Saturday, 30 January 2016

member showcase

Good evening everyone

The showcase I have for you tonight is from Carol of Mold II club. Carol has been showing children how to make the book hedgehog - so I asked her to send me a photo for the blog.

Isn't he - no, perhaps she - cute?

A couple of years ago I was given one of these made by Hayley of CSNW club - it sits on my desk with little notes and/or business cards tucked in it.

I love these items, & all the lovely book folding that is going the rounds at the moment - but - you know me, just can't fold a book like that or change the pages.  I have had so many of you remind me that if the books don't sell they go to landfill - but I still cannot bring myself to "deface" them.

I appreciate they are being turned into better things - but my Mum & Dad would be looking over my shoulder & tutting. Silly I know - but there you are.

Have a great weekend.  'Bye for now.

Friday, 29 January 2016

just chatting

Good afternoon ladies

Well! I originally sat down here to write about, & show you, a card I made recently only to find I didn't photograph it before sending it.  I was really pleased with it too, as I did some rather special cutting out.  With craft knife!  Not a die-cut.  I may have to ask the recipient if they can take a photo of it & send it to me.

I have decided I am going to try the cutting again - but probably in a different "pattern". It did make my hand hurt a bit at the end but worth it for the finish.  Ah well.

Another weekend is upon us again bringing with it the end of January - where has this month gone? I hope you have a great weekend whatever you are doing.  I am hoping to have some more crafting time - so you never know I may have some photos for you - if, of course I remember to take them.

This old age - it doesn't come on its own does it?

'Bye for ow - have fun.

birthday greetings

Birthday Greetings

Today is 29 January 
& a Mold II member has a birthday

Hoping it is a great day for you - Liz
Happy Birthday

I know that Liz does not use the Internet, but I wasn't going to leave her out - perhaps if someone sees her they will let her know.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Mold II photos - part 2

Good evening ladies

Here are the photos from the project for the Md II meeting held on Tuesday.  The project was a card with a different fold - Corner Fold card;

Some of the ladies have stated their cards are still work in progress but were still willing to havethem photographed.;

Annette has made an Easter card - isn't that little fellow cute.  Lovely clean design.

Betty's card is a reminder of the summer days to come - sitting in the garden supping wine.
Well I think so.

Helen's combination of squared pattern & dotted pattern really works well together & the rose is just perfect for it.

Elma has put her topper in a die cut frame which sits over the folded corner  a great adaptation.

Carolyn made 2 cards in this lovely pale blue - 1 design 2 different cards.
That's the beauty of a simple design.

Another card by Carolyn which she had made before the meeting - this time on a square card & with different dimensions.  Well worked out Carolyn.

Christine also altered her design a little. The pale green in the background is not adhered to the back inside of the card (as in an insert), but to the back inside of the front section of the card.
Gosh - I hope that makes sense.

A little thought - because of Christine colour palette - with the right sentiment, of course, this would make a lovely Sympathy card.

What a lovely new baby card Sue has made - I love the colour scheme.

Carol chose delicate shades of lilac & set her topper base as a diamond &  topped it with that beautiful butterfly.

Elisabeth's card is totally stamped & I like the way the background flower goes so well with the topper image.

I just love the duck on Dot's topper - isn't it just great & his head & breast feathers go with that background paper so well.

A little more about Dot at the end.

Rita went for a Kraft/cream colour combined with deep lilac - & her signature large embellishment - a butterfly.

Sylvia has used the dragonfly (as she did in her Show & Tell card) & a lovely miri background.

I think everyone really enjoyed making this card, & as I said after the Mold meeting I think it will be used quite a bit.

Now! back to Dot.  On Christmas Eve Dot celebrated a special birthday - as there was not a meeting around that time the ladies decided to leave it until this meeting to do what they always do at these times - present some flowers

That's me for tonight ladies.  More tomorrow.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Mold II photos - part 1

Good evening ladies.

Tonight I have the photos fro last nights MoldII meeting & the first set is of their Show & Tell card - which was based on a sketch;

This is the sketch;

these are their cards

This is Sylvia's card - who obviously has a liking for dragonflies.  
Sylvia is our newest member - so well done Sylvia.

Sue's card is for a wedding.
The photo shows the card open.  Sue cut the front shorter than the back & the upright panel in the sketch has been placed just behind the diamond as the piece that keeps the card closed.

Carolyn's card has her usual signature delicate colours - very delicate.  The background is a piece of embossed card, which she has lightly coloured with ink.

Annette decided to make her card landscape & elongate the design - which works really well.
It is for a friend who is very much into gardening,  I am sure they will love it.

