Sunday, 21 January 2018

Happy Birthday

Birthday Greetings

Today is January 21st

& a Mold club member has a birthday

Have a lovely day Janet

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Mold photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone on this rather wet grey day.  It did have a little attempt to snow earlier but seems to have changed its mind.

I hope you have a good weekend planned.

The photos today are of Mold clubs project on Thursday evening.  An idea that Joanna found & showed the ladies how to do. I don't think it has a name, but the background effect has a look of Pointillism in it - which we did some time back. 

They are absolutely lovely cards so I am sure the ladies loved trying this technique.

This is Clare's card - the design is so clean & crisp 
& the embossed lines really set the toppers off well.

I like the way that Janet has staggered the images on her card. & of course the added bling.

A different approach by Joan as she added colour to the focal image in each topper.

Here is Joanna's version using different images in each topper - very effective.

Here is Lynn's card - I like that the images are in different places in the toppers

Just side stepping for a moment - 
in yesterdays post I wondered how Lynn had made her Show & Tell card.  
She has left a comment at the bottom of the post - do go back & read it.

Mair chose to lay her toppers out in a different pattern & at different angles.
I do like the negative space she has left on each one.

Rachel added vibrant colour to her images & the "dotting" background in a paler colour
Works really well.

Yvonne has approached the design with a little more detail. As well as the "dotting" background she has cross-hatched on to alternative petals of her flowers.

Once again, because I haven't seen the cards in the flesh - just the photos, if I have got that wrong - Yvonne please let me know.

These are absolutely beautiful ladies - well done.  I can see that there are many ways of creating variations to this style without losing the original idea.  I think the design would work well for Sympathy cards too.

Earlier this morning I received an email from Joanna passing on a photo she had received from Joan who had so enjoyed the card she had sat down & made 2 more. Here they are;

I love the subtle addition of colour Joan
They are beautiful.

I definitely must sit myself down & try this technique out - I don't want to miss out on anything.

Have a lovely weekend.
'Bye for now.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Projects photo page

Just popping in to let you know I have updated the following

projects photo page & club page for CSNW club for their February meeting
& also
Mold club for their February meetings.

The project that Joanna has chosen for the Mold February meeting is one I have had in my ideas folder since about last September.

Craft minds think alike - it seems,

The little note book that Grace is going to show the CSNW club ladies is one she made for me a while back.  It is so useful I have it on my desk to jot ideas down as they come to me or those I spot on TV or internet searches.

Don't forget to check the pages to see what you need to take with you.


Mold photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone.  Brr! I do not like this cold & by choice I don't think I will go out in it either.  Although I did brave it this morning so that I have could have my hair done - it needed a tidy up.

Anyway.  Mold club photos.  This afternoon I have the first set of photos from their meeting last night & they are of their Show & Tell cards.  The theme was set by Joanna - thank you Joanna - & it was to make a card from a sketch using mainly yellow & grey.

Here is the sketch................

............... & here are the cards;

This is Janet's card with the 2 background pieces in the 2 colours. Some lovely air balloons as the decoration over an embossed background.

Here is Joan's card & this time her 2 background pieces are in 2 different shades of grey. 
Love that little floral embossing folder.
Pretty grey flowers on yellow circles for the decorations.  Ooh - with bling down the side too.

Here is Joanna's version.  Ooh now this is going to test my powers of observation.  I think the grey layer has the die cut edge & is laid over the yellow.    I am sure Joanna will correct me if I have got it wrong.  Love the flowers in the circles too.

Lynn's card has a plain grey section with a patterned paper with yellow dots on it for the other half.
Remember I did not see these cards in the flesh - just the photos like you are seeing them - at first I thought the yellow dots were on acetate over patterned paper.  I wonder.

I love Sheelagh's striped paper in the background & some beautiful grey & yellow flowers & flourish.
A really lovely bright spring type card - something to look forward to.

Yvonne has produced a lovely clean & simple card with 2 different shades of grey for 
the background pieces.  
Aren't those little characters cute?

Now - this is from someone who doesn't normally appear in the Show & Tells

yes - it's ME!

When Joanna sent me a copy of the sketch - I thought perhaps whilst I am taking it easy (?/?) I might be able to join in this & it would also help me to make a birthday card for the club lucky dip birthday card box.
The yellow was white card coloured with my new toy - Spectrum Noir Sparkle pens which I used for the yellow half & the butterflies.  I used a grey Promarker for the other half.

That is the photos for today - more tomorrow showing their project for the evening.

Take care in this cold weather & stay warm.
'Bye for now

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Finding myself a project

Good afternoon everyone.

Over about the last week or so I have been trying to think of a project for myself  - either long lasting or just for 2018.  So in time honoured practise I went to T'internet to get some inspiration.  Usually I end up trawling through the many many pages on Pinterest.  Which I did again this time.

