Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Some digital work

Hi ladies
Well I am feeling quite a bit brighter today - had a better night's sleep.  Still can't move too far from the box of tissues but I think this attack may be one of those 48 hour ones (or near enough).

Because it was impossible to do any stamping feeling like this I have sat & created a couple more digital scrapbook pages.

This first one is for a challenge blog over at Digitally Sweet - which reminds me - for one of their challenges I entered recently I was one of the featured pages & was given this banner

The challenge I entered today is called "Paw"-sitively Digital & of course features my little Yorkshire Terrier - Misty.

Yesterday I created a page featuring a photo of my great-grandparents on my mothers side of the family.  I had recently been in touch with someone on the Internet who has been doing family research & she spotted the name I was researching.  It is not her family but did have a slight link to her husbands family further back & she had the photos.  Absolutely amazing you never know when things like this are going to turn up.  So this is the first page from those photos.
That's me for now - more tomorrow.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Just chatting....................

.............. & it is a good thing it is typed chatting 'cos I've dot a dold in de dose.

Yes - despite my flu jab I have come down with a cold & in true Gloria fashion I have a cough too.  This very nicely appeared yesterday morning - so sadly we were unable to go out with Bob's grand-daughter after all - we have had to postpone it for a few days.  Also this coming Saturday we are supposed to be meeting some old friends of Bobs that he hasn't seen for a while.  So - I have been wrapped up in cotton wool & dosed to the hilt. to try & be better for that.

I did start to feel a bit better this evening but it's just creeping back in again - like it does in the evenings.  I didn't sleep too well last night hoping it will be better tonight.

Anyway enough of my ailments - they are nothing compared to what the poor people in the States are dealing with - poor souls.  Let's hope that there aren't too many fatalities - but to lose your home & all your belongings just doesn't bear thinking about.  I am sure like me you have them in your thoughts.

So nothing crafty to talk about - I hope to sit quietly tomorrow &  do some card making. providing my runny nose has eased up, as it is difficult stamping & cutting with a tissue held to your nose.

The weather is going to get wetter & colder so make sure you all wrap up warm.

More tomorrow.  I am off to bed now.  Night night.

Monday, 29 October 2012

A challenge card

Actually I made two challenge cards but the first one to show you is actually stamped.  It is for the challenge over at Less Is More Challenge Blog. The theme of the challenge is a sketch;

A nice clean & simple sketch
& here is my take on it.

I created a strip of white card with embossed panels, then stamped the 3 images onto white card with black archival ink & cut them out.  As the white strip didn't show against the white card I then layered it onto black card leaving a fairly thin border down the sides.  The small stamps had a border around them which lifts them from the white strip. I then stamped the "With thanks" at the bottom corner.

The little square stamps are from CaroLine's.  I had thought to add some colour but then changed my mind & decided to leave it monochrome.

The second challenge card is for CD Sunday Challenge Blog where the theme is Beautiful Blue.  Here is my card;

I am unsure if this falls into the beautiful category of the challenge but it is blue.  The paper & images cam from a My Craft Studio CD.  I thought I would be a slightly larger image of the little boy at the front of the card to try & signify the journey.

Along with a heritage digital scrapbook page - that is my work this morning.  Quite amazing that I got it done as I have started a cold & my nose is constantly running.  Hopefully it is one of these 24 hour doses. It's a real nuisance as tonight we are taking our grand-daughter out for a meal.  A belated one to celebrate her GCSE results

Off to take some more pills.
'Bye for now.. 

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Just chatting

Hi ladies
Yesterday I spent a few hours with Sue - we popped down to Hobbycraft to check it out as it has had a revamp.  They seem to be doing workshops there too - not sure if they were just for children - although that would possibly be it at the moment because of half term.

After spending some money we popped along to Frankie & Benny's for lunch.  A bit of a mistake because as well as the loud music they always play - again, it is half term - & there were rather a lot of children there.  Don't get me wrong I love children to bits - but can someone tell me how so much noise can come from a little body Still it was nice to sit & chat & catch up on news.

