Monday, 31 August 2015

member showcase

Good evening everyone - I do hope you have all had a great weekend.

Tonight I have a member showcase from Joanna of Mold club.  She has sent me a photo of one of the "demo" cards she made whilst showing the club how to do the Northern Lights technique - after she has made it into a card for a friends anniversary;

I think, Joanna, this is the best one so far that you have done.  Because for me the problem has been how to interpret those lovely flowing & moving shapes that the northern lights make & I think you are pretty near with this one. You can almost imagine those shapes swirling across the night sky. It is obviously down to the blending of the colours & these here certainly meet that criteria.

Ooh! now I have to go & practise more............. & more!!!!!!

'Bye for now.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Some work in progress

Hi everyone - how is your weekend going?

Today I have some photos for you of my pieces of work at the recent Mold II club meeting when we played with alcohol inks;

These two pieces are the alcohol ink on acetate & then blown with a straw. The one on the left I have shown before as it was one that I did when preparing for this.  The one on the right looks quite strange & is the piece that I used to show the ladies what to do, but I got asked questions like - can you marble through it with a cocktail stick - answer look at the scratches.  It might have worked better if the inks had not dried a little in the meantime.  Can you add more ink - yes. What happens if you add blending solution - the large circles. I am looking to see if I can draw on these pieces as create more interest - such as flowers etc.

These 2 pieces were made with the marbling technique

& this is the reverse side of those 2 pieces.
I love the randomness of this technique.

This was done with a larger piece of card (which only just fitted in my tub).  In other marbling techniques, once you have taken your first print you usually but not always, lift the remaining ink with scrap paper or fabric.  I didn't do that for the piece above - I just added some more inks.

This is the reverse side of that piece above.

I didn't want to waste what ink was left - so I dipped another piece of card & this was the result. Not too clear in the photo but there is some colour there.

This was the reverse side - it had picked up a few more of the yellow blobs.

Tomorrow I will show you my Northern Lights efforts.  In the meantime I will have a think about how I am going to use these pieces shown here.

'Bye for now.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

member showcase

Good evening everyone & before I settle down for the evening I am popping in with another member showcase as promised.  The member this time is Elma from Mold II club.

Now there is a little story behind this card.  Elma made the card for a show & tell & mentioned to Annette that she didn't want it & was going to throw it away.  Annette asked her not to do that so Elma said "You have it then" & gave it to Annette.  Annette felt that it was a good card for the magazines - so she eventually sent it off to them with a covering letter (as if written by Elma) along with Elma's details.

It was published in the latest issue of Papercraft Essentials - the same issue as Rita in the last post;

We were all disappointed that they didn't actually publish Elma's name - but we know it is her card - as it was included in this post HERE, back in October 2014.

Well done Elma & a big thank you to Annette.

Have a great weekend. 'Bye for now.

member showcase

Good morning everyone.  I hope you have nice things planned for this final bank holiday of the year & that the weather will stay "nice" for us all.

This morning I have a member showcase for you & it is for Rita of Mold II who has had a card featured recently in Papercraft Essentials;

Well done again Rita - keep up the good work.

Right I will be back again later today with another member showcase, but in the meantime after lunch I am off to the Daleside Garden Centre for some plants & to meet up with Sue for a coffee & a chat.

'Bye for now.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

mold photos - part 3

Good afternoon all.

Well!  that is another part of my wedding outfit sorted - have just got back from Cheshire Oaks where I popped into Jacques Vert where Nadine had seen just what I needed.  My shoes & bag.

Anyway enough about me - the final set of photos from the Mold II meeting on Tuesday night. These are the photos of the second project we did using alcohol inks.  The main tool / ingredient was a tub of cold water.  The effect - marbling!







Now! there are some names missing from this line-up, so I wondering if where I have put multiple photos with a persons name that I have made a mistake.  If so I apologise.  I am sure someone will put me straight on the detail.

Now the only thing that doesn't show in these photos is that you actually get double-sided designs. That would have just been a bit too much to photograph.  I am looking forward to perhaps seeing some of these back on a card, with some stamping!

That's me for today.  Hope you are having a good day.
'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Mold II photos - part 2

Good afternoon ladies & hello again today.

This post I have the photos from the first project we worked on last night.  The evening was spent trying a couple of new techniques - well new to the club projects anyway - with alcohol inks.

I think both projects were fun to do & you just didn't know how things were going to turn out.  The first project was using the inks on acetate & the important tool - was - a STRAW!.  Now it doesn't take too much thought to realise that where a straw is involved there is going to be either drinking or blowing. Whilst these are called alcohol inks - they certainly aren't for drinking - so it had to be blowing.

You can get some great backgrounds (as you will see) - but if your droplets turn into good shapes you can be more artistic (as you will also see).  Of course I wasn't inside the ladies heads so don't know if the shapes were created casually or deliberately to create a shape.  Here we go - have a look & see what shapes you can see in the designs;

Annette created 2 quite differently coloured pieces. In the top one I see branches of leaves & flowers something like fuchsias & other droplet flowers.

Betty's background could be turned into a little cluster of blue flowers with some fine-liner pen work. Don't you agree?

If Carol adds some fine line work to this piece - there are some flower shapes there too. That shape at the top in the middle reminds me of a rose.

