Monday, 31 October 2016

Another member showcase

Good morning ladies I do hope you have had a good weekend.

Today the showcase is once again from Rita of Mold II club who has a letter along with photos of her work published recently in Card Making & PaperCraft magazine;

The photo from the magazine page does not show the cards - actually they are calendars - very well, so Rita sent me her own photos of the actual project.  So now we can get a closer look;

Very nice Rita.  You do like making your calendars don't you?

That is me for today ladies. Must get on with some birthday cards that are due in the next week or so.

'Bye for now.  Enjoy this sunshine whilst we have it.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

member showcase

Hi everyone.

Today I have another member showcase for you - this time it is Joanna from Mold club.

Joanna has continued playing with the Bokeh technique that she showed the 2 Mold clubs recently & sent me this great photo

I really like this design isn't it lovely?  

Here is what Joanna said about it in her email;

"It's not perfect but not bad for a first attempt. My white pigment ink wouldn't show when I stamped with it so I had to use Versamark which I couldn't see so the pattern isn't regular enough. I  also outlined with my stardust sparkle pen to lightly define the circles.  I stamped through the acetate stencil used for the bokeh background.

Has potential I think"

I definitely agree Joanna.  By the way when Joanna says "first attempt" she is referring to the stamping through the acetate circle.

Hope your weekend has started well everyone.
'Bye for now.

Don't forget .............

............... the clocks go back tonight or rather early tomorrow morning.

Friday, 28 October 2016

showcase with a difference

Good afternoon everyone

Do you remember sometime back I showed you a photo of a rather large piece of Zentangle work?  It was created by Lois, who is the daughter of Rachel, one of the Mold club ladies.

Well she has created another one, & again it is based on herself.  Take a look & you will see what I mean;

This is a life size drawing.  I think she laid down on the floor & someone in her family drew around her.  Lois then filled the shape with zentangle patterns.

In this photo you cannot clearly see the patterns so I am going to ask her Rachel to take some close ups of the patterns & then show them here.  I have no idea how long it took Lois - but she is obviously smitten with zentangle.

Well done Lois.  If you do anymore please let us see them.

'Bye for now
Have a great weekend.

member showcase

Good morning everyone

This morning it is member showcase time & once again it is for Rita of Mold II club.

Rita has recently had one of her cards published & here it is;

That card must make Carolyn happy too as it is the design she showed Mold II ladies & myself recently, which allowed me to take it to the other 2 clubs.

Well done once again Rita.  Keep up the good work.

I will be back again later with another showcase - but with a little difference

Thursday, 27 October 2016

mold II photos - part 2

Good afternoon ladies.

This session I have the second set of photos from Tuesday night's Mold II meeting & they are of their project for the evening - which was discovering the technique of Bokeh with Joanna from Mold club.

There are quite a lot of photos to show you - so depending on your system - these could take a little while to load.  Although having said that I think most computers these days are much better at handling this sort of load.

Elma used some lovely pastel colours then added the flourish & words in black.
She also created a nice layered card with it.

Christine made 2 lovely backgrounds & added the angels to one of them.  Also Christine chose to use the edge masking technique to create the white border around her pattern.

Betty created 2 cards & also used the masking tape to create the white border. Silhouette stamps really work well with this background

Annette also created 2 backgrounds & layered them onto cards.
I think the nice thing about this background technique is that you have a really nice card even just using the sentiment on the front.  Cards don't always need an image.

Dot added some coloured circles to her piece - I like that finish too, but haven't tried it myself yet.
As you will see as we go down the photos that a couple of other ladies tried it too.

Another delicate background - this time from Carol & layered onto a card.  
I love the flowers in the lady's hair & that stamp is gorgeous?

A trio of cards from Carolyn n really delicate colours.  
I really like the finish with the dark circles that Carolyn has put on the middle one.

Three totally different looks from Helen.  
This technique can be so versatile. 
 Again the dark circles over the background have been used.

Four little designs from Phyllis along with a larger one clearly showing the circles.
I like the way the colours show through the circles & how they nestle against each other.
A bit like bubbles floating away.

Pretty lilac based colours from Elizabeth & a lovely completed card.  
The topper has such a lovely soft muted finish.

I think Rita took to this technique - like a duck takes to water.  
A total of six - yes six pieces & they include the white circles & the coloured circles as well.
I really like the calendar Rita - such a good idea.

Two lovely delicately coloured samples from Sue. I particularly like the bottom one.

Have you noticed that it doesn't matter what colours were used, the designs all popped when layered onto black card.  The black layer complements & helps the image & sentiment really stand out.

A big thank you to Joanna for showing everyone this technique - it was another well received project by everyone at both Mold clubs.

