Tuesday, 31 January 2017

birthday greetings - belated - number 2

On 26 January a Mold member had a birthday

I hope it was a great day Joanna
Sorry for the belated greetings

birthday greetings ............. belated

On the 21st January a Mold club member had a birthday

I hope it was a great day Janet
sorry for belated greetings.

I owe apologies to 2 Mold club members.

I forgot it was time to start putting the 2017 birthday greetings on the blog

At least I didn't forget to remember to give them a birthday card each.

Birthday Greetings - although belated - in next two posts.

Mold photos - late entry 3

Good morning ladies - how are you all?

I call these coupe of posts "late entry" because they are the photos of members cards that were not completed at the time of the meeting, but they kindly remember to send me a photo when hey are finished.

Today's photos are from Sheelagh of Mold club.  As a reminder this is the photo I shared after the meeting;

I mentioned that Sheelagh had got so carried away with decorating that she decorated the front of the inner piece.  Son ow we can see how she finished the card;

It looks to me as if Sheelagh was able to remove the topper from the front of the insert & place it on the real outer of the card - but of course it may be another topper.  I love all the work on the inside - it's beautiful.  Thank you for sending it in Sheelagh.

Right - I am off to make some thank you cards.
More from me tomorrow.  'Bye!

Monday, 30 January 2017

a recent card

Popped in this morning (01 Feb) to correct spelling mistake in title of post

Good afternoon ladies

This afternoon I have a photo of yet another of my recently made birthday cards;

I used a white card & using a long narrow embossing folder that came with my Gemini Die-cutting machine & embossed the card just below the fold line.

The floral spray stamp is one from Honey Doo.  I just love their stamps & I am trying to build a little collection.  I stamped the spray in black archival ink & quickly put clear EP on it to heat emboss it.  I then coloured the flowers with my pearlescent water colour paints.  The final touch, before adding the greeting, was to put some little pearls in the centre of the flowers & along the fronds using Docrafts 3-d pearl effects.

Tomorrow I have some photos of a late entry from a Mold club member of their Twist & Pop-up card.

Over the weekend I did achieve my "me time" session & very relaxing it was too.  May show you the results at some time.

That is me for today.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Another recent card

Good afternoon ladies.

This afternoon I have another of my recently made birthday cards & this one is the one that I made for our daughter who lives in the States.  Her birthday is in February but I have to send it out early as the postal system is a little hit & miss on delivery times.

I used a white square scalloped edge card & stamped all over the page with a "net" style background stamp, using Distress Ink.  Next I used one of the recent magazine freebies embossing folders on white card & after embossing it drew a circle around the centre-piece & cut it out.  Finally I inked it all over with the same Distress Ink & stamped the "Birthday Wishes" in black ink & heat embossed with clear EP.

In the photo the inking looks a little patchy but it was quite a bit smoother & even than that shows. A couple of flat backed gems to give it some bling were added right at the last moment before sending it off.

That's me ............... 'byee!

Saturday, 28 January 2017

a birthday card

Good afternoon ladies

I hope you have a great weekend planned.

This afternoon I have another of my recently made birthday cards;

I used an A5 white scalloped edged card & using a long narrow embossing folder embossed both short sides of the card.  It is a shame in one way that the folders are hinged because I couldn't turn it round to get the mirror image.

I stamped the bouquet of fantasy flowers & then painted them with my water colour paints.  I popped a little of the pink paint in the circles of the borders as well.  The Happy Birthday was stamped in black archival ink then embossed with clear EP.   A nice clean card.

I am hoping to give myself some "me" time this weekend & do some crafting for me - just for my pleasure & interest.  We will see what happens & I will let you know.

Have a good weekend.  'Bye for now.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

magazine gift

Hello again ladies

In the earlier post today I said I would be popping back & that it had something to do with prizes or more correctly - gifts.

You must remember this

It was the magazine where myself along with Rita & Annette from Mold II club had our cards featured on the letters page.

Yesterday the postman brought me my gift & this is it;

I would love to know what Rita & Annette receive.

Going back to the earlier post you can see what I meant when I said if our collective photo only makes the normal letters - how would we split this between the group.  As it happens this paper stack has 12 pages - so it would be a page each.  😊

Well, that is me for today - more tomorrow.

