Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Can you use ..........

.............. here are the couple of drawer  / trolley items I have to find a home for;

I have 2 of these - they are desk / shelf ones.  I forgot to measure them but about 12 - 15
 inches high - very approximately.  I will measure them

Oops - forgot to dust it before taking photo.  The dust is not included.
Didn't measure this either (will do it later) but it is about desk height

I will include the measurements tomorrow along with a photo of the 2 cantilever boxes I am trying to find homes for as well.

Hope you have had a good day.  I have another crochet workshop tomorrow.
More tomorrow.  Night night.

Mold II photos - part 2

Hi - I am back

The project for Mold II last night was one that was left over from - wait for it - 3 years ago.  I should have shown how to make this card the year I was in hospital & a bit poorly!  Well that was May 2010.  Can you believe how fast that time has gone.

The project was to make the Magic Slider card.  The one where the image at first appears just a dark colour outline but when you pull the slider up it is magically coloured.

To show the cards we pulled the slider partially up to show the plain & the coloured portions together.  Many are still work in progress - but the ladies enjoyed making it.  As the images may be on the small side - click on each one for a larger & clearer view.

A lovely lady in a beautiful evening dress.

A luscious birthday cake

An Art Deco lady with a yellow hat
Sorry about the sticky tape on this one I actually split that corner whilst helping Betty to insert the images into the card.  Smacked wrists Gloria.

A flourish with butterflies

Another butterfly flourish

A large butterfly

It is a great card to make & you have to think of all the components before trying to put it together.  I hope the ladies will make another one sometime.

I will be back in a minute with the photos of those drawer units I am trying to find homes for.

Mold II Photos - part 1

Good evening

I am here with the first set of photos from last night's Mold II meeting which is of their Show & Tell where the theme was "depict a film title";

As I held them up the ladies had to guess the film - there were some very interesting answers on all of them.

Bird Song
I love the little bird cut from sheet  music - very clever
A great film of the book by Sebastian Faulks set mainly in WW1

Moulin Rouge
As soon as you know it is obvious - great idea
A great musical starring one of my favourites - Ewan McGregor

The island & the butterfly should have been clues enough!
There was an apology for no stamping on this one
Surely everybody saw Steve McQueen in this one?????????????

Days of wine & roses.
Look at the beautiful cut rose 
A great Blake Edwards film about alcohol addiction.

The owner of this card said it was made just before coming to the meeting & was a joke
We all made strange guesses & when we were told the answer - great hilarity broke out.

What is it?     Why - it is "Gone with the wind"              of course
One of the all time greats in films - & of course we all loved Rhett Butler (er Clark Gable)

A great Show & Tell ladies & lots of fun.

Back in a little while with the project for the evening..

Happy Birthday

Birthday Greetings

Today is 29 May & a CSNW member has a birthday

Have a great day Claire

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Just chatting

Hi everyone.

What awful weather - not really one for going out, but some brave souls made it to the Mold II club night even so.  There were several ladies away so we were a reduced group this evening.  I will have photos tomorrow for you of their show & tell, & their project.

We finished the evening off rather nicely with some cake & a drink of Schloer to celebrate my recent nuptials & the fact that one of our members became a grandmother 2 weeks ago.  Congratulations to Elizabeth & her family.

I hope you were all tucked up snug this evening.  I am off to bed now - sleep well.  More tomorrow.

Does any need / want ............

Apart from the general craft stash I am getting rid of I have 2 x 3-drawer units which I no longer require & an open trolley.  I have taken photos of them & will put them up on here tonight after the Mold II meeting along with dimensions.  The drawer units are suitable for sitting on a desk or shelf.

I also have 2 red/black cantilever boxes (the type from B & Q that a lot of men keep their DIY tools in).  One of them still needs to be emptied & has 2 cantilever sections the other one is a little smaller & only has one cantilever section.  Again I will put up some photos once I have cleared them out.  They make great kit boxes - it's what I used when I first started before they brought out fabric totes & bags.

Back later with news of the meeting.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Just chatting

Hi everyone - I hope your weekend was an enjoyable one.

Mine was one of clearing out - did a lot today of sorting craft stash & found things I had forgotten about, & things that were in places I cannot think why I put them there, therefore have not been used.

I found in one box 3 A4 sheets of rubber stamps -  if I wanted them so much that I bought them - why were they hidden away?  Mad.

Anyway tomorrow night is Mold II meeting night so there will soon be rubber stamping news & photos for you.

That's me for tonight - just a quick visit. Take care & sleep well.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

About my digital blog

Just popping in quickly to say today was my last day as a guest designer on the CD Sunday blog.

If you want to see what I have been up to just click on the link on the right hand side of the screen.

Bye for now.

How on earth ..............

