Thursday, 31 July 2014

member showcase

Hello again
Well, this time I am here with the featured card made by Annette of Mold II, which Rita very kindly sent me a photo of.

That is beautiful Annette - that looks like the freebie Lavinia stamp from a magazine recently, & as usual I have not used mine yet.
I really must pull my finger out.

Well done Annette.

That's me for now - 'bye.

member showcase

Hello everyone
A big thank you to Rita of MoldII who has sent me a photo of her latest 2 cards to be featured in a magazine & she also sent me a photo of Annette's card which I will put in the next post.

Here are Rita's 2 cards;

I love the panels on this card very colourful
Here I go with another question .............. Rita, should there be something off to the right of the photo - or is it just the fold in the magazine?

Aah! those lovely little pop-up box cards.
I love the small doll in this one - I wonder how flat it lies.

Well done Rita - they are lovely.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

member showcase

Before I go to bed thought I would post the photo of the prize that Rita of MoldII won recently;

A brilliant Indigo Blu stamp - well done Rita.

Now all you other club ladies, you make great cards too - why not send them off to the magazines - you never know what you might win.  Good luck.

Just chatting

Hello everyone
Sorry I have not been here for 3 days - on the blog that is.

It has been a bit of a strange couple of days.  Bob had 2 hospital trips - to do with his shingles attack & also a scan that he had had before which hadn't been visibly clear - so had to be done again.  These visits took up quite a bit of each day - but I am pleased to say the scan is clear. The other visit was to a pain clinic to do with the discomfort & pain left over from the shingles.  The specialist has altered his medication to see if that will help.  Plus for the last 4 days I have had on & off migraine attacks & they mean that I can't sit looking at the screen all that long, as I get those flashing lights which obscure my vision. It seems like everything is being thrown at me at the moment.  I am hoping if my head isn't too bad tomorrow I may manage to get some crafting done - I hope so.

I did manage to have a day out with Nadine yesterday - we did a little tour of garden centres & M&S, which passed a few very pleasant hours getting ideas for the garden & possibly ideas for clothes for my next holiday.

At the weekend we had hoped to have everyone around for a meal, but unfortunately Gareth & Elayne had already arranged to go away for the weekend so that was a bit disappointing.  Still we did spend a lovely evening with Russ & Nadine.  Looking on facebook after the weekend I found that Elayne had been off all that week - not sure if Gareth had been as well - would have been nice to meet up with her if I had known. Perhaps next time.

I am waiting to hear from Annette & Rita of Mold II - hoping they will send me photos of their latest magazine successes - I haven't got a copy of the appropriate issue. But I do have a photo of a prize that Rita won recently - will show that in the next posting.

That is me for now - think I will get off to bed & hope my head clears in the morning.  What a mess I am becoming!!!!

'Bye for now.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

members showcase

Good morning everyone

Goodness I can't believe that Thursday was the last time I posted something - what on earth have I been doing.  Well I am afraid the heat got to me & I found it very hard to sit at anything for any length of time.  My craft room despite the windows being open was rather warm & not conducive to crafting.

I did manage to find a cooler time - or perhaps I should say - less hot time, in order to do a little more in the garden, but not much.

The members showcase I have for you today is Annette of Mold II who has another of her cards featured in a magazine.  Here it is -

Well done Annette

At the Mold II meeting last Tuesday Rita said that she had a card in the magazine too - but I can't find it Rita. Can you let me have a photo of it - perhaps I don't have the right magazine.

That is all I have popped in for right now - may be back later.  Hope you are having a great weekend.'Bye for now.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Birthday greetings

Its 26 July & a CSNW member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Grace

have a lovely day.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

mold photos - part 2

Good morning, as I am hoping that it will be another nice day today & perhaps a little cooler in the early part of the morning I have written this post yesterday & scheduled it for this morning.

The photos today are of the project for Mold II's meeting on Tuesday.  The theme was the technique of "Thumping"  The results with this technique can vary quite a lot - sometimes solid style stamps work better than outline ones - then other times it's the other way round.  Depends on the stamp.  The important thing is to not just add colour direct with a pen - but to use the thumping technique.  There is a difference.  Here are the photos;

This technique really enhances the hair on this image - very effective

It hasn't show up quite so well on this one.

