Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Just chatting

Good evening ladies
Well! I have held my first full Friendly Plastic workshop today.  I had two ladies on the workshop who were certainly very interested in finding out more.

After explaining bits & pieces about FP we settled down to making our first piece of artwork.  I showed how to fuse more than one strip together to create another piece of FP,  Then a second piece was constructed which was then marbled - you remember when we did it club night - where you drag the needle tool through to create the chevron pattern.  Other pieces that were made were the lace effect & also stamping into FP.  Then I suggested that they make their own marbling tool.  That was good fun & was made from two rectangles of FP with some needles placed between them with the points sticking out.  We used 5 needles for each tool & then of course they had to be put to the test, & another piece of FP was fused then marbled with the new tool.  Brilliant!

It was a most enjoyable couple of hours & a second workshop covering other aspects is to be organised probably in October.  Before that thought I have to make myself a marbling tool - I can't not have one myself.

I have tried the melt pot method for softening the FP but the actual pot only holds a shallow amount of water, & I managed to soften a piece of FP & make a bead. So I need to try it with a small foil dish holding water to manage slightly larger pieces.

A very satisfying morning.

That's me for tonight.  More tomorrow
Sleep well, night night.

Monday, 29 August 2011

just chatting

Good evening ladies
Well I didn't have an active crafting day after all - more a research & write up workshop notes type of crafting day.

Do you often say - I know what would be a good idea - then later wonder why?  When sorting the theme for the September workshops at PBC I thought we should start on Christmas. The idea that I had?  Let's do a Black & White Christmas.  Now that in itself is not a problem - you can basically just replace coloured card & images with black & white card & images.  Not worth going to a workshop for - unless you have never made any Christmas cards before.  So today has been spent coming up with some different ideas as well as just using black & white.  I have thought out some templates for shaped cards with a Christmas theme, & where I cannot draw them myself have researched to see if someone else has already done so.

Then I have had to research papers - a couple I have designed on my computer with my graphics package. I did find there was a limited amount of papers available commercially.  Of course stampers can create their own background papers.  But I don't know if those ladies attending are stampers & won't until the workshop starts.  All good fun & very testing.

Tomorrow I have a workshop for my crochet group, then Wednesday is a workshop on Friendly Plastic - the Black & White Christmas is on Thursday.

Talking of Friendly Plastic - when we worked with it at the club meetings we used the heat gun to soften it - but another method is water heated to 60 degrees C.  I have a melt pot (used for metling amongst many options - ultra thick embossing powder, beeswax even chocolate) - & yesterday I  wrote to one of the American companies that sells them & asked whether they thought I could use it just with water & why.  They have replied that they cnnot see any reason why not & want to know how I get on.  So tomorrow I hope to give it a try.  After all I don't want to buy another piece of equipment.

That's me for today - hope your weekend was not spoilt by the weather. 

More tomorrow - 'bye for now.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

just chatting

Hello ladies

I hope despite the weather that you are having a good weekend.

Our thoughts have to be with our colleagues in the USA - especially New York & nearby States with the awful weather they are experiencing.  We moan about our British weather but at least we do not experience things like that - I am sure they are in our thoughts.

I haven't dropped by for a couple of days because there has not been something crafty to report.

Anyway today I can report some crafty activity - well yesterdays activity actually.  I finished off that series of stamped images - turning them into cards.  Here are two examples -

The first one is one of the Celtic style tulip designs that I stamped.  I have done, for me, some quite intricate cutting out as there is full image & then there is a cutout image.  The cutout consists of the central tulip & it's stem & the two outer curved leaves. All the space in between I have cut away.

The second card is

one of the elegant lady images.  I actually stamped 4 of these & treated them in different colour ways.  This one I coloured the edge of the white card with pink chalk & then layered it onto white card that had been edged with a Promarker in the same colour as the lady's jacket.  Also the peel off border has been coloured with the same Promarker.  Those pens are so so good.  This image needs nothing else but it's own statement & that is usually how I leave it.

I have put up the photos of all the cards in this series on my personal blog - so if you want to see them just pop over & take a look.  Can't remember how?  Then click HERE.

I am hoping to have another craft day tomorrow, but I also have a couple of cards which I will show you  tomorrow, which I have already made,  using Friendly Plastic - which is the subject of one of my workshops next week. I need to make some other FP samples - so possibly will have those to show you too.

You may have noticed a slight change to the look of the page.  I have removed the labels that appear down the right hand side.  They are a list of the labels that I put at the end of each post - but I haven't been particulary consistent with what I put - so I decided to remove them.  They were also taking up rather a lot of space at the side of the blog.  But I have left the archive list there.

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend.
More tomorrow
Night night

Friday, 26 August 2011

just chatting

Hi everyone
No crafting to speak about today I am afraid & not from yesterday either.