Elma decided she needed cheering up in this grey weather & has created her card in 
lovely bright colours.
Definitely feel cheered up now Elma.

Betty made 2 cards - although at first she said she hadn't liked the sketch.  Mainly I think because she wasn't sure what to do with it.  I just wish when I am unsure about what to create I would make such lovely cards

Rita's card uses Kraft card as the base & those lovely beige / brown colours really work well together.

Carol took another different approach to the design & her central panel is a piece of acetate. 
A brilliant idea.  Also the diamond just tucks under the bar that is the sentiment.

Carol also decided to make a second card - this one with a cup cake feature.

Ladies they were brilliant & some very different approaches to the design were seen. 

Wish I had thought of some of them.

Tomorrow the photos from the evening's project.
'Bye for now.  Sleep well.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

A get well card

Good afternoon ladies.

Today I have a photo of a get well card that I made last week.  An elderly colleague of mine is in the Countess after falling down stairs & damaging her spine.

I embossed the square card with a frame embossing folder, then stamped & embossed in silver EP a flourish frame & the words "Best Wishes" within it.  The frame stamp was part of a freebie set last year & I hadn't used it before. It's quite fragile & looking at the photo now I can see that one side isn't straight, even though I had several attempts to fix it to the acrylic block.  Some more of my Dreamees flowers decorate the corners each with a little white pearl in the centre.

Tonight is the first 2016 meeting for Mold II club - so will have club photos for you tomorrow.

I am hoping that the centre has remembered that we are in there tonight as I do not fancy waiting around in this windy wet weather.  I am sure they will have - after my phone call to them last Friday complaining about being left outside in the cold.

That's me for today then - more tomorrow.  Wrap up warm tonight Mold II ladies.

Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings

Today is 26 January
& a Mold member has a birthday

& I hope it is a great day for you - Joanna
Happy Birthday

Monday, 25 January 2016

henry worsley

Today the death of explorer Henry Worsley was announced after he had to make the decision to bring an end his trek across Antarctica. 

The sad thing was that he was only 30 miles from achieving his dream.

Happy St Dwynwen's Day

Hi everyone.

Just remembered that today is the Welsh Valentines Day - St Dwynwen's Day.

So! if you celebrate this I hope you are having a great day.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Mold photos - part 2

Good evening ladies

Tonight I have ore of the photos from the Mold meeting on Thursday & this time it is of their project cards - where we made the corner fold card;

I like the way this delicate border stamp surrounds the main image - lovely design - by Yvonne.

That hint of blue around the edge of the topper really sets this design off in the card made by Clare.

What a beautiful poppy image Sheelagh has used. Her backgrounds papers? The inside of envelopes - the sort that usually contain bills!

Joan has used this shape for a masculine card which works really well, & that collage stamp is just right for it.  I believe there is still a coloured paper insert to go inside.

Pretty lilac colour & butterflies from Joanna.  Is it a butterfly or is it one of those really lovely moths?

Janet has created a really colourful layered topper on her card.

Lynn's use of brightly coloured papers against a plainer topper works really well.
A nice bright cheerful card.

I am sorry this is a little late being shown - but I thought I had written the post & scheduled it to go live yesterday evening.  But apparently not, so the brain wasn't working that day after all.

I hope your weekend has gone well.

More tomorrow.  'Bye for now.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

member showcase

Hello everyone

The member showcase this time it is from Joanna of Mold club, who once again has won a prize for simply leaving a comment on a blog. Last night she showed me one of the stamps that she had chosen to buy with her prize voucher;

It's an absolutely beautiful Chocolate Baroque stamp.  I meant to photograph it last night but forgot - so popped along to their website & saved a picture of it to show you.

Congratulations Joanna - I look forward to seeing it used on a card sometime.

I my last posting I said I had 2 members news items to give you - but when I went to blog about the other one I realised I had already done it - the card from Rita with the cute dog on.

That's me again - have a great weekend.

Friday, 22 January 2016

page update

Hi all
I have just updated the project photos page.

Mold photos - part 1

Good morning everyone

Today I have the first club photos of 2016 & they are of the Show & Tell from last nights meeting of Mold club.  The theme was to make a card from a sketch;

This is the sketch used

& here are their cards

Sheelagh's card has lovely shades of pink with fairies & butterflies, very delicate

Yvonne has used the "bleach blocking" technique from the November meeting.
I just love that central topper one of my friend Carolines stamps - which I also own.

Joanna's card has been made for someone getting married & uses Mackintosh designs.
I love the delicate blue colour.

