Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Mold II photos - part 3

Good afternoon ladies.

This afternoon I am showing you the photos of a second little project that the ladies from Mold II club did at their meeting last Tuesday.  This project was given by Annette - that lovely folded paper Christmas tree.  Here are the photos of the samples Annette made;

They are lovely Annette.  This last one looks as if it is in black & white paper - so was it perhaps your show & tell card?  I noticed that there wasn't one amongst the other photos.

Tomorrow & Thursday I have rather busy days so I may not get on here to write anything. Then of course it will be Friday & the day of my op - so it will be a few days before I write again. 

Take care everyone.
Back soon - 'bye for now.

Message for CSNW ladies

Good morning

Just to make sure that you know I will be popping in to your meeting on Wednesday evening.

Bob will be with me again - purely because I will during the afternoon have been back to BTW for the results of my MRI.

I am not sure how long I will stay - but long enough to show you how to make the U-fold card.

See you then.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Mold II photo - part 2

Good morning everyone

Today I have the second set of photos from the Mold II club meeting last Tuesday.

For some unknown reason I have shown these the opposite way round to that I normally do, because these photos are of the Show & Tell.  The theme for this card was Christmas Black & White only - although I did say some sparkle was allowed;

I love the way you have framed those poinsettias Christine, & doesn't the black on white really show up the detail of the petals.

Another card from Christine showing the nativity scene in silhouette.

These baubles on Sue's card are absolutely delightful. It is so nice to see them hanging free.

What a striking card. I love it Carolyn.

Another stunning card, this time from Elizabeth . 
That dotty frame really shows the focal image off well.

As I have said before about the groups & the show & tell challenges - you never disappoint.

I have another set of photos from that meeting to show you - which I will do tomorrow.

'Bye for now.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Mold II photos - part 1

Good morning everyone

This morning I have some photos of the project at the Mold II club last Tuesday.  Rita brought in a delightful Christmas Album for them to make.  The photos I have are of the various samples that Rita brought in for the ladies to see.

I am not sure if there will be photos of those made by the ladies as they wouldn't have been able to finish them completely during the evening - so perhaps photos will gradually come through later.

I hope I have got these together in the right order & correct album;


two inside photos

of Album 1


Inside pages 
of Album 2


of album 3


Inside pages

of Album 4


inside pages

of album 5

I love the little channel adhered to the back of the album for the ribbon to run through - a brilliant idea & I think it would work on cards that are wrapped with a ribbon tie.

Rita I hope I have the right things together based on how the photos came from Carolyn (for which once again many thanks Carolyn).  But most importantly they show just how lovely these little albums are.  

I must sit myself down & make one of these, perhaps when I am quietly (? 😇?) recovering after next week.

That's all for today. enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Member showcase

Good afternoon everyone I hope you are having a nice weekend.

Before I show you the member showcase I thought I would share with you the fact that my DH has just informed me I had errors in one of my recent posts.  I have just been to take a look & see that on Thursdays "just chatting" post there are words with letters missing & words with extra letters.  I obviously did not spell check that post - so my apologies.

Now for the member showcase - which is the one for Annette of Mold II club, whose featured card I couldn't find again to write about.  Annette sent me a copy of the page in an email so I could put it here;

I now realise that I had been looking for it again in the Readers Gallery areas of the magazine, when as you can see Annette's card was featured on the Letters Page.  The magazine was the latest issue of Papercraft Essentials.

It's a really cute & colourful card Annette.  Well done at being featured again - I wonder what your prize will be this time.

I also found in my files a photo of a card that Annette had previously had featured in a magazine on the Letters Page & was in fact the star letter.  It doesn't look like I have shown it here on the blog - so I thought I would show it today with the card above;

Was this the letter & photo for which you received that lovely label punch Annette?

That is me for today - more tomorrow - when I will show you photos from the Mold II club night last Tuesday which Carolyn emailed to me yesterday.


Thursday, 26 October 2017

member showcase

Hello again.

My second post today is to show you a photo of a card made by Rita - of Mold II club - that was featured in a very recent magazine;

A really festive card Rita - well done again.
I wonder what your prize will be this time.

I also found another item with a card from Annette - also of Mold II club, but now I can't find it again. So I have emailed Annette in the hope she has a copy she can send me.  Plus I have found in my system one of Annette's cards that I don't think I have featured.  So I will check back posts & if not I will show it tomorrow.

Keep up the good work Rita & Annette getting our card making on show.

'Bye for now - more tomorrow.

Just chatting

Hi everyone.

Well don't things change in a flash.

Shortly after writing the post about my hospital datae I got a phone call from the consultants secretary & the datae has been changed agan.  I am now due in on Friday 3 November, after going there on the Tursday afteernoon for a small procedure to help the consultant in the operation.