Yesterday after the lunch Bob & I attended, I carried on with some more sorting of personal paperwork.  Doesn't it mount up?  They say you should keep it for 7 years - I think I have got it way beyond that.

This sorting continued this morning as well & then we had a phone call from Gareth inviting us out to lunch, which was very nice. Then I had an appointment in Mold which was the rest of the day taken care of.

So I have really just popped in to let you know I am here just nothing to report.  But - you never know about tomorrow - because it is rugby Saturday - so I will probably do some crafting whilst Bob & Gareth are watching the games.

Well! here we are at the last bank holiday of 2011 - I hope you have some nice things to do over the weekend & that the weather is kind to us.  Having said that - the rain & thunder tonight does not bode too well, does it?

Anyway have a great weekend.
More tomorrow.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Photos from Mold II meeting

Good evening ladies
As promised here are the photo's from last nights Mold II meeting, including a picture of Marie whilst she was talking.  That was the most difficult photo to take as every time I was ready to snap the photo she moved or turned the other way. 

Here is the photo of Marie talking about some stamping on bamboo tiles.   Sorry about the shadow Marie.

Here are the Show & Tell cards.

I have had a very domestic day today - clearing out a backlog of paperwork that can now be got rid of.   You know the sort of thing I mean - old manuals for things you no longer have, very old receipts & cheque book stubs going back years.  There was also some good finds that had crept in amongst them - some teabag papers, some plastic templates & old magazine articles I had pulled out to add to my to do list.  I went through them again - but as some were really quite dated they were thrown out but a couple made it back into the box.

Tomorrow I have a lunch to attend then I am hoping to be able to do a little crafting in the afternoon.

Once again these photos gave me a lot of problems getting them in to this post - looks like I need to investigate the process again.  Oooh - I hate computers sometimes.

That is me for today - more tomorrow.
Hope you have had a nice day.


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mold II meeting

Good evening ladies
Another good meeting with visiting retailer Marie of Artisan.  Once again the ladies so enjoyed listening to all her ideas & hints and tips that nobody had a play. 

So like the other two clubs I am hoping that their bamboo tiles will be brought to the next club night.  I will be taking photos which will not only go here on the blog - but will be given to Marie to see.

I took a photo of Marie talking to the ladies & also took photos of the show & tell for tonight - which, was the two cards made from the packs left with them at the June meeting.  I will load those onto the blog tomorrow as it is rather late to do it tonight.

This morning I had a good workshop down at PBC showing two types of hidden message cards.  That is my only workshop this week - but September is going to be busier.

That is me for tonight - more tomorrow.
Night night

Monday, 22 August 2011

My work in progress cards

Hello everyone

This morning I drove to Warrington & back to take Russ there for a job interview. Nadine came along as well as we weren't sure how long he would be.  I had checked the area & there was a Hobbycraft nearby.  So as we had parked in a Tesco car park we did some shopping first - it was a really large store with lots of room.  We really took our time shopping, after that we then drove a little further up the road to Hobbycraft.  We got just inside the door when Nadine had a call from Russ to say he had finished his interview.  That has to be my quickest visit to a Hobbycraft  store ever.

This afternoon I completed a multi fold card I had seen on the Internet - to take a look at the photos I have taken of it - please go to my personal blog.  Click HERE.

Out of the group of images I have been working on to make some cards - I have finished one.  Here is the photo;
After choosing the red card to layer the sentiment image onto - it looked rather white,stark & glaring.

I made the decision to take a chance & use the distress inks around the edge & used Fired Brick - which of course seemed the most appropriate.  At first I have to say that I thought I had overdone it - but I rather like the finish.  It was still lacking something & I found some red rickrack braid in my ribbon box & laid that along the lower edge.  I thought ric rac associated with braid was spelt this way but the spell checker said the way above.

Now all I have to do is find the right colour scheme to go with the pink version.  I also have the tulips still to finish & the elegant ladies.

Tomorrow I have a workshop on cards with hidden messages.  That is my only workshop this week - but in September it looks like I have 3 each week - so getting back to the old way of things.

Tomorrow evening is the Mold II August meeting & the last visit of Marie. 

That's me for tonight ladies.  More tomorrow.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

My weekend crafting

Hi everyone

This weekend I have done a little more work on some images I stamped ready for cards.  Also I have uploaded the photos I took of them & of the little box that Mold club will be making at their September meeting.  I am going to put the photos of the boxes here as I had been absent minded & left them at home last week.

Here are the boxes.   I made two to give a different look.  There is no spectacular appearance to them just made very basically to show them.  I have cut out another template for one & will try & make a more ornate one.

The box measures 1" square on each side & on this one I have put some little beads to act as feet.

I seem to have taken the one on the right at a funny angle as it is all out of perspective.

They would make nice little boxes to pop a chocolate in to put on the Christmas dinner table.

