Friday, 30 September 2011

Happy Blogaversary

Hi Ladies

Yes Happy Birthday to our blog - it is one year old today.

I hope you have enjoyed this first year - & here's to the next one.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Annette has done it again

Hello again, again

This week I received my issue of Papercraft Essentials magazine & yes Annette has gone into print again & here is her card

The card has been made using a free stamp from a previous issue.  well done Annette keep up the good work.

Seeing as I have popped in again I thought I would mention that I am unsure whether I will blog from the Isle of Man.  I will be taking my net book with me so if I can I will.  Of course I will have my camera with me & will bring you back some shots of the island.

That's me for now.  I have to put my things ready for tomorrow as we will be leaving home about 7:00 - I just hope I get some more sleep tonight than I have done the last couple of nights.

Mold II photos - part 3

.... and here I am again.

Due to me not attending the meeting because of this cold Carolyn offered to show them the project she was going to be doing in November.  Because they had to bring papers for the project I had set all they needed was the card & I had sent that along with Helen.

The project is a shadow box card - now Helen took a photo of all the cards being made so quite a few would be called work in progress, some had a little more on them & I think a few of them are Carolyn's samples.  But here they are.

They are really lovely - well done ladies.  I can't for Helen to send me the directions so I can try it.  Christmas cards spring to mind.

As I am going to be visiting my brother this weekend I will make the necessary changes to the Mold II programme early next week.

Mold II photos - part 2

Hi again

Here are the photos from the show & tell - which was using a sketch & here is the sketch -

and here are the photos of the cards

This one had a beautiful inside too so I have shown that below

I hope you all gave yourselves a round of applause as there have been some brilliant interpretations of the rounded shape in the sketch.  Well done.

Right - now to post about the project.

Mold II photos - part 1

Good morning ladies

The heading says part 1 because I have split the photos from the meeting into 3 sets, as there are photos from the show & tell plus photos of the bamboo pendants & then the project that they did.

So in this post I am going to put the photos of the bamboo pendants for you to see.

These first two photos are of the same two pendants but one has come out clearer than the other on each of them so I have included both

I loved that the buttons were also used on this one

again same pendant as above but a clearer view of the motif on the pendant.

Well done ladies I will be sending these off to Marie for her to see.

Now I am off to write about the show & tell.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Mold II Meeting

Hello ladies

Sorry I haven't blogged about last night's meeting but I had to take a rain check - I have come down with one of my colds.  I need to get it under control because of going to the Isle of Man on Friday.

Anyway Helen kindly took everything in for me, along with the materials for the project - but they decided to try Carolyn's project as she will not be here at the next meeting.

Helen also took photos of their Show & Tell; of the bamboo pendants & the card they made last night. I will sit quietly tomorrow & put all the photos up on the blog. I didn't get much sleep last night & ended up falling asleep in the chair this afternoon.  Something I rarely do.

So! thank you Helen for your help & thank you Carolyn for showing everyone your project.  I will update the club page tomorrow if I can as October & November will now be different.

Hope you are all well
More tomorrow.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Card making day

Good evening everyone

I have quite a good day today making cards for my forthcoming workshops.

I have made a napkin fold card & two cards with acetate dome covers.

The napkin fold card was really quite easy to make - there is just quite a bit of measuring & folding, then cutting out of papers to decorate.  The acetate dome cards did not take me as long as I thought which was a pleasant surprise.  They were a little fiddly when putting the acetate on.  You really had to let the acetate know who was in charge - trouble was there were a couple of moments when it thought it was.

Here is one of the photos of the inside of the napkin fold card

You  will all be making this one at one of our meetings in the New Year

Here is one of the acetate dome cards
I thought it would better to show you the card side view so that you can see the acetate.  I think we will probably make one of these one night too.

All in all quite a fruitful day.

That's me for today - more tomorrow -although it is Mold II September meeting so it will depend on what time I get home.

Night night.

Special message for Mold & Mold II members

Good morning ladies

I am just quickly popping in to give you some information that I think many of you would like to know to respond to.

At the last Mold meeting I mentioned how Tina was very low due to being unwell & having had some sad news about her sister's health.  This morning I had a phone call from Tina's husband Ken to say that Tina's sister had passed away during the night.

I am sure it would comfort her if she received cards from you letting her know she is being thought about.

Please if you know of members that don't read the blog & you can pass this information on I would very much appreciate it.

Back later with craft

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Members news

Good afternoon on this lovely sunny Sunday

I thought today I would catch up with some Member news items.

back on Wednesday 7 September I mentioned that Annette of Mold II had a card featured in a magazine & that I needed to scan it to show you.  Annette, I am sorry it has ta\ken this long.

