Friday, 31 October 2014

member showcase - correction

Good morning everyone

On 14 October I blogged a member showcase for Annette of Mold II club with a card that she had made that had appeared in a magazine.

I received an email from Annette to say that the card shown was not hers even though it had her name by it.  Her card was further down on the page & had someone elses name against it.  So I guess they got the two crossed.  So today - here is Annette's actual card;

A lovely swing or twist card.  Well done again Annette.

Hope you all have a good evening without any noises & bumps in the night.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Mold photos - part 2

Good afternoon - here I am with the photos from the project from the Mold II meeting on Tuesday. The project this time was to make the little wallet card.  Now I wonder how well I remember who made which one.

There were 2 cards made in this style - that is using Card-io stamps.  I think this one is by Annette.
I love Card-io stamps & used them on one of my samples for this project.  A really nice clean & simple design.

This one is by Carol - I like the scallop die-cut embellishment on the flap, it gives the wallet a different look.

This one is by Carolyn - we talked about those lovely script background stamps, & they look good just in the monotone.

This one is by Elma. I love the 2 shades of green & the scalloped edges - giving the flap another look.
The wrap is a great idea for holding the wallet closed.
Poor Elma is suffering at the moment with a bad hand - so stamping is out for her for a while, but it didn't stop her joining in.

A "mother & baby" group. After making the large size Phyllis produced another one a little smaller.
Thats the thing about this design - any size, then any shape too.

This one is by Rita, with her signature flower.  The silhouette design works so well.

Now I am not sure who made this one, because as you can see it has been made using the same stamps as Annette used.  

I am sorry - but I cannot remember who made this either - again another lovely silhouette design - & yet I remember seeing the design during the evening..

Having named all the others I am left with 2 names not used - they are Betty & Lin.  So perhaps one or both of you will put me straight & I can add your name later. 

I now know that this is Betty's wallet card - see below.
So the Cardio design one above it must be Lin's!!!!!!!!!!!!

The final one to show you was made by Sue - that small circular topper makes a great seal for the flap.

Before the meeting started Betty came up to me & showed me two wallet cards she had made - requested by a friend - they had a similar design - but different shaped flaps.  Here they are;

A great background paper for a nice masculine wallet.

Ah! look what stamp Betty has used on this wallet - that answers a question about the 2 wallets above that I couldn't identify the maker of.

Last night I received a photo from Betty showing me that last wallet completed by the addition of the butterflies.  The different colour is down to the lighting at the time of taking the photograph.

A little note for Mold club members - your photos from your meeting have not been forgotten. Joanna sent them to me yesterday - or possibly first thing this morning - so I will be putting them here probably tomorrow.  Due to the nature of their project Joanna has challenged me to find an "arty" way to display them - so watch this spot.  To do that may mean I won't get to put them up until Saturday, but we will see.

So that's me for now. Hope you are having a good day.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Mold II photos - part 1

Good evening everyone - here I am with the first set of photos from last night's meeting of the Mold II club.  The photos are of their Show & Tell where the theme was a colour one - black, dark grey & light grey with some white or neutral allowed;

a delightful die-cut card & the back had "congratulations" on it - also die-cut & I forgot to turn it over & take a photograph.

after making the die-cut card Elizabeth then made a stamped card - a really clever layered design.

Lin made this beautiful aperture front - using a label die.
The other interesting thing was the card was cut from one side of an A3 card & the fold is to the 
left-hand side.

Rita made this encaustic wax version
& also

this one using a gelli-plate.  She said it was during a playtime with her grandchildren.

then a third one from Rita where the background has been created by scribbling with pencil - very effective.

This lovely owl was made by Annette who is very much into ATC's - so added this one to her card.

Carolyn took some inspiration from watching Wendy of Card-io using the silhouette style with her particular style of stamps, & the little trees were just the tops of some larger Clarity tree stamps.

Another labels die card this time to shape the complete card - great idea Elma.
It was you who made this one wasn't it? It's always nice to see a different shaped card.

Betty used the whitewash technique for her card that we had covered in a previous meeting - it is very effective - the colour isn't always needed is it.

Carol brought in this delightful basket she had been shown how to make & as it was in the colours it became part of the show & tell.  Carol also brought along the template for the ladies to copy.

Don't forget ladies if you make one bring it along to the next meeting in November.  Carol's suggestion was - "with sweets".

Now! as you can see I have tried to name the maker of each card - the only one I had a little trouble with was the one with the car - but I am sure it was made by Elma.  In one or two quiet moments on holiday (mainly whilst I was on a one of the train journeys) I was thinking about the blog & how best to use it - one way was to get more of your personal work on it instead of just the show & tell photos & the project photos.  The other was to make the write up on your cards from the meetings a little more personal.  So last night was my first test of remembering who made what.  I hope you think it is a nicer way to describe them. The first idea has also worked because you sent me work to use whilst I was away - but please remember this blog is for you & your work - so at anytime - please send in your photos.  I will intersperse them with all the other things.