I think I might make a Christmas one next.

This version I put some cord into one of the corners so that it could hang diamond shape.

This just has some bauble peel offs on each side including the bottom as it will be seen.

In the right colourway & card it will make a nice Christmas tree decoration, especially if you are someone who likes glitter - so that amongst the fairy lights on the tree it would really shine.

Of course if you give small presents - a piece of jewellery could fit in there quite nicely; a £5 note (or larger value) would fold down to fit in there.  Or a lottery ticket.  Mind you if it was then a winning ticket it might have so many folds in it that the lottery ticket machine might not be able to read it.  That would be disastrous.

I have given the family a lucky dip lottery ticket each Christmas in their stockings for a few years now.  Yes! they all have a stocking - well it wouldn't be Christmas without one would it?    Nobody has ever won anything.

If you want to see my stamping work perhaps you wouldn't mind popping over to my personal blog where I have added photos & a chat about what I am doing. Just click HERE

I am off now to take the photos of the second stage of my stamping.  Hope you are having a great weekend.  More tomorrow. 

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Birthday Greetings

Birthday greetings

It;s 20 August & a Mold II member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Annette

have a lovely day

Friday, 19 August 2011

Mold meeting photos

Good evening ladies
Here I am with the photos of the Show & Tell cards from Mold meeting last night.  Their Show & Tell was to make two cards using the items in the packs I gave them last month, which they made during the July meeting. It was the project section of the evening.

Do you like the use of the hair clips?

Oh boy these pictures gave me big problens loading them - never mind they are all there now & here to finish the photos of the evening is one of Marie - mid flow in her presentation.  Never easy to get a good photo when someone is talking.

Thank you Marie - it was another great evening & I have already heard from ladies that their heads are full of ideas.

That's me for tonight ladies.  Have a great weekend.  I will be crafting tomorrow whilst Bob & Gareth watch the rugby.
Night night.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mold August meeting

Hi everyone
I have started typing up some of the blog before going to the meeting as there were a couple of things to chat about.

I seem to remember that I did mention that I joined the UK Stampers Network - paper exchange club - when I visited the Stamping show in Wrexham.  Yes - I did I remember telling you how Sue & I came to be at the table.  There are several sections & the one I joined was the Gift Tag group.  I have now received my first set of tags.  I have to take one out & put one in & send the envelope on to someone else in the group.  I also have to make 4 identical tags & start those on a similar round.  But along with my first gift tag came another package.  Mickey the lady demonstrating the group at Wrexham was putting the names of everyone who joined that day, in a bag & at the end of the show a name would be drawn out & that person would win a little bag of goodies.  It turns out that I was the winner.  There is a pack of mulberry paper; a pack of scrapbook style mini frames (very decorative); an ink pad & a little set of stamps - numbers that look like cross stitch.

This morning I prepared 2 examples of the project for the Mold September meeting - a little inchies box.  I haven't taken a picture of them yet but will do tonight.  I also made a couple of birthday cards & will photograph them tomorrow, as I hope to be making some more.

Tomorrow I want to do some more work on my 2011 project & I still haven't done any blogging on my personal blog.  Must pull my finger out.

Right I am stopping now.  It's time for my dinner then it will be time to go to the meeting.  I will continue with this when I get back home afterwards.

Well! I am back & we had a very good meeting.  Marie showed again how she uses bamboo tiles not just on cards & canvases but for jewellery.  Also showed alcohol inks on clear buttons.  As well as that there were a lot of hints & tips on the ways to use the various inks & lots of ideas.  Once again the ladies preferred to listen to Marie & then do some shopping rather than have a play but they were all given their goodie bag & I have asked that they use them at home & then bring the items next month so that I can photograph them & send them to Marie.

We had an extra visitor tonight as well - as Sue managed to pop in.  She cannot come to the club every month now due to other commitments but is going to pop in from time to time - it was good to see her.

Oh yes after all my careful preparation this morning I went to the meeting without the examples of next month's project.  So I will have to put a photograph up in the next few days so that the ladies can get an idea of what it looked like.

That's it for tonight ladies - I am afraid I am a little too tired to put the photographs up from tonight's Show & Tell - will do it during the day tomorrow.

Hope you have had a pleasant evening with whatever you have been doing.  By the way I missed a fantastic sunset tonight.  Never mind there will be lots more.

Nigh night.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Just chatting

Hi everyone
This morning's workshop was attended by 3 ladies & went very well, with the ladies having a good play just getting used to the corner stamps with single colour ink pads & starting to make some patterns.  We then moved on to using the Kaleidacolor ink pads & getting even better results.  Then after they had had a little break I just let them play in whatever way they wished. It seemed more benificial to just use the stamps & discover things for themselves rather than forcing the making of a completed card.

