Monday, 30 July 2012

just chatting

Good evening ladies

Another week begins & for me it meant some more time spent on shredding our old paperwork, it seems to be never ending. 

But prior to doing that I spent some time preparing some more of our wedding paperwork - the front of the invitations, which will also match menu's etc.

Tomorrow I am having a day out with my neighbour Sylvia.  Not sure where we are going I guess it depends on the weather. Sylvia's suggestion was stick a pin in the map.  Might do that.

So not a lot to report really, but there are some birthdays coming up that will need cards.  One of them is for my nephew - so need to think of what to do for that one.  Perhaps tomorrow needs to be about inspiration.

Have a great evening - more tomorrow.
'Bye for now

Sunday, 29 July 2012

just chatting

Good afternoon ladies

How has your weekend been going? Enjoyable I hope.

As you know from my posting on Friday I did not after all go to the Stamp festival in Wrexham on Saturday.  Is there somebody who went to it that would like to do a little write up for me?  Just send it in email & I will include it.  If you have photos - even better.  Remember this blog is for you - so if you do have things you would like to tell us about - just do it please.

Bob & I had a great visit to the family history day we went to.  When he told me about it I wasn't sure how big an event it was.  It turned out to be the church of the area opening for the day & letting people have access to the original record books about baptisms, marriages & deaths.  They also had local census information.  Going through the record books we managed to tie up some loose ends on Bob's tree.  It is quite fascinating seeing the original records because you see your ancestors handwriting where they signed the certificates, or a comment beside an X that they could not write. But also Bob had long talks with some of the people there who knew all about the area & it's surrounds & the families that used to live there.  So he could chat to others about people he had known when small & at school.  A really fruitful trip.  Now all I have to do is update his tree with the information we found. Ah ha, Bob must have read my mind as he has just brought in the papers on which I made my notes.  So that looks like my next task when finished here.

So that we have a photo today here is a birthday card I made just recently.

I love this rose stamp, it was one I got from Dimension Stamps at the May HSNW festival.  This time rather than stamp it direct onto the card I very carefully cut around it & placed it on 3-d foam dots,.  The edge of the card has had the distress  treatment just to lift the white a little.  A little bit of bling to complete it - although now looking at the photo perhaps I should have put a clear jewel on the rose it would then have looked more like a raindrop.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend - tomorrow I have to prepare for our CSNW August meeting on Wednesday night.

'Bye for now.

Friday, 27 July 2012

member news

Good evening everyone.

Well at lunch time our post arrived & fortunately it included my latest copy of the Papercraft Essentials magazine.  Which, fortunately means I have something crafty to blog about.

Reason I am pleased?  All day I have been shredding old & very old paperwork & taking it to the tip along with old cardboard boxes.  Very boring stuff to write about.

In the magazine is a card that had been sent in by our Annette of Mold II club;

The image used was a stamp that was free with the magazine a few issues back. It's really pretty Annette well done.  I was beginning to think we weren't going to see your name in print again.  These magazines are giving us some rally nice free stamps these days.

I shall be looking really closely at the other magazines that are due to see if anyone else has sent a card in.  Come along ladies, you can do it.

I expect at this moment you are all sitting down watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics.  We are recording it as Bob is on his way back from business in Somerset, so we will watch it later - probably tomorrow evening..

I was originally going to the stamp festival on Saturday in Wrexham with Sue -  but earlier Bob rang up on his way home to say he was stopping to have a meal as it would be late when he actually got home.  Also that he had seen a notice about a family history day in one of the places in Shropshire that his ancestors came from.  He hoped I wasn't doing anything & we could go to it.  I got in touch with Sue & bless her she doesn't mind me taking a rain check.  Bob supports everything I do with my craft interest that I felt I really should change my plans & of course my other passion is family history research.

So! we are diving into the past tomorrow - what will you be diving into?  Whatever it is have fun.  Fingers crossed this nice weather is continuing.

Have a lovely weekend.
'Bye for now.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

project page updated

Hello ladies
I am just popping in to say that I have updated the projects page with photos of the card that I do not have a name for.  Here is a little look at the front - but you will need to go to the Projects page for the other views.

More use of my favourite one layer stamping.

Amongst the Mold II project photos that I posted yesterday was this one ....

& I said that I hadn't found out how it had been made.  Carolyn, whose card it is left a comment under yesterdays post - but I thought I would also include it here.

"Hi Gloria, the double oval card in shades of green was mine. I put down an oval perspex shape, it was from a set I'd won at the club years ago (for tearing paper shapes I think.), I inked around it, then put down 1 of Dot's scalloped oval templates and inked within the shape, then I stamped inside it and lightly brushed all over the card. et voilĂ ! Regards Carolyn on Mold II meeting photos - part 2

Thank you Carolyn it is always good to know how things were done.

