Friday, 28 February 2014

Mold 2013 Project photos - Rhiannon

Hello ladies
Here - as promised are the start of the Mold 2013 project photos - where the challenge was an ATC for each month with theme of own choice plus basically one per month - so 12 ATC's.  I left the choice to the ladies of Mold to decide whether to make 3 of each - so that if possible I could have one for the club folder & they could also swap one.

Today it is the photos of Rhiannon's project & her theme was Book Titles & as well as giving the name of the book on the back of the ATC Rhiannon gave the author.;

This is how the ATC's were presented

and this is the inside of the book.

Tan ar y comin
which if I have read Rhiannon's writing correctly translates as Fire on the Common
I did a Google translation & that came up as "Until the Common"
perhaps you would get back to me Rhiannon & say which is right.

The Davinci Code

Alice in Wonderland

Charlotte's Web
& that spider is hanging from a piece of invisible cotton.
Made me jump when it moved.

Memoirs of a Geisha

Black Tulip

Secret Garden
This was a booklet ATC - so 2 photos

Pride & Prejudice

Treasure Island

Midsummer Nights Dream

Animal Farm

A Christmas Carol

Really good representations Rhiannon - thank you for taking part.

That is me - possibly for today - as I have some domestic duties to perform & sadly another Sympathy card. to make.

Then this evening we are going out with Bob's grand-daughter whom we haven't seen in a little while.

Have a great weekend & I hope to be back tomorrow with another set of Mold 2013 Project photos.
'Bye for now.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

mold II photos - part 2 - sort of

Hello again
After some thought I felt it was a shame for there not to be photos of part 2 of the Mold II meeting - so I took some photos of a few of the embossing folders that I tried.

An absolutely great wood grain folder

Fantastic background folder - can see gems going on the criss cross areas on this one

Now I fell in love with this butterfly one - & all the other photos are of this folder on different colours - but they don't always show up that clearly - the colour that is.

This folder was one of Carolyn's & as she said some of those butterflies can be cut out to do 3-d work.

I have one set of the Mold 2013 project ready to post - will do that tomorrow.

Night night


members news

Hi everyone
Do you remember that post about the little flowers from the Mold II club night & how we all wanted to rush off & buy the dies.

Well I ordered mine that night & they arrived this morning - but I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to play yet.  But Betty also received hers & although she told me she was busy she managed to have a play & sent me photos.  So it is only fair that I a show them here.

Betty - they are beautiful & I can't wait to try them.

Sorry! I couldn't get this one any clearer - but aren't they great?

Much clearer photo - Betty - they are gorgeous.
I need to play!!!!!

I will be back later with a little more info from the Mold II meeting.
'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Birthday cards

My final visit today.
Just popping in to show you two recent birthday cards that I made, then tomorrow I hope to start showing the Mold 2013 project photos.

I made both of these using some stamps from The Stamp Man that I bought quite a long time ago. I found some delicate background papers from my stash & then stamped the images on white card & embossed them in gold.  Using my favourite "The Works" water colour paints & an aqua brush I coloured the butterflies to tone with the background paper.  One of the individual images was then stamped & painted, cut out & stuck on the card with sticky pads.  The Happy Birthday was stamped & embossed in gold.  Some ribbon completes the look.

That's me for now - night night.

mold club page update

Yes - it's me again
I have just updated the Mold club page with their 2014 project details.
Ladies please read it as there is information there for you.
'Bye again.

CSNW club page update

Hi it's me again.
I have just updated the CSNW club page with the details of their 2014 project.
Ladies please read it as there is some general information on there to assist you.
'Bye for now.

Mold II page update

Hi everyone I am going to be popping in & out during the evening.

The first "pop in" is to say that I have updated the Mold II page with regard to their Show & Tell next month.  It was to have been an ATC with Zentangle - but they haven't done Zentangle yet - so I have changed the subject of the ATC.

'Bye for now.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mold II photos

Good morning everyone
Just popping in to make a correction to this post.  The little flowers on the lilac & white card by Carolyn are not freesias but fuschias.  I think I had got so excited about being able to order the die I got confused as to what the flower was.
Getting confused is not difficult for me these days.