There were one or two surprises I have to say.  It's the very reason that I love running workshops & showing the things at the club - I learn too.  Each one of the ladies came up with something new - things I just hadn't thought about.  One in particular stood out & was quite different & tomorrow I am going to reproduce it & photograph it.

After the workshop I set to & made my first mock up of the box for HSNW I was telling you about by making the one reduced by half.  I am very pleased to say that my measurements were accurate & the whole thing went together like a dream.  I only used some 12x12 paper I had - so the next stage is to make it in card for a sturdier box.  Then I think I might try the box that has been reduced by a quarter.

This evening I have had to send Marie who is visiting the Mold club tomorrow some new directions to get to us as yesterday when I went into Mold some of the road was shut off at Alltami & the diversion signs were a little thin on the ground.  That is ok if you know the area - but not good for visitors. Unfortunately I cannot do a test run tomorrow during the day to see if it is open again - so have given her another route.

I am hoping to have a crafty day tomorrow - so perhaps I will have some photos of my work soon.

Take care of yourselves & obviously I will see some of you tomorrow night.
Night night.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Just chatting

Hi everyone
Today I have been busy sorting out a project that I am doing for HSNW.

I have been deconstructing a rather clever collapsing box so that it can be reproduced in smaller sizes & also replicated in its original size.  I say deconstructing the box - but I am not taking it apart.  The first thing I had to do was to" break it down" into sections & see how they worked together to make the complete box.  Then I drew up a draft plan of the various pieces with the original measurements marked on it.  Following that I drew up two more layouts one at half the size of the original & one at a quarter smaller than the original. Does that make sense.  Another stage was to calculate how much card is needed to make the two smaller sizes.

Of course my final test will be in drawing out the sections at the required sizes, cutting them out & making up the two boxes, & for it to actually look right it will need to be decorated too.

This will keep me a bit occupied for a few days as I am showing the group how to make this box at our October meeting.  Unfortunately at the moment I will be unable to show you the project - but will have a word with the HSNW group & see if they mind me showing you the boxes & perhaps how they are made.

I have a couple of birthday cards to make this week & will show them to you when they are done.

On Thursday it is the Mold August meeting & they are getting their visit from my colleague Marie, from HSNW, as CSNW did at the beginning of the month.  It will then be Mold II's turn on Tuesday.

That has been my day today - more tomorrow.
Take care everyone.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Just chatting

Hi everyone
Well a much nicer day today weather wise.  We can take plenty more of that, can't we.

Today I have had a very nice day out with our daughter-in-law.  After a quick trip into Mold for me to sort out a new bracelet for my medi-alert bracelet we drove to Llandudno.

Yes, you are probably right in your thinking - I was visiting the Llancraft shop.  I needed red & green cards & envelopes for some of my Christmas cards I will be making & thought they would be good value there - plus we would have a nice drive & lots of time to natter.  Another item I wanted was those plastic A4 boxes for some storage - but they didn't have any & were expecting them in anytime.  Oh dear that will mean another trip.

After that we took a leisurely drive back long the country lanes & stopped off at Tweedmill, just outside St. Asaph  where we grabbed a cup of tea & coffee, then a look around the store.  My that place has expanded since I first went there & they are building even more space.  Hmm! can you build space?  I think you know what I meant.

I had a comment from "Crafty Jo" about my statement in yesterdays post, that I would be asking you if you would like to make one of these books that I have become obsessed with - she suggested that I show you all a "filled" album to give you a better idea. She is right of course because it is always better to understand what you are making if you know how it looks - or might look - at the finish. (Oh! dear, that reminds me I must make samples of what you are going to be doing over the next couple of months).  The album is something I had in mind for next year - so I have time to get it filled.  Oops just remembered I haven't released her comment - will do that as soon as I have published this post.  The thing is these albums are a bit like scrapbooks but in miniature -  you are not using big sheets of 12" x 12" card & paper - which a lot of people find very daunting.  Having said that the ladies at Mold II did a grand job last month.  But anyway I will fill one & then you will have a better idea.  All I have to do is decided what I am going to put it in it.  Mind you I don't think that little album I showed you pictures of will be the one - that really was my trial run & I will probably keep it empty but use it for design ideas - so it could end up looking really weird - or just out of this world.  Time will tell.

Tomorrow my workshop is not taking place as there is only one lady booked on it - I hate it when a workshop is cancelled - I feel sorry for the person who wanted to take part & can't.  But it isn't viable to run a workshop for one person.  I have another one on Wednesday which is going to take place as there are already three ladies booked on it,  & it is a rubber stamping workshop - using Clarity corners.

There you have it - a run down on my day - I hope you have all had a good day as well.  Back tomorrow possibly with photos of cards made.  Possibly another album - no perhaps not - better finish the second one I started which is going to be completed.  Haven't put a post on my other blog yet - possibly tomorrow.

Night night.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

I am obsessed ...............

............ with what?  I hear you ask.