Some serious card making took place here - all 3 made by the same person - Rita in fact.
Lovely clean & simple styles.

Three really nice examples using the outline stamp, as always it depends on the colours used.

Sorry to Carol - this is a bit blurry - looks really good layered up - well on its way to be on a card.

Some more delicate images

& again.  These may have come from the same person.

I like the effect on these two - they were stamped on pearlised card - so the ink hasn't dried properly yet, but the technique works well on those small flowers. Very effective.

That's me for this post - I have some member news to show so will probably do that this evening.
'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Mold II photos - part 1

Good afternoon - another very warm day.

I had hoped to get out in the back garden - but it's just a bit too warm out there at the moment.  I think tomorrow morning might be better.

I have the photos from Mold II's meeting last night & the first set is of their Show & Tell.  The theme this month was a card made in black & yellow with just a little white or neutral.  Here they are - but just to point out - a couple of cards look blue, but they are definitely black - I can only assume it is the lighting in the room that changes it;

This is a lovely classic style card & the little butterfly in the silhouettes hair can be raised up.

A lovely clean & simple card - beautiful - stylish.

Wow! this is really good & different.  The medallion is a 3-d black peel-off layered onto yellow card & the petals have been zentangled along with the border around the card.

This colour scheme was just crying out for silhouettes wasn't it?  Love the alphabet paper in the background.

Stunning card - made with Tattered Lace die.
Elizabeth who made this card has not long had a die-cutting machine & found the club night in June most useful for help with using it.
Love the use of the carousel on the back too - nice finishing touch.

Another stunning card - the design is beautiful.  The stamp that is on the left-hand panel has been stamped on acetate then short pieces cut away & they decorate the corners where the little yellow flowers nare.
I love that saying too - & it is so true.

Great cards ladies & we had a grat evening too.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

just chatting

Hi everyone - isn't it warm even this late?

I haven't been in long after the Mold II club meeting this evening - it was warm in the centre.  We had a really nice meeting there were a couple of people missing, but it is that time of year isn't it! I will have photos from the meeting for you tomorrow.

This morning I had a workshop down at the Garden Centre - 3 ladies on it & we made cards with different folds.  It's the first workshop outside of crochet that I have done for quite a while & it was most enjoyable. The ladies enjoyed it so much they have booked to come on another one in September - so I have to sort out 3 more cards.

I mentioned yesterday that Bob & I had lazed about at the weekend, but I forgot to mention that we did pop out for a meal on Saturday evening & Russ & Nadine joined us - really nice evening.

Anyway as it is rather warm in my craft room right now I will make this do for this evening - as I said - back tomorrow with photos.

'Bye for now.

Monday, 21 July 2014

just chatting

Hi everyone I hope you had a great weekend.  Bob & I just lazed about - it was wonderful.  Kick started by a discussion with Joanna of Mold club I started a new book - the 8th in a series.  The author - should that be authoress - is Diana Gabaldon & the books go by the title of Outlander series.  It is a great series  I discovered them some 6 years ago - maybe even a little more.  Extreme outline - a lady in Scotland in more or less the current time walks into a stone circle & gets whisked back to the 1700's.

Any way as well as doing some reading I also did a lot of Internet surfing via my tablet, sitting in my summerhouse.  Way to live!  Right at the end of the day I found I could talk to my tablet.  No, I haven't lost my marbles as I am sure a lot of you with tablets know that you can do this.  Several times yesterday I was keying things in or putting my finger on a link & not getting through - which was so frustrating.  Turn the microphone on & tell the tablet you want to go to "Pinterest" & it takes you there.  When I mentioned to Bob I had made this discovery he said he knew about it but had never tried it.  Next thing he was going to Google maps & asking it "directions to Portsmouth" & it did it. Isn't technology amazing?  Yes & No.  Because later I came in to use my laptop & the headings had gone from my Google page.  Bob knew why but I didn't.  Grrrr!

Today I have been making some new samples for my workshop tomorrow morning which is - cards with different folds.  I have so many I could show them, that it is difficult to decide which to do & which to leave out. I haven't photographed them yet - will do that tomorrow & then show you.  So! as I like to show photos which makes the post more interesting - here are some photos of the gite we stayed in on our holiday;

this is the view of the lounge as you walk through the front door

the lounge looking back at the front door

the lounge from the kitchen looking towards the sun room - or as they called it - the veranda

two views of the veranda

the kitchen looking towards the lounge from the toilet/shower entrance

the other side of the kitchen - from the lounge

the bedroom from the lounge door - well it was just a curtain actually

peeping through the kitchen door towards the wash basin & toilet

the view from the toilet towards the shower.

