Monday, 30 September 2013

craft room

Good afternoon everyone.

I have been busy this morning sorting dates & subject for workshops at the craft shop for November.  At the moment the workshops are not booking too well other than for the crochet. This makes it difficult to work out what workshops to put on.  Never mind - we soldier on!

I said the other day that I would show you the latest stage in sorting the craft room so here are two photographs of the bedroom end of the room.  I took 2 more looking down towards the window & my desks - but they were rubbish photos - so will take them again today.

the bed all made up to look like a settee.

the bookcase & trolleys on he other side of the room looking back at the door to the lounge.

Today & the next couple of days we are having new cupboard fronts fitted to our kitchen units plus a new cooker. There is a hold up with the cooker, as the one we wanted doesn't come in white anymore, so we have had to choose another one & there will be a bit of a wait for that.  Plus the combination we wanted may not come in the white, so we have a choice of black or changing our minds on the combination.  Things never go smoothly do they?

I hope you are all having fun playing with your stamping festival purchases.  I haven't done that yet as yesterday I spent time in the garden - setting up my little greenhouse with some plantlets (plugs!) that needed putting in trays. Also weeding & dead-heading.  A really enjoyable few hours out in the nice warm sunshine.

That is me for today - just a quick pop in.  More tomorrow.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Foot weary - but satisfied

Yes ......... I am back from Port Sunlight.

I didn't spend overly long there (& in fact I didn't overspend!), we left about 2:00 I think.  I really enjoyed showing Pauline (that's the mum of Gareth's young lady Elayne) - she had never been before & didn't know about it.

We had a good wander around together & made our purchases as we went.  Then we had a snack & sat outside in the sunshine having a chat, after that we had a think about whether we wanted anything else - decided not & I rang Bob to come & collect us.  A most enjoyable time.

Did you all find the lovely "Clearly Besotted" stand?  I bought a lovely little set of stamps from them of flowers & leaves which came with its matching dies.  Can't wait to try them & I think the stamps alone will suit a new technique we are going to be trying out as well.  I also bought 3 sets of stamps from "Lili of the Valley" - one was sentiments, one was some delightful little floral tags & the other was 4 sort of postcard style stamps.  During the setup on Friday I was talking to Ali from Stamps Away & ended up buying her patchwork set.  I also picked up a couple of packets of small round doilies & that is the whole extent of my purchases.  Oh no! - I lie - from the "Everythings a pound" man or "Creative Craft Packaging" as he is also called - I purchased a Tonic fancy stapler - which I bought on Friday afternoon.  Then I also bought 3 more of them - so that there will be one to be raffled off at each of the clubs.

I didn't get a chance to write a post yesterday as by the time I got back from the setup for the Festival it was time to go out for a meal with my brother (& Bob of course).  Then after we returned home we sat around chatting & of course I couldn't write a post before going to bed because John was sleeping in the craft room.

I have taken photos of the room now & will probably put them on here tomorrow.

Have a great weekend which I hope started with a good day at Port Sunlight & lots of goodies to play with.

'Bye for now.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Just chatting

Hi everyone

Just popping in for a quick chat - I have been busy today finishing off the bed in the craft room by getting a cushion & throw for it so that generally it looks a little like a settee, & making it up ready for tomorrow night.  Trouble is it means that when it needs to be used as a bed (like tomorrow night for my brother) the throw, cushion & extra pillow need to be removed & put somewhere.  Ah well, you can't have everything.  But I must admit it does look rather smart.  Will take a new photo of the room over the weekend - so that you can see how well it has turned out.  It really is quite a pleasure working in here now.

The other day I printed off some images & background paper in order to enter another challenge - this time for the CD blog that I often join in on & was also a guest designer for in April.  So once the room was sorted I sat down & put the card together - it can be seen on my digital blog - quite a fun card - but no stamping.

Tomorrow afternoon I will be at Port Sunlight setting up the spaces for the stands for the festival, with Caroline.  After all this time we are getting quite good at doing this & can complete the task in about 45 minutes.  But it is back breaking work as we measure out each stand & then put stickers down marking the edges of each area.  This means a lot of bending over both when measuring & particularly when putting the stickers down.  Then of course it is back there on Saturday for a good look round.  Don't forget to say hello if you see me - 'cos you know what I am like - walk around in a dream.  Although it shouldn't be so bad this time as I won't actually be working on the Saturday - I should be just a normal customer.  But of course, that won't always work out.

