Saturday, 30 September 2017

Seven years today!................

....................... that is how long I have been writing this blog for you.

Of course we had another style blog before that for a few years.

So today is,as they say in the blogging world             OUR BLOGAVERSARY

Just imagine if this was a stamped card & the lower half moved that like.
Now! that would be some stamping technique, wouldn't it?

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Mold photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone.

Well you wouldn't think it was the same country or time of year today would you! Absolutely gorgeous sunshine & really quite warm too.

This afternoon I have the second set of photos from the Mold II meeting on Tuesday night.  These are of the project for the evening - when Carolyn showed us another different fold card -- the U-fold card.

This is Carol's card in a delicate lilac pattern with a pretty scalloped edging.

Annette's card is sooo cute - I love it.
Those stamped images were from a free set on a magazine recently - I must use mine.

Christine's card is so elegant in black & white.

Isn't that bell gorgeous on Elma's card?  Lovely fresh looking card.

Helen has use an advertisement background paper & added a lovely over the edge die for across the front.  It looks like a tiara!

Dot has a cute snowman on her card , along with a tree & reindeer in white.  
I think the blue & white makes it looks quite cold.  

Sue's card has lovely lilac / purple floral background & lacy border to the front strip.

Oops - no name card on this one.
Oh dear how thick am I?  Please don't answer that.
It is my card.

I thoroughly enjoyed making that card & will definitely be using it again in my Christmas cards.

Thank you again Carolyn for another great card - which everybody really enjoyed making.

That is me for this afternoon -  'bye for now

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Mold II photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone & what a miserable afternoon it has turned out to be.  We really are approaching those evenings for closing the curtains & lighting the fire - aren't we!

Before that though - some photos for you of the Show & Tell at last nights Mold II meeting - where the theme was a card with moving parts;

From Sue we have this lovely trifold card with aperture in which hang 3 lovely little circles hanging on a thread.
Such a lovely shape & the circles move in the air.

A beautiful cascade card from Helen & the flowers are on acetate so they wobble as the card is moved. It is quite a stunner in the black & white.

Elma has made this lovely autumnal card with the lacy chipboard leaf hanging down at the side.
Elma cut out all the different leaves & glued them to the bottom of the card & we thought the sentiment as really good for crafters - "Imagination will take you anywhere."

Annette's card is a really cute "penny slider", which when the card is titled the butterfly rolls around 
in a circle.

A quick look & you wonder where the "moving part" is.
I think this is a very clever & simple card by Carol.  A u-shape piece has been cut out at the top centre on the fold line.  Then a small doubled over card hung on thread placed in the cutout.
(We all know what I mean by simple - don't we?)

From Elizabeth a magic slider card
This photo shows the card closed,  but pull the tab & .................

............... the magic happens.
I have just pulled the tab partly out so that you can see the before & after.

From Carolyn a pretty z-fold card with a difference - a flip flop circle in the aperture.
The circle is attached - it is just the way it is cut that does the flip flop.

You certainly came up with movement ladies.

Tomorrow I will have the photos of the evenings project.

'Bye for now.

Monday, 25 September 2017

so disappointed ...........

Good morning ladies - it's a bit grey isn't it?

Why am I disappointed?  My friend had to cancel her visit due to being unwell.  She does have a few health problems & one of them arose at the end of last week.  I was so looking forward to showing her around & having a good old-time crafting chat.  Never mind - it is more important that she gets well & Bob & I know after our April holiday, what it is like to be ill away from home.

Today I am going to be bringing the club pages up-to-date, along with project photos.  So pop back soon to check things out.

Tomorrow evening is the Mold II club night & we have a project with Carolyn - another different fold card.  Don't worry Mold ladies - Carolyn will be showing you in October, & providing I learn to do it properly then I will be showing the CSNW ladies in November.

I had better get on with those changes now.

That is me for today.

PS - Joanna has left a comment on the post for Mold photos - part 2.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Mold photos - part 2

Good morning ladies

This morning I have the photos from Thursday nights Mold club meeting & they are of their project for the evening.  The project was 3 different styles of card - with a Christmas theme - but of course works for everyday.

Joanna was unable to attend the meeting to show the project, but Janet stepped in for her.  Thank you Janet.

As I said yesterday we were a small group, due to coughs & colds - but boy, didn't that small group make a lot of cards!

These first photos are of the samples that Janet brought with her - made by Joanna;

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

I think I have included one of each of the 3 designs.


Here are the cards made by Joan

Don't you just love those snowmen & penguins.
Joan made 2 of Design 3 & one of Design 2


Here are Lynn's cards

Lynn made 2 of Design 2 & 1 of Design 1
With design 2 when you cut out the triangles - if you cut them from squares of different papers you can actually make 2 cards. They have just a slightly different look - as you can see.


Rhiannon has made 1 each of Design 3 & Design 2
Those little snowmen are really cute too.


