Friday, 21 July 2017

Mold photos - part 1

Good afternoon ladies

This afternoon I have the photos from the Mold club meeting last night & they are of their Show & Tell. The theme was a card from a sketch using only the colours red, yellow & orange.

Hmm - I know - there were a few comments, but even so ......................

This is the sketch
& here are the cards

You see - the colours do work!
Lovely card Sheelagh  & the embossed areas really make the colours pop.

Two offerings from Maureen - one in more muted shades & good bold colours
for the other one.

Absolutely stunning Janet - for someone who didn't like the colours
that is a great card.

Everyone at the meeting agreed.

Lynn I am wondering if I photographed your card upside down - but then the tags are the right way up so perhaps not.
Lynn has used Distress Oxide Inks - I love the backgrounds that can be produced.

We were only a small group last night - so great effort ladies.

Now in the post on Wednesday I said there would only be one set of photos as I couldn't show the project until Mld II had done it.  Wrong!!  It wasn't that project last night - so tomorrow I will be able to show you the project photos.

Time for another weekend - have a great one.

He is here ..............................

Who is????

Bob & I are thrilled, & proud,  to let you know that our grandson arrived at 12:18 this morning

Gwion George Jones

Mother & Baby doing well & Dad too

Can't wait to see him

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

just chatting

Hi everyone
Just popping in for a quick chat so that you don't think I have forgotten you all.

I have been busy the last couple of days making family anniversary cards & birthday cards, & sometimes I get lost in what I am doing & the day just disappears.  So, yesterday I didn't leave myself time to blog.

Tomorrow is the July meeting of Mold club & so on Friday I will have some photos of their work to show you - but only the Show & Tell, as the project won't be shown until after next Tuesday when Mold II have done the project as well.

This afternoon I created the elements for another double slider card as a step by step example for Mold club  - this means I will probably have to do the same when I show it to the other clubs.

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather & fingers crossed we don't get the storms tonight that the weather man said might come our way.  Those poor people in Cornwall who suffered again with flooding - our hearts go out to them.

More tomorrow - 'bye.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Mold II photos - part 2

Good morning ladies

This morning I have the second set of photos from the Mold II June meeting.  As well as showing the ladies those lovely tins with a card that evening, Rita also showed the new Tim Holtz Oxide Distress Inks.  Rita too provided a little elephant template for everyone to have a try with the inks;

This one is from Carolyn. The black outline/layer to the ear is really effective.

This is Annette's elephant & what a beautiful bow she is wearing.

Dot's elephant has a lovely spotty bow at the end of her tail.

Helen's elephant seems to be smelling the flowers

Elma's elephant also has a pretty bow.
I had to enlarge this photo in order to see what was dotted 
around the card .................. it's tiny elephants!

Another dainty bow decorates Chris's elephant

and a photo of them all together.

Thank you for showing the inks Rita & it looks like you brought in some great eyes for the elephants as well.

Oxide Distress Inks are water-reactive dye & pigment ink fusions.  When sprayed with water it gives an oxidised effect.

I love the finish & feel I must have some ................. but you know what I said the other day about buying new versions of things I already have plenty of!!  

I must not buy anymore inks
I must not buy anymore inks
I must not buy anymore inks
I must not.......................... oh dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, 16 July 2017

mold II photos - part 1

Good evening everyone

I have received from Carolyn some photos of the Mold II June club night.  The first set to show you is the project for the evening shown by Rita - a card in a tin.  Rita also emailed & said that some of the cards for the tins weren't finished & she hoped they would be brought in to the July meeting.

Here are the photos we have so far;

This is the front of Annette's tin - a nice flower shape - the card inside will be interesting
I look forward to seeing it.

Another flower shaped tin this time from Chris.  What a pretty image on it.  
I look forward to seeing the card for this one too.

A square in from Sue.  I love that paper - I wonder if it continues on the card as well.
I will have to wait & see - so will you.

A round tin from Dot with a really delicate floral flourish design.

A square tin from Carolyn & the card inside.
Now I know they contain concertina cards!

The last one for now
 & it is the sample card that Rita took to the meeting.

They look amazing ladies & thank you to Rita for bringing that project for the evening.

Rita also showed the ladies the new Tim Holtz Oxide Inks - I will blog those photos tomorrow.

'Bye for now.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Another recent card

Good evening everyone

Tonight I have another one of my recent cards to show you - in fact I think I will show you 2;

This card was for my brother's girlfriend & is from some of my leftover Hunkydory win.
I am down to odds & ends of that pack now that I won last year some time - or was it 2015!

This card - also from a Hunkydory pack which was free on a magazine fairly recently, & this one I made for one of my nieces

I had a really good session yesterday trying out some different fold cards that I had found out about some months ago - so they will pop up in your meetings some time.

I hope you have something really nice planned for the weekend.  Tomorrow (Saturday) in the evening we are off to Llandudno to  Venue Cymru to see "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night".  we have both read the book & are curious ourselves as to how it will be interpreted for the stage.  Our grand-daughter is coming with us as well so a nice family outing.

Have a great weekend.  'Bye for now.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

A recent card

Good afternoon everyone - I hope you are enjoying his lovely sunshine.

Looking through the photos on my laptop of cards I have made (I like to keep a record!) - I didn't realise how many there were still to show you.  I expect it has been due to the fact that you the club members have kept me busy with photos of projects & showcases etc.

So, today I have another card for you & it is one of several I made using up kits that I had & mainly Hunkdory kits.  Then today one of the magazines I bought has some Hunkydory card & toppers as a free gift - so I will be busy putting those together too very soon.

I loved these bird topper - they are so sweet.
Not sure how I managed to partly cover the head of the lower one.
I am sure on a test layout that didn't happen.

Looking amongst my stash I found some old peel-off stickers - I don't use them all that often - but these vertical ones were just right for this card.

Tomorrow I have a workshop down at Daleside with the 4 ladies who attend regularly for rubber stamping sessions.

When I have published this post I am going to update he information on the "Events" page for the October workshop with Elizabeth Robinson  It will probably take me about half an hour to do

'Bye for now.