Then it is down to stamping & getting some Christmas cards made - I am running a little late at the moment. So for the larger number batch cards I make I will have to think up a good design that doesn't take me too long to do.

Well, I think that's me for tonight.
'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

mold photos - part 2

Hello again

Right ! this time the photos for the project for the evening - which was the Art Doll.  Now, once again there hadn't been a lot of enthusiasm about it when I announced it - but I think the ladies enjoyed doing it.  I can't say that they would make more - but it is good to stretch yourself now & again.

Here are the photos; but first a basic one showing a rubber stamp that was found to suit the head of the doll absolutely brilliantly;

Do you remember this stamp?  I think it was from The Stamp Man & part of a set.

This doll looks like she is about to take off - I love her blonde curls.  The stamp used on her wings is very effective too.

This is the art doll that introduced the hair - very chic lady.  I love the strategically placed foliage & she is very chic isn't she.

All the clubs have now made this art doll & it has been interesting to see the different ways the bald head has been dealt with - here it is strands of wool for the hair.  Love her posh necklace.

A mermaid art doll with bakers twine for her hair

Another one with the posh hair do & the way this has been broken into coloured panels works so well

Art dolls traditionally are a bit "way out" - so here we have what at first glance looks like a bearded mermaid.  But actually Chris didn't like the mouth & tried to rub it out, & as these things do - it didn't go well.
I think a bearded mermaid is great!

Now this one has more to be done to it - the reason it is not finished?  It is the work of our resident artist - so all that design has been hand painted.  You can tell Liz knows what she is doing - just look at that face.

So there they are.  One of the things that this project did at the meetings was a) cause quite a giggle depending on what was being created & b) made for one of the most silent evenings we have had.

Watch this space - I will find an oddity for next year too.

That's me for tonight.  I am entering a card ( the first one I have made for a while) in a weekly challenge - so need to write the blog for it.  No stamping involved though.  If you want to take a look at it - give me a little while then pop over to my rubber stamping blog.

'Bye for now.

mold II photos - part 1

Good evening ladies!

I am here with the first set of photos from the Mold II meeting last night.

Oh my we were a small group - just 7 ladies& that's not counting me  - when I drove into the car park there was only one other car there & Christ & Liz had been thinking that they might have come along on the wrong night.!

Still, despite the small gathering we had a good evening.  This first set of photos is for the Show & Tell which was a card using a sketch.  There were only 3 cards made, but as usual they were high standard.

Here they are, but first a picture of the sketch that was used;

What delicate colouring & the flower arrangement is really beautiful.

I don't think I would ever have thought to use these sort of papers like this - but there you go, what do I know.  What a great card!

Some more delicate colours on this card & the focal image is absolutely enchanting.

Right I will be back in a short while with the photos from the evenings project.

'Bye for now.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My season photos

Good afternoon everyone!

Well! the mattress arrived about 30 minutes ago - so the bed now looks like a bed.  It is missing one thing at the moment - we bought a mattress protector for it but when I unpacked it & started to put it on the bed it didn't seem right.  Took a look at the packet & I had picked up a double size. Duh! Anyway it won't be wasted - we have a bed settee that is about double size so it will go on the mattress on that.  So need to pop back to Dunelm Mill tomorrow & get the single size.

But - to my photos.  When I opened the blinds about 7:15 this morning the sky was absolutely amazing so photos had to be taken.  Here they are

Look at all those streams from aircraft - I wonder where they were going or where they had been?

another view & the light is already changing

look at the change in the colour of the sky now & all in about 15 minutes.

another slight change here too

This has just got to be a piece of background paper
I must find a good photo to use it with.

The boxes are almost gone from the craft room & a lot of unwanted items have been dumped - so it is beginning to look good.  All I have to hope now is that I can remember where I have put everything.  Most of the flat pack boxes that my stash is stored in have labels on the front so it shouldn't be too difficult.  Hope to take a photo tomorrow when the other boxes have gone.

That's it from me for now - need to go & make sure I have everything for tonight's Mold II club meeting.  Back tomorrow with photos of the meeting.

Have a good evening.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Some of my zentangling

Hello everyone!

Today I have been busy making more space & packing away more craft stash in order to have the room ready for the mattress to be delivered tomorrow for the craft room bed.

