Thursday, 31 October 2013

zentangle card

Good morning everyone.

This morning I decided that I really should complete one of those zentangle card samples. They are being made using peel-offs as the main image - so in order to have a play I stuck the image on card & scanned it to use.  This left the peel-off image for when I had made up my mind exactly what I would do.

I completed two images trying out different designs & then decided on the ones I wanted to use. Here is the finished card, along with 2 closeups using the silver peel-off image;

I have another image to work with - a gold image.  Because I work, at the moment mainly in black ink, I think the silver peel-off is going to look better than gold - but we will see.

I am going to take one of the practice images I have & add some colour using distress inks to see what difference that will make.  So watch this space.

I am off shortly for my crochet workshop I have this afternoon - need to leave a little earlier than usual as I must visit the post office to send a card to USA.  It is our American son-in-law's birthday & I nearly hadn't noticed how close the date was.  Fortunately amongst my supply of cards there was a suitable one.

'Bye for now.  Hope you are having a good day.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Finishing those fabric cards

Hello everyone - it has been a really nice day hasn't it?  Although I think things are about to change this evening - mind you I forget that it is getting dark earlier - so it may not actually be preparing for rain.

This afternoon I finished off the remaining fabric square cards I was working on in order to use up my found items.  Here they are - I am afraid no stamping was done on these - I used peel-offs - I know, naughty naughty.  Never mind I have some stamping lined up for tomorrow.  Although I have a workshop in the afternoon so not sure how far I will get with them.

Here are the cards;

Very much clean & simple designs.

I also started working on some Zentangle samples for a workshop I am doing in November - will show you those tomorrow.

Have a good evening.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Just chatting

Good evening everyone

First things first - I received quite a lot of response to where the piano keyboard stamp came from that was featured in quite a lot of the music ATC's. You all pointed me in the direction of Kanban & where to obtain a set.  In the meantime - Rita of Mold II club - bless her has sent me her set to do some stamping with - so thank you Rita - I will make good use of the set until I have to return it to you.

I think in an earlier post I mentioned about watching a DVD by Ali Reeve of Stamps away - well today another of her DVD's that I had ordered arrived - this one mainly to do with the things you can do with masks.  I spent a very nice part of afternoon watching the DVD & making notes of which techniques I want to try. Some of the things she suggests you do may be obvious - but I quite often need that kick start.

Once the domestic duties of today were covered I sat down & started to organise a Zentangle course.  I have been asked to do one at one of the other garden centres I run workshops in. Obviously in a proper workshop the structure needs to be organised so today I have been gathering my thoughts & ideas together for this. Then I will also have some samples to put together.  I already have a book with some images I had a play with & a book of zentangle patterns - but I really feel with this particular technique you need to go with the flow.  If you come up with a pattern that fits an area go with it - it doesn't have to be a pre-designed pattern.  Although they do come in very useful if you are stuck with ideas.  After all if we really think that zentangles are doodling then where else can you go than with the flow!

Hope you have had a good day - more tomorrow.

Monday, 28 October 2013

just chatting

Good evening everyone

Well we seem to have got off quite lightly today with the weather.  If you have friends &/or family caught up in this bad weather further south I hope that they are all safe & well.

Yesterday we popped over to the village Bob grew up in to put flowers on his mum & dad's grave as it was his mum's birthday in the week.  Then we popped to see one of his brothers to see how he was as he has been poorly & finally met up with some friends who live in Stafford area - for a nice meal & a chat.  A very pleasant day.

Today - I helped Nadine take her cat to the vet for her jabs & then we took a trip over to M&S at Cheshire Oaks for a bit of a window shop.  Very pleasant couple of hours.

It would appear my workshops scheduled for tomorrow & Wednesday are not taking place - so I had better make good use of the gained time - by making more Christmas cards.  Ah well - good things can't go on for ever can they!

That's me for tonight - more tomorrow.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Nature often leaves me .................

............. amazed & speechless.

When we first moved into our new home we had a couple of houseplants that we weren't sure where they would go.  One was a rather large umbrella plant & the other 2 were cactus.  These cactus never really knew which season they belonged to as they would often flower both Christmas & Easter.

