Saturday, 28 February 2015

as promised

Hi everyone.

As promised photos of my completed images from Tuesday night's Mold II club meeting where we were shown the 2 techniques -  "Pointillism" & "Etching".

I am setting up this post on Friday afternoon to come live sometime on Saturday morning, as tomorrow I am out all day at another canvas workshop, so will probably not have time to blog.

So, here we go;

Here is my Etching sample which I have mounted onto black card to better show it.  I decided to add a little colour to the centre.  I think my fine lines could be neater but even so I am pleased with the finish.

Here is my Pointillism sample which is not actually the one I started at the meeting. & one again I have mounted it on black card to set it off.  During that session I found my Promarkers bled quite a bit & I didn't like the finish. In order to have a go I thought I would use normal felt tip pens & then found that I didn't own any anymore.  Fortunately the craft shop at Daleside had some cheap ones (for children I think) so I got a set of those to try it & much preferred the finish.  I think if I want to continue using this technique - which I do - I might invest in a better quality felt pen & use them instead of Promarkers.

Loved both these techniques - will be using both.

I will show you photos of the canvas I create tomorrow some time next week because in the meantime I have a few 2015 club projects to photograph & show you.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, 27 February 2015

member showcase

Good evening & another post for you.

The showcase this time is from Elma of Mold II club & she has really taken waste not want not & recycling to another level.  I believe she is redecorating somewhere in her home & had some samples of wallpaper to see which one she would like.  Having done that side of the task she then decided to make cards with some of the samples.  Well why not.

Aren't they great?

Elma would not let on which design she had finally settled on though.

Thank you Elma for showing them - enjoy your redecorating.

Mold II club page update

A very brief post to say that I had an email from Lin about the 2015 project & she asked me to pull out a subject for her.  She has "Time" & I have updated the club page by adding that information.

mold II photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone.

This afternoon I have the photos from the Mold II meeting on Tuesday & it is of the evening's project where Janet from Mold club came along & showed everyone how to use the 2 techniques - Pointillism & Etching in their stamping.

Here are the photos;

These first 2 photos are of the samples of "Pointillism" that Janet brought along with her for everyone to see.

The next photo are the samples of "Etching" that Janet brought along as well .........

............. & this one shows Janet demonstrating the techniques being closely watched by everyone.
(everyone was there, I couldn't get everyone in the photo)

Janet brought along with her prints of the 2 designs for the ladies to work with - so all the photos will be of the same images.

These two photos are of the images worked on by Rita..

These are the photos of the work by Phyllis - which this time I managed to photograph together.

These are the designs worked by Elma......

.............. & these are by Annette

This one is by Betty & she worked the etching technique onto the 2 lower flowers.
So the 2 techniques are on one image.

Work in Progress from Liz
It's a really good example of the Etching technique to be able to see the before & after difference.

Here we have the 2 images worked on by Sue.

These 2 images have been worked by Carolyn

These 2 are those worked by Dot

This is Carols work & this is ....................

.............. Carol, who next week celebrates a big birthday & here she is with her birthday flowers from the group.  A big couple of weeks for Carol as at the weekend she become a grandmother for the first time.

Many congratulations Carol on both events.

Lots of great work that evening ladies & it is amazing how different they all look, based on choice of colour used & just the learning of the technique.

I enjoyed the chance to do this that evening - but didn't finish my images due to having other things to do.  Will put them here when they are finished.

'Bye for now.

Birthday Greetings

Today is 27 February 
& a Mold club member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Yvonne

Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

mold II photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone - well I have managed to find time to sort the photos from the Mold II meeting last night & this set is of their Show & Tell where the theme was a bookmark for a man;

This very stylish book mark, which has been laminated to protect it, is by Annette.

Memories of many days out - the car & caravan is from Betty.

A Liverpool fan will receive this one & it was made by Carol

A golfing fan to receive this bookmark made by Carolyn.  I just love the golf club as the tassel

This is a bookmark for Dot's husband who reads a lot & because .............

................. he never remembers what he has read, she has given it an inside section where he can write the names of the books as he finishes them.  Great idea.

Elma made this "vintage" bookmark embossed on black Co-ordinations card & sanded back to reveal the inner core.

This one on parchment was made by Liz & a great sentiment it is too.

Rita made this one from an off cut of backgrounds she had made on her Gelli plate.  She did admit that she hadn't noted that the bookmark was for a man & that's the reason it has pink ribbon tassel.

Two great bookmarks here made by Sue - don't you just love that cork at the end of the tassel?

Now, this "vintage" bookmark I do not seem to have an owner for. As everyone described their bookmark I wrote their name & a description in my notebook - but seemed to have missed this one.
Phyllis - was it yours?

Yes - it is quite clearly not a stamped bookmark.  But Rita had it & thought it was a great idea & that it shouldn't be difficult to stamp an image & create the same sort of effect.
Anyone give it a try?

Well, there you are a great range of bookmarks - more photos to come of the evenings project.

'Bye for now.

club page update

A quick post to let you know I have updated the club page for Mold II with the 2015 project & materials etc for April meeting.

Also I have updated the Project Photos page with photos of Carolyn's samples for the April meeting of Mold II.

I am hoping to be able to come back later with the first set of photos of last nights Mold II meeting, but I have to prepare for a visit from my brother for the evening - it will depend on what time I have left.  Otherwise it will be sometime tomorrow after I have run my first rubber stamping workshop in absolute ages.  Looking forward to that - new interest is always quite exciting.

