Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A peek at the flowers

I do mean a peek I am afraid, as they are my photos taken as I was creating the table centres & my camera can only do so much.  I am looking forward to seeing how they will look in the professional photos.

The first two are of the small table centres that were placed around the tables for the wedding breakfast.  I made 8 in total. The first one is a birds-eye view of one & the second shows 2 side by side.

The next one is of the main table centre which was placed on the registrars table during the ceremony & then moved to the table in front of Bob & I during the meal

When I started trying out the design for the above centre I did a dummy run of one of the "arms" without the orchid sprays, expecting to take it apart & use it.  But I had plenty of flowers - so was left with it & when I picked it up & said to Nadine "I wonder what I do with this now?" - it was decided I carried it.  Originally I had not intended to carry anything but it seemed a shame not to use it.  For the day I wrapped the stem in ribbon & had some fine ribbon trails.

Bob & I have spent another very quiet day resting.  It is such a shame seeing as the weather is so lovely but at the moment neither of us fancies going out.

So there you are a little more info on the day.

Perhaps some more tomorrow.
Keep well.

Monday, 29 April 2013

some wedding photos

Here are some photos that were taken by family & friends that I am happy to share.

These 2 were taken by 2 different guests but I though I would show both.
As you can probably tell - we are signing the register.  On Bob's right, as you look at the photo, is his youngest son Gareth & to my left, again as you look at the photo, is my nephew Robert.  Gareth & Robert were our witnesses.

A photo to show how the cakes looked when set up.

Fruit cake in the box before being taken to the hotel

One of the sponge cakes ready to go to the hotel.
I expect the actual photographers photos will show the cakes better - well all of them actually

But it is nice to have some to look at so soon after the event.  If you click on them you can get a slightly bigger version.

Will put others here as I work on them.
Hope you are all well.

just popping in briefly

Hi everyone
Thought I would pop in briefly to say thank you for all the kind messages we have received regarding "my husband's" state of health.  :)

He is feeling a lot better now & it really was just as well we didn't go away as it hit me on Saturday night.  But I have had a much milder attack & feeling quite good today.  Oh yes I have, evidently, spelt it wrong it is Noro not Novo - so there you go.

We have already had a few photos sent to us by wedding guests & as soon as I can sort them & find a nice one I will post it here.  We hope to see the official photos early next week.

With regard to a honeymoon - we are going to try & go away for a night or two later this week if we feel up to it, then go out to Brittany later in the year.  Malta?  Well we may do that another year - but these things  - strangely - do happen for a reason.

I hope all of you have managed to keep well.  Take care.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Happy Birthday ............................

....................Ruth a CSNW club member

Have a really lovely day Ruth

Happy Birthday!

Friday, 26 April 2013

About our honeymoon in ..................

................ Hawarden.

Yes, in Hawarden.  This morning after a brilliant day yesterday Bob has fallen foul of the Novo Virus & has been so poorly I had to call the Doctor & she recommends  ------  no travelling.

So - Malta on the back boiler for now.  If he is feeling better in a few days we will probably jump in the car & find somewhere nice to stay for a couple of days.  These things happen in life - but I would rather we stayed here than he be unwell on the plane or in Malta.

Whilst we are staying quiet over these couple of days will try & get you some preparation photos to see, & on the day ones if friends send them in.

Just popping in ...............

............... to say thank you to everyone for their kind wishes & for the beautiful cards we have received.

We were completely overwhelmed with them all.

We had the most fantastic day & lots of memories to keep.

Thank you everyone.

Gloria & Bob


Thursday, 25 April 2013

A digital wedding card

I belong to a Facebook group for digital crafting & this morning we received loads of good luck wishes & congratulations from many of the members which was really lovely.

One of the ladies even created a digital card for us - so I thought I would show it here;

Isn't it pretty & not a piece of paper in sight.

On our return I will print out a copy so that I can keep it with the many many cards we have received.  Which by the way we haven't opened yet - we are saving that for tonight.

