Sunday, 30 September 2012

Just chatting

Good morning ladies - how are you all today. 

Empty purses but full craft rooms for many of you I suspect.  I hope that those of you who went, had a good day at Port Sunlight yesterday - I shall want to know all about your purchases when I see you.

I had a lovely time shopping for club Christmas pressies & raffle prizes.  Quite enjoyable spending money that isn't mine!!!

I did buy myself a couple of things & I managed to get this new Splodge Away Blending Mat. So I am looking forward to seeing how well I get on with it.  Will keep you uptodate with my progress.

This morning I found out that my entry for one of the digital challenge sites I enter has been picked for the top 3, out of last weeks entries.  I am so pleased. This was my entry.


Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend.  I can't believe it's October tomorrow & on Wednesday we see the first visit of Marie to our clubs.

I will be updating the club pages later today.  Don't forget if there is anything in particular you want to see/learn in 2013, let me know.  I do have some ideas that were given to me earlier in the year which I am still going to build in.

'Bye for now.

Today is our second blog anniversary

I have had a blog for the clubs for quite a while now - but this newer one is 2 years old today.  Where does the time go?

Friday, 28 September 2012

Just chatting

Good evening ladies

Well! I did my exercise this morning - managed two 10 minute spells on the treadmill, & 5 minutes on the "Harley Davidson".  Didn't get to have a go on the swingy walky thing as there are only 2 & they were both in use for some time. 

I also didn't have a swim as I had to sort myself out for going to Hulme Hall for the set up of the festival. Most of the retailers turned up OK despite a rather nasty accident on the M6 - most had left home early I think & got to us before the accident happened.

The hall was busy & really buzzing when I left just after 4pm.  I tried looking at what was on offer but it's a little tricky because I don't like to get in the way of them setting up.

I understand the Glitter Girls were on C&C this morning with a block buster so that is probably why they are not at our festival this time.

So that was my day - looking forward to tomorrow - will keep an eye for you all.  Don't spend too much.

'Bye for now -  night night.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

just chatting & my prize

Good evening everyone

A mixed day today. 

This morning Bob & I had a bit of running around to do so I didn't get along to my exercising & swim, but I wasn't too concerned as that extra work on did yesterday my knee was a bit sore this morning.  So a rest won't hurt.  I am hoping to get along tomorrow morning before going over to Port Sunlight for the festival set up - but just exercise.  Back to the swimming next week.

Then this afternoon due to looking for something to do with my family history I ended up clearing out a lot of old paperwork to do with it.  I was looking for a photo of my maternal grandfather - of which I only have one photo.  On one of the genealogy sites I had spotted someone researching the same family as myself - or at least a couple of the same people.  After exchanging messages the lady sent me 2 photographs - one of my great-grandfather  one of him with his wife (my great-grandmother).  Very exciting.  It is really funny - strange funny - to look at a photo of someone knowing they are a relation from so long ago.

The postman brought me a nice little package - my prize from winning the CD Sunday challenge a couple of weeks ago.  A Kanban stamp - I managed to search it on the Internet - here is a picture -

It is one complete stamp - isn't it lovely?  I am dying to try it out - which I guess won't be until Sunday.  Watch this space.
Well that's my day - hope you have had a good one.  I am off to bed to build up my energy for the setup tomorrow.
'Bye for now.  Night night

A special birthday I wish to share

Today is 27th September 2012
& it would have been
my Mum's 100th birthday
So I am going to ask you to indulge me for a moment

Once upon a memory.
Someone wiped away a tear.
Held me close & loved me.
Thank you, Mother dear
Happy birthday Mum
Always in my heart


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Mold II photos - part 2

Good afternoon ladies

Well I have done my shopping, posted my brothers birthday card & had my hair done.  So now it's time to sit quietly & get these photos on here for you.

They are of last night's project where we did Paper Piecing. I was actually amazed at how many people used quite small images - just you see.

See what I mean - look at those leaves going up the side of the card.  A great little image & the green piece of paper well chosen for the background to the toadstools.

Carolyn who made this card said she had used these stamps quite a bit but never used them on patterned paper.  Don't they look great?

Isn't this a lovely card?  I am not sure if the flower was done with one piece of paper or if the petals are separate pieces.

Now! She is definitely ready for some work - even the little gloves have been paper pieced.  Lovely.

This is the little boy to go with the little girl above.  Isn't the card great?  Elizabeth who made it managed to get it layered in matching papers which just completes it beautifully.