'Bye for now.

member showcase

Good morning everyone.

This morning I have a member showcase for you which this time is from Betty of Mold II club. I have had it on my computer for about a week, but with the clubs having their meetings I usually put their photos before anything else.  I tend to keep the showcase photos as fillers  for when there perhaps is not a lot going on.  If you do send me photos & it appears I have forgotten them please tell me - it could just be an oversight or the blog has been busy with club meetings photos.

So here is Betty's card which was featured in a recent copy of Papercraft Essentials on the letters page;

That is a really pretty card Betty & I wouldn't mind betting that when everyone reads what you said in the letter, they will want the tip too!  Perhaps you would email it to me & I will blog it.

Back later with some photos from last nights Mold II meeting.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Mold club page update & March info

Good morning  everyone - this post is to let Mold ladies know that I have updated their club page with the information of the 2015 project that was decided upon.

Also I wanted to add something to things you need to bring to the March meeting when Rita is going to show you the Gelli Plate.  I said bring plenty of card - it would also be an idea to bring a brayer with you if you have one.

'Bye for now.

Monday, 23 February 2015

member showcase

Good morning everyone & look at that lovely blue sky!

The member showcase today is from Sheelagh of Mold club & she has sent me a photo by email of the cards she has made with her Gorjuss stamp that was in her Christmas goodie bag;

I have uploaded this photo somewhat larger than I usually do because I wanted you to see the names & ages.  Wow! Sheelagh you have been busy & I am sure that all 7 girls will be delighted.  Thank you for sending me the photo Sheelagh.

Come on ladies - who else has used their Christmas stamp?  Send me photos please.

Also from Thursdays Mold meeting I have 3 Project 2014 books to photograph & show you. I hope to do these through the week.  It is a slightly fragmented week for me this week, as I have a workshop tomorrow afternoon at the garden centre, then another one on Thursday morning & on Wednesday my brother is over for one evening.

Sadly last night we heard that Bob's other brother has been taken to hospital & is in Intensive Care - so we are back to Stafford this afternoon to visit him.

More tomorrow - have a good day.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

mold photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone - bit cold & grey today isn't it!

Yesterday Bob & I went to visit one of his brothers who is currently in a care home. Bless him he was having a snooze when we got there it was almost a shame to wake him - but we spent about an hour there & it was good to see him.  Afterwards we popped along to see one of Bob's sisters in law & spent a nice time there treated to scones, with jam & cream - yum.  Then on our way home we stopped at a very nice restaurant/pub for a meal.  Very nice day.  So this is the reason no blog post written yesterday.

Today I have the second set of photos for you, from Mold club's project at their meeting last Thursday where we tried out the technique of Alcohol Inks & Aluminium Tape.  You take a piece of card - for our project, a tag - & cover it with aluminium tape.  It is then run through an embossing folder to give the pattern.  After that you just let loose with alcohol inks which can be patted on with an applicator, dripped into certain sections & as you will see multi-coloured.

Some fantastic results to show you - there are lots of photos;

These two were created by Janet & as you can see some of her inks have been dripped into certain areas to highlight them.

These two tags are by Joan (Brookes).  They look so different depending on the embossing folder used, & also the method of inking.

Someone got enthusiastic about this technique & made 3 tags.  That someone was Joan (Brown)

These 2 were made by different ladies - the one on the left was by Joanna & the design has been embossed.  The one on the right was by Janet & has been de-bossed.  I thought it would be good to see how different one design can look used in these 2 ways.

These 2 were created by Joanna - keep an eye out for that one on the right, that looks like it has rivets in it, it will appear again, & of course the one on the left was in the previous photo too.

These 2 tags were created by Lyn.  The tape we used was not quite as wide as the tags - so 2 pieces had to be placed on them.  In the one on the left Lynn has placed the join to one side of the tag & then after using the inks has laid a plain piece of foil to cover the seam which still showed.  Great idea, Lyn.

This piece?  Well, this piece is the foil that Lyn (previous 2 tags) had under her tags whilst inking them.  I know that foil is not going to go to waste - Lyn will use it somewhere.

Mair made these 2 tags - such completely different styles.  I really like the colours of the green one, but can't make up my mind which one I prefer.  

Then Mair went on to have a play with random dripping (rather than picking out features of the design), & this was the little piece of work she produced. Very nice.

Another group of 3 tags this time created by Rachel.  Some great examples of the dripping style there as well.

The 2 tags here were created by Rhiannon & on these tags you can see the seam in the tape.  So a little piece of narrow ribbon, or paper, or as Lyn did - a plain foil strip will cover that up & complete the tags nicely.

The seam in the tape shows up more, or less on some designs, depending on how much texture there is to the design.

These 4 tags were made by Sheelagh who made one of each as embossed & one of each as de-bossed. It gives them such a different look.

These 2 tags were created by Yvonne & the embossing design is very clearly defined.  This again will make a difference to the finished effect - so remember to check how deeply your folders emboss.

Remember Joanna's tags with the rivets style design?  Before the end of the evening Joanna sanded the tag & this is the finished result.  Great for a man's card.

Talking of which.......................

I checked my emails this morning & there was a photo of this card made by Joanna using that very tag.  Brilliant card.  

Once you know how to use these 2 materials together mens cards become easier to make.

Don't worry Mold II & CSNW - this technique will be in your programme soon.

Well, that's me for today I hope your weekend is going well.

I have a member showcase for you tomorrow once I have loaded the photo onto my laptop.
'Bye for now.