Sunday, 15 September 2019

using my stash

Good afternoon everyone I do hope you are having a great weekend.

Today I have the other 2 triangle fold cards finished.  You may remember I had 2 A4 cards cut ready to make some of these.  I showed you 2 a few posts back & yesterday & today I finished the other 2.

Sorry about the reflection on the bottom one - it was from the light coming through the window.

Neither of the cards has a greeting on yet, so that I can put one on when I know what I am using it for.  After I had put the toppers on I remembered I was going to try using a ribbon closure or belly band - but I forgot.

As well as these 2 cards I have been working on 2 larger projects that I have on the go.  I won't be able to show them to you until after they have gone to the recipients.  So, watch this space.

That's me for this weekend.
'Bye for now.

Friday, 13 September 2019

Just chatting

Hello everyone.

Well, here we are at a Friday again so the weekend starts here.  Have a lovely one whatever you are doing.

Just popped back in to offer my apologies to Macmillan Nurses, as in the paragraphs below I had spelt it wrong - McMillan - now corrected.

Last week I had a phone call conversation with a gentleman whose wife used to be a member of one of the Mold clubs.  I think it was Mold II.  Wyn Williams.  Sadly Wyn passed away about 18 months ago & this was the first I had heard of it.  He had got in contact because he wondered if I could help him move Wyn's craft stash on, as he is moving to a smaller house, & hoped I would be able to raise some money to be donated to Macmillan Nurses.

Yesterday Helen & I went to see Mr Williams & brought all the boxes & bags back to my house.  We had a good sort out & some things like some of her card & papers we had to throw away because they had got all creased & screwed up.  There is some nice card & cards, some peel-offs & loads of stamps mainly wood mounted.

I will be bringing them along to all 3 clubs for you to peruse & purchase if you wish.  I will be asking for donations.  Those items I cannot sell to raise actual money to donate (Macmillan Nurses do not have an outlet shop) will be taken to a cancer charity shop or British Heart Foundation to which Mr Williams has given his approval.

I will only bring them the once - so you will not be constantly bombarded with things to buy.  For this reason I thought I would let you know in advance that I will be doing this at your next meetings.

Have a great weekend.
'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Using my stash

Good afternoon everyone.

Last weekend I sorted my box of bits (stash) & at the bottom were some papers & toppers left over from a Hunkydory Christmas set.  So, I decided that would be my project for the weekend.

I made 4 cards even though there was some more items I could have used.  This was because my paper trimmer decided it had done enough cutting for the day & ripped the piece of paper I was cutting.  When I looked at the blade & tested on copy paper it did the same thing.  Of course, I did not have any spare blades - so had to wait for some new ones to arrive.  Which they did yesterday.

Here are the four cards, they need a greeting which I will either die-cut or stamp & mount.  I kept them simple;

Those 3 were all Hunkydory papers.

The background paper is Hunkydory - but the teddies were a 3-d sheet that must have been part of a pack or a freebie on a magazine.  So I used that for my topper.

So that's 4 towards the many.  I keep a box with finished cards in & I think I did make some a couple of months ago.  I will find out when these go in the box.

Earlier today we got a phone call from Gareth & Elayne - they were in the area & wondered if we would like to join them for lunch.  Bob had a previous commitment, but I was free - so I joined them. A very pleasant couple of hours & of course I got to see Gwion..  I was a good girl & had a salad so as not to disrupt my new diet regime too much.

That's all for today.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

CSNW photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone.

Today I have the second set of photos from the CSNW club night last Wednesday.  This time they are of their project for the evening when I showed the triangle fold card.  You can get 2 cards from one A4 piece of card, & its a chance to use up smaller pieces of designer paper.  It also changes the look dependant on which way you fold it - so the diagonal opening can go in either of 2 directions.  Three of the ladies did this - Elvena, Grace & Kate.

Here are their cards & each person made 2, although in some cases the second one wasn't completed.

Pretty floral toppers for both of Ann's cards & shows just how lovely 
the card can look regardless of the shape of the toppers.  The colours on the toppers well chosen
to go with the colours of the background papers.

These 2 cards show how one rectangle of designer paper cut the right way will
go towards making 2 cards.  The triangles being used on different sections.
A lovely sentiment on the topper.

Elvena's chosen colour in her background papers
really suits the 2 statements on her topper.