Now! This really is the last post today.

So! it is here

Good morning - & so the day arrives.

It is a bit grey & overcast but the weather people have said bright later - fingers crossed.

Had a really nice evening yesterday with my friend Janet - Bob & I had a meal with her at the hotel & had a long long chat, catching up.

Just made sure everything that has to go with me today is ready & case packed for tomorrow's journey.  Had a shower & now sitting here relaxing checking emails & things.  Then in just under 2 hours off to have hair done - then up to the hotel to relax a little more before getting ready.

So, have a great day & weekend with whatever you have planned.

Talk to you soon.
'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

me & my sash

Hi everyone
As promised - the photo of me at last night's Mold II club meeting wearing the sash they presented me with. all those little cards stuck on it have been signed on the back - so I will be putting them on a scrap book page.

I hate standing in front of a camera - can you tell?  I should have remembered to breath in too. Goodness knows how I will get on tomorrow.

Everything has gone up to the hotel ready for tomorrow. I have a friend from London who is staying there tonight so we are going up there a bit later to have a meal with her.  So it is hair tomorrow afternoon & off we go.

I may blog on Friday evening from the hotel - but not making any promises.

Bob says thank you for all your good wishes & of course I do too.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Mold II photos

I made it - here are the photos from the Mold II meeting this evening.

The Show & Tell photos are first where the theme tonight was a card from a sketch.  This time it is a sketch I drew myself a few months ago when I had forgotten to take one to Mold club.  Here is the sketch;

Here are the cards

I can't remember if this was for a son or son-in-law - but the design was chosen as he is studying to be an electrician.  great card & very personal too.

A very delicate design - very 20's - I love the mirror made with mirri board

Very dramatic, & I love the way the wavy line has been created by cutting the black card with fancy edge scissors.

The message here I think is your a star!  What about that lovely little guitar charm at the top.

Another very delicate card - shades of pink this time.  Isn't she elegant?

I know that this one is not finished - the delightful little bear is to be decoupaged & the hearts will be turned into balloons with the strings going down to the bears hands.  Paws?

I love the way the triangle shape has been interpreted by placing the ribbon diagonally across the card.  Brilliant idea.

The card is one of the show & tell cards from last month.  Elma had not made it to the meeting she was away on a birthday holiday - but brought in tonight,.  Very effective.  The challenge was the colour one - black, white, navy & lime green.

Right it is time I was in bed - I have loaded the project photos on to my netbook, so it shouldn't take too long to do the write up - which I will try to do first thing tomorrow.

Before I close though - I thought I would mention what the Mold II ladies put me through tonight.  Mind you that sounds a bit strong - rather it was fun.  They made a sash with "getting married" & hearts written it - then they all stamped a wedding image on a piece of card - put their names on the back & came up & attached it to the sash. I had to wear it for the rest of the evening.  At the end of the evening one of the ladies - Carolyn - took a photo & will be sending me a copy.  I have been ordered to put it here on the blog.  So, watch this space.

Night night - sleep well.

Birthday error

It appears I put the wrong schedule date against a birthday message for Helen of Mold II.  Her birthday is not today it is May 13 - but the club meeting was today.  Dum dum got the dates mixed up - didn't I!

Still she is wished a happy birthday when it comes around & I might put the greeting up again on the right date.

Just found out .............


for this card

I know it's not rubber stamping - but I thought you might be interested, & it gave me something to write about.

I am off to the chiropodist this afternoon, to give my little feet a special treat ready for Thursday.  Then in the evening it is the April meeting of Mold II club.  Tomorrow is a bit hectic as I have an appointment to have my nails done, also Nadine will be round here making the sponge cakes & we have to take most of the things up to the hotel ready for Thursday.  Then in the evening we will be meeting up with my brother & nephew & also a friend from London who is staying in the hotel.  So I will try & get the photos from tonight on here tonight or it could be a while before they appear.

St. George & Shakespeare

Yes - two events on one day.