Good evening everyone.
Yes! the meeting was only this evening & it is not usual for me to put the photos up on the same day. But when Bob is not at home I tend to stay up later, also I was home at a reasonable time - so able to sort the photos onto my laptop sooner.  There is only one set from this evenings meeting & they are of the Show & Tell cards where the theme was a card using Polka Dots.

Look at this lovely little fellow - even his t-shirt is spotty. Isn't he cute?

This is absolutely stunning in black & cream.  The black layer was done on Co-ordination's card & sanded back to the core.  Even the dandelion looks spotty & what a beautiful stamp.

This is another stunning card - very clean & simple, & the little freesias on it caused quite a stir & a long discussion on how to they were made. Sorry that should have read fuschias.
Read more at the end of the photos.

A close up of the flowers - aren't they exquisite?

A clever use of that hexagonal stamp you received a while back - lovely & dotty  & it goes so well with the embossed background.

Another clean & simple design & isn't that greeting stamp gorgeous.  Beautiful flower & I love the way the petal has been used to make a border down the open edge.

Wow - very elegant.  There are even dots on her bodice.
I forgot to take a photo of the back of this card as it had been layered with a similar patterned panel & looked really lovely & was a nice finish to the card. Another long point of discussion this evening - lots of us thought we should think more about the back of our cards.

Ladies - you did a magnificent job they are all lovely & so different.

Now! those little freesias.  No Gloria - they are fuschias. Carolyn whose card it was explained that they were from a die (Britannia Dies) & she had brought in the components to show us.  The die is basically for making roses, but you can make freesias (fuschias, fuschias) & poppies too.  Well! most everyone wanted the die.  I certainly did. I know I say I am not buying anymore things - but I just have to have that die.  There was quite a laugh going on about who was going to get home first to order it.  Well, I don't know if I was first home - but I ordered it from Joanna Sheen.  I nearly bought the wrong die - but as I was about to click on it noticed that it was out of stock.  Really disappointed.  So I went looking elsewhere then remembered something Carolyn had said about being able to die cut 2 at once.  So I went back to Joanna Sheen & there was the die.  It almost looks like a border die & has 4 flower shapes & 2 calyx shapes. Brilliant.  Credit card out & quickly ordered.  I hope anyone else who was after it has been successful too.  Joanna Sheen's orders are usually filled quite quickly - so I could be playing with it in a day or two.

Back to Mold II meeting - there aren't any photos of a project as the ladies brought in their embossing folders & about 6 brought in their embossing/die cutting machines & everyone just embossed as many designs as they could - a really fun evening.  In a couple of months they are having a similar evening but with dies.

well it is getting late so I suppose I had better be off to my bed.  More tomorrow.
Night night & sleep well.

Monday, 24 February 2014

mold photos - part 2

Good evening everyone.  Here I am with the photos from the project for the Mold meeting last Thursday.  Well it was more of a play with a technique, & that technique was "Thumping".  No-one got as far as making a card using their efforts - but there was lots of playing done.

Here are the photos - I did take a lot - but some of them didn't come out too well.  I have managed to improve some & I think I have some from everybody.

This one has quite a bit of thumping on it - but it looks great (well it would if it was clearer).

Some great tulips.

Don't these leaves look great - click on them for a larger photo.

Two very delicate fans - the top one came out clearer.

There are quite a few of these leaves - it's a perfect stamp for the technique.

Love the effect on these.

Sorry it is a bit fuzzy - I did try to improve it - but this was the best result.
Click on it & see if the larger photos shows it better.

The same with this lovely butterfly.

Another set of those 2 images.

Now - as well as the leaves - this stamp is perfect for the technique.

and two more.

Wow! what a shoe - works brilliantly

Another stamp image that works well with the technique

There are 4 photos of this image in different colours - they look beautiful

An interesting image - but it works.  Again click on it for larger version.

The more solid flower stamp works well - the yellow one has the slight edge I think.

Three pairs of that leaf stamp again - stamped by different people I believe.

That is it for this post - & has me up to date with Mold photos.  I may be back later.

Tomorrow evening is the February meeting for Mold II - they are taking along their die-cutting machines & embossing folders to share.  I am not sure if I will be able to bring my E-Bosser, ladies, as I am not sure I can disengage the electrics which are all behind my desk.  Will look closer at it in the morning.

'Bye for now.