A die-cut shaped topper for Grace's card with some great dotty stamping done  
around the sentiment which compliments the dots on one of the designer papers.
Grace's cards also show the use of 2 designs cut to make 2 co-ordinating but slightly different cards.

Two different looks for Gwen's cards.  A very elegant design for the first one - I love that paper.
The second one awaiting its topper.

Two beautiful cards from Joan again show the use of creating 2 cards from just 
2 pieces of designer paper.  But the layout allows them to look slightly different.
Especially with the addition of different toppers.

Very pretty delicate floral & flourish background paper used by Kate.
It beautifully sets off the lacy butterfly.

A very elegant card from Ruth with that beautiful topper.
The pearls on the corners of the topper pull in the dots on the background paper.

A lovely set of cards ladies.

This design is quick & easy to make, once you have made one & have everything prepared.  So, could be one of those designs for those situations when you wake up & remember someones birthday is the next day.  OR - even that day - providing of course you are able to hand deliver it.

Thank you once again to Elvena for the photos - it is always much appreciated.

That is all for today.
'Bye for now.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Important notice for Mold II ladies

HI everyone.

I have just noticed that I had the wrong project on your club page.

Put it down to brain freeze - 😀  I do apologise.

I have now updated it & it matches the programme slips you were given at the last meeting. I have put a photograph on the project photos page but it is of a card I saw on the Internet.  I will look out the card I showed you club night & put that there as well.

Hope you have been enjoying the weekend.


CSNW photos - part 1

Good afternoon I do hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Today I have the first set of photos from the CSNW meeting last Wednesday.  The photos are of their Show & Tell cards & there is a little mix to this set, as some ladies didn't make the August meeting but brought their S&T along that evening.  Then there were the other ladies who brought a different card along - based on what they had created at the August meeting.

The first couple are from the missed August meeting;

A lovely soft colour  "mixed media" type style background.
Look closely to see all the different detail on it.
The Show & tell theme for August was to use a card circle I had given out
Claire has used hers to create the basis of the dream catcher topper.

A bright yellow background to Kate's card - very sunny looking.
The circle is for the sun I believe, which really sets off the lacy butterfly.
Good use of the negative of a die cut sentiment - or perhaps that is how it cuts?

The next set are of the other Show & Tell where the Diorama card was taken to a different level.  Both Gwen & Ruth created the Diorama card in a different size to that. that I showed them.  They are bigger, & look great.  

Two cards from Gwen & two photos of each - the outside & the inside.

outside - card 1

inside - card 1

outside - card 2

inside - card 2

These were about a DL card size but perhaps a little wider. Love the apertures being in different places & the border on the edge of the second card.
Great cards

Ruth brought along one card - also a DL style card.



Beautiful colours & love the trio of flowers on the front.
Also the oval aperture looks really good & makes a change.  
I love that delightful charm hanging in the centre.
Great card also.

I love the fact that a different size was tried in the Diorama card - it just shows that you needn't be tied to the size that you originally saw a style in.  Sometimes it is easy to change the size other times it is a little more complex - but worth the effort to sort it out.

More photos to come - the ones of their project for the evening.

Thank you to Elvena for taking & sending the photos to me.
'Bye for now.

Friday, 6 September 2019

Using my stash

Good afternoon everyone.

Well, as I said yesterday that I would do, I have made up two more of those cards that we made at CSNW club night on Wednesday.

Through showing the ladies how to cut the card I had enough to make four more cards.

So! this afternoon I went through my stash of papers to use on them.  In the course of this I ended up making one of them into a birthday card for my brother who has a birthday at the end of the month. Very useful.

Here are the 2 that I made;

The first card

Pretty in pink using my papers that are A4 size, with 2 designs both sides. The 2 designs are reversed so you get 2 A5 double sided sheets.  I edged the papers with Distress Ink in a light brown shade.  
(?? Can't remember what it was called ??)
The topper - from Hunkydory stash, of course.

The second card

This one as you can probably guess is the one for my brother.
Background tartan paper I have had for years in all sorts of colours & I layered them onto dark blue card to make them stand out.
The topper was an A4 sheet of designs I bought sometime back, with about 6 car toppers in it..

There are 2 card bases still sitting on my desk ready to make more cards.  Just got to decide on the papers & topper.

That is me for today.  'Bye for now.