I hope you all like the project for the nameless card.
'Bye for now.

birthday greetings

Birthday Greetings

Today is 26 July
& a SNW member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Grace

have a lovely day

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Mold II meeting photos - part 2

Hello again - here I am with the photos of the project from last night's Mold II meeting.  As at the other clubs it was using the technique of one layer stamping.  I like this technique, as I think I have said before, I do like the clean & simple finishes & this one works really well.  Once again, at the start I demonstrated 2 ways to use the technique - creating the look of layered torn paper on the folded edge & a torn aperture shape for a focal image.  As always the ladies tried these & also put their own slant on things & some of them were quite prolific too.  Take a look -

Doesn't that "torn paper look" show off the vase of flowers well?  Very nice.

This card shows that it doesn't have to be white card - colour works well too - giving this card a vintage look.

The central colour was produced by using postage notes to create the shape.  The straight lines to the background gives an even fresher look & the image coming off that colour works so well.....

...& another card in a similar style, made by the same person I am sure.

The edge looks just as good along the top of a landscape card as well as down the side on a portrait card.

This doesn't need anything else does it?  Although I appreciate that if you do like quite a bit on your cards this style can be hard to work with.

Again the design says everything & such a lovely sentiment

Another lovely sentiment & a different centre one layer.  Dot, who made this card, had cut herself a mask from thin acetate, using her die-cutting machine & a die, & the different ink on the edges works so well.  Now why hadn't I thought of that.  Where is my box of acetate?

An unusual use of the sentiment twice on the design - but I think it works really well - due to one being on the dark ink & the other on the lighter shade. Very nice.

It wasn't until I loaded this photo that I realised I hadn't asked how the centre shape had been made.  It looks like another die-cut mask.  This time the card has been fully inked but in different shades of the same colour including the stamped image.  Monochrome always looks good - a really nice card. Perhaps the lady who made this card will get in touch with details!

Currently my favourite colours of Distress Inks & that stamped image is beautiful.  Very nice indeed.

Now, I have this colour pink & I don't seem to get on too well with it - on this card it works beautifully.

One of the experiments - a double coloured background for an image.  

This one is quite amazing.  The top edge looks like a really stormy sky & I love the quick thought to make a little paper boat to pop on the stormy sea.  Again it also shows the card does not have to be white.

A very dramatic effect on this one too.  This technique can give so many different finishes.

I wonder if this one will be getting a nice sentiment to go between the two sections.

This is exactly the idea of this technique, as we have already seen in the samples above.  I just love this style of stamping, & what a savings on postage - especially with Christmas coming up.

Oh he is just ducky.  (Sorry couldn't resist that one)  What a lovely card for a child.

This card is just lovely & I think the narrow shading down the right-hand side just finishes it off.  Much better than leaving it white.  Don't you think so too?

Isn't he something?  Love his collar & bow tie,  again the image works on & off the colour block.

This card & the card above were made by Rita who had a field day last night.  Within a short space of time she had made about 4 cards.

These silhouette flower images work so well with this technique. Simple & beautiful.

Another monochrome card - always works well & one of my favourite colours too.

Ah - he is cute.  I may have made this point before - but he looks like the little dog that is the trade mark for some rather expensive handbags.  My daughter in law would love it.

This is one of Rita's cards & everyone was curious as to how she managed to get the different shade on the stems of the flowers to that of the colour on the flowers themselves.  Turned out the ink pad had the colour on it.  Not sure if it had got mucky from another stamping or was wetter at that edge.  But it showed that if you want to take the time that could have been done deliberately by using 2 ink pads.

I have one more photo to show you - it wasn't part of the evenings project but Dot had brought it along with  her & it was so lovely I just had to include it.

It is all one layer stamping & there is that lovely image that was used on the Twinchie card as well.

So, if you have any cards that you are making, or have made, that link in some way to what we are doing please bring them along so that I can include them here on the blog.  I might not use them straight away - but reasonably close to you showing them - it helps give me some photos to show on days when I really don't have much.  The blog is far more interesting when there are photos.

That is me for now.  I have a"me" day today.  This afternoon I am at the hairdressers. But before that I am at the Chiropodist.  So! being topped & tailed so to speak.

I may be back as I have a card to put on the projects page.
'Bye for now have a good day.

Mold II photos - part 1

Good morning everyone!

Last night was the July meeting for Mold II & this first post for today is of their Show & Tell cards where the subject was Twinchies.   Mold II is the last of the clubs to make these & across all clubs I have been very impressed by the results & the decision by some ladies to present them on a card.  This is what I like when you put your own interpretation onto things.  Here are their photos;

Four very different twinchies all made by the same person.  During the meeting, Annette who made these, mentioned that the free stamps that are on the Craft Stamper magazine are just right for twinchies.