Oops nearly forgot - hello again everyone - I am back with another post.
I did mention a couple of posts back how I had started working on a project (for me - perhaps I should say - pour moi?).  Also I mentioned that I had started something else alongside the project.  This second project got me thinking that it was time I started doing something I had been going to try for sometime.  I am talking about books.

Now I cannot get enough of them.  Currently I am working on envelope books  - although most of the time they are referred to as albums.  This weekend I have made two - yes two!  One has all the pages covered & card put into the pockets which will hold various items.  I haven't really decided what I want to put in it yet - I just wanted to make one.  Let me show you the cover.

I have got as far as putting a little bit of bling on the front along with a little tag for the title.
Inside there are various pockets created but different parts of the envelopes.

The white items you can see are the cards that are in the pockets awaiting something to happen to them.

The second pink picture has a little triangular corner pocket on the right hand page & the blue page has a band paper across the page for a tag - or something else to be inserted underneath it.

These photos show the double page spread of each page. I will be checking at the next meetings to see if you would like to make one as well - we could get a good basic album made at the club night - or a bit more  to it during a workshop.  See what you think.  I will later explain how I made the album.

I have started a second album also with envelopes but with a different structure.  I am saving that one for my personal blog as it is time for me to start blogging again over there - it has been almost a month since my last posting on it.  You are welcome to pop over there to see, but give me a little time to do it.  I will also be describing the little album above that I have shown you.

A friend's birthday card

Hi everyone

I hope you have been having a great weekend - it would have been nice to have had some better weather though, wouldn't it?

Well whilst Bob & Gareth were watching the rugby yesterday afternoon I got on & finished my friend's birthday card & thought you would like to see it.  She doesn't read my blog - well she might read my personal one but not the club one - so I can show it to you.

I really fancied doing a shape I hadn't done for a while so chose this cascade style.
I chose the black card after choosing the pink & black papers.  If you click on the photos you will be shown a larger version which will op-en in another window.  You will then be able to see the gems that are on the card to add a bit of bling.

I have done some stamping on it - the verse inside is stamped with one of my favourite birthday messages.

As you know I have so many background papers & toppers so this was a nice card where I could use good papers & do some stamping too.

The next stage was to find an envelope, which wasn't as daunting as I first thought.  In a box I had some DL cream cards which were exactly the size I needed.  To make things a little coordinated, I took a spare strip of the black with pink flourish paper that matches the pink with black flourish paper to put a decorative band on the left-hand side of the envelope.

I have also been busy with other crafting over the weekend - details of that in the next post.

Back in a little while

Friday, 12 August 2011

Just chatting

Hi everyone
Will this rain never end?  I feel, sadly, that summer has been & gone.  If you don't remember it you must have blinked.

I have been good today & done a fair amount of crafting.  I decided what sort of card & what with to make for my friend who has a birthday next week, & got that made.  It just needs some little bits & pieces added to dress it up & for the message to be put on it, which hopefully I will get done tomorrow whilst Bob & Gareth are watching the rugby.  I haven't made it a standard size so I will also have to organise an envelope for it.

I also worked on my project a little more I am quite pleased with the way it is coming along.  I also decided that I really must start scrap booking my holidays & the best way to do it I think is to start on the holiday this year in Brittany & work backwards.  I don't think I will be doing large 12x12 pages I have a yen to do some mini albums & handmade ones at that. But I mustn't get carried away too soon or I shall have too many things that I will be trying to do. At the moment I am looking into the different albums that can be made & working out what I think will be most suitable.  I already have a little journal for my Brittany holiday which was given to me for my birthday.  So that should be  my starting point.

I even set aside a little time later this afternoon for some family history work - getting a book written up for Caroline whose family I have traced.  The trouble with family history is you pick a point to stop & write about it & then realise you didn't check on who that persons parents were.  Then you are off on the search again rather than the writing.  Poor Caroline has been waiting a while.  So I must get it finished.

I hope you have something great planned for the weekend & if you are about to go on holiday I do hope the weather improves.

That's me for tonight, more tomorrow.  Night night.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Promised pictures & some chat

Good evening ladies
I am finally putting up the photos of the hidden message cards I made.  I will put them here amongst the blogging news I am giving today.

Talking of today - where was I yesterday?
Well! it was a bitty, but busy day - a final check to see I had everything I needed for my workshop this morning. Some domestic duties.  Some more research for projects for workshops & the clubs, including sourcing some of the materials required.

I had to keep to my plan for the day as we were going out in the evening at about 4:15pm - then suddenly the goal post was moved & we were going out an hour earlier.  Where were we off to?

We were joining Russ & Nadine to go & see the final Harry Potter film.  I read the first few books & saw a couple of the earlier films but that was it.  So I wasn't really up to date with what was happening - but it was a chance for us to go out together so I went along.  It was a great film & the magic (pun intended) of effects was stunning. After the film we went for a meal together so I am sorry but when we got back home I didn't really have time to blog.