Carolyn - I see anemones here, particularly sea anemones.

Dot's card just shows perfectly what I was talking about.  She grabbed a fine-liner pen & added interest to her piece.  I don't know if she deliberately created those shapes to achieve this.

Elma in your card I see a rather large bell shape flower on the bottom left corner.  What do you think ladies?

In Helen's card there is definitely a bouquet - possibly being caught as the wind ruffled through it.

Lin's card is another one of those that with some fine lines added, a special feature can be created. Those blue-green shapes look a little like shells.

In Liz's piece, to me these are like strands of seaweed floating in the water.

In Sue's creation I can see lots of little things.  I went back & played with it.  Changing its orientation & just for fun I spotted this;

Sorry Sue - but it just popped out, & some of those little purple pieces look like people doing exercises.

I actually wrote this post for the blog at about 2:30 pm this afternoon, but scheduled it for 6:30pm so I can promise you no alcohol was imbibed before writing about these pieces. I did get carried away a bit, didn't I!

So, Mold & CSNW your time will come soon to have this play.

I don't normally pick one entry out for any particular mention but I am putting Dot's piece here again - a little larger - so you can clearly see how she turned those splodges into leaves & flowers;

Well done everybody - I was a bit worried about this project as not everyone is in to these sorts of inks - but I got the impression you enjoyed it.

One last photo - Elma decided to try this on a piece of Miri board - this was the result;

What a great finish!

More photos tomorrow of the second project we worked on.
'Bye for now.

Mold II photos - part 1

Good morning ladies.

I am here with the first set of photos from last nights meeting of Mold II club. This set is of their Show & Tell cards where the theme was a card with "Mainly Words".

I love it when I set this sort of challenge to see how it is interpreted by everyone & the results are certainly variable & that will occur because if I don't give you any hints you have no idea what is actually in MY mind.

Anyway - on to Mold II's interpretation;

Annette chose a very current set of words for her card, accompanied by a nice swirly background.

Betty got carried away using up the backgrounds she made from the "Tissue" technique last month, & made four cards. Everyone liked the way, on the third card, the gaps between the tissue strips looked like clouds.

A very delicate choice of colours by Carolyn & even the flowers & butterflies have words on them. Great background stamp.

Elizabeth created a very dramatic card - & certainly covered the "word" part of the theme.

Elma took the opportunity to make her first Christmas cards on this theme. One of the cards had a die-cut bauble on the back - I think it was the white one.

Lin made this beautiful clean & crisp card using a stamp as a template.  If I remember her description correctly she stamped the word "friends" then cut out the inside of the letters to create a stencil. Then she stamped the words background through it.  Looking at it closely I think she may have drawn around the letters afterwards - or that may have been the stamp itself & she cut out the stencil inside the letters outline.

There you are ladies some great cards.  I gave a slightly longer description to Lin's card as we were all intrigued by the finished effect.

I will be back later with the second set of photos which will be on the first project that we covered last night.  So all in all there will be 3 sets of photos from the evening.

'Bye for now.  Back later.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

quick chat

Good evening everyone.

Just popping in quickly before taking myself off to bed - to say that we had a great evening this evening at the Mold II meeting & tomorrow I will have some photos for you of their Show & Tell cards & also the 2 projects we did.

Hopefully also I will have the photos of my efforts in the Northern Lights techniques - plus I have 2 member showcases to show you as well.  They won't all appear tomorrow but it gives me something to write about over the next few days.

In the afternoon I have to go back to the Doctor to find out the results of my "breathing" tests. Should be interesting - will let you know how I got on.

More tomorrow.  Sleep well.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Just chatting

Good evening everyone.  I hope you all had a great weekend.

I have not had a crafty weekend this weekend, & therefore have not taken photos of my attempts at the Northern Lights technique,

I have a poorly husband again.  This time he has a slipped disc - so getting around & other things are difficult.  Plus to be fair to him he is an awful lot of pain.  He is currently on pain killers & tomorrow has to ring up for a lumbar x-ray.  He cannot drive at the moment so I am having to do the running around.  I am afraid after doing that I cannot seem to get my craft mojo working.  But I will try tomorrow - plus tomorrow evening is the August meeting for Mold II club. So after that there will be photos to show you & perhaps my mojo will have kicked in.

In the moments I have sat down I have done some more work on Family History & once I get into that I am afraid time really flies. Also this week I must apply some time to the cross stitch work I am doing.

So not a very interesting post - but at least I have kept in touch.

More tomorrow.  'Bye for now.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Mold photos - part 2

Good morning everyone. This morning I have the second set of photos from the Mold meeting to show you & this time it is of their project for the evening.

I got to have a play on Thursday as well as the evening was taken by Joanna - who showed us the technique called - Northern Lights.

Here are the photos & they have all come out so well I am not going to make any individual comments - they all just speak for themselves;




Joan (Brown)
Sorry Joan - you made 3 cards but one of them the photo was too blurry.
I must have moved as I took the photo.







Ladies - they are fantastic.  This will whet the appetites of the other 2 clubs, won't it!

I said at the top of the post that I too took part, but didn't take photos of my work Thursday night. I will do that & show them in the next post.

Have a really good weekend everyone.
'Bye for now.