I actually have achieved a lot of floor space today.  That may sound strange but when you think boxes & boxes covered the floor - it means - lots of them have gone.  I am actually left with 3 boxes & 3 plastic crates which I am hoping to sort & remove tomorrow morning.  Of course there are loads more boxes stashed elsewhere in the bungalow & the summerhouse.  But - hey! I am getting there.

When I stopped sorting in order to prepare my dinner I quickly took a photo of a couple of pieces of Zentangling I did on holiday.  The craft is Zentangle - the process of doing it is - Zentangling - so does that mean I have Zentangled?

Here are two photos I took of what I created on holiday -

This bow was a stencil that came as part of a Fiskars Parchment Embossing System.  This was the simple outline stencil - which I thought just lent itself to Zentangle.

This was a chipboard word which I had bought some time back to paint & stamp on - so before going on holiday I drew around it in black pen on some white card, then Zentangled it.  I did a little bit everyday either when we sat around before going out - or when we came back after a day out. Very relaxing.

There are things which I might do differently but all in all I love it. With some designs it is difficult (at least in the early stages) of balancing how much black colouring to use.  It is needed to give texture to the design - but how much!

I am really enjoying this technique but it is not going to take me from my rubber stamping - in fact - I look at all my stamps differently at the moment.  This is a good thing as so often you can tire of a stamp & it gets put to the back of a drawer & not used for ages.  On that basis I found quite a few stamps that I have had for a while that will be great for this.  Forgive me if I have already mentioned (but I might just have said it at the Mold meeting) but I have some stamps of CaroLines which in the early days of her creating stamps were used to stamp over pre-printed paper. I have a fan in 3 sizes, a cracker in 2 sizes & quite a few flowers.  So watch this space - they are being given a new lease of life.

Tomorrow night is the September meeting for Mold II - so see you ladies there.

That is it for today - night night.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Your news

As a reminder - when you see this post title it means someone in one of the clubs has made something interesting or won competitions etc.

Back in August everyone from Mold was trying to guess who had a sent in a message about their success & then not added their name.  Well we were all right - it was Rhiannon & on Thursday she brought to the meeting the item that she had had success with at Rhuddlan, along with 2 other items she had also entered into competitions & done well with.  I just had to photograph the projects & here they are starting with the outside of an altered book - which was this years project at Rhuddlan Show;

One of the ladies at the meeting was wondering how I felt taking a photo of it - knowing I have a little problem with altering books.

this is the fly leaf.

this is the next page in & then this ..............

....... is the opposite page that has a little door in it

The door opens to reveal "treasured" items.

Rhiannon also bought in this box that had to be decorated & filled with lots of things.  The box doesn't open - but it is heavy!

Then also there is this mannequin .............

..... I am sorry the last photo is a little bit blurry - but the tag says "Little Miss Sew & Sew" & it is covered with sewing items.

They are brilliant Rhiannon - well done.

I hope you have all had a brilliant weekend.  Wasn't it nice to have this lovely warm sunny day today.  We took the covers off our patio set & sat outside for a while this afternoon.

More tomorrow.  'Bye for now.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Mold photos - part 2

Hello again - where has the sun gone!  Mind you I suppose it is heading towards the evening now.  It was really hot in the garden earlier when I was finishing the greenhouse off.

So here we are with the photos of the project for Mold.  I had organised for this meeting a particular technique - but with taking a holiday & still sorting out my craft room I had not managed to really have a good play with it myself.  So, I didn't want to try & show it without being sure of what I was doing.

I posted a message here that we would not be doing the planned project - unfortunately not everyone saw it - but never mind.  You will never be at a loss at the meeting as long as you come with stamps, inks & card.  They are the basis of all we do.

So! what did we do?  I selected another sketch & packed my craft bag with folded cards, white card, decorative paper, a large roll of white ribbon, & 4 boxes of beads & embellishments.

Here is the sketch;

& here are the lovely cards made from all the materials they could help themselves to

A really cute owl & those button embellishments are great - don't think they were mine.
I have a thing about owls at the moment & bought myself a cute pair of earrings whilst I was on holiday.

This one uses my all time favourite colour - lilac (or in fact any of the shades through lilac down into purple)  Love the delicately punched border to the triangular corner piece.  Very pretty.

Another favourite style of mine - monochrome/  Very pretty indeed & that little stamp has been going ages - I have it too.  Well! I think I do - what do I know at the moment!