Sheelagh made 1 each of Design 2 & Design 3
Aren't those baubles pretty - stamped onto some pretty background paper.
I think Sheelagh made the background paper as well - she usually does!


 Mair made 1 each of Design 2 & Design 3.
The green background paper in the second photo has been embossed which doesn't show up too well 
in the photo.
There are those little snowmen again!


Whilst the ladies were making their cards
Janet sat & made 2 more herself.

I love the colourful lanterns on the top one - but really fell in love with the lamppost in the second one - mainly due I think to Janet's bling in it to make it really look alight.

I shouldn't really make excuses for myself - but I did have a rather bad headache during the evening & have been suffering with itchy eyes for a few days - so I didn't make any of the cards during the evening.  But I won't let Joana & Janet down & promise to make one of each over the next couple of days & will show you when they are done.

One again it is time for a weekend - so I hope you all have something nice to do & for those of you who are currently poorly that you will soon feel better & still enjoy the weekend.

I have a friend joining me over the weekend, to stay for a week, so as I will be busy showing her around (she hasn't visited us here since the first couple of months after we moved here - back in 1992).  Therefore I may not be on the blog much.  Next Tuesday is the Mold II meeting & my friend will be joining me & us, so I will as soon as I can after that post the photos for that meeting.

Right - that is me for today - 'bye for now - & thank you once again Janet & Joanna.

Aferthought - perhaps my friend & I can have a play time together making these cards. She used to make her own cards a lot - but not so much at the moment.  We used to craft together a lot years ago - so it would be nice to do so again.

Definitely 'Bye now.          'Bye

Friday, 22 September 2017

Mold photos - part 1

Good morning ladies

Well! what a little group we were last night at the Mold club meeting- only 6 people plus me.  There were lots of coughs & colds around stopping several ladies from attending.

This first set of photos are of the Show & Tell project - where the theme was - a card with a moving part;

From Sheelagh there were 2 lovely Waterfall cards.
Sheelagh made 2 cards because the first one she made (the one on the left) wasn't stamped.
Great to see an old favourite style of card again. 

There are 2 photos for Maureen's card because she too went back to an old favourite.......

........ the magic slider card.
I have left the card in the second photo slightly open so that you can see the before & after of the magic.

Mair has made a beautiful floating butterflies card with a very clean, classic style
The butterfly shape has been die-cut from the card base & then the floating images added by hanging them from thread.

I think Lynn's card left us all a bit open-mouthed.
Why! - because the cogs actually link & move so that one turns the others.
Brilliant idea Lynn.
I could have done with inspiration like that for my brothers birthday card.

Well done ladies - great cards

That is today's post. 
Back tomorrow with the project for the evening.
'Bye for now.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Another recent card

Good afternoon everyone -

This afternoon I have a photo of another recently made card;

It uses one of the papers I made a few weeks ago as the background & layered onto lilac paper.

The stylised flower was stamped in Versamark & embossed with white EP.  A little colour added to the leaves & petals & some bling to brighten it up.  The flower is from Indigo Blu which I used during a workshop about 18 months ago & was then able to buy it.  I then stamped the 3 sentiments to complete it.  These were one stamp which I cut apart to use individually.

It is club night for the Mold club tonight - so I should have photos for you tomorrow.

That's me for today.  'Bye

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Another recent card

Good mooring everyone.

The card I am showing you today is an Anniversary card.  It is for Sue & Bill (Crafty Sue's!) who are celebrating their Ruby wedding.

Some of you may remember that when we were meeting at the Daniel Owen centre I managed to get Bill to come to the meeting just after we had started, & without Sue's knowledge, so that we could present them with a card & a cake.  That was for their Silver Anniversary - who would believe that was 15 years ago - where has time gone!!!

Here is the card;

On a workshop a while back, with Ali Reeve of "Stamps Away" (aka - Clever Cuts) - one of the techniques she showed us was using the Distress Inks on the stamp & then spritzing them for a watercolour effect. Also using second generation stamping as well.  That is how I got this watery, misty effect.  The 2 wine glasses were die-cut from a piece of acetate & coloured paper placed behind to simulate wine.

That was fun cutting the acetate - as it did 2 things - it cracked the acetate near to the cut & also it didn't cut all the way through. So I had to finish them by cutting with scissors.  Fortunately they are a simple design.  I think possibly the softer acetate is best for die-cutting.  I will have to experiment.

So there you are another card from me.  Tomorrow evening is the Mold club meeting so on Friday I should have photos for you from that.

'Bye for now.

Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings

Today is 20 September
& a Mold club member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Lynn
Have a great day

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

a recent card .....

.....  & it is so recent I made it this afternoon.

Hello everyone.

The card I have to show to you this afternoon is the one I have just made for my brothers birthday.  It is always so difficult to know what design to do.  He has in the past raced motorbikes - but some time ago when we were chatting he totally out of the blue said that he didn't see the point of being sent cards with motorbikes on because he got his pleasure from riding them.  Oh well - there goes one idea.  Recently I found a rather good motorbike die - so I will save that for my nephews card as he is the racer now.

