Friday, 30 August 2019

My Mold II card

Good afternoon all & what a grey day it is too, although I believe it is still quite warm.

I said in yesterdays post that I had to complete my card I made at Tuesday night Mold II club meeting.  So, this morning I did just that..................

The little embellishments were part of the booklet that the papers came from - so they are colour 

This card will not be going to anyone as I didn't make a very good job of the cutting & folding despite Carolyn's very precise written instructions & demo.

It's a poor master who blames his tools - but at the moment I do not work so well in the evening.  So I will keep that one as a sample & make another one taking more care.  I rather fancy making some of my Christmas cards from that design.

Thank you Carolyn.  I enjoyed that card.

Well, the weekend is here again I do hope you have some nice things planned - of course its the last weekend before the children go back to school so will probably be busy.  Have fun!

'Bye for now.

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Mold II photos - part 2

Good afternoon ladies I hope you are having a good day.

This afternoon I have the second set of photos from Tuesday's Mold II club meeting.  This time they are of their project cards.  The project was brought to us by Carolyn from her never ending pot of card ideas.  It is another version of the Step Card.

The first card is one of the samples that Carolyn brought along for us to see......

...... a beautiful elegant Christmas card.

A Christmas card from Annette as well
Love the blue it is really striking

A really charming card from Carol.  That beautiful bouquet goes so well with the delicate floral background paper

What a delicate, clean & crisp card Cathy has made.
That flower spray is really lovely

Butterflies & Birds decorate this pretty card from Chris.
That butterfly is the perfect colour for that beautiful background paper.

What a little cutie on Dot's card, along with that lovely verse.
Everything matching so well in that delicate pink

Very autumnal look to Elizabeth's card, & she seems to have folded hers
slightly differently - so I hope we are showing it correctly.

Christmas again - this time from Elma in a pretty lilac . snowdrop background paper.

Goodness whose card is this?
Why it's mine but not finished.
The papers are actually a grey green - not grey & white as it looks.
I will finish it & take a photo.

Again, like her show & tell card, Helen made her own background paper for her card.
We will be looking at doing this in the new year.

Isn't this rose paper beautiful?  I just love roses & they abound on Madeline's card.

Aren't those floral squares a great contrast to the cute little girls in the main topper?
Sue has chosen a really nice colour scheme for her card.

They are truly beautiful cards ladies.

A big thank you to Carolyn for bringing us this card & also, especially from me, a thank you for taking & sending me the photos.  It is much appreciated.

That's me for this time, except for 2 little things.  My trip to the hospital today went well & everything is going on as it should.  Also last night Bob & I went the the Asian restaurant in Mold - it was absolutely superb.  We can thoroughly recommend it - it's where the Hot Wok used to be.

Right I am off - better try & finish that card.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Mold II photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone - where has that sun gone?

Never mind grab yourself a nice cup of tea & have a look at the first set of photos from last night's Mold II club meeting.

This set of photos are of their show & tell cards.  The card was to be from a sketch with the theme open.

Here is the sketch
You will notice when you look at the cards that were made that several ladies spotted a similarity of this sketch with a certain craft item.

I hold my hands up & admit I didn't spot it & it was just perfect.

Anyway here are their cards

I love Carol's interpretation of the wavy line using that pretty border punch.
Such delicate colours too.

Look carefully at Cathy's card & you can see the black wavy line in her design.
This has to be the most colourful card we have in quite a while.  
It is stunning!

I love this beautiful marbled paper Chris has used & the colour scheme.
The black accent is brilliant

Beautiful papers used in Elizabeth's card & that gorgeous topper with the butterfly.
Elizabeth said she tore the curved paper rather than cut it.

Elma's card has 2 papers on the front with a curve where they overlap & added to that is a shaped vellum strip.
Lovely floral topper to finish the card off.

Helen chose a different shaped card to create her curved design.
It is basically a step card.  
The papers she created herself & it is all set off with that beautiful topper & flower.

Annette's card is the first one of the group showing how several ladies spotted the almost identical embossing folder for this design.

A beautiful card with very delicate pale pink colouring.