................ did I get to accumulate so much stuff.  It is frightening.

The last 2 days I have been slowly - & I mean slowly - working my way through boxes & boxes of craft stuff.  For some reason I have over the years put things in boxes to either give it away, sell it, or do something else with it.  Then I have promptly forgotten about it.  Well, I am paying for it now.

I am filling a rather large bag with bits & pieces that I am just not going to use - or I have duplicates of or just too much of.  I will be bringing this bag with me to the next club nights for each of the clubs, & you are to just dive in & take whatever you want.  I am going to put a little box by it so if you do feel inclined to give a little donation I will then pass it to Clare for her Multiple Sclerosis cause - especially if you have any of the stamps that may be in the bag.

First to have a dip will be Mold II on Tuesday when it is their May meeting.  I have already given a lot of things to a lady who is running a Brownie group & have another bag filling up as well.

I will not get it all sorted before we move but I can at least tidy the boxes up for ease of moving.  So this clear out is going to be a lengthy process.  It should have been done some time ago.  But, there you go - we do put off til tomorrow what we could do today & it comes back & haunts us.

Something interesting I found (again - as I had found it some time back) - was a folder that I created with techniques on rubber stamping when I first started going to workshops at Carolines.  It looks so basic & almost childish - but interesting. I will bring it to club nights for you to see.

Just as we move - if our planned date goes ahead - I am giving a talk to a WI group - so whilst I have been sorting out I have been putting together a craft bag of things to take with me.  I just need to keep it away from everything else so it goes with me in my car.  So that at least is a good bit of organisation.

It is not just craft items that are being sorted & possibly cleared out.  We have gone through all our clothes, our bedding etc.  Even Bob didn't realise how many tops he had held on to - we now can't move for bags with all that sort of thing in.  It's the classic situation - in order to tidy up & thin things out we have to be untidy.  Still hopefully it will only be a few weeks.

I hope you are having a more relaxing bank holiday weekend - haven't we been lucky with the weather?  Let's hope it continues into tomorrow as well.

That's it for now - 'Byeee.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Non stamping - non club - post

Just popping back in to correct a glaring error in this little write-up.  I have to say I am surprised I haven't been picked up for it.  I have put the correction in the actual paragraph.

I know it didn't happen today

But I thought we should spend a few moments in memory of Lee Rigby so cruelly taken during the last few days.

So many of our brave young men have  lost their lives over the years defending the rights of us & others., as did many before them in other conflicts.

We look to these young men & women in the services to watch over us in areas where there is conflict, & to watch over those people they are defending where ever that may be in the world that we defend.

What we do not expect is that these brave people are then cut down in this their own country, just going about their normal day to day lives, & to be cut down in such an horrific manner.

Our thoughts go out to the family & friends of Lee Rigby.  Our gratitude goes out to Lee Rigby & his comrades who defend our rights to be who we are, & also to those of others whose rights they defend.

This weekend sees a celebration of those brave men who watched over us & fought in the battle of the Western Approaches during World War I.  This should of course actually say World War II.  I think because I wanted to refer to the next part during 1914 - 1918 I typed things in the wrong order.  I was so incensed with this cruel killing this week my mind went off on its own.  My apologies. 

1914 - 1818 to most of us seems such a long time ago, not even within our comprehension, & probably our fathers & mothers were just a twinkle in someone elses eye. They were the predecessors of those who fought for us in WWII, & all the battles that have been fought since.  And there have been many & they are still going on - but on our own streets at home we do not expect to see our brave soldiers attacked in this way.  They wear their uniform with pride on our streets at home & should be able to do so without fear of attack by militant groups.

Thank you to all you brave men & women who help defend our rights & those of the peoples of other countries.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

just chatting

Hello everyone
I thought I would just pop in for a quick chat.

This morning I had a crochet workshop down at the Craft Shop - I have to stop referring to it as PBC (Purple Butterfly Crafts) now as it isn't called that anymore.  Now that it is owned by Strikes it is just The Craft Shop.  It was a very pleasant workshop & this particular group were having their second visit.  I am almost inspired to take up my crochet hooks again for a proper piece of work.  But don't think I will just yet as there is so much else to do & I have some cards to get stamped.

Today we had to do some paper signing towards the purchase of our new home.  So that is another step forward.

Spent a quiet evening - building up the strength for more sorting tomorrow.  Although I am meeting Sue (whom the Mold & Mold II ladies will know) at the garden centre in the morning for a chat - so the sorting will have to be after that.

I hope you are all keeping well, more tomorrow.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Catching up

Hi everyone
Sorry I have missed a couple of days it is a bit hectic here at the moment.

We are trying hard to reduce bits & pieces to ensure we don't take things with us that we don't need or use.
Of course there is still loads & loads of papers going back years that are being shredded & got out of the way.