Mold II photos - part 2

Good morning ladies - gosh what a difference in the weather today.  It really cannot make its mind up what the season is, can it!

This morning I have the photos of Mold II's project from Tuesday evenings meeting.  The project was the Twist & Pop-up card;

Carolyn's card is in a beautiful light shade of blue. She hadn't at this point created a topper for the front - that is to follow.

The front & inside of Sue's card - again a very delicate colour. I seem to recognise that paper & little topper - I am sure I had that set at some time.  Very dainty.

Outside & inside of Elizabeth's card & it looks like she might have used Crafty Individuals paper pad for her card - but I could be wrong.  How about that beautiful large butterfly on the front.

The outside & inside of Annette's card.  Lovely clean & crisp choice of papers & colours.
Makes you fancy  a cup of tea & cake just looking at it.

The outside & inside of Dot's bird designed card. That is a gorgeous topper on the front.
The pictures inside Dot has coloured - but I have a little feeling that she actually drew them too.
Am I right Dot?

The outside & inside of Rita's card with her signature large embellishment on the front.
That's a really nice colour combination too.

The outside & inside of Carol's card with pretty birds & butterflies featured.

The next photo is a group photo of the cards.
I don't know why I didn't do this for Mold on the Thursday.

This card was a feature in"Quick Cards made Easy" magazine this month & Rita brought it in for me to see.  It also had a diagram for the mechanism portion of this card - so I am going to photocopy it & see if it makes a different size card.  If it does I will produce a copy for everyone.

Rita also suggested that I should send a photo of all the cards to the magazine stating we wanted to make one after reading about it & perhaps they may print the letter, even as the star letter (I love Rita's thinking) & then we could share the prize.  I am not sure how we share if it is only an ordinary letter & gets one small prize.  See the post that will follow this one later this afternoon.  But I will look into creating a better montage of the cards by using some software I have.

OK that is me for the time being.
I will be back later - 'bye for now.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

a mold photo - late entry 2

Good evening ladies

I have this morning received an email from Joanna of Mold club with the photos of her completed project from Thursday's meeting - where the project was the Twist & Popup card;

Here is the outside

The two flowers are the negative from 2 die cuts & Joanna has laid them on her background & added glitter inside them

This is the inside

I love the colours & the way the flower is stamped in different positions on the squares.

Thank you for sending it in Joanna.

That's me for today - 'byee!

Mold II photos - part 1

Good afternoon ladies & what a lovely sunny day.

This afternoon I have the first set of photos from last night's Mold II meeting & they are of their Show & Tell which was to make a handbag.

Here they are & once again some beautiful looking bags are on show;

Annette's bag is a beautiful burgundy colour with gold trimmings & the Radley dog label hanging from it.

Rita's bag is also a burgundy colour but with more glitz on it with sparkly gold card.
Oh & look ............... another Radley dog label

How many of you ladies have these posh handbags.  
Our daughert-in-law Nadine loves them.

Sue's bag is a really elegant purse style in an ivory pearl colour.  Those lace motifs really are beautiful - quipure lace I think.  What a beautiful bag for the Brides mother to have.

Elma's bag is made from textured dark blue card that looks like embossed leather & it has a lovely chain like handle & blue heart "with love" badge.

Carolyn's delicately flowered bag is such an elegant shape, & decorated with Card-io stamps.

Carol had made a handbag - but couldn't find where she had put it - so brought in this handbag shaped card to show.

Dot made two matching style handbags in different colours for her grand-daughters.
They are a box shape & when she opened they had little make up items inside.

The ladies really liked this style & when Dot said she would be happy to bring in a template for anyone who would like it - there were quite a few "yes please". 
From there it became that it would be a project for an evening which Dot would show & is programmed in for September.

Thank you Dot - I know your arm was twisted a little - we look forward to this evening.

Well done ladies  I think I will have to find something else of a similar nature for a show & tell as you all seemed to enjoy it so much.

That is all from me now - the second set of photos tomorrow.
'Bye for now.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

a mold photo - late entry

Good evening ladies.

This evening I have a photo from one of the ladies of Mold club who had not finished her project at the meeting last Thursday, & it is Janet.

The project was the twist & pop up card.

This is the front of Janet's card with pretty magnolia style blossoms on it.........