Tomorrow I will have the photos of the project to show you - let's see how good my memory is for those & who they were made by.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

just chatting

Hi everyone - just popping in for a quick chat & to add some info for the Mold club members who missed this months meeting.

PLEASE go to your club page for info on what you need for November meeting.

Well thank you to everyone who sent in photos for me to use during this month it was very much appreciated.  As you know & I can now put here I needed them due to being on holiday for the last 12 days.

We arrived back home yesterday evening & I have to admit - very tired.  We went to Italy & made the journey there & back via three train journeys.  We went from here to Euston & then Eurostar to Paris, where we stayed the night - that was Thursday 16th. Then on the Friday we went from Paris to Milan & stayed the night, then the final leg was Milan to Naples & our hotel.  To come home we did the same in reverse. With regard to weather - we were totally & utterly spoilt with temperatures between 25 & 30 degrees. The day we went to Pompeii it was really hot & my poor ankles really suffered. By the time we got back to the hotel they were like balloons.  Still a sit down in our nice cool room & a glass of cold wine by my side & I felt a lot better.  Will probably put some photos up here once I have sorted them out - I think the best are the views from our hotel room with Capri immediately opposite us & Vesuvius off to the left.

Right - well I have to get my stuff ready for Mold II meeting tonight - so I will stop now & may pop back in again later.  But back to normal tomorrow with photos from the meeting.

Hope you have all kept well.  'Bye for now.

Monday, 27 October 2014

a birthday card

Good afternoon everyone  I hope you had a pleasant weekend.

The card I have to show you today is one I made recently for our son-in-law who lives in the USA - I have to make sure that the cards for there are made & posted out quite early.  So it was actually sent about 4/5 days ago.

I used the watch embossing folder on black card & layered it onto blue paper, then used Gleam gilding wax to add some highlights to the watches.  I thought that the sailing ship went well with the "old" look & stamped that in black on blue card then tore the design out & aged the edges with Black Soot Distress Ink.  I treated the edge of the greeting in the same way. Ship & greeting were placed on the card on sticky pads to raise them a little.

I do find cards for men a little more difficult, but now have several embossing folders which I think will make that task a little easier.

That's me for today - hope to have more tomorrow.  ,Bye.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

member showcase - cards received

Good afternoon.

I hope you enjoyed look at Nigel's 60th birthday card on Thursday.  Today it is another one of Janet's cards that she sent this time to Joanna for her birthday,

What fun - the card is one of those where the image is set in an aperture & you get the front & the back view of the image;

Love the tongue sticking out whilst she cuts :)

I don't think I have had a card stuck to me yet - I guess there is time yet.

Janet ........... another brilliant card. Joanna sent me quite a few of your cards & I am going to hold them for when I have some "blank" days.  But I pulled these two cards for now - Nigel's 60th & this one - because they were so different from the sort of cards that are usually showcased.

That's me ladies. 'Bye for now.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

member showcase - cards received

Good evening everyone.  Today's showcase is a little different.  The cards are from Joanna of Mold club but they are cards she has received from her friend Janet who is also a club member.

I think Joanna is showing them for Janet as she does seem a little reticent in showing her own work.

The first one is in fact for Joanna's husband on his 60th birthday.  This is what Joanna said in the email when she sent the photos;

"This one was made for Nigel's 60th - I've shown the card in 3 photos.  I've lifted an acetate layer between each shot. It's very cleverly done, the top layer lifts upwards and there's a half-sized layer which peels to the left :)"

The front of the card

The top acetate layer folded upwards.

The half acetate layer folded over to the left.

Absolutely clever & brilliant Janet - I bet Nigel was thrilled.

I can't follow that - so night night.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

member showcase

Good evening everyone, another member showcase for you.

This has been really helpful to me to help keep the blog going when I am a bit busy or otherwise occupied & unable to spare the time to sit down & write something & more importantly do not have anything to show you that I have made.  So thank you, once again, to each of you who have sent me card & project photos to use.

Today's showcase is from Joanna of Mold club - a card commissioned by her son for an 18-yr old;

Obviously a Guns & Roses fan.

Joanna also sent a close-up of the numbers which were originally a set of pink/yellow.stripy ones. She said - "I embossed them in black UTEE & then sprinkled a little sparkle in the last layer.  It shows you don't have to keep things as they originally were."  How true - I don't always think to do that.

That's it for today ladies - more tomorrow.
'Bye for now.

