Thursday, 29 November 2018

mod II photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone - not a very nice day weather wise at all.

I have just returned from my regular hospital visit & everything seems to be being kept under control.  That is the situation is being maintained.  The appointment today was with the nurse & my next appointment with the oncologist is on December 27th.  What's more it is at 9:00 am.  😒  Also the blood test I have to have before that visit is on Christmas Eve.  😟

Today I have the first set of photos from the Mold II meeting on Tuesday evening.  Today's photos are of their show & tell, which was to make a Christmas card around the design shown by Carolyn at the October meeting. A tri-fold card;-

This is Dot's card.
It doesn't have a name tag with it, as she had left it at home on the evening & emailed it to Carolyn later. Love the colours of the background that go so well with the topper.

This is Carol's card & she has kept her decoration to a minimum with just strips down the sides rather than the complete "C" shape each side.  Very effective.
Sue also made a card in a similar style but she seems to have escaped the camera.

This is Annette's card using a die cut topper that featured in a magazine a while ago - I think Annette said it was one of last years & it goes so well with the background paper.

A beautiful gold card from Elizabeth.  Not only such a lovely festive card, but with different wording & decoration would be a beautiful special age.anniversary card too.

I love the bauble background on Elma's card.  Elma said that she had difficulty folding the card this time & so it is slightly different.  But it still makes a great card which is the most important thing.

Madeline chose a lovely Hunkydory topper to embellish her card with a great snowflake background.

Well done ladies & thank you to Carolyn for showing us another great card.  It is so nice to make a card that is not just a piece of card folded in half.  Although, before you all shout at me, they are also a good base for fantastic cards as has been seen here over the years.

That is me for now.

The other set of photos - tomorrow.
'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

member showcase

Good afternoon everyone.

Today I have some more photos from Joanna of those beautiful Christmas trees that she has been sewing;

Not sure - but I think that some of this is the backs as well as the fronts.

This was the first one that I showed a few days ago
I am showing it again 
in the next photo it is had the lights switched on


That's me for today. 
Off to the hospital tomorrow for my regular check up.
'Bye for now.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

just chatting

Hi everyone - golly it's cold & now its pouring with rain too.  So it's going to be a cold visit to the Mold II club meeting tonight.

I am busy crafting - making Christmas cards, but many I cannot show you as they are the ones I have been making to give to you.  They will be shown in the days after Christmas.

So on some days I don't have anything to blog about - that's when there is no blog post on a day.

The other day, on a Facebook group I belong to, a lady posted the following poem.  So I thought I would share it here.  I hope you haven't already seen it;

Very funny & most probably quite appropriate to most of us, don't you think?

Tomorrow I will have a member showcase for you.  Take care in this cold & keep warm.
'Bye for now.

Sunday, 25 November 2018

cards for america

Good evening everyone I hope your weekend has gone well.

Today I have photos for you of two Christmas cards & one Anniversary card that I have made to send out to America.

Here are the two Christmas cards;

This one is for our daughter & son-in-law
The photo is not very good & the colour is way out - perhaps it is because I took them late in the afternoon when the light was fading.  But the background should be green & quite a bright green.

This one is for our son-in-laws parents.

Here is the anniversary card;

As you can see our daughter & her husband have been married 10 years.
Their anniversary is early in December.

All 3 cards were made from Hunkydory kits.  I was beginning to get through the kits I have had for some time - but then there were some news ones free with a magazine.  They are the ones I have used here.

That is all from me today. Enjoy your evening. 'Bye for now.

Saturday, 24 November 2018

member showcase

Good morning everyone.

This morning I have another member showcase for you to see.  This time it is from Dot of Mold II club.  After seeing the needlework photo I blogged that was sent in by Joanna, Dot decided to send a photo of something she has been making.

Her email said;

"I, too, like to sew and I've made 6 of these dress dust covers for gifts this year.  
They are nice and easy to make and by choosing the right fabric can 
 make them look expensive."

It looks lovely Dot I am sure the people they are for will love them.
Thank you for sending the photo to me.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.
'Bye for now.


Friday, 23 November 2018

member showcase

Hi everyone.

Sorry, I promised this showcase for yesterday but forgot I would be out all day. So here it is now.

The member showcase today is one of the cards made by Rita, of Mold II club, which has been featured in a recent copy of Creative Stamping magazine;

Well done again Rita its good to see your work still being published.
I haven't seen your cards appearing recently - but there again I am not buying (or at least trying not to buy) so many magazines.

The weekend is just about on us - have a great one everyone & I hope you have lots of lovely things to do.

