Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Mold II meeting last night

Good morning everyone.

Last night I went along to the Mold II meeting more to socialise with everyone than anything. So I did not join in the project for the evening but my apologies for doing this, or not doing it I suppose, happily were accepted by everyone. 

It was a most enjoyable evening & I hope to have photos for you soon, thanks to Carolyn. I did offer to take them as I wasn't doing anything else but she was quite happy to continue with that job.

We had a rather nice surprise when at the start of the evening 2 ladies entered the hall & I heard someone say - "Ooh, who are these ladies?"  I turned thinking they were for another meeting being held at the time & was ready to tell them which room - when I realised they were for us.  One of the 2 ladies was Madeline who had been a member of the group some time back - well - 6 years to be precise, as we discovered when we asked "how long has it been?"

It was really nice seeing you again Madeline, & it seems your friend Kay enjoyed the evening & may well come back to another meeting as well.  We look forward to seeing you both again.

Well ladies, I must try & do something productive today - so I will close for now & be back when I have photos for you.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Mold photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone.

This afternoon I have the second set of photos from the Mold club meeting last Thursday, & they are of their project.

The project subject was introduced by Joanna which she described as "Partial scene masking with dies".

This first card is the one that Joanna sent me to show on the Projects Photo page

If you look at the coloured oval you will see that the colour doesn't completely cover it. 
At top right it is still white - just under that branch. 
That is the main idea behind this technique plus using a die-cut aperture of any shape you like.

Here are the toppers made by Janet on the evening.
True to Janet's style there is some glitter.
I particularly like the one on the left it is so delicate.

This set is the work of Joan.
You can see that the centre one has a white space at top right. The one on the right is completely coloured & the one on the left - very cleverly - the die-cut shape is implied but the stamping around the aperture & there is no colour. 
Great idea Joan.

These are my efforts.
At first I was a bit heavy handed with the ink - I used the foam applicator.,
My last attempt was the bottom one & I applied the ink on that one with a tissue wrapped around my finger.  Wendy from Card-io uses a similar method with a dry baby wipe.

From Lynn there are some different ideas with this technique.
I really like the pink one that has had the shape outlined with a fine line pen & a "shaky" line.
Then the right hand one the die cut has been left white & the remainder of the card coloured.

Mair obviously enjoyed this technique as she has produced 4 pieces.
I really like the one with the bird where the leaves take your eye into the centre, & the one on the left really is a lovely scene.

Maureen kept to the faded colouring for her pieces, where the top of each shape has been left white.  Her designs really show some lovely off the die-cut shape stamping.

Rachel stayed clear of foliage & birds & shows just how good this technique looks whatever images you use.  I particularly like the one on the right with the die-cut shape outlined, & the flowers peeping out from behind the shape. Rachel would have used the positive piece of the die-cut to mask her work so that the flowers are in the background.

The next 4 sets of photos are the work of Joanna.
Some of these she brought in with her & she also showed us all the technique & how to achieve the results, before we had a go. They really show how different types of stamps also work - outline or solid.

Amongst these samples Joanna has given lots of ideas of different ways to use this technique & obviously you can see from the other photos above how much she inspired us all.

Thank you Joanna - that was most enjoyable.
All I have to do now - is turn mine into cards.

I have a few more photos from that meeting to show you & I will put them here tomorrow.

Right now I had better get in my craft room & see what I can do with my Partial Scene creations, Although before that I had better sort things out for tonight's Mold II meeting.

'Bye for now.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Mold photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone on another beautiful afternoon.

Today I have the photos of the Show & Tell cards from Mold club's meeting last Thursday.  The challenge set was "Feature a Creature";

This is Joan's card & features a cute little mouse with a balloon.
The mouse has been cut out & placed on sticky pads.

This is Joanna's card featuring a very delicate bird & some very apt words.
It is also a little sneak peek for the evenings project.

Lynn's card has this sloth on it.
As soon as I saw it I was reminded of a couple of episodes of "The Durrels" on TV.
They had a sloth hanging on a branch of a tree in their house.

Whoo! weird alien creatures bursting out of Rachel's card.

Sheelagh made 2 cards for this Show & Tell.
She wasn't sure if fairies were "creatures" so did a unicorn as well.

I will have some more photos tomorrow of the project for that evening, but for now - that is me done.

I am off to see how warm it might be in my craft room & get some cards started,
'Bye for now.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

member showcase

Good morning everyone.

What a beautiful day the royal couple have for their special day.  I may take a peek at the TV about noon when the main event starts - or as it is such a nice day, too nice to be in doors - I may just look at highlights over the weekend.

To our showcase.

This one is from Rachel of the Mold club - she brought along a piece of her work for us all to see.

Rachel said she is not sure why she made it - she just did & that dress is really quite amazing - it is the inside of envelopes.  The dress stamp was not as long as on the model so Rachel created more layers. Just in the black & white with some bling it is stunning & the embossed background is perfect.

Thank you for showing it Rachel.

That's me - have a great weekend.

Royal Wedding

To Prince Harry & Megan

Have a beautiful day
a wonderful life together

Thursday, 17 May 2018

A recent card

Good afternoon & I have another of my recently made cards to show you.

It is a stamped one you will pleased to hear;

I love this old car stamp. I have had it years & every so often it comes out of the box.  Each time I use it I try to make sure I create a different design.

This one I coloured the base card & then used a cog stencil at the corners, using the same blue Distress Ink.  In fact I used the same ink all the way through this card.  The second layer I used the same cog stencil again onto white card & coloured the edge of the card with a blue Promarker pen that went well with the Distress Ink.

The topper & greeting I edged with the same Promarker, then stamped them in black ink.  The stencilled background to this layer was a hexagon shape used randomly & fading out the ink. I used the Distress Ink & some glycerine on my mat to paint the car.

I made this card for a friend in France.

OK I had better check my bag as I am off soon to the Mold club meeting.

Some sad news regarding Chocolate Baroque

I received an email today from Joanna of Mold club with the link I have placed below.  It is from a newsletter fro  Crafty Individuals who are very close to Chocolate Baroque - the couples have known each other for years.

One word just comes into your mind when reading this - why!  I am sure we all wish Lesley & David well.

On a much lighter side - take a look at the first couple of photos & there is a familiar face - certainly for the members of the Mold II club.

I will be back later with a recently made card & I am also hoping to be at the Mold club meeting tonight.  To stay for a while this time & then to also be at Mold II club meeting on Tuesday 22 May. This hopefully will be followed by a visit to CSNW meeting on 6 June.

'Bye for now.