After days of searching & getting lost in all the wonderful things out there that very clever people make, I found something entirely new to me which has whetted my appetite - but this will need quite a bit of thinking about.  Also something that I started doing back in 2010 that I had not tried for ages. 


Yesterday I hunted out the book that I had started keeping tags in & took photos.  Some of them were from tag workshops I had run, there were a couple I had entered into blog challenges & the rest were ones that just seemed to get created.  I was very surprised by how my tastes had changed & look forward to seeing what I can do now - quite a time later.

Here are some of them from the book;

The one on the left was inspired by seeing some papers with Nursery Rhyme pictures on them & I created a pocket on the tag in to which I placed a little book with one of the pictures as a front cover. 

 The 3 butterfly ones were made using a CaroLines butterfly stamp & the fourth one is a little moment in time with a photo of my Mother, Grandmother & Uncle, when Mum was a little girl.

 The 2 tags on the right were using a couple of saying stamps. 
Then the other one is my family photo again with a different style.

On these 2 tags it would seem I have started into a different stamping style & ways to use inks. 
The tree on the left is another of CaroLines stamps & the one on the right is off a "Seasons" stamp set

I think these 3 were made at a workshop - for basic paper craft - based around tags.

It really is quite strange looking back on work that you have done & seeing how your styles & ideas have changed. This happens of course due to new techniques, products & ideas from others being discovered.

So this is to be my first project - bringing my tag styles up to date.  In the meantime I will give the other project idea some more thought & research.

Here is my first new tag;

Well! I didn't say I had actually started did I?  
That is me for today.  

I am hoping to get along to the Mold club meeting tonight for a little while - so I hope I will see some of you there.


Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Just chatting

Good evening everyone.

I am sorry I didn't write a post yesterday but most of it was spent travelling to & from the hospital along with my actual appointment.  By the time I got home I was rather tired - so my apologies. The visit was for the first of my monthly injections - so now I have to see how they will make me feel day to day.

Today I have managed to sit & make some birthday cards - but I cannot show them to you just yet - possibly next week some time.  I quite enjoyed getting back to making things & hope to set aside some time each day now.

Tomorrow evening is the first 2018 meeting of the Mold club & I am hoping to pop in & see everyone.  In fact I am going to try & pop in to each club for their "first" meetings of the year. From those visits I should be able to tell how well I can manage - but I don't think I will be back regularly just yet.

I am pleased to see that the snow that fell yesterday evening didn't lay - although I suspect some of you may have some that laid.  I believe there is still some about though.

I look forward to seeing the Thursday Mold ladies tomorrow night & then soon after hope to have some photos of their evening to show you all.

That is me for today - more tomorrow.
'Bye for now.

Monday, 15 January 2018

A recent card

Good afternoon everyone - oh dear what a miserable afternoon it is too.  Weather wise of course, & on the TV just now they have forecast snow for tomorrow.  Just what we need - I don't think. Ooh - our weather is so fickle - the sun is shining now.

The card I have to show you today is probably my most recently made one as it was for Bob's birthday at the beginning of the month.

As you can see he is celebrating one of those "big" birthdays.

My base card was a large cream square card & the layers are black & cream.  The topper was a Tonic die set I have & it consists of a couple of different word frames.  The "70" came from a set of dies which were in fact one of my first sets of dies ever.  They consist of a complete alphabet set in thick & thin dies plus numerals - also thick & thin.  The numbers on the card are the thicker version.  Having the 2 thickness you can layer them together giving a different look.

It is only looking at the photo above that I can see that the "7" is slightly at the wrong angle.  The upright should have been more slanted so that the top line would be straight - level.  At a quick glance it could look like "10" rather than "70".  Still Bob knew what it was & its not that bad.

Just after Christmas I treated myself to a large set of Spectrum Noir sparkle pens & I used the Graphite (which is almost black) on the hearts, 70 & words.  I am looking forward to playing with these in a more spectacular way.

Right now I am waiting for my brother to arrive for a very short visit - he has to go back tomorrow.  I am just hoping this weather isn't holding him up - not absolutely sure where he is coming from today as he has been over all the weekend for a friends birthday.

Well that is me for today - I am off to see the oncologist tomorrow - so possibly another long day at Glan Clwyd to look forward to.


Oops - not gone away yet.  I have just googled the dies I was talking about for a photo & also found a photo of my first die-cutting machine.  Which, by the way, sits on a shelf in my craft room & is still used from time to time.  Here is the machine;-

As you can see it is called - the Sizzix Sidekick - its a similar size to some of the new smaller machines - for example the Sapphire

& these are the exact dies.
The alphabet set came with uppercase & lowercase
I had to buy the numerals as a separate set.

Really going now ...... 'Bye