Thursday afternoon I made some quick Christmas cards - the lick & stick sort as I call them. Last year I made a set of cards for Bob to send out to people he sends to - so as someone had given me this pack I thought I would do them for him to use this year,

So that's 15 actually completed - quite a few to finish & loads more to make.  Better pull my finger out.
Have a great weekend whatever you are doing - but wrap up warm it really is quite chilly out.  We got to feel just how chilly when we went to Asda for our shopping as just as we were finishing the fire alarms went off & we had to leave the store.  Ooh, it was cold standing around.  When we were allowed back in it smelt like one of the bread ovens may have over heated - they didn't call the fire brigade so must have dealt with it themselves.
'Bye for now.

Clocks change

Don't forget
Overnight the clocks go back one hour

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Mold ladies - November club night


Another canvas tale.

Here I am back again with photos of the other canvas

Joanna from Mold club sent this one in after changing it from the way it looked on club night;

You may remember the original one that was taken on the night because I told how Joanna lent me that stamp for a challenge I wanted to enter.  The clock with wings has been moved over to the left - which is the better position for it & you can see more of the background, & a little embellishment added in top right.

Keep up the good work ladies - more photos please.

bitten by the canvas bug?

Just how much did you enjoy creating those canvases over the last few club nights?  Did you buy some more off Marie to do more creating? Have you got as far as decorating them yet?

If the answer to both of the last 2 questions is yes - then send me a photo of what you have done - show them off to everyone.  If you can't manage to send photos - then bring them with you to the next club night & I will photograph them  - then I will put them here.  After all I created this blog for you the club members to showcase your work & what we do on club nights.  When someone has a card published in a magazine I record it here.  If someone wins a competition (providing they tell me about it) I write about it here.  The blog isn't all about what I do - but I will chatter & waffle about craft & anything else as much as you like.

The reason for all the above?  I heard that one Mold lady had got the bug & created a couple more - so I got the person who told me about it to get her to send me photos.  Yesterday I had an email via her husband & here they are;

What a cute Christmas canvas - a lovely decoration, front of card or just a gift.  Very festive.

This is stunning. 
I just cannot think of anything else to add to that.
Well done Janet from Mold club - they are absolutely lovely.  Come on girls lets see more of your work that you do following a club night.
I have another canvas to show you - one that was modified after club night. I will put it in the next post.
Back later.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mold II - photos

Hello everyone - here I am with the photos from Mold II's meeting last night.

It was Marie's visit to Mold II to show how we are all capable of being artistic & how to make some beautifully decorated canvases.

First set of photographs are of the group - once again there were a couple of ladies absent;

There, most of the ladies from Mold II club

Now you have all (well most of you) met everyone (well most of you)
te he

Isn't she sweet - I wonder what she is thinking about?  Probably where are my swings,as Annette decided not to use them  Very pretty. 

I love this collage style canvas & it was quite surprising how clear the text panel turned out, as Marie said stamping direct onto the canvas doesn't always give good results.  It worked really well this time.

I love this piece - that butterfly really was meant for this canvas.

This canvas I was told is to have some more work done to it - again the stamping direct has worked very well.

Isn't this elegant?  I have some tree decorations similar to that gold circlet - that are a little past their best by date - perhaps I could use those.  Give them another lease of life.

I love the colours in this one - & it was by Carol for her son & his new wife whose wedding was last week.  A little gift for them when they return from honeymoon.

These sewing stamps & embellishments are just right for a collage & work really well on this canvas.  Love the vintage look that the colour gives them too.

Very delicate colours & the hint of gold on it just sets it off - & I love the idea of the butterfly just "outside the box" so to speak.

Liz hadn't finished this one but I love the idea that is building here - will make a nice Christmas canvas.

Another very elegant canvas - the layering is very effective & those spiral flowers work so well on a piece like this.