This lovely stepper card was featured in Papercraft Essentials No 72.

The last week I heard of a Mold member who had a card featured in a magazine & that was Rachel

A really cute easel card with Tatty Ted.  he magazine was Docraft's Creativity September issue.  I actually hadve this magazine & despite carefully looking through it did not spy Rachel's card or even Rachel's picture by the side of it.  Must keep my eyes open more.  Which is what I think I have done this week.

My copy of Papercraft Inspirations came through the door a couple of days ago - and .............................

.................... could this be the same Annette?  I am sure it is - well done Annette.

Well, what with Rhiannon winning first prize for her bamboo tile pendant - you really are doing well all of you.

Keep it up - it's great to see.

Today I made a card for a blog challenge - well two challenges actually.  If you want to take a look just click HERE.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Another milestone reached!

Good evening ladies
Well! actually the milestone was reached yesterday our 400th blog post - I miscounted & thought it would be this one today.

Today I made another clean & simple card & posted it on my personal blog it was for a challenge over at Less is More.  They recently achieved 1000 followers & had put out the challenge to try & receive 1000 cards this week.  So I had to do my little bit as well - I think I was number 646 (or thereabouts).  There will have to be a big push to reach that 1000 as I think the time runs out sometime tomorrow morning.  Now when I put my mind to it I can produce a fair few but I think that's a bit too much for me.

Here is the card I posted;

I cut a half heart in a folded piece of paper to create an aperture to ink through.  The ink is Red Brick distress ink & the rose is from Clarity.  The little sentiment I have had for ages.

Here is one of the cards I made for my workshops
It's a pyramid card.  Looks a little like a double easel card but there is no easel involved. I also made this version of a concertina card - which was difficult to photograph.

Well that's my day.  I have just found out it's another rugby day tomorrow - so I guess I will be in the craft room. 

Have a great weekend - the weather man said it is going to be warm - which will be a good way to nearly finish September.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Club pages

Good evening ladies
Well I had a really frustrating time getting your club pages updated today.

At one point everything was as updated as it could be. Then I had some photos to add which went OK until I had to add them to the Mold page.  I really am not sure what happened.  When writing the pages, at the end of the screen are a couple of options - I can view the page, or I can publish the page & or I can save the page as a draft.  I had got part of the way through & had to stop just while I checked something.  Rather than leave the site in limbo I decided to save the work I had done "to draft".  I did this - checked whatever it was I wanted to check & returned to update the page.  Everything that I had updated today & part of yesterday had gone & it was back with the old months programmes on it.

Ooooh I hate computers, sometimes.

Anyway everything is now as uptodate as I can do at the moment.  There are some more project photos to go on & then it will be complete until I start on 2012.

I have some more photos of the cards I made today to show you - but I will leave them now until the morning.  I am hoping to have another good day tomorrow.

That's me - more tomorrow - sleep well.  'Bye

A good day

Hi ladies

Well! I have been quite busy today with card making using various styles & techniques.

I have finished my brothers birthday card - here it is -

This is the front view

& this is a view looking slightly down on it so that you can see it is box shaped.
It is a little public house card with the ale pumps on the counter & the optics hanging up behind - there were several names it could be given & I chose "The Old Inn" - it seemed appropriate.  You just push gently on the sides & it folds flat to go in the envelope. I even put acetate in the window.

The next card I made was for my god-daughter who has just got engaged.  She is not one for fussy things - so clean & classic was the order of the day. Here is the photo -

The base card is a very light cream DL card & the satin look paper is a grey/cream mixture which sounds odd but looks really nice.  The topper is part of the matching pieces in the set.  Then I just added the peel-off greeting "congratulations" & 3 little cream pearls.  I edged the topper & the satin look paper with gold border peel-offs of different widths.

I also made some cards for my workshops next week, but will show those in next post.

I managed to get one card stamped as well & I have put that one on my personal blog - so if you would like to see it just pop over there by clicking HERE.
I will be back later with some more cards & pictures.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

just chatting

Hi everyone
Just popping back in for a quick chat.

I had a really nice couple of hours with Sue today - we popped over to Brimstage as Sue wanted to look at a needlework exhibition that was being shown in Voirrey.  Wow! those ladies really know how to wield a needle. It was certainly a case of needle art rather than needle work.  We also popped into the little restaurant for our lunch & had a good old natter.

After Sue dropped me off at home I returned to updating the club pages with the programme for now until December.  Then I put together the e-newsletter that I do for HSNW on their meetings.

Then completely away from stamping I returned to Sue's family history which I had started tracing for her back in 2008.  I had stopped rather than finished research - but out there in the great surf that is the Internet there were still questions I had asked about some of her ancestors.  Yesterday I had quite a surprise when I received a message from someone researching the same name - so now that has kick started the research again & has given me the chance to fill a few gaps that I had left.