Monday, 20 October 2014

member news

Good afternoon everyone & today I have another member showcase for you. This time two cards by Betty of Mold II club.

Betty made this card for a friend who is a shopaholic.  Great idea.

The next card is for a friend who is a farmer - brilliant idea.

I wonder how much that curly fleece would fetch.

Thank you Betty.
That's me for today - so - 'Bye for now

Sunday, 19 October 2014

some goodies

Good morning - another weekend here already - where is time going?

Last weekend when we were in Portsmouth we popped into a branch of "The Range" - I believe there are several of them around our area.  There is definitely one in Bangor - which I think I might pop to, but I suspect it will be a slightly smaller store.  So I may go to the one in Warrington - just thinking about which one at the moment.

Apart from all the household items &, at the moment - the Christmas decorations, they have things for the garden, pets, & a craft section!  I suspect that you have all already found this store, I found it some years ago when visiting my friend in Portsmouth.

Of course I weakened & made just a few purchases.  They had some packs of gold & silver mirri card, so I popped a couple each of those in the basket.  Then I found an embossing folder that I just couldn't leave on the shelf;

I hope you can make out that the bottom half is a piano keyboard - looking forward to playing with that. (Pun intended.)

Then I just couldn't resist this stamp set;

They didn't cost very much either - embossing folder £2.50 & stamps were I think £3.50 - so good value.

That's me for another day - have a good weekend, whatever you have planned.


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Snowman card

Hello everyone.

At last a moment to show you how one of my snowmen cards progressed.  It is a very clean & simple design & I think will suit the younger people that I send cards out to;

I think he is great (not so much my design - the image itself).  I saw another long stamp like this when I was over at the craft shop in Burley Dam Garden Centre - this one was a reindeer with tall antlers & on each antler was a little robin.  But I resisted - I have far too many Christmas stamps & many of them haven't even been  used yet.  The blue distress ink around the edges doesn't show up too well in the photo as I had used it quite lightly.  
'Bye for now.

Friday, 17 October 2014

member showcase

Good morning everyone, another member showcase for you, this time it is Joanna from Mold club.

This card is called Autumn & is for a challenge that Joanna has entered for Michael Strong's blog. Those pumpkin stamps are great, aren't they.

Hope the challenge goes well Joanna.
'Bye for now.


an important message for mold club members  -  October meeting

I will leave this message sitting at the top of the blog page until after the next meeting to ensure everyone sees it.  I will also email as many of you as I can - so please can you also pass on the information to as many as you can to make sure that everyone is notified.

So remember to scroll down past this post to see the more recent posts.

EXTRA NOTE:    Clare has raised the point about parking on the night - I will contact the centre again, but the cars should be coming & going as they will only be there long enough to cast their vote.  At a push there is parking in the hospital just the other side of the hedge,

I have just had a phone call from Parkfields Community Centre
our hall is being used for local council elections (as a polling station)
on the night of the October meeting - that is - 16 October

Fortunately they can accommodate us in the smaller room at the
end of the hall.

As the polling station will still be open at that time please try to
be as invisible as possible & possibly you will not be able to use the kitchen

What a shame they didn't ring me yesterday - then I could have told you at the meeting. 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

a christmas card

Good morning - I have just remembered I still have one of my Hunkdory Christmas cards to show you & when things quieten down here I will have to make some more from the kit.

Nice & simple - just the topper raised on sticky pads & a peel off greeting.  The border at the bottom is part of the background paper.

That's my quick visit - 'bye for now.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

member news

Hello everyone.

The member news this time features a card made by Betty of Mold II club.  A lovely little "Our house to your house" card.

The house is a die & the flower was made from that lovely little die for making different flowers, that I featured a while ago.

I live the embossed base card it really sets the whole thing off nicely.

Thank you Betty.  Watch this space as there a couple more of Betty's cards to show.
'Bye for now.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

member showcase

Good afternoon everyone

The photo to show you today is of a card that Annette of Mold II club has had published in the latest copy of "Simply Cards & Papercraft" magazine.

Well done again, Annette.

That's it folks (as they say) - 'bye for now.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Christmas cards

Hi again

A couple of days ago - Wednesday, in fact I showed you a Christmas card I had made from a Hunkydory pack that came with a magazine.  I also made 3 others - so here are 2 of them then I will blog the other one later.

As with the robin card I layered a piece of the background card onto gold paper to lift it from the white cards.

This card the background had a natural border at the bottom.  The topper & the sentiment I put on the card on sticky pads.

There wasn't a greeting topper for this card so I used a peel off  "Merry Christmas".  The topper & the border were placed on sticky dots.

So! the little pile of Christmas cards is steadily growing.