Yesterday we had a new bed delivered (we had decided that after the wedding we would get a new bed as the current one was 21 years old).  It was easier to have it delivered here, use it & move it to the new house.  we have spoiled ourselves by getting new bedding too, so there is all the old stuff to get rid of.

We have had a quote for the removals & they are going to pack up all the ornaments etc for us - so that is one job I don't have to worry about.  The man that came round to asses the removal requirements couldn't believe the craft stuff even seemed amused.

Whilst relaxing in the evening I have been working on wedding photos making up some 6x4 size ones for having on me to show people.  But rather than just printing them that size I am creating with a digital scrap booking style.  I will post one at the end of this write up.

At the moment I can't get into my craft room to do any crafting, but hope to do so at the weekend for a little break.  I have had a couple of workshops to do - for some reason crochet is popular.  I now have 3 groups running & possibly a 4th building up.  There is just no telling where these workshops will go.  No takers on the rubber stamping, or basic card making.  Mind you there is still time.

Well we have a Bank Holiday coming up - so I hope you have something nice planned & we must keep our fingers crossed for the weather.

Here is one of the photos I have been working on

On the last one I thought I would try some faux stackers.
I quite like it.

By for now - will try & come back tomorrow.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Guest designer - this weeks challenge

Hi everyone
Just popping in to mention that today sees my third week as Guest Designer over at CD Sunday Challenge where the challenge this week was "Go Green".

To see my entry just click on the link at the side to take you to my digital blog.  Why not take a peek at the challenge blog - just click on the link above.

Some news

Hello everyone
I am popping in with some news today.  Some of you will already now what it is so I thought it was time I wrote about it here.

Bob & I are moving.  But don't worry we are not moving away - we will still be living in Hawarden,  We do not have everything officially tied up yet - there is a visit to solicitors in the week - but I don't think anything can go wrong now.  I know it is sort of tempting fate but there you go.

We had an offer on our house 3/4 weeks before the wedding & so because of the wedding it had to take a back seat.  We are hoping everything will be sorted & we will be moving around mid June.  So if blogging gets a bit erratic you will hopefully understand why.  One of the biggest jobs is getting all my craft stuff packed up which is going to be fun, but the promise of a dedicated craft room is going to spur me on I think.
I will be clearing items out & may bring things along to the club nights.  If they are not of any use to any of you ladies then I also have another outlet.

It is amazing how much stuff you collect over the years - we have been in this house almost 21 years & it is quite frightening what we have kept hold of which now has to be cleared out.

I shall be sad to leave this house but life moves on & Bob & I definitely felt like we needed somewhere without stairs & with less garden, or at least a more manageable one.  I think the place we have found meets that requirement exactly.

I hope you are all having a good weekend.  I am taking a short rest or a moment ffrom clearing out to print off some of those photos I sorted yesterday for my Wedding Guests Book.

'Bye for now.  Back soon.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Just chatting

Thought I would pop in for a little while & tell you what I have been up to today craft wise.

It's more wedding news.

I expect you remember seeing the photo of my save the date / invitations / menu cards.  Well I prepared some more of the those cards - with the embossed pattern on the front & put them on the tables at the reception - one for everyone one of our guests.  I then asked them to sign the inside & leave a message if they liked.  The idea was that I would then put a photo of them on the other side - so that my "book of our guests" was going to be pictorial too.

So! I asked our photographer if he thought he could manage it - to take individual photos of our guests as they arrived or at least during the photo session in the day.  He of course came up trumps, & my task today was to pull out those photos & reduce them to a size that would fit on my pages.  Tomorrow I am going to print the first page & see how well my printer reproduces them.  I have just had to replace all my colour cartridges so they should be OK.  If they are OK I will then print the other pages.  The final task will be to cut all the photos out (I have put them on A4 pages) & adhere them inside the pages.  I have 2 huge book rings to hold the whole thing together & have decided to put an extra one at the front with a photo of Bob & I on it & the date & venue.

You never know - when it is finished I may bring it with me to the clubs to show you.  It is going to be a great piece of memorabilia.

Have a great weekend.  More tomorrow possibly.  Bye for now.

Friday, 17 May 2013

mold photos - part 2

Hi everyone
Here I am back again - this time with photos of the project from the Mold club night last night.  The project last night was making Washi/.Tissue tape.  When I decided to make this a project for the clubs I wasn't sure how it would be received - but so far everyone seems to have enjoyed trying it out.

Many of the ladies got carried away & created lots of tape - others tried it.  As with the photos of the tape that the CSNW ladies made I am not going to make any comments.

One of the things you need to do is to try & envisage these strips cut up & then stuck to projects which they will compliment.

