Tuesday, 31 May 2016

member showcase

Good morning everyone - I hope you all had a good weekend.

Today I have a member showcase for you & it is some work created by Liz of Mold II club.  Do you remember the sessions with the Brusho Paints?

As I have mentioned before Liz is our artist & she attends a painting group.  Just recently they used Brushos & at last weeks meeting Liz brought 2 piece of her work in for me to see - they are A4 size;

After producing the background Liz has drawn in lines etc to create flowers.
That is beautiful & I would love to see it framed. It would make the colours pop even more.

This appears to be more random - but look closely there are decorative lines added to it again.

Than you for bringing them in Liz - they are really lovely.

I know Liz is not an Internet user - so if one of the Mold II ladies talks to her  please tell her that I have shown her work here.

I may be back later - I am not sure at the moment.  So - 'Bye for now.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Mold II photos - part 4

Good afternoon ladies I do hope you are enjoying this lovely weather over the bank holiday weekend & making the most of it.

We have just returned from having lunch out with Gareth & Elayne which was very pleasant indeed.  The only thing I worry about is the size of some of these meals that pubs & restaurants serve up. My dinner included a Yorkshire pudding. Well I don't think I have seen one before of such a size.  It seems a waste when people can't eat everything due to the amount served - I was certainly one today.

Anyway - onto club business.  This afternoon I have the photos from the project at the Mold II evening last Tuesday - which was the mixed media card;

I wonder if Lin is going to find some words to put on that plaque. They would really set that topper off - especially in a nice contrast colour.

Carolyn had some great threads or something on her topper which really gave it some texture. Great layout & colour.

Sue has some of that thread that Carolyn was using as well - you can see it quite clearly in the bottom right corner.  
I have not used a bundle of thread like that before on mixed media - so I am going to pinch that idea Carolyn & Sue. Hope you don't mind.

More birds on this topper by Dot & I like the way Dot, Carolyn & Sue have highlighted the birds eye. Very effective.

Elma chose blocks of different brighter colours rather than the darker approach - it looks really effective.

Rita also went for lighter & brighter colours on her topper - that looks like corrugated card on the background - adding  some different texture.

Now! this is one of the cards that suffered with my photography - I think it was the one made by Carol - the name on the tag is totally illegible.  So I have said Carol through the process of elimination. Some lovely layers & textures on that one.  Sorry about the photo Carol.

Annette's topper has a Christmas theme.  Imagine that one done again with reds, golds & greens.
Having said that I do like this colour scheme - very soft & gentle.

Christine's topper seems to have some threads or wires laid across the surface - giving another differente texture.  It is amazing what you can use.

Liz chose to go for just a couple of colours including white - which gives the topper another look

Betty has used a couple of metal charms on her topper which gives height to the decoration & another texture to the finish.

Sylvia has kept the purple / blue shade as her main colour - with the couple of "gold" colours really adding contrast.

Some great toppers there ladies - & good to see that several of you attempted the scribble border, although by the look of them I think you have done them before.

When we were discussing the toppers at the end of the evening - several ideas were put forward.  Put something nice on the back & add a magnet; with a Christmas design - put Christmas paper on the back, punch a hole in the top & hang as a decoration; take the last idea & find a way to attach it to a Christmas card, then you have a card & a present for the receiver to keep.

I don't think I mentioned enough during the time the 3 clubs took on this project - that the background doesn't have to be black or even dark brown.  They can also be created in light summery colours.  No rules - so just do whatever you fancy. Also if it will stay glued down - put it on the topper.

That evening I didn't get the chance to make a topper myself - so this weekend I have been putting that to rights & have decided to go with a light coloured version. I will post it on the blog when it is finished.

Have fun ladies
'Bye for now.

Birthday greetings

Today is 29 May
& a CSNW club member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Clare

Have a lovely day

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Mold II photos - part 3

Good morning ladies.

This morning  I have the Mold II Show & Tell photos from their meeting on Tuesday, where the theme was an ATC from a sketch;

Here is the sketch;

and here are their cards - sorry ATC's;

Carol made this lovely card for the Show & Tell & then saw that it should have been an ATC - so she made an ATC as well.  Very pretty papers Carol - no reason why the ATC can't be put inside the card.