That's me for this time. 'Bye for now.

just chatting

Hello everyone I do hope you all had a great weekend.

Bob & I had a very nice time in Portsmouth - there were one or two hiccoughs (hiccups) - but it was lovely meeting up with friends.

I have to say a big thank you to you lovely ladies because I have had more of your cards - or special cards that you have received from crafting friends, for me to show on the blog.  So I should be able to give you lots to look at whilst I am busy, in which case I had better get on & schedule the posts.

I will be back later to show you a couple of Christmas cards I have made as well.

'Bye for now.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

member showcase

Good morning I hope you have a good weekend planned.

Another member showcase for you - & as yesterday it is from Janet of Mold club;

With a cute card for her Grandsons second birthday. Is that one of the Port Sunlight masks I see being used?

At first glance it is not a mask I would jump for - but I love the way it has been used - oh dear, do I see another purchase lining up?

Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, 10 October 2014

member showcase

Good morning everyone

This morning i have a quick member showcase for you & it is from Janet of Mold Club showing us her Port Sunlight purchases;

A great selection of goodies - Janet is very fond of her distress inks & I see there are a couple of new ones amongst the stash, some stencil / masks & a good selection of stamps. Hours of fun there Janet.

Thank you for sending in.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

craft magazines

Hi everyone

I thought I would pop in & tell you about some good magazine offers at the moment - just in case you hadn't seen them;

Simply Cards & Papercrafts has a free Christmas Bauble die from the Crafters Companion Die'sire range.
Card Making & Papercraft along with Quick Cards Made Easy are on offer (at least in Asda they are) of the 2 magazines for £7
as well as that
Card Making & Papercrafts has a free gift - a Christmas Card making pack from Hunkydory with background sheets & topper sheets only - no cards.
Quick Cards Made Easy has a free gift of some Christmas stamps which have Christmas Baubles, holly Sprays & a word stamp.

Later today my brother is going to be with us on a rather quick visit - he is only staying the one night - so I won't be able to blog later this evening as I mainly do, so that is why I am here now.  The spare bed is in my craft room. Also I thought I would try out the free card making pack.  I have made 4 cards so far & here is one of them

I have a roll of gold paper (dull gold) that I brought from a home decorating shop in Chester many years ago,  I used pieces of that to layer the background papers onto the card.  I don't know how long this roll of paper is going to last - but there is still loads on it.

Obviously as I diverted onto trying these cards out I haven't finished my snowman card as I said I would - will show that eventually.

Before I go I would like to say thank you to the ladies from Mold & Mold II club who have sent me photos of cards & projects to use over the next couple of weeks.  Make sure you pop back & see what they have been doing.

'Bye for now.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

snowman progresses

Hi everyone - its a bit late in the day so I am popping in very quickly just to show you how my snowman has progressed.

This is only one idea;

He has only been coloured in so far, including glitter on the bobble & cuff of his hat  - but my next step is to cut him out & then put him on a card.  Get that hat too - isn't it great?  I have another colourway done that is already on a card & I will show you that tomorrow.

Talking about showing you what I am up to - I am going to be rather busy between now & almost the end of October - so if you have any cards you have made recently - and you have photographed them - please send them in for me to show.  This means I will be able to put things on the blog without having to "do" much myself.  Please also give me a brief idea of what the card - or project - was for to help me pad the post out.  But it would be good just to showcase your cards without any writing. If you have things that I can show can I have them sent to me by next Tuesday (14th).

That's me for tonight.  Look forward to what you will be sending me.

Night night

Monday, 6 October 2014

Two cards

Hi everyone - how was your weekend?

Well, I cleared my desk, then decided to sort out a box of bits that was on the floor beside it. Filed most of it away in more appropriate places. But there was an A4 die cut sheet for mens cards with a football theme.  So rather than find somewhere else to put it I turned it into 2 cards,

I only used 2 layers for the topper on each, plus some of the border strips & a sentiment.

I have a trip to the Chiropodist this morning, then some domestic type work, then hopefully in the afternoon may get to play with some of my new stamps.

That's me for now - back later hopefully.
'Bye for now.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

What did you buy?

Hi everyone - how are you all!

So - what did you buy yesterday at the Stamp Festival?  I did see several of you, & bumped into a lot of other people I hadn't seen for a while.  Once again I was introduced to someones husband as - "this lady is who started me on all this", fortunately he smiled at me but I didn't hang around for too long just in case. Te, he.

I was very reserved in my purchases actually, take a look ...............

..... a pack of Kraft square scalloped cards, a stamp & dies set from Clearly Besotted & about 6 sets of stamps from Dreamees.

So now I have to clear my desk so that I can have a play.  Off to do that now.

I look forward to hearing about what you purchased.
'Bye for now.