I really don't think it will change now, as I have been for pre-op assesment today which includded what I ca ony describe as a full "mot".

So that is the latest news.

Back in a few momens with a membr showcase.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

a recent card

Hello again

Three posts in one day - that has to be a record!   😉

This time I have photos of the card I made for our daughter-in-law Elayne for her birthday earlier this month.

I actually made it at the Honey Doo workshop I attended a little earlier this month.  I made 2 cards that day & as soon as I saw the styles I knew whom I wanted them for. 

The main design is stamped on white card with a pale grey ink & coloured in with mica powders used as a paint.  An overlay of parchment / vellum is placed in position & the images over stamped in clear ink & heat embossed with a very very white EP. This was then layered onto silver glitter card, then onto the base white card.

This is the image with the parchment / vellum cover lifted showing the colours.

The one image was then stamped again on the insert, & the greeting, in the same pale grey ink.

A cautionary tip about the insert should you think of doing something like this.  The insert paper was pearlised & the ink, although it was a dye ink, took a long time to dry.  The finish is lovely - but make sure you do it really early giving it plenty of time to dry.

For the overlay I found that to make sure I had it in the exact place I had to stand up to stamp, something I don't normally do.

That's me for today.

Club pages & Project photos page

Good afternoon ladies

I have just updated the club pages for all 3 clubs with materials lists & the projects photo page with sample photos.

Some really lovely projects in store.

This brings me up to date with these pages.

Will post one of my recent cards a little later on.

'Bye for now.

Just chatting

Good morning everyone.

Last night it was the October meeting of the Mold II club & I popped in for a short while - well short, but long enough to watch Rita do the basic demonstration of the project she was showing during the evening. Rita provided all the materials & even though I wasn't staying she gave me a set too, along with notes.  It is a very interesting little project & I look forward to seeing how everyone did last night.

My  main reason for going was to pass on to the ladies the news of my current health problem, as they had not been at the workshop when I had made the announcement.  Now that I have spoken to them you are all aware of things. I am happy to keep you up to date with my progress but will not be going into any details & stating here what it is - you already know. The first of which is that it looks like I will be going into hospital on 7 November - not a long stay, & I hope the recovery part will not be too long either.

I am sorry that it means I will probably miss your last meetings of this year & possibly a couple at the beginning of next year.  Where possible I will pop in & keep in touch with you all & especially the final meeting of the year - in order to wish seasonal greetings.  Both the Mold & Mold II club have members who are willing to show projects across these months & I am very grateful to them for this.  The ladies of  CSNW I hope are looking to see how they can organise their projects & I will be popping into their November meeting which is on 1 November.  So CSNW ladies put your heads together for ideas.

During this time I will keep blogging - there may well be some days that I don't - it really depends how I am feeling. I will also keep the club pages, project photo page etc up-to-date. I have been promised that someone at the clubs will take photos of projects, and Show & Tells - so everyone will still be able to see everyone elses work. Also the information will be there for you to keep up-to-date with what is happening in your club group.

Talking of which I need to update those pages over the next couple of days.

I still have a couple of my own projects to show you & also 2 member showcases, so they will appear over the next couple of days.  Please remember to send me photos of your work, as it is much nicer to write a post that has pictures in it & especially those of your work.

Take care everyone.
'Bye for today.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Elizabeth Robinson

Hi everyone
Just popping in quickly to let you know that I gave a link to our blog to Elizabeth so that she could see the photos from the workshop.

She has also given me a link to her blog - clicking on the URL below will take you to her actual blog about our workshop;


Why not go & take a peek. Why not bookmark it & keep a regular eye on her work.

Back later.

PS - just noticed that Joanna has left a comment about this on Saturdays post.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Mold photos - part 2 - an extra card

Hello again everyone.

When I checked my emails this morning I had one from Sheelagh of Mold club with a photo of another u-fold card she had made.

Her message said;

"Hello, I only managed to get the large card done on Thursday but I had bought a stamp from Clare and I have a friend whose birthday is on 11th November and I had already decided to do a poppy card so I used the new stamp and did the smaller size card. Quite pleased with it!!

Here is Sheelagh's card;

That is really pretty Sheelagh I am sure your friend will love it - thank you for sending me the photo.

If anyone else makes another of these U-fold cards, please send me photos. In fact you should all know by now that I love receiving photos of your cards & putting them here on the blog for others to see.


Mold photos - part 2

Good morning everyone - I hope you are having a good weekend.

