out of the centre there was the most amazing sunset which we watched progress through the rear window of the car as we drove home.  MORAL never leave your camera at home - I did have my phone but I haven't got to grips with the camera element on it & there weren't any parking areas on the A55 to stop in.

Next I have to apologise to any club members who have birthdays over this next week, & indeed over the last couple of days - because my craft room is just not open I am behind in card making.  I try to make cards for the birthday rather than build a collection.  Can I just say that your birthdays have not been forgotten they are lacking a card from me.  I am so sorry.

I have put birthday greetings on the blog for you but they are not from me personally.

My next craft day is on Wednesday 19th when I have a workshop for a crochet group, the day after we move.  Just hope I have remembered to keep everything separate, & now where to find it amongst the removal stuff,  & also, then on Thursday 20th it will be time for the Mold meeting.

I have, as I think I mentioned before - sorted the programme for the clubs for quite a few months.  I will try a get some of the info on the blog before I move - but certainly as soon as possible afterwards.

I am sorry if my moving is a bit disruptive to everything but I am trying to keep it to a minimum

Have a really good weekend & take care.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

birthday greetings

Birthday greetings

Today is 12 June & a Mold II member has a birthday

Happy birthday Sue
Have a lovely day

Sunday, 9 June 2013

birthday greetings

Today is 9 June
and a CSNW member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Joyce
Have a lovely day

Saturday, 8 June 2013

just chattingjust chatting

Good evening everyone

Gosh it has been 2 days since I last wrote anything - sorry.  But it will get a bit fragmented for a while.  We have heard that signing on the properties should take place around Wednesday this week with exchange on Tuesday 18th.

We had a good clear out today of kitchen cupboards - so many things that hadn't seen daylight in years.  Dishes that were too big to cook in for just the 2 of us etc.

But after that I sat for a while & sorted your club programme to the end of the year.  They are not all set in stone - but at least I have a plan to follow & if other things crop up or someone offers to take a session they can be adjusted.  So I feel happier about that.

Tomorrow some other cupboards to be stripped of their contents - we are almost there - well downstairs anyway.  Some furniture & items that we don't need are being picked up this Wednesday to go to a charity - so that will be another step covered.

I don't have any workshops next week  (I had better check that just in case knowing my head at the moment) but I am giving a talk to a WI on Thursday evening - so tomorrow I will be checking my box & bag to see if I have everything ready for that, & have the different demonstrations sorted.

This weather is wonderful isn't it?  Hope you are managing to enjoy it to the full.  Have a great weekend & take care.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

csnw photos - part 3

Back again - this time for the second project of the evening, in which I shared an idea that the Mold club had been shown by Joanna. Again the ladies were not necessarily prepared with the right items for this - but once again they came up trumps.

The idea was to randomly stamp 1 or 2 images across a piece of card leaving spaces.  When the image are stamped vertical & horizontal lines are drawn on the card.  The lines do not cut across any of the images - the line is drawn up to the image then stops & continues the other side of the image.  This will make sense when you look at the samples of work. The images are then coloured in - if required, also colour can be added to some of the squares & faux stitching around the edges or part of the squares.  Have a look at the photos & you will see what I mean.

Instead of colouring individual squares the whole of the background has been coloured on this one & faux stitching has been included

Here some of the squares have been coloured & there is some faux stitching. Very nice.

A work in progress & again the whole of the background coloured.

Another work in progress - hope we see it when it is finished. Very delicate.

Sponging across all the background on this one - some faux stitching or other marks would finish this one off nicely

A very delicate design - if it was mine I don't think I would colour those flower sprays.  Very nice.

Oh he is rather cute isn't he & works well in this design.

Another one where all the elements of the design have been tried.
Will work well with the flowers left as are - or coloured.

There is something about this monochrome piece - it really doesn't need colour.
Some faux stitching & that would set it off a treat.

Another work in progress - would be nice to see again when some squares have been coloured.

I mentioned at the start of showing this technique that it was useful for creating cards that you need to keep fairly flat because of postage.  What I forgot to say was that of course some of these images - like the rose cluster in the one above could be stamped again & decoupaged without causing too much thickness & of course adding another dimension

There you are ladies - that was the CSNW evening.

Ooh before I forget - a message for the CSNW ladies - I forgot to say what the Show & Tell would be & I was reminded just as everyone was leaving.  So thinking on my feet I said - "seeing as I am moving house - your Show & Tell card will have a house theme"

That's me I am off to bed.  Sleep well.  Night night.