Friday, 31 July 2015

Just a little chat

Hi everyone I have just popped in quickly to chat about a couple of things.

The first is a question really - how many of you who regularly read the blog keep an eye on the comments button at the bottom of each post?  When someone writes a comment & I accept it for the blog it goes against the post that is being commented on (is that obvious?)!  The comments are only ever complimentary to the topic, which in a lot of cases is your own work being shown.  If you don't look at these you are missing out on comments about your work from your colleagues whether from the same club as you or one of the other clubs.

The second thing, & I thought I would point out, it is something where I realised part of the problem was down to me myself.  Quite a few of my birthday cards arrived through the post - with my old surname on.  One card came with no surname next to my first name but my old name in brackets by its side - which meant the sender had remembered it had changed but not what to.  So, I went to the clubs birthday lists & found that the only one I had changed my surname on was the one for Mold II club.  So I will make sure it is changed on the others for next year.

You would think I would remember to change it wouldn't you?

But no! & I had some other correspondence come last week still under the old name.  So I must have informed them of my change address but not my name.  Strange that - seeing as I changed my name before I moved house.

Lastly I have a request & in some cases this may affect other ladies receiving cards.  Between the 3 clubs I have several ladies with the name Joan & from these ladies I get lovely cards - but I can never be sure which Joan a card belongs to.  So perhaps your surname in brackets afterwards?  I am sure the other ladies you send cards too probably have the same problem.

So there you are - I hope that last item doesn't sound like a complaint because it is far from it - I just want to be sure which nice Joan sent me which lovely card.

That's me then.  The weekend is here - so I hope you are going to be having a good one.
'Bye for now.

my birthday cards - final set

Good morning - here is the final batch of the birthday cards I received this year;

Absolutely beautiful every sinle on of the,  I am so lucky & I really appreciate the work you all put into the cards you send.  Thank you very much.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

More birthday cards

Hello again everyone.

Here, as promised, some more of the birthday cards I received this year.  So as not to overload the system I will have to do the remianing ones in 2 batches.  So here is the first batch;


Another batch follows - probably in the morning.  'Bye for now.

Mold II photos - part 2

Hi everyone - sorry I didn't get back again yesterday with these photos - but I am afraid I got my head stuck into something.  Figuratively that is - I didn't get my head stuck somewhere.

Nadine, our daughter-in-law has asked me to research her dad's family history - so of course as soon as things started to get interesting I couldn't stop.  I am glad to say it is going well.

Now to Mold II - the photos today are of their project from their evening which was the technique of using tissue.  Most ladies produced backgrounds to play with later,&  some managed to get some stamping done over the top. You really should wait until the card is dry (or hasten the process with the heat gun) as otherwise your stamping can bleed a bit or not come out fully.  Here are their cards;

Two nice pieces from Annette. I particularly like the hydrangea flower on the multi-stripe background.

Three pieces from Betty.  That crinkle in the blue of the top image makes the blue look like it has clouds, doesn't it?

Four lots of backgrounds from Carolyn plus ...

.... these 2 lovely pieces.  The backgrounds set the stamped images off so well.

Two great backgrounds from Christine.  The top one makes a great landscape background & the lower one is very ethereal. Is that the right word?  I am sure that's the word I mean.

Dot produced these backgrounds - such a contrast in depth of colour between them

Two great autumnal styles from Elizabeth.  I particularly like the lower one - to me the white spaces could be water reflecting the colours above.  Wow! where did that come from?

Four pieces from Helen.  I think the 2 with the butterfly on would look good cut out & that bottom background is particularly interesting.

Three backgrounds from Liz - the dark stripey one looks really good & striking.

I love the soft background on this one by Phyllis - the colours seem to shimmer on the glossy card.

and finally

the ladies hard at work.

It was a great evening.

All 3 clubs have now had a good go at this technique & seeing as I bought rather a large pack of the tissue I have a fair amount left.  So I thought I would cut some of it up into smaller strips & put them in little cello bags to sell at each club.  Won't cost much - but I won't be able to use all of the tissue I have left.  This particular tissue was a special one as I explained at the meetings - when wet - it bleeds.

If any of you try the technique with other types of tissue - please let me know what the results are like because it is always good to hear that these things can be done without costing too much money.

Right I still have quite a few birthday cards to show you - so I had better get on with that post. I think it will still take 2 more posts - so will do one later & then the other one in the morning.

That's me for now - got to find some more time for family history searches...  'Byee.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Mold II photos - part 1

Good afternoon again ladies.

In this post I have the photos of Mold II's Show & tell from last night, where the theme was a card using the Etching technique learnt earlier in the year. As one or two people were missing & we were a smaller group, plus some of the ladies had not seen this technique, we only have 5 entries to show you;

Pretty pastel roses from Annette. I also liked that this was card was a long side opening card - they make a change from the squarish ones & also the top folding ones.

Pretty pastel flowers again, this time from Carolyn.  They are beautifully set off by being placed on the silver mirri topper.

I love the colours in this card & the delicate stamped image, everything goes so well together.  
This one made by Elma

A beautiful medallion image from Liz.  As Liz didn't have a stamp - she drew the design herself.
Very clever Liz!

This card was made by Phyllis but it didn't get shown at the Show & Tell, as she had actually sent it to me for my birthday - so I copied it here to be included.

That is me for now - I will be back later with the photos from the evenings project.
'Bye for now.

quick chat

Good afternoon everyone.

I was just getting ready to post the photos & chat about last night's Mold II meeting when on my starting screen I noticed that the club blog now has 14 followers which is great.  On looking to see who they were I find that a couple of them are not members of any of the three clubs this is for, one certainly was & another is I believe a friend from a while back.

On my personal blog I always try to welcome new followers - so this quick post is to welcome the following new followers to this blog;

Pat Beamont;  Anita;  Mountain girl; Glynis Russell & Laura_juaned.

I hope you enjoy visiting the blog & please if you are in the area that any of the 3 clubs meet, why not email me & come along one evening.  In the meantime you are very welcome to see what we are up to.

I will be back shortly ladies with the photos of Mold II's Show & Tell from last night.

'Bye for now.

Monday, 27 July 2015

member showcase

Good afternoon ladies - well here I am with another member showcase which this time is Annette of Mold II who has also been featured in a magazine (I think it was Papercraft Inspirations) & thank you to Rita for spotting it & sending it to me.

A really pretty box.  I think I had better look for that template could be very useful.  Well done Annette.

That is all from me today - I am having a little trouble with my fingers on my right hand - a slight infection - so it is not comfortable typing.  Hopefully it is reasonably well on the mend now.

Mold II club tonight tomorrow - so see you ladies then.
'Bye for now.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

member showcase

Hi everyone - not such a good day is it?  Yesterday Bob & I were sat out in our garden enjoying the sun & now today its wellies & umbrellas!!

Today I have a member showcase for you & it is once again the turn of Betty from Mold II, who has a card & letter featured in Quick Cards magazine & not only is there a card & a letter - but - it is the Star Letter.

Well done Betty, enjoy your prize.

The sharp-eyed of you will notice that the letter is from Liz Langdon - but at Mold II club most of us know her as Betty.  Which is probably just as well - as we have a Liz & an Elizabeth as well as members of the club.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.  'Bye for now.

birthday greetings

Today is 26 July
& a CSNW member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Grace

Have a lovely day