OK I need to break from the "no comments" here - a couple of ladies decided to use large stamps across several pieces of tape.  This is what I love about you ladies - I give you one basic idea & you blow it away.
I now need to get my larger stamps out - many thanks

Another comment sneaking in ........... someone used some of their new tape to make a card.  Isn't it great?

Once again - some great results.

Well it is Friday & once again the weekend is here, have a great time everyone I hope you have some lovely things lined up to do

Mold photos - part 1

Time to show you the photos from the Mold meeting last night.  This set is of their Show & Tell for the evening - an ATC with a paper pieced design.

Oops! Sorry I seem to have managed once gain to take one of the photos out of focus.
This delightful little bird cage hung from a little group of jump rings.

A delicate sparkly flower on this one.

A beautiful urn - this is a really fantastic image.
It's one of those images you look at & think ....... "if I use just that part..."

I love this fantasy flower & the different shades of green papers to make it are great

Isn't this absolutely gorgeous?  All that small cutting out to piece the butterfly & flowers.

Now! I wonder how many of the Mold ladies remember this stamp. I haven't seen it in ages.
We used it once as a challenge to see how many different cards could be made from this one stamp.
The stamp could be used multiple times.  The results were so good I sent the photos to Craft Stamper & they did a multi-page spread on us.
I think I might take a trip down memory lane & show the photos here, one day soon.

A delightful little fairy.  When you look closer, or for a second time, at a photo is when you spot things you hadn't seen before.  I had noticed the colour of the fairies face, arms & legs but hadn't noticed the printing on them.

There you are & I will be back later with the photos of the project for the evening.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Just chatting

Hi, I had a very pleasant evening this evening with the Mold ladies.

Our project this evening was the Washi Tape - so I have photos for you, but not until tomorrow when I will have more time to sort them & load them.

I had a workshop down at the craft shop yesterday - for Crochet.  My second group & there is a third group next week - I wonder what has raised the profile of crochet?  There have also been requests for workshop for learning to knit.  I am looking into that at the moment.  Not a lot of interest in papercrafts including ribber stamping at the moment.

Well I am off to bed shortly - so this really is a quick pop in.  Photos tomorrow.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Two wedding pages

I have been playing around with layouts for my wedding album, & have produced 2 pages.  They may not be part of the actual album as I selected the photos fairly randomly.

I have used an 8x8 page with a multi section frame created by a member of the Facebook group I belong to for the Serif software I use.

This page includes a rare photo of my brother & I - I think he smiled less than I did.
A family trait - hate having photos taken.
Wish I could remember what I might have been saying to Bob.

This page includes a photo of the venue, Nadine fastening my necklace & Bob & I pretending to cut the cake.
The larger bottom photo is the registrar saying "your are now husband & wife" & congratulating us.

Might be back again later

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A couple of wedding photos for you

I have looked out a couple of wedding photos for you to see - they are all before the ceremony.  As you know I hate having my photo taken - but these are not too bad.  The ones of me that is.

I keep looking at them all trying to decide which ones to put in an album - its going to take me quite a while I think.

Here we go

Here are my Jones boys - I thought that was quite a nice idea to take them walking along like that.

Checking Russ has the rings.

Almost ready - I just couldn't relax standing there looking at myself.

OK - I am ready now.  Need to get going before my feet start to hurt in those shoes.

Will try & look you out some more.  I am hoping I can choose some & print them off to put in a little wallet to show people until the album is sorted.  So you never know - I may have some to bring to club nights.

More tomorrow.  Bye for now.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Mold II photos - part 2 and ..............

............. a really big apology.  I am so sorry but it would appear I got so wrapped up in what was happening to me later that week that I forgot to blog your project photos.  Thank you to Carolyn for pointing this out to me & an apology to her as well as it was Carolyn who took the project that night.  (April 23)

So here they are - the project was the easel card on top of a little drawer unit.

A lovely bright card with a beautiful butterfly as the topper.

A really elegant design very fresh looking

A floral delight & I love that purple butterfly.  Very nice indeed.

More butterflies in a very delicate colour.  Sorry it is a bit blurry.

Wow - what a fantastic flower - stunning card

I love the subtle colours on the topper on this one really set off by the dark blue card.
Very nice.

Very romantic & feminine & elegant.

Another delicate design - I should have got a bit closer to the topper - so the image could be seen clearer.
Try clicking on the photo for a larger image.

Lilac was a very popular colour that evening.  That circular topper really finishes this one off nicely

A work in progress as it doesn't have a topper yet but I love that flower design - very pretty.

Another very elegant, fresh design.

This was one of Carolyn's examples that she brought along for us to see.
It's like the painting you find on narrow boats isn't it?

Once again I am very sorry that putting these here slipped my mind - I do hope you will forgive me.