Today I have had a workshop - which I think I may have mentioned a couple of times for waterfall & penny roller card.  I had 3 fun ladies on the workshop & it was an absolute pleasure to take.  After that a little more work on my new project.
The blue card to the right is the surprise pop-up hidden message card, & I just noticed that I have put the photo of it opened up before the closed version.  Never mind I am sure it doesn't matter.

The green card - well I am not sure it has a name - I have in the past called it Jacobs ladder - but that is another item.
The photo on the left is a gatefold version & I have taken the photo with it slightly open so that the front is seen & a little peek of the inside.
This second photo on the left shows you the inside & the one on the right the hidden section of the central panel open.

I still cannot work out why they gave me so much trouble creating them - other than the reason I gave in the blog - think about a project for a few minutes before starting it.
Tomorrow I have to make my friends birthday card - her birthday is next Thursday.  I know what sort of card I am going to make I now need to sort the materials so that they are all to hand before I start.  I know, I know I bet you are all sitting there saying but you should always do that.  Yes, well - I bet I am not the only one who starts along one path & ends up going along another one.

I have had 2 club members offer to lead a project for the club which is good & both of them have offered really interesting projects.  I am looking forward to those meetings - it means I get to play too.

I think that's me for tonight.  More tomorrow - lets hope the rain goes away, especially for the weekend.  Sleep well.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Just chatting

Good evening ladies

Well I seem to have achieved quite a bit today in my little crafting world.

I started by sorting some card & decorative papers for my workshop on Thursday morning - I am doing a waterfall card & a penny roller card.  Then I had to rewrite some of the notes for these 2 cards as I had changed slightly the way we were going to be making them.

Next I started on my 2011 project.  First by putting together in a box, some bits & pieces I knew I wanted to use so I wouldn't lose them.  Then it was a case of getting started.  I am in fact running two 2011 projects side by side - they are of a similar nature.  This is handy as when I hit a lack of creativity (although it is fairly relaxed) with one I can move to the other.  I am sorry to be mysterious about what I am doing but I want it to be something you see when it is finished.

The other thing I then did was gather together the components for my brothers birthday card.  He is 65 (bless him) at the end of the month & a while back I found exactly the sort of thing that would do for his card.  But I want to alter it a bit - put my own take on it. Will show you a photo when I have made it.  Also I have stamped some images for future birthday cards so tomorrow can start colouring, layering & putting them together.  As soon as I have something to show you I will put the photos here.

Talking of photos I haven't loaded the couple of photos that I mentioned yesterday - I will do that tomorrow.

That's me for today.  Hope you have had a good day.
Night night.

Monday, 8 August 2011

A cautionary tale?

Good evening ladiesDon't worry I am not going all classical story telling. 

But before that I just want to make a quick reference back to the last blog & leaving comments.  For that blog I used Betty's email to show that I can take the content of the email & turn it into a comment.  If you use that method I will cut & paste the comment from your email into the comment box at the end of the blog.  Once posted it will look like it came from me but I will make sure that the persons name appears at the beginning. If the email needs a reply from me - that will not appear in the comment box.  Just your comments.

Back to my blog title - it is related to my card-making experiences this morning.  I was making two samples for PBC for a future workshop - they were hidden message cards.  The first one was the card that has central panels which have a secret way to open them to reveal the message.  The panels are woven through slits in the base card.  The second card was a little card with a pull up front tab to reveal the message.  The biggest problem was with the first card - the first sheet of card I chose would not not cut neatly & it wasn't my craft knife blade.  After that the cutting went well & I checked that the panels that are woven through fitted well.  I then added all the decoration.  Here comes the cautionary bit - I have made this card so many times but not for a while.  After decorating I put it all together again & decided to glue the panels to stop them sliding out or being pulled out. Mistake 1 - I glued in the wrong place on one panel - I didn't test the opening & closing first.  When that was sorted I took another look around the design & found I had placed embellishments on sections that wouldn't be seen - so removed them. Satisfied I had everything right I then decorated the fronts with butterfly peel offs.  The second card only had little hiccups - but after the other one it was getting very frustrating.  I didn't have decorative card so I adhered decorative paper to the card.  When the adhesive was dry I did the necessary cutting & scoring.  Surprisingly the cutting went perfect - it was the folding after the scoring - the paper creased a bit.  Having finished the cards I put them down to be photographed. Here is the final fault - with the first card I photographed the fronts, opened the card & the inside was upside down.  That fortunately was easily rectified as having decorated the front with the butterfly peel offs they just had to be carefully removed & turned around the other way.

After all that I am still quite pleased with the end result.  Lesson learnt?  Before making a card especially one with a few tricky bits in it.  Sit & think it through for a few minutes before starting. The photos will be in tomorrows blog.