Anyway - when we first got to the house I put them on the step on the patio just outside the patio doors.  That is where they have stayed.  The umbrella plant has been blown over a couple of times (so I am going to have to keep an eye on it this weekend) - but survived.  A couple of days ago I was looking out at the garden through the patio doors & spotted .........................

.... can you see the little splash of [pink?

You can see by their leaves they are a little bit tired - but that doesn't stop them producing those amazing flowers.  Like I said - nature is amazing!

I know this post isn't about rubber stamping but as I don't have of that sort of news to tell you about - I thought I would tell you about my plants. Come to think of it I wasn't exactly speechless - was I!

Have a good weekend.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Don't forget ...................

Clocks go back an hour tonight!

Enjoy the extra hours sleep - if you can.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Those fabric square finds

Good morning everyone - I had intended to write some more last night, but after writing yesterday, along with workshop notes etc, I ended up with another migraine.  So as I was due to do a crochet workshop I went for a short lay down in the hope it would go away.  It's amazing what a darkened room will do for migraine.  My head wasn't aching - it was those blessed flashing lights.

Anyway! the lay down cured it more or less & at least I felt OK to go & do my workshop.  It did leave me with a bit of a heavy head - if you know what I mean, so during the evening I just chilled out & watched TV.  I really must go & see the Doctor about them - or even the optician.  But I only had new glasses earlier this year.

So! this morning I felt a bit brighter, although my eyes feel like I haven't slept in ages - really strange.  But enough of me - or at least my moans.

This morning I returned to my fabric square finds that had been glued to card & trimmed, & layered them & created finished cards.  I haven't done them all - here are the ones I have finished;

Really quite quick & simple.
I do make all my Christmas cards - in varying methods - & do have a lot to make, so quick & simple is ideal for a lot of them.

Here is a close up of one of them.  I know, I know - I am a stamper & here I am using peel-offs.  But as I said I make my cards using all sorts of crafts.

These are the Celtic design ones & this time there is some stamping involved.
This little Celtic stamp is one of two that were free on a magazine bought in Brittany last year.

This afternoon I am off to meet Sue for a couple of hours, which will be nice as we haven't met up for some time.  We both seem to be pretty busy.

In case I don't get back here again today - have a great weekend & if this dreadful weather that has been forecast actually arrives - please take great care.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

just chatting

Hi everyone
Whilst taking a break from sorting my things for this afternoon's workshop (crochet) & working on the "fabric squares" cards I thought I would do a quick blog.

Over the last couple of months I have been recording various programmes off of C&C - in particular those of Ali Reeve of Stamps Away.  As she has so many great & sometimes weird demos I watched & then marked them to keep.  Yesterday afternoon I went back to them watched them at fast forward speed to avoid the sales pitch & just concentrate on the demo's.  Whilst Ali was creating I was madly making notes.  Also as a member of C&C every so often they have a gift for you, all you have to do is pay the P&P.  The latest one was one of Ali's DVDs - so I sent for it. Lot's of great stuff & I will try to incorporate some of the things in our meetings.

Just stepping aside for a moment - I have been given quite a few ideas for club meetings - still need a little more inspiration from CSNW please & the offer of someone to take the meeting & show the ladies what you know.  Have a break from me doing the talking.

Back to Ali Reeve & her inspiration.  In my nice tidy & organised craftroom I have a box containing some small foil dishes.  Looking at the contents of the box I had no recollection of what I bought them for - it must be craft, because they are in the craftroom.  If they were for cooking - they would be in the kitchen.  Then during yesterdays note taking I came across the programme where Ali uses foil dishes.  It's to make your own texture past in .................... so! that's what I bought them for!

Now all I need to do is make time for doing all these things.

Hope you are having a good day - possibly be back again later.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Your news

Yes it is me back again.

I have been sent today a photo of a card made by Annette of Mold II that is featured in the latest issue of Papercraft Essentials.  Here it is

Well done again Annette - keep up the good work.

Don't forget ladies if you have successes then let me know about them so everyone else can hear about them.  I have now stopped my subscriptions to the papercraft magazines with the exception of Craft Stamper - so I need you to let me know if you are featured.

Really off to bed now - night night

Mold II photos

Good evening everyone

Well here I am as promised with the photos from the Mold II meeting last night & the first ones are of their Show & tell which was an ATC with a music theme.  As I said last night we were a small group - only 7 ladies attended, so obviously there weren't so many Show & Tell samples either.