Back soon - 'bye for now.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

member showcase

Good afternoon everyone

The member showcase I have for you today is from Maureen of Mold club & it is of her Impossible Card that she hadn't quite finished on the evening we created the card.

A lovely Christmas design.
Thank you for bringing it in Maureen.

It is always nice to see later the cards that leave a meeting unfinished.

Another member showcase tomorrow.
Have a nice day

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

mold photos - part 3

Good morning everyone.

Well, I had a really nice meeting at Happy Stampers last night - we had our nibbles & mince-pies & also did a show & tell of a Christmas decoration we had made.  I will show you what I made in another post.

Today I have those photos from the Mold meeting last Thursday & they are of our efforts with the project that was Spotlight Stamping.

The first two photos are of my card - well toppers - I have yet to put them onto card bases.

I was pleased with this one - until I saw the photo - my colouring in leaves 
quite a bit to be desired 😀
& in the next one I got ink all over the little square - I think a butterfly is needed.

This next one is by Joan & it is soooo elegant.

The next 2 are from Lynn.
I particularly like the fantasy flower one.

The next 2 are the ones created by Mair.
I love that she tried the frame idea from Janet's samples.
Both very clean & delicate designs.

The next 2 are Maureen's cards
I particularly like the second one - very balanced design.

This next one is by Rachel.
Very Rachel it is too with those cheeky ladies & another good use of the frame idea.

The next 2 are by Rhiannon
Isn't that blue shade really pretty & delicate?

Three cards from Sheelagh
I like the split in the design of the first one
& doesn't it look good on Kraft card?

Love the spotlight shape on this second one

Beautiful cards ladies - I think we will see this idea being used quite a bit next year.  It has in fact helped me with another idea for the Christmas cards I am working on.   

How many of you remember it from a long way back.  I think we will, in 2019, return to a few ideas that we first saw some years back.  It is good to always learn new things - but the old techniques can still come up fresh especially as these days we have far more materials to use - such as different inks, die cuts, types of paper & so on & so on.

Thank you very much, once again, to Joanna & Janet for showing us this technique & thank you Joanna for taking & sending me the photos.

I have not forgotten that there were other ladies in the club who showed projects for an evening - Rachel, Lynn & Joan.  Thank you as well.

That is me for now.  I have a couple of member showcases now - so will get them sorted for tomorrow & Thursday.


Monday, 19 November 2018

mold photos - part 2

Good evening everyone.

This evening I have for you the start of the photos from Mold club project last Thursday.  Joanna & Janet divided the group into two smaller groups & took one each, then halfway through the evening they swapped over. So that way we got two insights into the technique, which for the evening was the Spotlight Technique.

As this will be very photo heavy I am going to show in this post the beautiful samples that they both brought along to give us inspiration;

The first set is by Joanna
showing a variety of styles.

& this next set are the samples by Janet
& it was so nice to see the different styles.

Tomorrow I will post the photos of our cards.

This evening I am off to the final meeting for the year of Happy Stampers Club.

That is me for today.  Have a nice evening. 'Bye for now.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Mold photos - part 1

Good evening everyone.

I did say yesterday that I would have another member showcase for you - but I haven't taken a photo of it so can't show it to you today.  But I have now received the Mold meeting photos from Joanna so I am going to show you the photos of their Show & Tell for the evening.  The challenge was "Time waits for no man".

 I think this is Janet's card - as it was on its own without a name & I know she made one.
I like the flight of butterflies depicting the time not waiting element.

Joan's idea is very clever.
She has stamped the same image fading it out to make it look 
like the watch has flown across the card.

I love the way Joanna has used the clock stamp like balloons. 
It works so well with that silhouette man.

Lynn has created her favourite mix media style card.
That sentiment is very interesting!  Great card.

Maureen's card  has not only a watch but an Orrery  !!
(Which, we were reliably informed by Bob, is a mechanical 
model of the solar system or of just the sun earth & moon)
Love the antiqued colouring Maureen.

Rachel said that she didn't really have anything suitable for the theme.
But has depicted time passing with the four seasons in this cute little card.
Good thinking Rachel.

Rhiannon chose Alice in Wonderland images for her card.
Love the background Rhiannon.  It's good to see backgrounds being created.

Sheelagh has created a collage style card.
If I have remembered Sheelagh's words correctly she wanted it to show the 7 ages of man - but only had 4 different figures she could use.  Brilliant!

Well done ladies.
More Mold meeting photos to come.  
I hope you have had a good weekend. That's me for today.  'Bye for now.