The kitchen & the "corridor" for the wash & shower area was quite narrow.  We couldn't pass each other in the kitchen - one person had to move out to allow the other one through. But still it was very nice & we enjoyed our stay.

I have more photos of the garden which I might show you later. I really must get on & photograph my lovely birthday cards & show them to you.

That's it for tonight - more tomorrow.

Sunday, 20 July 2014


Just that - RIP - James Garner

A great actor
I drooled over him in Rockford Files

Mind you, I couldn't believe it when they said he was 86 - where have the years gone!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

mold photos - part 2

Good mo...........oops, no it's good afternoon.  Where has the time gone.

So, here I am with the second set of photos from the Mold meeting on Thursday evening.  The project was given to us by Joanna & is a "blocks card". I think it could be described as a stage on from the Tri-fold card we made a couple of years ago & Joanna has already spotted a slight deviation to this one & I have seen another one - so could be 2 more projects there.

Here are the photos;

Doesn't this red & black look great - it is going to someone who has successfully completed a course.

Owls are still very popular - isn't he cute?

No! I haven't photographed this one upside down - the creator got a little confused somewhere.
But hey - who says it's wrong & anyway the design is beautiful.

More owls - I love this clean design

This one is just a little blurry, sorry - but you can still see the design.
Really nice & bright. Love the purple flower.

I have shown two photos of this one - as it wasn't finished.  So I laid it out flat so all sections could be seen.
Then also took a photo of it stood up - with the topper just leaning against the front.  Really clean crisp design.

Here are a couple more designs - these are the ones Joanna brought in to show us what the card would look like;

Two great Christmas designs - I think quite a few of us thought Christmas for this design - it will be interesting to see how many are made.

Love the colours on this one - it is also a different size - so only 3 block to decorate.

We thoroughly enjoyed making this card, thank you Joanna.  I will be bringing it to the other two clubs soon.

'Bye for now - have a great weekend.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Mold photos - part 1

Good afternoon & here I am with the first set of photos from last nights Mold meeting which are of their Show & Tell where the theme was cards with unusual folds.

This theme gave me 2 problems - firstly the cards would probably have to be picked up if the folds were structural or part of the internal part of the card & secondly - how was I going to do them justice in the photographs.  Well we got round the first point easily - everyone was very careful how they handled the cards & if they had inky fingers asked someone else to hold the cards for them.  For the second part - well we will see;

They look so cute snuggled up together don't they
The front of this card has 3 sections - the top portion lifts up & the 2 bottom portions open like a door.

In order for you to see, I have opened it up & flipped it over.
I believe it is called a dutch fold.

A great little footballer - wonder what his thoughts are after the recent matches?
The fancy fold on this card is the multifold frame.

A very pretty card - that took some thinking about with regard to photos.
It has a shortened front with a topper which sits over a lift up flap.;

Here I have pulled back the front & lifted the inner flap to show the insert

& here with the inner flap lowered showing the other topper.
Really interesting card shape.

This is the card closed & it has a little square aperture at the top right hand corner.

Here is the first stage of opening & you can see that the floral image is in a window actually on the inside of the card too.

This is looking down on the card whilst it is stood up - so that the mechanism can be seen.

I appear to have taken this too quickly as it is a bit blurry - apologies - & I have tried to sharpen it up too.
The Poinsettia is on what is called a belly band & when you slip that off the card - you get - 

a box card.  The heart embellishment is on acetate so that it floats out.

I have commented mainly on the unusual folds rather than the content - all the cards were beautifully made with great designs.  Well done ladies.

I will probably put the project photos up tomorrow.

I have a workshop on Tuesday - hurrah, at last - & need to make sure I have all my samples looking OK & notes written.  I must admit that because workshops have not been booking I am tending to leave things to the last moment, but I have made these cards before so not so much work to do. will probably put photos here at some time.

Have a great weekend.  Fingers crossed we miss much of the storms - but do take care in this heat.
'Bye for now.