That is me for now.  I have a member showcase to prepare & also one from a members daughter.

'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Page update

I have just been into the Projects Photo page & added 2 more samples of the box frame card that Carolyn is going to be showing Mold & Mold II club in November.

Don't worry CSNW ladies - I will show you in the New Year.

mold II photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone.

The set of photos I have for you this afternoon is of the Show & Tell cards from the Mold II club meeting last night.

The card was to be for a child & I had handed out a sketch to create it from, but I didn't put the sketch on the blog.  I think because I thought of it at the last moment.   It was basically a card with 3 panels on the front & then a topper to one side.  So some cards were made with the sketch & some were not. But not to worry we had some great cards to look at;

Elma's card in shades of blue has this lovely little fairy on the topper.
On the back of the card was a blue silhouette fairy die-cut.    

Betty had several children in her family to make cards for - so a nice selection from her.
I do like those Gorjuss stamps - they are so cute.

Annette has created a Minion's card for Harry who is a fan of the Minions.
What a great card - I really like the one-eyed character.

Sue has carried her blue strip panels inside the gatefold card as well which really finishes it off well.
What a great little character in the topper

Elizabeth made 2 cards  one birthday & one Christmas.  The birthday card has another of those Gorjuss stamps, & what a lovely colour the card is.  A cute Teddy posting his Christmas cards on the other card.

Carol has come up with a brilliant idea on her card.  The balloons are stamped onto acetate & have actual strings hanging from them.

Carolyn made one of those lovely pop-up boxes. 
Looking at the characters I assume it is a Bob the Builder card.
I thought I would show it to you flat & stood up.

That really was a popular card shape wasn't it.

There you go ladies, that's the show & tell cards.
I will be back tomorrow with the project of the evening.

'Bye for now.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

finishing touches

Good morning ladies

Over the last few days I have been putting the finishing touches to the items created on the Ali Reeve workshop I attended the day after the stamp festival.

I took photos of the work in progress & showed them to you shortly afterwards.

This was one of them;

This is the completed card;

It's a bit different from my usual style - but then that is what craft is all about - trying new things.  At first I put the layers on a white card - but the stamped white card isn't actually white, so it looked wrong.  I thought black would be too heavy & I would have had to put another layer on as well. I didn't have any ready made purple / lilac card but the green was sitting on my desk from when I was trying to decide on one of my Christmas cards.  I think it works quite well.

Tonight is the meeting of Mold II club when they will be trying out the Bokeh technique with Joanna from Mold club, so it's time to get the box ready & NOT to forget my camera.

That is me for today. 
'Bye for now.

Monday, 24 October 2016

A recent card

Good evening everyone I hope you all had a good weekend.

I have another of my recently made cards to show you.  This time it is for a colleague who is leaving the area to start a very new venture.  So I was called upon to make him a card from the group;

Whilst wondering what sort of statement to make on the front of the card I remembered that a little while ago he had said to me that it was "time to move on".   

Which means that when I spotted this clock card amongst the remains of a Hunkydory package that I won some time last year - or was it 2014! - that it seemed to be just what I needed.   Plus I had recently bought a set of Tim Holtz stamps at the festival that had a clock amongst them so I felt the 2 would go well together.  Consequently the message to put on the front of the card just fell into place.

The other stamps in that Tim Holtz set - its just called "Vintage Things" - include an old telephone, an old typewriter  an old electric fan.  The sort we use these days to cool us down on a hot day.

Very satisfied with this card.

That's me for today - more tomorrow.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

just chatting

Hi everyone.

Do you remember a short while back that I wrote about a problem with one of my Edge'able Dies from Crafters Companion?

I finally had a response from them & the lady suggested that I had the wrong sandwich -- I had told her what I had used - in fact I told her 2 methods I had tried.  Anyway, this afternoon I have tried her method, & I ran the die through the Gemini twice before changing the plates to do the embossing.

Still the same result - not a good cut, no embossing visible & took me 10 mutes to get all the bits out of the die.

Sheelagh of Mold club had commented on the post asking if I had tried using wax paper between the die & the card.  So I took Sheelagh's suggestion after trying the above.  At least the die released from the card quite a lot easier.  But still no embossing & it also still took some time to get the residue out of the die.

So another email has gone off to them explaining todays attempts & asking if there is anything else they could suggest - or perhaps they could realise that it is possible that the die is faulty.

I await a reply - but I won't hold my breath.

Right - rant over.  Thank you for listening - oops sorry - than you for reading.


Canvas Workshop - 22 October

Good afternoon ladies

Well! what a great workshop that was.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself & yet I didn't actually do any crafting.  I just showed some things then kept an eye on everyone.