................ & this is the inside with more blossoms.

In the first photo it looks as if Janet has stamped the base card in white.

Thank you for sending it in Janet.

I am about to have my dinner & then I am off to the first Mold II club meeting of the year.  So, more photos tomorrow.

'Bye for now.

Monday, 23 January 2017

An 80th birthday card

Good afternoon ladies

Today I have the photo of the other single colour 80th birthday card that I made.  It is for the other one of my sisters-in-law & her birthday is not until November - so I am well prepared.  All I need to do now is to remember where I have put it.  Though truthfully that will not be difficult as I have a box on my shelves that holds finished cards.

Here it is;

As you can see - this one is all silver.  I wish there was a way to avoid seeing myself in the mirri card.

I have had quit a productive day this morning.  It started by sorting out paperwork for the Mold II meeting tomorrow evening, then progressed to writing up notes & creating a template for a future project & testing it out.  Then finally making 2 more birthday cards.  I think that little session brings me up to date with things for this week.

I received an email from Janet of Mold club with photos of her finished Twist & Pop card made at the meeting on Thursday last.  I will blog that tomorrow.

That brings me up to date for now.
More tomorrow - 'bye.

Jayne Nestorenko

Good morning

I was informed this morning, by Rita of Mold II club, that Jayne Nestorenko had passed away on Saturday evening after a long illness.

I suspect that there may be some amongst you who do not know of her - but many who do.

I followed Jayne's work for a long time & many of those lovely large wooden stamps that were around came into my collection beause of her enthusiasm & creativity.

I particularly enjoyed using, & held many workshops at Daleside, to show how to use the Treasure Box stamps which were very popular;

I cannot now remember who made those stamps & there were different sizes & you made different shaped boxes according to how many pieces you stamped.  Then of course you also had the matching medallion stamp to place on the top of the box.

The crafting world is saddened by the loss of this lovely lady.

Sleep peacefully Jayne.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Mold photos - part 2

Good afternoon ladies

Before I show you the Mold photos I would like to share with you an email I had from Joanna of Mold club following me writing the post about their Show & Tell handbags....................

"Hi Gloria

Hope you don't mind me proof-reading your blog post!! ;)
It's something I can't help doing as it's been a big part of my job here 
in our website design business.
I'm just looking at the bags post and noticed this:

"Joan:  Reminded e of a nag I had back in the 60's"

(made *m*e smile thinking of you and a nag!)"

............... here is my reply ...............

"Hi Joanna
Firstly  I have no problem at all with you proof reading  
Secondly I probably did have a nag back then - I like the bracketed comment above)  made me smile.
I am having quite a bit of trouble at the moment with my laptop keyboard.
I am not 100% sure whether it is the keyboard or my fingering when typing.
The letter 'm' is one of the worst keys.
I couldn't have re-read that bit

I decided to show this here - because I really don't have a problem if anybody spots mistakes. But I really do have a problem at the moment & the letter M - really is the worst of the letters that don't do what I want.  You wouldn't believe sometimes how long it takes me to write a post - between key problems & normal mistakes.  I spell check & I reread - but - errors still get through at times.

Now! down to the photos - the project was the twist & pop up card;

Sheelagh was so absorbed in making her card that she decorated as you see above - but it was supposed to sit inside a base card.  So she said she would still put it inside a base card to make hers a little unique.  It's a great design Sheelagh.

Clare has produced a really clean & simple design for her card & still has to put the detail on the inside.

Actually there were several ladies who didn't complete their card - so I hope to either receive emails with the photos or them being brought along to the next meeting.

Don't you just love these little owls on Yvonne's card?  So bright & cheerful.

Rhiannon's card features those lovely "Gorjuss" images. Absolutely love the colour of the front focal image.

I did take a photo of the front of Joan's card - but it wasn't a clear image.  The front was just decorated with the same paper as inside, & again there is the decoration still to go on this one.

Lovely clean design from Maureen with beautiful butterflies.  They are a favourite of Maureens & quite often feature in her cards.

This really is a nice cad to make & not so complicated as it first looks, plus I have simplified the instructions somewhat.  I look forward to seeing the others later.

Have a lovely weekend everyone - I think we are promised some sunshine for tomorrow which will be nice.

'Bye for now - have fun.