I didn't blog yesterday as it was a very domestic day with some very late spring cleaning being done.  Then later in the day I did some work on the final months of your club programmes.  I still have a couple of Show & Tells to find but the projects are decided.  Talking of projects I also discovered something I wanted to do - so have made it my 2011 project.  I am not telling you anything about it but you will see the results at the first meeting of 2012.  Still talking about projects I had better find something for all of you for 2012.

I hope you had a great weekend & if you were card making I hope everything went smoothly for you.

Phew! that's a long blog - more tomorrow.  Night night

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Commenting on the blog

Good afternoon everyone

I am just popping in to talk about leaving comments on the blog.  If you want to say something & don't have the means as per the options when you select  "comment" at the end of the blog, then just email me & I will paste your comments in.

This thought came about today as I have just checked my emails & there was one from Betty of Mold II.  Betty was making a comment about my statement on the blog a couple of days ago about the possibility of ............... well here is what she said .............

"Hi Gloria
WHERE'S MY SCRAPBOOK PAGE? only joking!!  Also I can't believe you considered buying a birthday card, with all your resources. I haven't bought a single one since I started card making (goody goody!!). I am glad you didn't in the end.
Happy crafting

The reference to her scrapbook page is because there is not a photo of it amongst the photos on the blog following the Mold II meeting. Here is my reply ............

" Hi Betty
I had a feeling there was a scrapbook page missing - yet I thought I took a photo straight after taking Annettes. Bring it to the next meeting & I will put it in. Perhaps email me a reminder of what it looked like.  As you will see from the blog I didn't buy a card - you are right with so much stash I shouldn't need to. The problem being I don't always have the right stash. Which of course means buying more. The circle never ends.
Keep crafting

As you can see from my reply I didn't notice that Betty had already seen from the blog that I had not bought a card after all.  Thank you Betty.

Bye for now.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Just chatting

Good evening ladies
Today I have spent quite a while sorting through my stash.  By now you must be wondering just how much stash I have.

Believe me - there is lots of it - & most of it is not even seeing daylight & I am not using it fast enough.  So today's sort out was to throw away anything that was definitely not worth keeping.

You know that saying?  "a crafter never throws anything away!"  Well there comes a point when she/he has to.  That point is where I am at now.

As I took things from shelves & out of boxes - there were part used sheets of paper that were all creased - perhaps put away in haste - but no longer really useful.  For some of the other items of stash I have outlets - some things can go to Clare of Mold club for her to raise money for MS, & a couple of ladies at Mold II I think are still involved with school & I shall see if the would like some of the items if they are useful.

I have some of my older stamps that need to be recycled by going to others.  So I will be having a sale & as I don't really need to buy any more stamps with any money made it will go to charity - probably cancer research. 

Of course one of the best ways to reduce the stash is to use it - so this evening I have been writing down ideas to do this.  Background papers will be seen more on my stamped cards.  I have several ideas for some books - so that should some of the paper & card - & tags & embellishments.  OK we are on a roll now - well I am.  The other thing that will help - me at least - is to get my scrapbooks made of my holidays.  Not only will that reduce the stash it will clear boxes of keepsakes, photos etc.
& make room for other things.  No, no, no that is not the idea.  Well it is, because I didn't mean new - I meant things that are not currently in boxes.

I also seem to have lots of pencils - ordinary ones - no idea why.

More sorting tomorrow & hopefully some crafting.  Bob will be watching rugby, so that is what I will be doing during that, & I suspect that Gareth will be round to watch it with him.

Well that's it for tonight.  Have a great weekend - hope you are doing something really nice.

Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings

It's 5 August & a Mold member has a birthday

Happy birthday Jan (Wilding)

Have a lovely day

Birthday Greetings

Birthday greetings

It's 5 August & a CSNW member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Ann (F)

Have a lovely day

Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greeting

It's 5 July & a Mold member has a birthday

happy Birthday Mair

Have a lovely day

Thursday, 4 August 2011

CSNW meeting

Hello again
Two posts in one day!  I thought it best to keep the CSNW news separate to my nephews birthday card.

Last night the ladies were shown lots of great ways to stamp & use non-card items.  But also how to use those items on cards if they wished.  Our visitor was Marie Bellamy from Artisan (whom you may have seen at Port Sunlight - may have? - I am sure you have) & she was accompanied by her husband Chris.

We were shown stamped bamboo tiles - clear buttons coloured with alcohol inks & other products.  The products to make these 2 items were given to each lady present in a little goodie bag, & the 2 Mold clubs will get the same.  I am hoping that they all remembered that I asked that they decorate the items at home & bring them back next month.  I will then take photos which will be sent to Marie.

The ladies decided not to have a go during the evening but preferred to listen to Marie talking about her ideas.  Marie allowed me to take some photos of her whilst she was demonstrating but she doesn't allow photography of her display boards.