Another group of four, made by the same person.  As you look at these you can see that if recreated a little bigger make perfect toppers.  Mind you, I did mention on a previous post that if twinchies were then layered & matted on to other card - they would become toppers.

A lone twinchie - beautifully clean & simple design & I like the use of the cutout butterflies - along with their negative.  I don't think the photo shows clear enough that it is gold mirri card.

Now! This is one huge twinchie card.  I love the thought that went into this.  The background is as you can see 9 twinchies.  The topper is then 4 twinchies topped by a 3-d twinchie set as a diamond.

Then here is another card - that is a beautiful image on the twinchie topper

Here is a side view of the card so that you can properly see how it stands.

So that was their Show & Tell.  I am going to pop off now & load the photos from the evening's project.  See you in a minute or two.  Well! actually it will take a little longer than that - about half an hour.

Monday, 23 July 2012

just chatting

Hello ladies - what a beautiful day!

I have been busy with domestic chores the last couple of days - so not really anything interesting to blog about.  But I like to write something as often as I can so I thought I would show you some of the tall ship photos that I took in St Malo at the end of our holiday.  They were all very beautiful & made me think of the TV programme the Onedin Line.

There was a total of 44 ships in the harbour quite a spectacle.

I was supposed to have a scrapbooking workshop tomorrow but it has had to be cancelled due to lack of people attending & it looks like Wednesdays workshop won't take place either.

Still, tomorrow it is the July meeting for the Mold II group - so on Wednesday I should have some crafting photos for you.

Today I have found out the date of a visit to the UK of my childhood friend - who has lived in Australia for a long long time.  I haven't seen her for well over 40 years but have managed to have a couple of telephone calls after searching for her in Australian residential on-line telephone books a few years ago. I am looking forward to arranging a visit to Portsmouth to see her, probably at the end of August,  - she is coming over because her brother is getting married again.

Hope you all had a great weekend & made the most of that beautiful weather.  That is me for now - more tomorrow.  'Bye for now.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Mold photos - part 2

Hello, here I am again.

This time the project photos - which was One Layer Stamping.  This technique is a way to make it look like there are multiple layers - when there isn't it.  But great images can be created - & it works wonders for the posting of them too.

These colours have been graded really well so it looks like 4 layers.  The simple flower image & sentiment complete a lovely card.

This is so fresh & delightful

After trying the borders an experiment with shapes.  There are so many ways it works.  Love that lizard image.  Now, there is a special name for it.

Ooh - there he is again.  Now this one is like one I showed you from the CSNW ladies. is it a white card with pink & blue torn papers or a pink & blue card with a piece of torn white paper.  Hmm!

A very clever use of this technique & the image just belongs in the middle.  

Now, that border looks like a piece of torn designer paper.  Very nice indeed......

..... & the tree looks great in this random shaped background which was made with an aperture torn in a piece of scrap paper.

Another multi-layer border surrounding those lovely butterflies.  I love the background behind the butterflies which makes them stand out more, as well as some of them being stamped in grey gives a further dimension.

A sepia monochrome design.  Clean & classic image - very nice.

I think I have this one the right way up - I am judging it against the next one.  Nice to see the layers on the right-hand side.

Another very clean & simple design.  I would add a simple sentiment - but it isn't necessary at all - this works as it is. 

What did you think of when you first glimpsed this card?  I thought of Wartership Down.
Here the layering idea produces the hills & sky after the style of Tracey Dutton of Lavinia's Stamps & Barbara Grey.

The "layer" does not have to have straight edges, it does not always have to be on the edges of the card & this design proves that

As does this design - great card for a man, or someone who doesn't like fussy.

Looks like someone is preparing for Christmas, which isn't a bad idea & with the number of cards to do & the cost of postage - it's a good idea.  I happen to know this cream card was hammered card so the stamping always suffers a little.  But then this one is a play &  try out.

I like this layout - you don't even need a tree trunk the shape just works.  Looks a little like my die I got yesterday

The third Christmas card with the layering top & bottom.  I think that is really effective. 

Ah now!  Remember I spoke about the set of free art nouveau stamps with a magazine?  Well, this image & the flourish are from that set. Aren't they great.  The background to the lady was done after she had been stamped'

The second card using those free stamps - it is a beautiful card

Another sepia tone card - well it is almost - except for the bluey shades at the top.
Very effective design.

Oh he is soooo cute.  I am sure this is the right way up, seeing as he is laying on that flower bed.

First - I apologise for the blurry photo.  Love the irregular shape background with the black image.

One lady was obviously enjoying herself - aren't those mountains great.  The tree really adds some ethereal finish to the misty mountains

So there you have them all.- I think the ladies enjoyed the evening.

Enjoy your Sunday & fingers crossed for this warmer weather that is supposed to be coming to us this week.  Have fun.

'Bye for now.