A little different paper piecing here - as the watering can doesn't have flowers with it.  So Chris made up her own paper pieced flowers to decorate it with.  Great card & those bright colours work so well.

Ah - he is so cute., & is ideal for paper piecing, & makes a really lovely card.  I really must check if I have got that stamp.

and here he is again.  Betty made this card & said that she got the background all sorted out the evening before because of the intricate cutting.  He is just adorable.

This is the card that she made during the club evening.  That is really a great set of stamps & again lends itself to the technique really well..

Now! there is a lot of work here & so much so that Liz didn't have time to put them on a card - aren't they great?

I think whilst I am at Port Sunlight this weekend I had better look for some stamps better suited to this technique.  But!!!  do I need more stamps?  Not really - we will see.

That is me for today.  Let's see what I can find to do to show you tomorrow.

We are now down to the last couple of meetings for 2012 - so please, please if there is anything you specifically would like to do on a club night - let me know.  Also if you are willing to help by taking the project at a meeting - again let me know.  Liz who made the little cup cakes above is going to show Mold II ladies some parchment work in 2013.  So come on ladies - what can you show.  Remember we are rubber stamping clubs.

Have a good evening.  'Bye for now.

Exercise update

Hi just got in from this morning's exercise session.

I only did the exercise today - no swimming - as I didn't go yesterday & didn't want to overdo it.

Mind you I forgot to take my water with me & I got home absolutely parched.  So sitting with a cup of tea before starting all the things I have to do.

I managed 20 minutes on the treadmill  in 2 lots of 10 minutes

In between the two 10-minute sessions on the treadmill I did 5 minutes on the swingy walky thing.  My knees not so keen on this one - but they will learn.


 Don't think I will every look like that again
Then I did 5 minutes on my Harley Davidson cycle machine.  Knees not to keen on that one either but I can manage it better than the one above.  In time I will get there on both these.

I will be back later with the second set of photos from Mold II's meeting last night.  Got to do some shopping, post my brothers birthday card & have my hair done.  Mind you is it worth it in this weather.
Have a good day.  More later.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Mold II photos - part 1

Hi - here I am again.

As I got home fairly early tonight I thought I would get the first set of photos posted here now.  They are of tonight's Show & Tell where the theme was for a card with Flowers (hopefully with some made by hand).

This is a beautiful card - I love the card frame, it is actually quite deep so allows for the lovely flower arrangement inside.

A lovely little flower pot full of daisy style flowers - really lovely card.

I loved the cut-out on this card - the bow & scroll pattern  - it really sets that rose off so well, & the flowers surrounding it are so delicate.

My photography has not done this pretty card justice - it was a really lovely shade of pink.  Doesn't the ribbon woven through the fancy edge finish it off beautifully?

A beautiful heart shaped pocket full of flowers - really delightful design.

A really delicate card in soft pinks & mint - at least that is how I would describe the other colour.

An absolutely delightful little box of flowers on springy wires.  I need to know how to make that one.

That's me for tonight ladies.  More tomorrow when I will be back with the photos of tonight's project.  Sleep well.  Night night.

members news ............

........... & an apology for missing it last month.

I did not spot the following card in the magazine which if I have remembered correctly from tonight's meeting was last months issue of Papercraft Essentials.

Well done Annette & you had a goody bag as well.

Back later with some photos from tonight's meeting.  'Bye for now.

Monday, 24 September 2012

members news

Good afternoon ladies

In the latest issue of "Papercraft Essentials" is a card by one of our Mold II ladies;

As you can see it is by Mrs E Langdon from Clwyd.  I am assuming that is our Betty from Mold II.  I am sure you will let me know either way.

Well done Betty.

Exercise today

Good morning ladies - though was is good about it I don't know.

The road outside the house is flooded & it is running down our side lawn, & there is a build up outside the garage door. We get much more I won't need to go to the gym to swim.  OK so that's a bit of an exaggeration.

I have just got in from to days exercise session - I did 2 fifteen minute session on the treadmill, about 5 minutes on the swingy walky thing.  It was rather busy there today so didn't get a chance on the "Harley Davidson".  I then went for a swim - it obviously does not do me any good not to go at the weekends as  I managed 8 lengths which is 4 less than Friday.  As by then I had worked up quite a stem i decided not to go in the sauna today.

Going to have a cup of tea now then I have some paperwork to see to, then I will come back & blog the members card from the magazine.

I also have to make sure I have everything ready for tomorrow nights Mold II meeting.

I did have a workshop lined up for tomorrow morning - but once again not enough takers.  So instead I will be going out with Nadine.  I have to get some candles as I am visiting a WI & showing them how to decorate candles.  Its not until 9 October but need to make sure I have everything that I need.