Today I have the second set of photos from the Mold club meeting on Thursday last & they are of the project for the evening. As I said inn an earlier post - I was not at this meeting. Carolyn of Mold II came to the meeting & showed everyone how to make her U-Fold card;

This card by Joan uses the currently popular Nordic style Christmas papers. Really nice card & very Christmassy.

I love the delicate colours to Janet's card & that focal point is really pretty.

Love these colours & the verse focal point is really elegant.
I like the way Rhiannon has raised her band a little higher than the bottom of the card.

Another delicate patterned card this time from Clare. Love the colours.

Wow, Sheelagh what wonderful colours - a really dramatic & beautiful card.

This is Lynn's card - I seem to have chopped off her name card when reducing the photo a little for the blog post.
A really sunny card just the thing to brighten up these wet windy days.

This is Joanna's card - I didn't crop the name card off this one it came without it - but I know it is Joanna's.  Looks stunning in black & white.

A big thank you to Carolyn for taking this part of the evening & once again introducing us to a different shaped card to add to our repertoire, & a big thank you to Joanna for taking the photos.

Normally I would be disappointed to have missed one of Carolyn's projects but she showed the same card to Mold II ladies the previous month & I was able to learn how to make it then.  So I didn't miss out  😊

More member news tomorrow.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

members work from October workshop

Good morning everyone.

This morning I have photos from 3 of the club members who attended the 14 October workshop showing what they have done with their master board project.

In case you are not sure what a master board is - it is this.  You turn a plain piece of paper or card into a background paper by inking, painting, stamping all over it, whatever your creative hobby is. Use pen ends, plastic cards to create lines & circles & many more objects & shapes.  From the master board you cut shapes to decorate cards or art journals pages etc. As well as sitting down to specifically create a page, another way is add to a sheet as you create other items. For example - too much ink or paint left on your craft sheet - use it on your master board.  Still got ink on your stamp & you don't need to stamp it on the project you are making - do a second generation stamping on your master board.  Eventually you will have a great piece of card to work with.

First it is Annette from Mold II club;

This photo shows Annette's master board & the two background panels she made. You can see from the photo how Annette has created little patterns with the end of a paintbrush (the trio of dots) & circles possibly from bottle lids.  I look forward to seeing some finished cards Annette, using that master board.

Next we have Rhiannon from Mold club;

This is Rhiannon's background piece & you can see that she has used jar lids dipped in pain to make large circles. The straight lines possibly by dipping a strip of card in paint or gesso seeing as it is white.

Here Rhiannon has decorated with stamped & colored images using the stamps in her goodie bag from the workshop. As I don't have a photo of Rhiannon's master board I don't know if the cut out leaves & flowers were just coloured & stamped or cut from the master board.  It looks good either way.

Next it is Lynn of Mold club;

This photo shows Lynn's background piece - again - using jar lid rims to create circles. Folded card strip to create zigzag lines.

Then here is the background piece with some stamping added & mounted onto black card. Layered onto the background are 3 images of one of the flower stamps, stamped at different angles cut out & layered onto black card. Really nice card.

I hope that more of you workshop ladies will send in photos of what you did with your pieces - or - bring them into the next club night & I will photograph them.  Or someone will.

That is me for this Saturday morning - more tomorrow.
'Bye for now.

Friday, 20 October 2017

mold photos - part 1

Good afternoon ladies

This afternoon I have for you the photos of the Mold Show & Tell from last night's meeting (Thursday 19th) & thanks go to Joanna for taking them for me, as I was not at the meeting.

The theme fr the Show & Tell was Christmas cards in black & white only - oh yes & I did say that a little sparkle would be OK too.

Well, once again you didn't disappoint. So much so that I am not sure I can leave comments after each one as it would get rather repetitive.  Perhaps just pointing out anything different or special!

I hope the sparkle on the topper shows up in this photo.
Joan - is that Glitter Kiss you have used?

Mair showed us what the design would look like in colour too.

Great frame centre piece - I have a couple like that for birthday & thinking of you

Wow! that is different for Christmas.
Love the sentiment

Take a look at the next photo - showing a bird-eye view.

There's a lot of work in there Sheelagh!

I just bought the magazine this morning that has that stamp & die set as the free gift!
Really must try it out now I have seen it used other than the samples in the magazine.

A trio of cards from Joanna.
I would have liked to see that last one in the flesh
I can't quite work out how it all sits.

I think you have all given me food for thought as I try & get my head around making some more Christmas cards.

I will be back tomorrow with the photos of the evening's project & I also have a nice little collection of member showcases building up.  A couple from work done at the workshop last week, & I have spotted earlier today that 2 ladies fro Mold II club have been featured in one of the recent magazines.

Have a great weekend.
More tomorrow - 'bye.