Anyway after that little bit of "background" - here is the card;

I created a top fold square card with a copper mirri layer.  I have this great die from Tim Holtz of this corner die of cogs (it also comes with lots of individual cogs as well.  I die-cut them from black card & glued to the mirri card.  Then I die-cut the Happy Birthday from copper mrri & also black card.  This is the first time I have ever put 2 die-cuts together to give a drop shadow. I found it a bit tricky, as I didn't easily apply the glue - I think another time I will use that Stick It! paper.

Despite that slight problem I am rather pleased with the card.   By the way I have noticed that the greeting is slightly on the slant - but it looks OK I think.  Perhaps helped by the diagonal lines created by the 2 corner pieces.

That is my news for today - another recent card tomorrow.
'Bye for now.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Member showcase

Good afternoon everyone.

This afternoon I have a member showcase for you & once again it is Rita of Mold II club.  Rita has had one of her cards & a letter published in  the latest issue of "Simply Cards & Papercraft (Issue 167).

That's really pretty Rita.
I haven't tried that magazine free gift yet - but seeing how well it comes out I think I might give it a try very soon.

That is me for today.

Well one again Rita.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Christmas cards

Good afternoon everyone & what a nice afternoon it has turned out to be - so blue skies & sunshine not that awful rain.

This afternoon I just have a photo of 2 little cards I have made mainly for a Christmas card workshop I am doing in 2 weeks time.  They are also the project for CSNW's October meeting.

It's called a twisted gate-fold card


This photo shows them stood upright

& this one shows them laying down & held by the closure.

They are a quick & simple card which I thought would be an idea to start the workshop with, as I won't have any idea of the expertise of those ladies attending.  I can then judge it from there & bring in different style of cards accordingly.

I hope your weekend is going well.  We have just had a very nice couple of hours with a visit from Gareth, Elayne & Gwion, & I got to have a really long cuddle time with him.  Lovely!  Oh  I did let Granddad have a cuddle too.  That is - with Gwion  😉

'Bye for now.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Just chatting

Good evening everyone.

Well. last night was my demo evening at the garden centre.

I had been asked to demo something to do with card making - so I chose to use my Cuttlebug & show different things to do with embossing folders & dies.

It was pretty busy early on & quite a few ladies were eager to be first to see what was going to be shown.  I wasn't the only demonstrator for the evening, there was a lady showing crochet & a couple showing  beaded work.

The evening had been arranged to show all the new Christmas products that the shop had brought in. They had a free raffle, some fizzy wine & little nibbles which made it a lovely event.  I did have a moment during my early demonstration, as the ladies were putting their drinks on my table I was working on.  With the possibility that when I used the Cuttlebug the table would shake I was really worried about my nice cards. Fortunately - no accidents occurred.

I had set up my table to work efficiently but also to show off card samples I had made & wanted to take a photo of it - but 3 ladies made themselves comfortable on chairs right in the front so I didn't get the chance.

It was a most enjoyable evening, as events like that usually are because of peoples genuine interest in craft.  Also I had managed to choose some techniques that it would appear many of the ladies hadn't thought of trying - or even knew could be done.  So I was quite pleased with the evening.

Today I have been busy putting everything away, getting rid of rubbish I produced & putting my Christmas cards away in a box ready to use later.

Well that was my day yesterday, & here we are at the weekend again.
Have a lovely time with whatever you have chosen to do.
'Bye for now.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

another Christmas card

Good afternoon everyone.

This afternoon I have a photo of another of my double slider Christmas cards to show you.

This one was the one I made to show the ladies of my little stamping group at the garden centre.  I prepared everything beforehand so that they could see the different components.

Then as I showed them how to put the card together I put mine together at the same time.

I now have 3 of these for Christmas, plus one for a birthday & the earlier one I made I gave to a friend for her birthday in August.

I stamped the images with Versamark then embossed them with gold EP. They were coloured in with felt pens & I went around the edges of the layers of card with a red Promarker. 

When the ink on the large bauble was dry I covered it with Glossy Accents to give it a glassy shiny look.

That's me for today.  'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

more demo preparation

Good evening everyone - I hope you are managing to stay dry.

Today I have another couple of photos for you of the cards I am preparing for my demo;

The first 2 were created to show 2 things.
One - how to use ink with your embossing folders
Two - cutting p the embossed card rather than using a whole sheet.

I sill have to put a greeting on these & some embellishment.

On this card I simply embossed black card & then covered it with gold gilding wax.
I wanted an "old" or vintage look - so I wasn't gentle or sparing with it
I added a gold ribbon & knotted bow at the side & gilded a small piece of card from which I die cut the "seasons greeting".

Made another complete card today & some small prepared pieces to work with later.

More tomorrow - bye for now.