Today is St George's Day & so for those of us who are English, for those who have English family, friends - a Happy St Georges Day.

also April 23rd is Shakespeare's birthday

Hope you all have a great day planned.

Happy birthday ......................

............................ Helen, a Mold II club member

have a lovely day Helen
Happy birthday!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Mold photos - part 3

I am popping in to show you the photos from the extra project we did at the Mold meeting on Thursday night.

I am not going to explain how it is done as it will be an extra project at each of the other 2 clubs.  The ladies were not expecting this project so they have done a great job with the images etc they had to hand.  Most of them are not finished but it was a chance to try a different technique.

No comments against them this time - just put here for you to look at.

Hope your weekend is going well.

I am not sure how much I will be popping in over the next few days - it is the Mold II April meeting on Tuesday so there will be photos to put here.  Wednesday is going to be busy - but I will see what I can do.
Thank you in advance for your patience on this one.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Mold photos - part 2

Hello again

Well, here I am with the second set of photos from the Mold meeting last Thursday.  This time it is of the project which was the "triple stamping technique".

I am not going to be explaining how this was done as each of the clubs will have the chance to learn this - it is really effective.  Joanna took this session so I became a sit down (& do as I am told?) member of the club.  I promise I did behave myself.

Here are the photos

This is a beautifully clean card & if I have remembered right it is the one made by Ffion - Clare's daughter - who spent the evening with us.

I love these silhouette wispy flower images & doesn't it work well on this card.

Very pretty - even had time to colour it in!!

Hey! That's my go - I only had black & white card & black ink with me.

Now! did they pinch my stamp or did I pinch theirs.  That is a really great design - love the way it is presented.

Love this one - shows a larger design off really well.

Very delicate colour & that apple blossom stamp is so pretty.

Ooh - a colour theme going on here - great design - there is another of those floral designs that work so well.

What a beautiful butterfly & we have that colour again.  Funny how colours get chosen like that.

Very autumnal feeling to this one.  Autumn in Paris rather than spring!  
Isn't it actually April in Paris that I am thinking of?

There you have it ladies.  It was a most enjoyable project & as I have already said I will be showing the other 2 clubs how to do this as well.

Tomorrow I will pop in & show you the extra project that Joanna brought along with her, & I will be showing that to the other clubs at some time as well.

Enjoy your weekend & this rather nice weather.

Mold photos - part 1

Good morning everyone & what a lovely morning.  Is it going to hold out until Thursday?

So! as promised here I am with the photos of the Show & Tell at the Mold meeting on Thursday evening when the theme was a card using Black, Navy, White & Lime Green.

A good use of the colours & how nice to see a different shaped card.  I think I have it up the right way although fortunately I don't think - for the photo - it matters.

A lovely bright card & a great design.  Keep this one in mind as you are going to see some extra photo from the Mold meeting.

A really dainty design, elegant design.

She is delightful.  I haven't got any "Gorjuss" images they are really sweet.
A beautiful card.

How about this for exotic!  A really stunning card

What a stunning design.  When I look at cards like this I wonder to myself why I am not doing more like it.
Repetitive designs really do work well.

Talking repetitive - another unusual design.  I forgot to ask if this was created with a die or if it was actually a lace template.  (note - the e should have an acute over it - the word is "lasay" not "lace" 

A lovely scenic card - Lavinia's images work so well for this colour scheme.

A great group of cards ladies.  I think every club pulled a face when I gave out this colour scheme yet every card has been really interesting.

So there is your first set of photos from the meeting - there are 2 more to come.  But Bob & I are going out for quite a bit of the day - so it may be tomorrow before I put the rest up.  If I do have time tonight I will put another set up then.

A piece of information for the Mold ladies - I spoke to the centre yesterday about the music.  The lady I spoke to was a bit surprised about the people in the entrance hall so she is going to look into matters.  I explained we weren't against the people practising but that it had got a bit ridiculous that evening.  We don't want to spoil their fun - but consideration has to be given to others & we were there first.  So watch that space.