Here they are;

Here we have a set of 3 - which is the number of ATC's traditionally made together.
As the colours are quite pale I have made the photo a little larger. A lovely violinist image.

A great take on different musical moods.

Another lovely trio of ATC's - this time with a festive theme.

I don't believe it - that piano keyboard again.
Now I know where it comes from I really must try & see if it still exists.

Another festive ATC - "Dashing through the Snow..."  a lovely idea.

I love these Show & Tell sessions as there is no end to the creativity of everyone with one theme - so many different interpretations.

During Carolines demonstration I took a couple more photos;

Caroline starting her demo by showing examples & talking about the different sprays.

Mold II ladies listening very intently

Elizabeth painting her flower. After painting Elizabeth carefully cut it out & gave it a final spray with one of the clear shimmers.  It looked stunning.

Some of the flowers Caroline brought along to show us

Some of the blotting paper backgrounds.  

When dry they have been put through an embossing folder.  A little reminiscent of paper casting - I nearly put toilet paper casting.  But then - that is what we used.  Although I discovered last night I had not shown Mold II how to do that - so it is on the programme for early 2014.

Well that is me for today - tomorrow afternoon I have a crochet workshop.

Sleep well everyone - night night

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Just chatting

Hi everyone

I have been in about half-hour after the Mold II meeting this evening, which was quite small - as several people were unable to make it.  It was a shame as they missed a really interesting demonstration from Caroline.

The ladies that were there seemed to enjoy the demonstration & had time to have a play as well. I have some photos from the meeting which I will put here tomorrow, along with the photos of their Show & Tell,

Hope you have had a good evening - more tomorrow - night night.

Just chatting

Good morning everyone & a bit of a grey one it is.

I had a good meeting at HSNW last night & the ladies enjoyed learning about the grid background that we did some months ago - this one;-

Some of the ladies came up with some deviations (I am sure that is the wrong word - but brain still dead from late night) - but I don't take photos there so cannot show you.  I might reproduce some of them later & put my photos here.

Having dug out all my cards that have accumulated over several months & sorted them into types, plus sorting out those that need inserts - my spare bed looks like this - 

Just before sitting down to write this blog post I packed them all into a box - because I have made myself a promise that the spare bed will NOT be used as storage.  Doing OK so far - but it is early days   :)

When I have finished this blog post I am going to cut up the fabric squares that are now nicely stuck to card - then decide how I am going to use them - especially the Christmas ones.

After that I must put my box ready for tonight's meeting of Mold II - where we have their visit from Caroline & her spraying technique on blotting paper.  So I will see you Mold II ladies later.

Right now though I had better sort things for washing - although will I get the chance to put them out in the garden?

That's me for now - may be back again later.

Birthday greetings

It is 22 October & a CSNW member has a special birthday

Happy birthday Gwenda - have a fabulous day

Monday, 21 October 2013

Find it - use it

Good afternoon - not a good start to the day, but now we have lovely sunshine.  You just can't win with the washing can you!

Over the last year, & especially whilst doing these various challenges I have accumulated quite a collection of cards.  Most of them were supposed to have gone to a coffee morning for one of my groups, earlier this year.  But it coincided with the wedding, so I didn't have time to sort them out.
That has been my task today - so my nice new spare bed is currently covered in packs of cards, labelled as to what sort they are & also sheets of card toppers.

The toppers are fabric ones.  I had a "thing" a while ago about those fabric lengths you can buy that are all different squares.  You know similar to what Pinflair have on C&C sometimes, except I bought mine at Voirrey or Lady Heyes.

Whilst I do have a nice large craft room & lots of room for stash - I really do need to use a lot of it - not just keep it in boxes.  I said they will come in handy for a rainy day - well we have got rainy days, so I mus start using them.

This is what I am talking about;

The 2 on the right on this sheet I have already stuck on card & cut out & they are ready to use.

There are 8 Christmas panels - so that will be 8 of my Christmas cards made once I have cut them out & placed them on cards.  I don't send stamped cards to everyone - but I do try to make them all using various crafts.

This evening I am off to my HSNW meeting where it is my turn to do a demonstration.

Will let you know how I get on with the toppers above.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

some stamping!

Hello everyone - I hope you are having a good weekend.