Carolyn also saw the potential of the embossing folder & this is her card
Really nice in white with just the touch of colour in the topper.

Madeline also spotted the likeness of the sketch to the embossing folder.
A very delicate peach colour shows up the whiteness of the embossing
Some bronze borders just to right & bottom edge really sets it off.

Beautiful cards ladies.

Did you think about the embossing folders when you saw the sketch?  Have you got one of those folders?  The first one was a freebie on a magazine & then they really took off.  On Carolyn's card she used the matching stamps as well - they were shaped to fit the double curve centre.

Photos of their project cards I will hopefully show tomorrow.  It is my regular 4-weekly hospital visit so it depends what time I get home afterwards.

That's me for today. 
'Bye for now.

Monday, 26 August 2019

using my stash

Good afternoon ladies & gents.

This afternoon I have another of my "using my stash" cards.  This one gave me problems I hadn't prepared for - but I did get one made.  Now I have to decide whether I really like it or not.

The stash piece used this time was the piece in the top left-hand corner of this photo.

A little piece of encaustic wax work

The first problem was trying to stamp on it - I was going to put some grasses stamped in black on the right-hand edge.  Well! actually I did stamp the grasses - but the stamp slipped - so messy.

Next step was to try & remove the ink whilst it was wet - but no  - even messier.  So I trimmed the end piece off & also cut away a little of the sky.

Here is the almost finished card.  Only almost because I haven't added a greeting.

I rounded the corners of both the image & the Kraft card layer.

Then with what I thought was careful positioning I stamped the grasses on the white card.  The idea being that I would then match the image by stamping it on the image / kraft card piece.

Can someone please tell me why I didn't remember that the part of the stamp that would be on the waxed card would slip - again!!!!

So - it was another clean up.  Then I had an idea.  

Having cleaned off the wax card once again I then carefully trimmed partly around the stamped image on the white card - then simply slipped the image under it & adhered in place.  

After looking at it in this state I dabbed Distress Ink over the stamping & up the edge of the card.  Looking at the photo now I think I might do something similar in the bottom left-hand corner to balance it.

A very interesting play afternoon.

I hope your weekend is going well.
That's me for today.

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Using my stash

Hi everyone I hope you are having a great Bank Holiday weekend, & that you are at home or locally so that you are not stuck in those awful traffic jams.

So, that card yesterday ............................

.................... what did sitting looking at it achieve?

Well, I did create a card & now I have to decide which way up I prefer.  Decisions, decisions all the time!!

Here it is in both orientations;
Side fold

Top fold

As you can see I decided to cut the piece up, & cut it on the diagonal.  I then layered it onto black card cutting it out with a narrow border.

After attaching it to the card I noticed that I had a choice of which way up to have it.  I will make that choice when I come to use it.  Also I haven't put a greeting on it as I thought I would also do that when I come to use it.  One idea I had was to stamp the greeting on a small strip of vellum & emboss in white EP, placing it across the middle & hopefully then tying everything together.

Next stage?  Onto the third piece of card I selected.  Then a little break to make something new.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend
'Bye for now.

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Using my stash

Good afternoon everyone - well, not quite so hot & sunny yet today as the weather man said - but we live in hope.

A little while back I showed the following photo;

Just some of the bits & pieces I have lying around, that I have decided must get used or I lose them.  At the same time I showed you a card I had made using the spotty card.

This time I have used the flowery card at bottom left.  But I am not sure about it so haven't got so far as turning it in to a card.  Although I must say that when I took the photo a little earlier I liked it a little more.

I trimmed the piece down & coloured the flowers & leaves with mica powders by Honey Doo, using a water brush. I also had to outline the petals with a fine liner pen as they got rather lost.

I think the main thing is how I use it - so its thinking cap on today & then see.

Also, a little earlier I updated the projects photo page with the card that Mold club will be making in September.  After adding this blog post I will also update their club page.

That's me for today.

Oh nearly forgot.  If you have any children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews waiting eagerly today for their exam results I hope they have all been very successful.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Mold photos - part 2

Good morning ladies & any gents who may be reading this.

