Basic Kit

Your Basic Kit

I hope you will find the following list helpful with regard to what equipment to bring with you to the meetings.

The following items will ensure that whatever the project you should have the right tools;---
craft mat                   craft knife                    scissors               pencil
ruler                         eraser                          adhesive *                                     

* With regard to adhesives bring the one you like working with. 

Choices are; 
double-sided tape (DSST)          glue stick             roller tape (mouse style)
pin flair glue                            photo glue 

It is always handy to keep to hand the following;
dye-based ink pads                   stamps               A4 card

Specific requirements will be listed with the project on the Club pages, & will also be explained at the meeting before the one they are required for.

Hope this helps, but any problems or queries get in touch.