Tuesday, 20 February 2018

mold photos - part 3

Good afternoon everyone.

At the end of the last post I mentioned that there were a couple more photos from the Mold meeting last Thursday evening.

Rhiannon, one of the members had missed the January meeting but on Thursday brought her card for the January Show & Tell, as well as her creation of the January project in which she used the photos on the blog to assist her.

January's Show & Tell
a card from a sketch using mainly yellow & grey

January's Project card

Well done Rhiannon - It's really lovely.

 Now, I must sort myself out & have a go at this card as well

I am sure Joanna & Janet were really pleased to see that you joined in on these 2 projects even though you weren't there on club night in January, Rhiannon.

That is all I have for today.

I have updated club pages & the club project photos page.

'Bye for today

Sunday, 18 February 2018

mold photos - part 2

Good morning everyone.

This morning I have the second set of photos from the Mold club meeting on Thursday evening.  This set is of their project where the made the absolutely lovely 4-fold card.

Here are the cards & there are lots of them as I have shown them closed & open.  So! settle down in a comfy chair & a cup of tea (or if it evening - a glass of wine!) & enjoy what you see.




& an extra one from Joanna showing that the card can still be beautiful without doing lots of layers


who has gone for the unlayered look which has made a lovely clean & fresh design


I just know Rhiannon will bring this back when it is finished


Sheelagh then sent Joanna the next 2 photos after she had finished the card at home


Janet had made quite a few samples for the evening - I think she has taken to this design of card in a big way

Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

& card 4 - which is the one I showed only the front of in the previous post because it was Janet's Show & Tell offering

Ladies they are really beautiful & I wish I had been able to stay at the meeting & watch them being produced & hopefully producing one of my own.  But over the next couple of days I will make one here at home & show it when it is finished.

Many thanks to Joanna & Janet who took the evening & gave you that inspiration & thank you again to Joanna for the photos.

I have a couple more photos of some cards that were brought along to the meeting - I will write about those tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
'Bye for now.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Mold photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone.

Today I have the Show & Tell photos from Mold clubs meeting on Thursday night.  The theme was cold & frosty!

When I am not actually at the meetings for this part of the evening I cannot comment on ways the cards were made, as we go around the table explaining how they were made - but will most likely make my own comments about them.

Here they are;

I am only showing this card in it's closed state - as the design was actually the project for that evening & I have the opened photos along with several others that Janet made as samples.
In the flesh you an see the sparkle to make it frosty.  I will try a close up for the next set of photos.

Love the sparkle to create the frosty & the white around the images helps with the cold

I would love to see the Northern Lights & it is up where it is cold that they are best seen
So this design makes me "feel" the cold

This card is so cute & says it all. You need that hot drink.

Ah look at that cute robin sitting there in the cold.

Well - there is certainly Cold & Frosty here
(I wonder which one is Cold & which one Frosty  ๐Ÿ˜ hmm! think I might have lost it here)

Well done ladies some really lovely cards.

Oh yes - then there is

Me.  Yes! I joined in again
I saw something like this on the Internet & thought to myself - I could do that for cold & frosty.
Using a scrap of paper torn to make the curves I used Card-io stamps to create a flower bed. Then I used a product that goes on like toothpaste but when you heat it it fluffs up. That made the snow drifts & snowflakes.  (It used to be called Liquid Applique).  Finally I used the Sparkle Kiss clear paste dabbed on with a dry baby wipe over the whole card to give a frosty finish.

That's me for today, have a lovely weekend.

More Mold photos tomorrow.  'Bye for now.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

deleted post

Please don't think you are going crazy if you feel sure that earlier today there was a birthday greeting for someone & yet you cannot see it now.

Gremlins got in & I had a date wrong & the greeting was published on the wrong day.  I have rescheduled it for the correct day - the 27th February.


Mold II club page update

I have just updated the Mold II Club page with some extra information for February's meeting
(27th ).

Also for the extra item you will be making I have added photos to the Projects photo page.

a recent card

Good morning everyone.

Today I have one of my recent cards to show you.

It is the Valentines card I made for Bob;

I had decided to have a change from red as the main colour & after a little thinking decided on black & gold,.

The hearts are from a Tonic die that was free with the latest Tonic magazine.  I cut the largest & plainest in gold miri card, followed by the next size & lacy one in black card.  Then repeated that with the next size in gold & the small centre heart in black.  The centre hearts I placed on sticky pads to raise them a little.  I didn't want to put too much on it, but it needed a little more than just the hearts so I added those peel-off corners,.  The floor of the easel I layered with gold miri card & then layered some black & gold card to hold the message which was also the easel stop.

So that is me for today.

Mold club have their February meeting tonight - so there will be photos some time over next few days.


Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Little surprises!

Good afternoon everyone

Sorry I didn't write a post yesterday - it was Oncologist day.  Ir's surprising how much of the day it takes up when you add travelling time to waiting time & appointment time.  On the way home we grabbed a light meal to save cooking when we got home.

Anyway - little surprises!

Early in the New Year I received a card from Rachel of Mold club - as she hadn't got around to making Christmas cards.  Now, Rachel likes making small cards - the size of ATC's

Here is the card she sent;

Then a week or so ago Rachel sent me another little card - just to "cheer my day";

This little card is absolutely delightful - look at the faces on those fishes, & as Rachel intended it did cheer my day.

Thank you Rachel.

Well, I hope you have all received nice Valentines cards & perhaps some flowers or chocolates.  Bob & I are going out to a local eatery for one of their Valentine meals.  Looking forward to that - mind you must watch my weight.  But not tonight.

I have had a good day today making some cards which I will be able to show you a bit later.

Hope you are having a good day.

That's me for now.  I hope to make another short visit to the Mold club tomorrow evening - so look forward to seeing those ladies then.

'Bye for now