The Show & Tell for the evening was the 2 cards made from the packs I had left with them for working on at their July meeting. 

Here are the photos;

The main card colours were cream & dark blue.  The pack included some feathers, jigsaw piece.

 Also in the pack was a feather, a butterfly card & various papers &
pieces of card

 I am really looking forward to the results from the two Mold clubs later this month.  I am sorry the bottom picture includes the cutting mat but I didn't have anywhere to move the cards to.

Handmade NOT purchased

Hi everyone

Well I managed it - I made a card for my nephew I didn't buy one.

Yesterday I had a good browse amongst my Cd's that are loaded on to my laptop & found a suitable image & background sheet.  I printed off the items I needed & this morning put the card together. 

I printed the picture of the people standing around the car twice then on the second picture cut out the car & 3-d it over the base car.

So! record unbroken - the question is - can I keep it going!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

quick chat

Good evening everyoneI have just got in from the CSNW meeting so this is just a quick line or two.

We have just spent a really pleasant evening with my colleague Marie - I am sure you will enjoy the evening too when it comes to your club later this month.

I have photos from the meeting of Marie whilst she was talking to us - & photos of the show & tell.  I will put those on the blog tomorrow when I have loaded them onto my laptop.

I hope you have all had a pleasant evening - my but it's warm. Nice though..

More tomorrow - night, night

Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings

It's 3 August & a Mold member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Tina

Have a lovely day 

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Just chatting

Hi everyone

Well, I guess the garden needed the rain - what a downpour!  Well we had one here anyway - I don't think it was all over the area.

So! my five plastic boxes I bought on Saturday?  They now have my papers in - Christmas, Masculine, Sets (ie toppers & backing papers that match; pyramage sheets etc). Backgrounds & lastly Any other sort.  Really neat - the sets box is full so need to start using them up. I found lots of pretty vellums that I had forgotten about.  Also I pulled out any papers that I knew I wouldn't use & have put them in a bag to bring to the clubs - you can help yourselves to any you might like.  If you don't want them for your own work but run an after school club -take them for that.  These will be going on the shelves tomorrow which will make that area look a little neater.  But there is still a mountain of sorting to go.  I will win through - I will.

This morning I spent about an hour on my French.  It is very good but I have found that some words I am learning I need to look up as I cannot always visualise how they would be written.  I only want to speak French - I do not necessarily want to write it.  But some of the words it is hard to actually tell what you should be saying unless you also see the word.  It's only now & then.

My youngest nephew has a birthday, he will be 23, this week & I it looks like I am going to have to fall off my handmade cards platform - because I just cannot think of a card to make - so it looks like I may have to purchase one.  I still have tomorrow to come up with an idea in order to post it to reach him in time.  So let's hope I get an idea in my sleep.

Talking of sleep - it is time I was off to bed.  More chat tomorrow - sleep well

Monday, 1 August 2011

Just chatting

Good evening everyone
Well not a very nice day was it.  I know my new plants need water - but I would rather water them than have it rain.  Not a good start to August.  Only 5 months left in this year.  Down at PBC they have on the counter a little Father Christmas holding a blackboard & every day they mark down how many days to Christmas & there are, as of today - 146.

Today is the start of a new promise to myself - for quite a few years now as you know we have been holidaying in France.  After this last holiday I decided it was time I learnt to speak French.  I am not worried about writing it - just conversational.  So I have invested in a French Course on CD - I read a lot of reviews about this particular system & it really sounded like it is the one for me - so we will see.  I can understand a certain amount but not quick enough to reply.  So often I am looking pleadingly at Bob to tell me.  So this morning in went the CD, then I sat back with my eyes closed so that I could concentrate.  The guy who introduces it does it very well explaining how we do know words already because they are almost identical to English.  He also has interesting ways of explaining points that make it seem a lot easier.  Only time will tell.  I will let you know how I get on.  In the past I have grasped the words it has been the pronunciation that gets me. When I went into the kitchen after Bob had left for work I found he had written the shopping list in French - cheeky! Good job I did know what the items were.

As promised I have some photos for you of the kit cards I finished on Sunday - remember - no stamping involved. 

I am going to put one here now & the rest at the bottom of the blog.

So this week I must get stamping! 

I have spotted some techniques I haven't tried yet so will probably play with them & I am thinking of them being my part of the workshop that Sue & I will give.  Talking of which please start looking at your diaries for things like half-term & other events that could get in the way. 

I would suspect it will be held late October early November.  Now, those are the suggestions for Mold - so I am also looking for dates for CSNW.  They have their August meeting on Wednesday so I will probably talk that over with them then.

That I think, is everything to impart to you today.  I hope you all had a good weekend.  Will chat more tomorrow.  Here are the Christmas Cards.