The CSNW ladies were joined by Graces' sister Amy & also by 2 members from Mold club - they were Lynn who brought her friend Jan along with her & Rhiannon whose sister Gretta came as well.. Sadly one of the CSNW ladies Joan - had been taken poorly & had to cancel.  We missed your company Joan & hope you will soon be fit & well again.  Hope to see you at club on  2 November.

Here is the group hard at work

Look at all their craft stuff under the tables.  I did give out quite a comprehensive list of things that would be needed & also stated that I would be bringing loads with me as well.  But I have to say quite of a few of you ladies at the workshop came complete with Gesso.  So, initially I was a bit worried you already knew what to do.

As I do at club nights I popped their names onto a piece of paper to put alongside the canvas so that I would remember which canvas belonged to who.  As it turns out because they were each so unique I could remember very well.

I might place a little comment against them - perhaps just pointing out something special - seeing as I watched all of these come together. 
(Added after I had finished writing ...............In fact as I went down the photos I found I couldn't help but say more - sorry) 
It was one of my canvases (a quite dark brown black one that got the ladies fancying a workshop. I didn't push that style I just let everyone follow their own ideas & so some are light colours & some are dark colours.  I think they are all fantastic & I am sure you will all agree.  Twelve ladies, twelve canvas boards & that is where the similarity ends - see for yourselves;

Amy - great contrast of black & red makes this canvas pop, it included stamping & some really different textures.  The mesh contrasting well with the lace.

Ann made a great use of different textures & using a basic 2 colour scheme works really well. Love the two different stencils used with the texture paste & then gilded.  A lot of movement in this one.

Clare - I know she won't mind me saying - this is Clare to a "T".
The colours, crispness & simplicity. Clare worked for quite a while with the paints to get the green colour she wanted & I think she has got pretty close. It really is a pretty shade & compliments the cream & kraft colours really well.

Elvena - some more great textures on this canvas. In the bottom right hand corner, that is a lightweight fabric & the top is a scrunched up piece of  tissue.  The fabric has hardened with the use of the medium to make it stick & contrasts well with the more metallic elements.

Gretta - lovely soft colours with just the right amount of bling added. The clever idea on this one was to create her words out of other shapes as well as actual letters. The lacy butterfly also has been outlined with a fine glittery thread.

Grace - another clean & crisp design, also generally associated with Grace's work.  As you can see some stamping done on this one as well.
Including stamping on a canvas is easier when you are sticking to a lighter palette. The word Dream is just lacced on there at the ment while Grace decides exactly where she prefers it.

Jan had decided on a nautical theme for her canvas & had come prepared with the shells, anchor & die-cuts resembling seaweed. Lots of texture & the flimsy fabric treated with medium to help it glue to the canvas & gain some strength. Using texture past through a round stencil & adding the buttons gave the bubble & sea feel to this canvas, especially with the light covering of blue paint.

Kate was completely unsure of what she wanted to do, but once she get going it all came together well. The black & gold, again making a striking contrast,  Leaving the birdcage door open was a great creative idea. So Kate - first attempt at anything like this - I hope you are pleased with the result.

Lynn - here is me being cheeky again - Lynn is known for getting mucky (in a good way I must add) & the result is this beautiful canvas.  It is a black base & then the blue, purple colours added. The large flower going off the canvas in the top corner is stunning (I don't think the photo does it justice). Then the three smaller flowers in the other corner really takes your eye through the design.

Gwen's canvas is another crisp clean design, but look closely at those embellishments - it is a bit steam-punk style.  I am a bit into steampunk at the moment & for me on this canvas it's the paperclip that is hanging in the bottom left corner.  Some great textures created not only with texture paste but with embossed papers.

Rhiannon.  Well the approach to this one is just so different & I love it.  Until I saw this one I don't think I would have thought about just swiping the paint across from the sides. It is s atmospheric.  ( I hope that is the word I want)  Lots of different textures on it as well - great canvas.

Ruth.  Now Ruth came to the workshop with a definite idea in mind.  She wanted a seascape for her bathroom (I think that's the room she said).  As you can see she came well prepared with shells & drift wood collected from the beach which she used to make her boat.  As it was being put together she came up with the idea to place the canvas type fabric on to make sails.  The seagulls are made from 2 shells. The background is tissue paper for the sky & shredded paper for the sea. Brilliant - it almost looked like an oil painting.

So not only 12 different canvases - but 2 different seascape canvases.

There you have it ladies.
Fantastic work  - all of you have inspired me for another canvas - if I take a leaf out of every book - so to speak - I wonder what sort of canvas it would turn out to be.

That's me for now.  I hope your weekend is going well.