A cute Scottie dog - love his tartan bow & those great autumny colours work so well with it.  Good canvas for Hogmanay I think.

I think everyone enjoyed Marie's visits - she is certainly very enthusiastic about what she does & produces some beautiful work.  I am sure I will be able to persuade her to come again another time - with something different to set your creative juices going.

That is me for today - I am off to post a birthday card to the States, then email all the Mold ladies about their November meeting, then hopefully some card making.
'Bye for now.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Mold II meeting

I have not long been back home following the Mold II meeting this evening.

Another good evening with Marie & I have taken photos which I will load on here tomorrow. Once again I am including photos of the ladies working.

It was rather fortunate that the caretaker who sets up the room for us is also the husband of the lady who I deal with regarding the hire of the room.  When I mentioned to him about the 15th November & how it affects one of the groups he asked her to come back over with him when we were getting ready to leave.

I am putting the results of our discussion into the original post - so that everything stays together.

That is my quick pop in for tonight - more tomorrow including photos.

Night night.

Monday, 22 October 2012

just chatting

I have had a "poorly" day today.  Something had upset my system & I couldn't go far from home.  consequently I haven't felt up to very much & wanted to wrap myself in cotton wool today to make sure I am OK for tomorrow evening's meeting.

I had put things on my work desk ready to do some crafting too - but never mind tomorrow is another day.

So I thought how can I put some pictures on here today -because that does make it nicer to look at, then I remembered I hadn't shown you a couple of photos I took whilst away the other weekend.

This beautiful tree is in the grounds of the Chichester crematorium where the ashes of my parents & my aunt have been laid.  With such beautiful colours I just had to photograph it..

This is a close-up of the leaves & I think I will use it as a background paper in one of my digital layouts.  I may have to do more of a close up again to help reduce some of that white space.

Then this photo of this beautiful rainbow was taken from our hotel window. It took me a couple of goes to capture it as the first were a bit fuzzy due to me having to stand on the sofa against the wall to get a good view.

Tomorrow my camera will be working at the Mold II so I will have photos for you - but perhaps not get them on here until Wednesday morning.

I did have a workshop organised for tomorrow morning - but once again not enough takers - so it's a no go again. I only have 2 more workshops booked for next month - then that is it for this year.  I am seriously thinking of not doing any after this.

More tomorrow.


Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings

Today is 22 October
& a CSNW member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Gwenda

Have a great day Gwenda

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Just chatting

Hi everyone I hope you have had a good weekend - the weather has been good to us hasn't it?

I joined another weekly challenge this morning - sorry ladies but it was for a digital scrapbook page not stamping.  But they are really good for me because I am getting my photos into albums.  I have so many that to print them all off & find papers & embellishments & then cut them out & do everything that hybrid scrap booking entails I would never get it all done.

That is my excuse & I am sticking to it.

There are quite a few occasions & photos that I will be making into scrapbook pages the hybrid way - because I do not have the digital photos anyway.  But the digital route does help me a lot.

Here is the one for the challenge

The theme for this was a sketch.  I absolutely love these photos of April & there are many more.  The photographer was absolutely brilliant capturing her in so many clever ways.  She took these & some with her sitting in what amounts to a picnic basket & some in a water butt with flowers.  I still have those to do.  Why do them digitally rather than hybrid?  The photos are on my computer & April is now 12 years old so I think the quickest way I can get them all done is the best way to hold on to those memories.

Have a great week.
Mold II meeting on Tuesday with Marie & canvases.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

member news


I said I would pop back again today with the news I couldn't give yesterday - & I seem to have just made it.

Annette who is a member of Mold II has had a card published again in the latest issue (87) of Papercraft Essentials

The card was made with the Popcorn the Bear free stamp from issue 85.  Doesn't he make a great Santa?

Well done Annette.