Today I made time to do some stamping.  A couple of cards to show that I am going to be showing to HSNW ladies - the grid background design that we covered earlier this year (or was it last year!!!)

Here are the 2 cards I made - although the butterfly one I did start a couple of weeks ago.

Two completely different finishes.  The black & cream one has a 3-d flower in the corner.  I cut the corner of the background sheet away & stamped the flower image 3 times, cut it out then mounted them on top of each other.

I also took a little time to make a card for this weeks CD Sunday challenge.

If you want to read more about the cards - the background ones are on my rubber stamping blog & the fox one is on my digital blog.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.  'Bye for now.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

just chatting

Good evening I though I would just pop back in with a couple of things.

I have been talking about crochet & the fact that I am making a baby cardigan for a friend - well here is a photo of the body part - I am now working on the sleeves - one is done & I am part way through the second one.

Then over on my stamp blog this afternoon I also joined in a challenge on the Less is More blog. The theme was trees - so I used the lovely little folded tree that Joann from Mold club showed us last year.

Want to read the detail about the card - then pop over to my stamp blog - I have had a couple of nice comments on it.

'Bye for now.


Friday, 18 October 2013

Return to Mold photos - show & tell

Hi I am back again

In the previous post about Mold Show & Tell I raised a question about the curved piano stamp on one of the ATC's that I had also seen used somewhere else. This evening I had an email from Rhiannon whose ATC it was & she said -
"You asked if the curved piano stamped on my ATC was a stamp, it is,on the same sheet is some music, a treble clef, some notes & another stamp which looks like stems & some flowers.  I bought them a long time ago from Q V C, they were the T S V ( today's special value) & my goodness they were too because there was 10 sets of stamps  + a box of different die cut cards in black white & silver in different shapes & sizes, & I didn't pay a lot for them, cos if I had to  buy the sets of stamps individual I have seen them priced at £5-50, I think I paid £ 22-00 for them & the box of die cut cards. BARGAIN.
Oops the stamps are Kanban

Another message I received today was from Joanna & I have published it in the comments for that post - but I reproduce it here

"I really enjoyed Caroline's demonstration last night - very inspirational. I'd like to thank her for coming all that way to visit us & thank you for organising it :) Jo"

I will pass that comment to Caroline & thank you.

I really do appreciate it when you respond to things I write.  I always publish comments you make which of course appear under the appropriate posting, (unless they have been used just to send me a message) & so I do ask that you pop back to some of the older posts & see if anyone has said anything.

Before I go - I have been getting messages about interest in a coach trip to the card man & also giving me ideas for the 2014 programme - for which I thank you.  So now I add another question for you - or at least those interested in the coach trip.  When would you like to go.  Do you think we have time before Christmas?  Would you prefer it to be something we do early in the new year? Let me know.  I need numbers for a coach or mini bus.  As soon as I have an idea when you would like to go I will start asking the minibus firms.

I think that really is me for tonight.

Night night - sleep well.

Mold photos

Hello everyone - what a grey damp day!

The first set of photos on this post are of Mold's Show & Tell last night - which was an ATC with a music theme.  Here they are;

A really pretty piece of decoupage & I love the sheet pf music & the keyboard peeking out from behind.

A great take on the theme - I particularly like the musical terms that have been cut out & placed around the ATC, also the little musical charms.

Ah, more musical charms. I keep seeing that swirly keyboard image.  Is it a stamp, & if so, whose is it.  I want one.  (PS _ by "whose is it" - I mean the stamp retailer).

There's those musical charms again.  This time the little piano has been treated either with promarkers or alcohol ink.  It just shows you how quick the glimpse is when I am taking these photos - because it was only when I was editing this one that I spotted the zentangle on the side of the grand piano.

This ATC would make a great topper on a Christmas card.
Very festive.

As there was no project to photograph tonight I though I would take a few photos of Caroline & her work during the demonstration.

Here the ladies are looking at samples that Caroline has passed around.

Just waiting for everyone to finish looking at the samples before continuing.

Two photos from her demonstration

Some of the samples Caroline brought with her to show everyone.  When Caroline had finished her demo everyone got to paint a pre-stamped flower, which had been stamped on blotting paper.

A very good evening.

OK I am off for my flu jab.  Have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing.  Have fun.