Oops!!! It seems like Sue made the same mistake - a card not an ATC.  Why not send the ATC as well tucked inside the card.

Elma has lovely fairies on her ATC  they look like they are from Lavinia Stamps.  In fact I do seem to remember Elma mentioning them when she explained how she had made it.

This pretty ATC was created by Sylvia & I do seem to be giving the ladies things to do that Sylvia hasn't come across before.  She didn't quite know what an ATC was but this was a very clever design as it opens like a card.

Lin chose a sewing theme for her ATC - that's a sewing machine hanging on the front.

Elizabeth's ATC has a name badge on it & I think it is going to be part of a card for the named man.

Annette has created 2 totally different designs. One pretty in pink & the other with a nice chevron design.

Well! that's me caught up with the different Show & Tell sessions from the last Mold II meeting.  Tomorrow I will show you the photos of their project for the evening.

The weekend is here again & it's another Bank Holiday so I hope you have got something special in mind to do.  

'Bye for now & have a great weekend.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Mold II photos - part 2 - Folk Art

Hello again.

The photos this time are of a couple of items brought in by the ladies that they had created after the April meeting when Rita introduced them to the technique of Folk Art painting.

Sue obviously took to the technique as she went on to make these 3 lovely cards.
The painting is really effective on the black card.

Annette produced a really lovely Christmas card using the technique.
It is just ideal for those Christmas wreaths isn't it?

This piece was created by Rita to show the technique is good for home items as well as greeting cards.

Rita also decorated this candle & I believe it was given to Sue for her birthday.

I asked Rita about burning the candle, as it would be a shame to lose the decoration.  Carolyn then mentioned the idea I had seen mentioned n a website - which is to scoop out some of the candle at the top & place a tea-light candle in the space.  That way you only burn the tea-light & the candle remains a permanent gift.

OK ladies - I must get on & do one or two other things - like put my stuff away from yesterday's workshop.  I also have 2 New Home ards to make. Then I may get back later with the May Show & Tell photos for you to see.

'Bye for now.

Mold photos part 1 -- April Show & Tell

Good morning ladies.

Well, here we are with the start of quite a few blog posts for Mold II club & this one - as it says in the title is for the April Show & Tell where the theme was a card featuring a pop-up.

Now I did mention in an earlier post that it was a busy evening & I am afraid it shows in the quality of some of the photos - so my apologies. I was taking them on a little table at the side & that wasn't the best place to take photos.

Anyway here they are;

Liz created a waterfall card - I haven't seen one of those made for quite a while.

Annette's card has a nice pile of presents in the centre of her card.

Sylvia had never made a pop-up card before - so well done Sylvia for tackling the subject.
That insert paper is fantastic - any man would be really pleased to receive it.

Betty has made a handbag style card with the origami folded insert that pops open like a flower when you open it.  Sorry Betty it was difficult holding the card open & taking the photo - so its a bit shaky.
There is a name for that pop-up centre & I cannot think what it is.  Anyone?  
It too was quite popular a while back.  

Another "blast from the past" so to speak.  Carol made this lovely box surprise card which folds completely flat for posting - the stand up part slides back dow inside the box part.  Also Carol has added a gate fold front to hers
This card we made quite a few years ago on a club night.

A very elegant card with a interesting pop-up centre from Carolyn.
Apologies to Carolyn as the lower photo is a little blurry.

This is Elma's card & I don't seem to have a photo of the inside & confess I cannot remember what it was. Sorry Elma.

Some lovely "Golden oldies" in that batch - & before you jump up & down in annoyance - I refer to the card designs not the ladies who made them  :)

That's me for now - back again shortly with the extra Show & Tell Rita asked for with the folk art technique.


Thursday, 26 May 2016

2015 project - mold II - part 9

Good afternoon, again, ladies.

I am back this time to show you the tags created by Mold II member - Sylvia - who although very new to us decided to join in on the project;

Well done Sylvia - they are beautiful.

Off to sort out the various Show & Tell photos now - may be back again this evening - if not early tomorrow morning.  Well! early-ish.

'Bye for now.