Ooh - very zingy & fruity colour.  There was still more to be done to this card.

This sketch is ideal for delicate finishes - very dainty design.

Then we move to the drama - black & white.
The stamp pattern on the triangle is made from a large round stamp that is just loads & loads of small dots.  Great filler & background stamp.

Very pretty & delicate design.  That sentiment is very nice too - I like the script style.

This one was made with some stamped background papers (not mine - but those of the owner of the card) - That corner flourish just suits the triangle.

In this card the triangle was duplicate to create a different pocket.  I use this cross over front card quite a lot & put a simple pull out card into the pocket.

A really bright coloured design.  The blue buttons along the bottom patterned strip had only just been glued on - so of course standing it up to photograph one slipped.  I didn't notice until I looked at the photo.  Those buttons are just perfect for the flower centres.

So a very good job made of my disaster.  Great cards ladies.

That's me for now - I will be back though because I have some photos for a "Your News" post. 

Mold photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone!

Isn't it nice to see the sunshine again - even if only for a short while.  First thing this morning I sorted the photos from the Mold meeting to show you.  Then Bob & I went off to North Wales Beds near Wrexham & ordered the mattress for the craft room bed.  That arrives on Tuesday.
Next we popped to Asda got our shopping & then decided to go to Dunelm Mill in Sealand & pick up the duvet for the bed.  So quite a run around this morning.

When we returned home I decided it was time to put the cover on my little poly green house - so that is another job done & it is sitting there waiting for when I start growing my own plants.

Having got all that domesticity out of the way - I had a "playtime" look around the Internet looking for ideas for all you lovely ladies for 2014.  Yes! it is time to think about another year of crafting & stamping.

So anyway - here are the first set of photos which are of the Show & Tell - which was to make a card from a given sketch.  At the meeting that I should have handed out the sketch I had not taken it along with me so had to quickly draw one up freehand.  Here is the sketch;

& here are the cards;

The colours on this one were a little more intense than have come out in the photo & that flower was almost a rust colour I seem to remember, & it is made from printed paper.

 l like the way this card has the sketch turned around a little - with the leaves taking the place of the curved panels.

A great oriental look to this card & those fans at the side look fantastic.
(Oops - on re-reading blog before publishing - just noticed the pun!)

A beautiful dainty decoupage in the centre of this card completes the design.  The half doilies with their inked edges - just lovely.

Look at all those beautifully cut flowers on this card. 
It must have taken ages just to stamp them, including the background, let alone the cutting out.

I just had to show you close-ups on this card - this is the left-hand panel .....

.................... this is the right-hand panel & this .............

........... the lovely sentiment in the centre.
A lovely colour scheme too.

That is the Show & Tell - I will be back shortly with photos of the project for the evening.
'Bye for now.

Friday, 20 September 2013

just chatting

Good morning everyone
Last night was the Mold club September meeting & I have some photos for you from the meeting - but I haven't loaded them yet.  Will do that in a little while & then write about them later.

I am still busy sorting my craft room in order for my brother to stay over which looks like it is only going to be for one night!!!  Never mind once it is done it is done & ready for future visits.

There still seems to be lots of things to find homes for but I am gradually organising it - but also clearing out a lot of things as well.  Two things I do have that somebody might be interested in are - an encaustic wax iron & a brand new brayer (not in its box though).  I had 2 irons, then Bob also handed over an old travel iron which also does the job, so that gave me 3 irons.  The brayer - well - do I really need 4!!! So one is available & as one of the other 3 is a half size hard roller I am going to hang on to those.  Of the other 2 - one got used with Stazon or some other permanent ink - so it looks really grubby - but of course useful if I want to brayer any other permanent inks.  Then the last one is clean & handy for normal brayering.  So if you are interested - first come first served.  I am not asking a lot but I am not going to put that here.

This afternoon I have my crochet workshop & tomorrow morning we have to get the mattress for the bed. The rest of the weekend will be spent finishing - if there is ever such a state - sorting the craft room.

Ooh!! - just been distracted from this - a delivery from Amazon.  Yes it is books & yes I probably don't need anymore - but these little ones are on different elements of Zentangle.  So I think it is time for a cup of tea & a quick look at the books.

Back later - have a good day.

Birthday greetings

It is 20 September so popping in to wish a Mold member a happy birthday

Have a great day Lynn