Back later today - don't get too wet.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

A digital card

Hi everyone

Today I have been having a play with a Christmas image through my digital software to produce a card.

Here is the image in it's basic form

The image comes from a royalty free site
With one of the painting tools in the software I coloured the bell & flower - then built the card as normal using layers of colour, & embossing features.
I am pleased with the result.

Now - I need to find images in my stamps to inspire in the same way.  Off upstairs to have a poke amongst my stamps.
Hope you are having a good weekend.
More tomorrow.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Mold photos - part 2

Good afternoon ladies & what a beautiful one it is too.

Here I am with the second set of photos from the Thursday Mold meeting where the project was - the card with no name.

As I did before when showing this project - there will; be 2 photos.  One of the front & one of the inside.

Some beautiful poppies - I am so pleased that the one-layer stamping backgrounds is being used by many of you.

The inside of the poppies - the little Birthday Wishes is just made for this card

 Delicate pastel pinks & greens & the main flower placed on a matching cutout from the punch

The inside with more of that one-layered background.

Beautiful Iris with a sponged background (I think it was sponged)

Inside & the one-layer background continued along with a nicely hand-written greeting

This stamp is beautiful & the "topper" is all one stamp - the flourishes really set it off.

That flourish stamp works so well down the side of the card.  The aperture was hand cut & it is nice to see a square one for a change.

Some lovely lacy flower heads - I know that the maker was upset about the centre of the middle flower not coming out well.  Put a butterfly there I said - nobody will know.

Ah! another square aperture!  I love the random stamping of the lacy flower & that greeting is just so right for the aperture.

Time for Christmas (only 94 days & a bit to go!!!!) A lovely hug for Santa

Now - isn't he adorable - Santas little helper.

Another cute Christmas image & some pretty shiny paper down the side.

with a cute image inside too

Isn't this great?  The stamps are from the latest issue of "Creative Stamping" magazine that gives a whole sheet of stamps free every issue.  I love the "Deck the Halls" sentiment - the writing is different.

Oh well - there you go - a third square aperture.

I absolutely adore this street light stamp & Joanna has sent me the link.  I think I might get a couple for raffle prizes.  It wouldn't be just for Christmas, & those angels are cute too.

It looks like all down one part of the room decided to make square apertures - cos here's another one.
The "Joy" & Flower stamps really go well with the street light.

I have to say ladies I had a real struggle getting these photos on here today I am glad I didn't attempt it last night.  It kept leaving some of the selected photos out & it meant I had to go back & do it again.  At the third try I brought them in a pair at a time.  Success!.

I have just received 2 of my magazines & a Mold II member has a card in one of them.  I will photograph it later & post it here tomorrow.

That is me for today - back tomorrow.  Have a great weekend & enjoy this sunshine whilst it lasts.

Friday, 21 September 2012

I won

Hi - just popping in quickly to say - found out I have one a blog challenge with one of my CD cards. I am one of top 3 & get a little prize. The theme was "Need for Speed".

Mold photos - part 1

Good evening ladies

Tonight I have the first set of photos for you from last night's Mold club meeting.  They are of the Show & Tell where the theme was a card with a Flower theme (hopefully with some flowers made yourself).

What a really pretty card - I love the partial colouring of the card matching the centres of the flowers.

A delicate easel card where the flowers have been made from flowers cut from the background paper

A fantastic card - aren't those flowers absolutely gorgeous & I love that vase stamp.
It's no surprise that this was the evening's winner

A card with quite an impact.  The photo doesn't do justice to that black ribbon - it had tiny sparkly bits in it.
The flowers are very delicate & a beautiful arrangement

I called this "the saucy card" - the flowers are beautiful & there are 3 different types

Such a delicate card - I use the word quite a lot to describe some cards - but it is really fitting for this card.
The background squares were made by putting actual flower petals on card & then putting it all through an embossing machine - such as  the Bigshot - I will look out the instructions & put them on the tutorial page.

This is such a dainty card - the flowers are just perfect for the stamped image both in colour & style

I should have taken 2 photos of this card, with one showing it open,  as the front has been cut in half diagonally with the flowers following the diagonal cut.  Lovely design.

A lovely mixture of paper flower styles here & that background paper is fantastic.  I think it was saved from a project calling for lots of ink - then stamped over.  Nice to see some paper tearing too.

I will now go & load the photos from the project onto my computer but not sure I will manage to post them tonight - but you never know.

More later