Friday, 19 October 2012

just popping in

Hi - I said I might pop back if I had anything to tell you - & I do have - but I can't show you until tomorrow.  Not because it is a secret but because I can't take the photo at this time - will do so in the morning when the light is better.  It's another member success story.

Just had a thought too - as I have just clicked on a comment to publish it.  I hope that every so often you go back over the posts, because occasionally ladies do write comments about the post & not always straight away.   The reason I mention this is because Joanna from Mold club has commented on the photos of last months meeting.  She said something along the lines of how she enjoys looking at the photos here because she doesn't always get the chance to see what other ladies at the meeting have done. So all my wittering is to some perhaps then. Perhaps I should look at getting you all to place your work on a table at the end of the evening - for everyone to see - then I can photograph it afterwards.  I may start this in the new year - I will give it some thought.  It is just that Joanna's comment raised the thought in my mind that not everyone has the Internet or even a computer, & after all the whole purpose of the evenings are to share.

That's me

Night night.

Mold photos

Here I am again - this time with the photos from last nights meeting of the Mold club.  Sadly we were missing quite a few ladies through feeling unwell, being away & other things - so a smallish group to normal.

It was of course the meeting with the visit from Marie - to show us how to decorate small canvases.  Once again her enthusiasm for her craft got everybody feeling quite creative & a great evening was had by everyone.

Here are the photos of their work & like from the CSNW meeting the first few are of the ladies of Mold whilst they are working.

So there you are - now you all know what they look like.  Due to the way they were sat a couple of them appear twice.  Now for their canvases ..............

I love these shades of green & isn't it great how you can get depth to the work with the different shades.  Love the paper rose - made from a piece of paper from a book.  Yes! I got stick about that last night as usual - I just cannot allow myself to deface a book like that, & before you all start shouting at your computers - I do hear what everyone is saying - how it gives them another life.  But I just can't.

Another green canvas with a great dash of red - works really well.  Another paper flower (you can see the print on this one) - & the red edging really makes it pop.  Lovely.

Lovely shades of purple - I did ask what the name was of the Distress Ink - but in true fashion for my age - I can't remember what I was told.  That focal bird is really nice - love the flowers on it - in fact it was a really lovely set that was being used.

Lovely bright colours.  During the course of the evening Marie told us these little canvases were great for using up those odds & ends of stamping that we hang onto.  Janet who made this one had some oddments of decorated acetate in her box so she stamped these little embellishments on it to use it up. I think they are handbags.  (The light shining on them doesn't help to see them clearly).

Love these delicate flourishes with the impact of the colourful butterfly & the sparkle of the gems.  this is the nice thing about these canvases - they look great whether simply & delicately decorated or done with loads of impact.

Lot of impact here & I know that Glenys won't mind me saying that the butterfly is covering a little error which she was quite worried about.  She had tried  it on paper to glue over the top but it wasn't big enough - so in my infinite wisdom, I persuaded her to leave it.  Now that I look at the photo the item under the butterfly actually gives it quite an effective shadow.

This canvas by Lynne is still work in progress.  Lynne loves her ink work & at the end of the evening all her fingers were the colour of that butterfly because she had coloured some ribbon with the ink.  The ribbon was still too wet to put on the canvas at that time.

Ah! now you know where I got my stamp for the challenge.  Thank you for the loan Joanna. Isn't it a great image & I like the way this has been layered.  Of course the things that really set these canvases off are the metal findings.  Love those corners - they are not stuck down at this stage & I managed to nudge them whilst taking the photo.  They will be straighter when they are fixed.

Isn't this one great?  Rhiannon made this into a little hanging decoration - you can just make out the "Merry Christmas" on the ribbon.  I love all the different styles & ideas.

There we are - another evening of great work.  Your turn on Tuesday Mold II, & I suppose I had better do another one.

That's me for today - unless I do something I need to tell you about - more tomorrow.  

I hope you have a great weekend planned & perhaps this sun that is shining right now - may continue to shine over the weekend.