This morning I have the second set of photos from the Mold club meeting last Thursday.  This time they are of the project for the evening.

This project was given to us by Rachel - it at first glance has a similarity to the one we did the previous month, but once you look closer it is quite different.  We were thoroughly spoilt as Rachel brought us in a card each, along with the necessary other pieces.

Here are their cards - there will be 2 photos for each one showing outside & inside;

A brilliant card for someone of a certain age?
I love Janet's image. The image is also longer than the other cards as you will see 
so it shows how flexible the design is.

Two cards from Joan
Oh that little figure is so cute & I love the sentiment that Joan has chosen for this card.

and card number 2 - another great image

& Joan does such lovely colouring on her cards.

I love that Joanna has left this card black & white - it is beautiful & that
focal image inside is gorgeous. 

Lynn made 2 cards & this first card is so Lynn!
That splat aperture is brilliant, & the sentiment just right.
Lynn loves her mixed media / messy crafting

Lynn's second card is such a different style to the first one, but still a nod to mix media / messy, 
with paper piecing included.
Love it.

This image is so cute, & I love the way Mair has outlined the card, 
the aperture & the second image.  Also layering the main image onto the coloured card as well.
A lovely card.

Mair, like Joan does beautiful colouring on her cards.

Two cards from Maureen - but just photos of the outside of both.
A lovely scalloped aperture framing this lovely cat image on Maureen's first card

another cute cat is Maureen's second card

A typical Rachel style image on her card that she made during the evening.
Great sentiment.

Rhiannon kept the front of her card plain - no colour - but it really sets off
the colourful image appearing through the aperture.

Beautiful cards ladies & a big thank you to Rachel for bringing it to us.  I think I can see this design being used over the year.  I wasn't 100% that evening so I just sat & watched, but Rachel gave me a card to try as well.  So I must now sit down & have a go myself.

That's everything for today ladies - have a nice day.

'Bye for now

Birthday Greetings

Today is 20 August
and a Mold II club member
has a birthday

Have a great day, Annette,
on your special birthday

Monday, 19 August 2019

Mold photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone I trust you all had a great weekend.

This afternoon I have the first set of photos from the Mold club meeting last Thursday.  They are of their Show & Tell for the evening where the theme was a design from a sketch & the colour scheme of violet, pink & blue.

Here is the sketch..................................

.................. & here are their cards;

A lovely mix of the 3 colours in the background papers & 
then Janet used similar on the really delicate butterflies.

 A really lovely combination of papers from Joanna's card, both in texture & colour.
Joanna asked us all the question about colour - is that front panel - violet?

Lynn's found a piece of a project we did many moons ago to use on her card.
Using damp kitchen roll - or toilet roll - paper in layers & then stamps impressed into it
She has heat embossed her piece & because of the paper texture it almost looks like stitching.

 I love the 3 flowers on Maureen's card using the 3 colours as well.
Very pretty papers in the background too.

Rachel enjoys making small cards & ATC size cards.
When she made this one for the show & tell she forgot about the colour part of it.
But there are a couple of the colours there - so I couldn't leave it out - could I?

I love the co-ordinated papers on Rhiannon's card it really sets the design off.
That verse on the front panel is beautiful.
The thing you cannot see from the photo is how Rhiannon used the diagonal part of the design.
It is actually a half front to the card - so the blue panel & the verse panel are proud of the background.

Joanna kindly took the photos for the evening for me & when she sent them said that she should have stood Rhiannon's card with it open so it could be seen better.
Not to worry Joanna I am sure everyone can picture how it looked.

So, now is an appropriate time to say thank you to Joanna for taking the photos & then sending them to me.  She also took the photos of the project for the evening which will be in the next blog post.

Returning to Joanna's question about colour - as far as I am concerned - when I give a colour theme as long as those chosen are in the same spectrum it suits.  But yes what is violet, what is pink & what is blue.  As you can see above the colours vary quite a bit.  So at the end of the day it is what your eyes perceive the colour to be.

That is me for now - beautiful cards as always ladies.