Lynn has gone for texture & bold images.
I love this idea.

Janet's panels on this card are absolutely beautiful
I think this may also use the "bleach blocking" technique - or some form of water resist.

I think this sketch will get used again & again.

That's me for now - there is another set of photos from their project for the evening & I have 2 member news to write about.

So - 'bye for now.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

quick chat

Good evening everyone.

Well, tonight saw the start of the 2016 club meetings with Mold club, & what an interesting start it was. As I arrived at the centre there did not appear to be any lights on & about 5 or 6 of the ladies were standing around outside.  Calls were put in to the 2 contact numbers on the door - but they both went to answerphone.

Eventually Clare had the idea of texting one of the numbers in the hope that the person whose number it was would look at a text even if they had ignored a call.  This worked eventually & we had a call back - as far as they were concerned there was nothing on the books for tonight.  But he very kindly came round & opened up or us & helped us put out the tables & chairs.  He also came back at the end to put everything away & lock up after us.

So tomorrow morning the centre will be getting a call - it is not the first time this has happened & tonight was so bitterly cold - it certainly wasn't fun.

But a good evening was had & I will be writing about it tomorrow - with photos.

That's me for tonight. Sleep well & keep warm.

member news

Good morning

Another members new item for you.  This time it is Rita from Mold II club ;

Well done Rita - keep up the good work during 2016.

Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings

Today is 21 January
& a Mold club member has a birthday

Yes - "have a great day" Janet
Happy Birthday

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

member news

Well not quite  - as it is a member's grand-daughter who is in the  news;

The feature here is of a card made by Jess, Jess is the granddaughter of Betty from Mold II club & she was featured in a recent magazine  - following in grandma's footsteps!!!!

Well done Jess. Betty please give her our congratulations.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Just chatting

Good afternoon everyone.

I have been busy the last day or two finalising a few projects for 2016 & getting the programme notes & project notes printed ready for the meetings.

Yesterday I updated the Mold club page & later today - or certainly tomorrow - I will update both Mold II & CSNW club pages. Also a couple of photos will be needed for the club photo page - after I have actually taken the photos.

This evening I have an appointment with the ENT specialist  about my throat & cough, so hope to have some success there & that he can solve what is wrong, & then get me on the right road to treatment. So! fingers crossed.

'Bye for ow.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

a birthday card

Good afternoon everyone

I realised this morning that I haven't yet shown you the card I made for Bob's birthday which was at the beginning of the month.

I embossed a piece of silver mirri card with that lovely link pattern embossing folder. I then die cut the silver frame. Well actually that is not strictly true - I actually tried to die cut a fancy "happy birthday" which had been free on a magazine sometime last year - but try as many times as I could, it would not cut well enough to actually take out of the die cleanly.  So I then cut the silver frame with the aperture & stamped the "it's your birthday" sentiment onto black card with Versamark ink & then heat embossed with silver EP.  I placed the sentiment behind the aperture in the silver frame & added "to my husband" & "happy birthday" from black peel offs.  I then wrapped the ribbon around the embossed mirri card & layered it onto the base white card.  The frame & sentiment were then put on slightly overlapping the ribbon.  It looked a little bare so I pulled out the little black ovals from the letters in the peel offs & added them where the links crossed.

It is very nice having those free dies from magazines but not all of them work that well.  The one I was trying certainly didn't like being used on mirri card.  I shall give it another chance & see if it will cut out of ordinary card.

Right, that's me for today - more tomorrow.  'Bye for now.

Friday, 15 January 2016

So, what did I ............

...........make next.

Well! I made this card;

I tried to create something totally different to the card I showed you yesterday, & I think I have.

This time I took one of my embossed pieces of card & coloured it with Distress Ink using Salty Ocean & Mustard Seed - blue & yellow respectively.  I chose these 2 colours because using them together I would get a third colour - green of course.  Once again I went for the to edge.  I then stamped the grasses in a pale green pigment ink & heat embossed it with clear EP - the fairy & the sentiment & the "sparkles" around the edge of the card were stamped in Watermark ink & heat embossed in gold EP.

I then gave the topper a torn edge & - surprise, surprise for me - added glitter to the fairy's wings using a Quickie Glue Pen & glitter.  I think you can just make out the glitter.

So another weekend upon us & a very cold one too.  We had had snow here when we woke up this morning, & there was a further shower during the morning. But most of  the afternoon it has been sleety rain.

Whatever you are doing this weekend - have fun, take great care & wrap up warm.

'Bye for now.