So now the programme is sorted to complete 2011 - I have to start thinking of 2012 - so don't forget - they are YOUR clubs - if you have ideas or things you want to try just tell me.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a crafting day - well it will have to be because I have just heard that my god-daughter got engaged during the last few weeks - so there is a card to make.

That is me for tonight - more tomorrow.
Night night sleep well

Mold & Mold II club pages

Hi againJust dropping in to say that the club pages for Mold & Mold II have now been updated.

All the club pages still have to have photos of the project put on there - but what you are all doing & the materials required are all there.

Back later

CSNW Club page

Hi thereJust popping in to let you know CSNW club page has been updated.

Mold & Mold II will follow shortly, as I am now off out with Sue.

More later

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Found a new card

Good evening everyone
Last night was my September meeting at HSNW & two of the members showed us all how to make a really lovely card with a sort of pop up feature.  I have asked them if I can use it here & I am building it into our programme - at least one of the clubs will do it before Christmas then the other or others will do it in the New Year.  It's been a long time since a design has captured my interest to the extent it did - I loved it.

I have now definitely finished organising the programme for the rest of the year & tomorrow hope to finish writing it up on the club pages. 

This morning I had a crochet workshop which unfortunately had several people not turn up - but nonetheless there was a new lady & it was so good to see someone who had never tried it before going away eager to buy a hook & some wool & looking forward to the next workshop.  Makes it all worthwhile.

Tomorrow I am meeting up with Sue.  We are popping over to Voirrey embroidery on the Wirral as there is an exhibition she wants to see.  We will also probably sit & have lunch & a good old natter about crafting.

More news tomorrow.  Night night.

Monday, 19 September 2011

First envelope album

Hello everyone
How was your weekend?
I hope it wasn't spoilt by the sudden downpours we experienced every so often.

Yesterday we had "the family" round to dinner which was very pleasant & during our chatting we managed to decide some of how we would approach Christmas this year.  Looks like it will be held here - so I will have to remind myself how to cook a turkey!!! LOL.

I spent a few crafty hours across Saturday & Sunday & made my first proper envelope album.  I have two prototype practice ones made - but this one was for real so to speak.  I decided to go for a Christmas theme & only used 6 envelopes so it could in fact be a special Christmas card as well.  I do have a workshop lined up for Thursday on this but so far only one person has booked on to it.

I decorated the pages with 6x6 scrapbooking papers - they are ideal for this size album.  The envelopes I used were basically DL size.  I have done some stamping inside it & also used a couple of peel-off decorations. Each of the "pages" were also edged with distress ink to age it a little.  It is work in progress as there is still more to be done to it - some of the pages are still blank (although covered with scrapbook paper) & some of the tag inserts have not got anything on them, & there is much more bling & embellishment that can be put in.  So here are four of the photos for you to see -

This is the front of the album - it needs an embellishment on it
& I think I will probably change the ribbon to a wider one. 

This is the insert for the first pocket.
To use this as an album there is space on the other side of the insert for a photo. 
Or the insert can be turned round & the photo be at the front, then the back could be used for journalling.
This page has a little pocket on it with two tags inside.
Could be for journalling or small photos, or a message 
This page is near the back & has a little tent fold card on it.,
which could hold a photo or a message.

So there you have it.  That is the idea I have for a workshop or a project for one of our meetings. I feel we would get more of it done in a workshop - but the choice would be up to you. The colurs are not exactly true as it was sort of christmas red & green - but the red looks a little pink.

I nearly forgot!  The finished size - a little under 5" square with those envelopes.  Size & shape would differ depending on size of envelopes.  I know that is probably obvious - but thought I would write it anyway.

Tonight is my HSNW meeting - so that is why I am doing this write up now - as it will be too late when I get back home.

More tomorrow.  'Bye!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Mold bamboo tiles

Good evening ladies on this rather damp Saturday
As promised here are the photos of the bamboo tiles decorated by the Mold members;

some very delicate blossom
half a face! the one on the right has a gold shimmer

 a pretty picture surrounded by tiny beads
here's a close up of the photo on this one - Joanna's granddaughter
some pretty colouring on this one
just before the end of the meeting I noticed the tile above
had more work on the other side - so here it is
This last one was made the day after Marie's visit to the club
& then it was entered in a local competition
& won first prize - well done Rhiannon

Well done ladies they are all beautiful. 

I apologise for a bit of a shine on some of them - it is the reflection of the lights in the surface of the tables.  I will try & remember to take some card to lay things on in future - that should get rid of it.
Enjoy your weekend.
Hope to chat more tomorrow.