Saturday, 26 September 2020

Mold photos

 Hello everyone.  How is your weekend going?

I hope we are not going to see so much of those awful downpours that we had yesterday.  I think the one during the evening included hailstones.  Ah well.

This afternoon I have photos of Mold clubs Show & Tell from Thursday evening. We had a week later than originally planned.  Joanna had some, as she called them "wobblers".  This strips of acetate with sticky pads on each end.  We sent out a few to each club member & asked them to use them on their card in whatever way they liked.

Here are the results.


Two designs from Ann - using the wobbler to hang the sentiment on.

So many flowers that wobble!

The photo doesn't quite show how Janet has used the wobbler.
But I think one of the little girls uses one & the larger flower.

Joan has used her wobblers to hang the Happy & the die cut holly spray.

This is the front of Joanna's card ............

............ & here is the inside showing the flower hanging over the edge.
I must ask Joanna - if there is 2 flowers - one inside & one outside?

These potted flowers are so cute.

The lovely pop-up box.
Ideal for the wobblers.

See! I made one too.

& on this one I hung a butterfly.
The eagle eyed amongst you will probably realise you have seen these 2 cards before.
You would be right - back in July.
My excuse?  We had the decorators in & I couldn't make one.  So, I cheated.

Two photographs of Rachels card as in the first one not so easy to see that the whales are floating.

Here you can.  Rachel didn't use the wobblers the same as the rest of us. 
She folded them as a concertina so that they sprung up & down.

I love this Banksy style image.
The wobbler so perfect for the balloon image.

Three cards from Sheelagh
There are 2 photos of the first one - the Impossible card, showing it 
from the front & then from the back.

Those angels are so cute.

now look at these snowmen.

Thank you ladies.  That was quite a fun thing to do for a change.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone, & continue to stay safe & well.
'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Mold II photos

 Good afternoon ladies

This afternoon I have the photos from this weeks Show & Tell cards from Mold II club.  Their theme was to make a card for a child, & here they are;


Aren't those teddies adorable?

Carolyn used Nitwits papers & graphics for her pop up box card.
I do love these pop up boxes.
Two views of Carolyn's card

As Dot does not have any children with an upcoming birthday - 
she made this one for her grandson for next year & will add bunting to it nearer the time.

What an adorable image - love it.

Helen seems to think she was cheating by using My Craft Studio to create her card, which is probably just a card front.
She used MCS as she doesn't have a lot of call for children's cards - but joined in.

Two cards from Madeline - another popup box card & a z-fold card.
Such different styles.

Olwen made her card for her neighbours grand-daughter who has a love of horses 
& splashing in puddles.
Love it! & I am sure she will too.

I must give my apologies ladies - I have not made a card this time. I have only one child to make cards for - our grandson & he had a birthday back in July.  I have already it shown it to you - so it would be a bit of a cheat to show it again.  Unlike Dot, if I make one this year for next year I probably won't remember where I put it.  😀

Thank you for your cards ladies - it is really interesting to see the different ideas for one theme.

I wonder what you are being tasked with next month??  I look forward to receiving the photos.

Take care & continue to stay safe all of you - whichever club you are a member of.
'Bye for now.

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Member showcase

Good afternoon ladies, I do hope you are all having a nice weekend.

My! did we need this weekend to try & relax & get over the upheaval of the last 2 weeks.  Everything looks really nice with new carpets & decorated. But it is getting everything back in its right place now. So we are shattered.

Anway! enough of our problems.

I have a member showcase for you this afternoon & it is some beautiful cards from Madeline of Mold II club.  She made these cards in order to use up a stash of flowers she had.

They are beautiful Madeline - lots & lots of work there.

Looking forward to seeing everyones Show & Tell cards for this month.  I have received a few already.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend & continue to keep safe & take card.

'Bye for now.


Birthday Greetings

The date today is
20 September
Lynn of the Mold club has a birthday

Have a great day Lynn

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

I like this

 Just to let you know I am still around.

Things are a little hectic here - we are having lots of things done to the house.

I spotted this earlier & thought I would share it.

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Birthday Greetings


Birthday Greetings

The date today is
6 September
Maureen of the Mold club has a birthday

Have a lovely day Maureen

Saturday, 5 September 2020

Mold Photos - Show & Tell

 Good afternoon everyone.

This afternoon I have the photos from Thursday's Mold Show & Tell cards.  Maureen set the challenge for this first S&T in September & chose a return to the Retiform Technique.  Wow, that was testing our memories Maureen.

Here are their cards.


When Helen sent this in the writing was back to front due to the way she had photographed I think. So when I put it on my laptop I was able to flip - so it is the right way round now.  Two totally different designs.

Two totally different designs from Janet too.
Love the idea in the second one.

I really like the block approach. It makes a real difference to the traditional triangular shapes.

Joanna spotted another technique that fitted this challenge.
Very effective.

Always from Lynn you get a totally different look to everyone else.
Love it.

Two cards from Mair - she said she thinks she prefers the second one.

Four cards from Maureen - well she did come up with the challenge!!

Two cards from me.  This is the traditional form & gives me another card ready for Christmas/

my second card.  Byt the way - I did not copy Joanna. We had both spotted the style at about the same time.  She thought the same as me - new Retiform.

A lot of work in this card. Great design.

A nice nature inspired card from Rhiannon.
That's the thin with this design it works with every kind of image.

Three cards from Sheelagh, who always manages to make 
more than one card whatever the challenge.

this is really cute.

Well done ladies - some really great cards, & a big thank you to Maureen for the idea.

Have a great weekend everyone.  That's all from me today.  'Bye for now.