Sunday, 31 July 2011

Wrexham Stamp & Papercraft Show

Good evening everyone

What another lovely weekend it has been - OK not scorching hot but dry & pleasant.

I managed to "bump into" quite a few of you on Saturday at the above show.  It was much better this year wasn't it?  Mike had finally managed to get more retailers & a few more bigger names.  Sue & I took a fairly leisurely wander round, stopping & chatting to everyone - most pleasant.

I was very good & although I said I wasn't going to buy anything - no I said I didn't need to buy anything - I did spend a little money.  My biggest outlay was for 5 A4 plastic boxes which are going to be great to divide up all my A4 papers.  I am going to divide them up into types - you know -Christmas, Floral, Masculine & any other type I have.  That way I think they will get used quicker because I will actually know what I have got.

Did you see the stand for "HobbyFun"?  It was the one selling beautiful fine fabrics by the metre or in A4 pieces.  They also sold templates for various items made out of a self adhesive plastic type material.

I had looked them up on the Internet when I was looking at the list of exhibitors that would be there & was quite intrigued by their products, especially the tealight holder.  See picture.

So I weakened & bought the template which cost £4-95 but with that you got the choice of 2 pieces of A4 fabric & a glass votive for the tealight.  I thought initially that the template was exactly that - a template but it is actually the piece of adhesive plastic that you use for the project. So I bought a large sheet so that I can copy the template in order to make several of the tealight holders.  The girl on the stand also gave me a little heart that had been made as a sample & two packs of old card ideas - retired ideas is a better description.

I bought a stamp from Dimension Fourth for making roses. Not sure why as I have a Marianne's die for coiled roses, plus I also can make them freehand.  But there you go.  Oh yes & from Stamps 'N Memories I bought a pack of those very shallow globe things that go into aperture cards.

When Sue & I decided to take a break & have a sandwich & drink there wasn't anywhere left to sit, except at the UK Stampers Network stand who were doing a "make & take" on ATC's.  As she didn't have anyone with her at that time Sue brazenly asked if we could pinch 2 chairs to have our lunch.  Not to miss a trick the lady said we could sit there & she would tell us all about her group. Mike was there at the time & when the lady said perhaps after our lunch was finished she could show us ATC's - he laughed & said "there isn't much these 2 ladies don't know about stamping".  Which I thought was very nice of him - but we are still learning, there are lots of things about that we haven't tried yet.  Anyway long story - short.  I actually joined the UK Stampers Network - it was only £2-50 for the year (to cover admin) & she had already given me some great ideas I could use for the clubs - so I wanted to find out more.  Will keep you informed.

Do you remember a while back I mentioned kits I had bought to make up for my fund raising cards?  Well I finished most of them today.  There were 2 packs, each of 15 cards with lots of embellishments.  I still have a few embellishments left - but not enough to really make a nice card, & I have a few of the cards left so I will decorate them some other way.  Probably with stamping.  I have taken photos & will show you tomorrow.

Well that's you brought up to date with my weekend.  I hope you had a great one & if you were at Wrexham I hope you bought lots of goodies & have been having a good play today.

More tomorrow.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Just chatting

Good afternoon ladies
Yes! it is afternoon not evening.  I haven't achieved the crafting I wanted to today after all, but I have had another good sort out.  They are never ending these sort outs.

I have put some items together for Clare to help raise money for MS & I have also sorted my stash - or some of it at least - into boxes suitable for the various workshops I do at PBC.  Since the garden centre bought the shop out I have to provide materials for workshops.  I can buy from the shop at a discount - but I might as well use what is building up in my cupboards.  So I have picked out suitable paper & card for the next few card workshops & got them into boxes & folders.  Mind you they are still sitting on the bed beside my craft desk - but easy steps I say.

Also today I have got "my man that does" in doing some weeding, thinning & putting in my new plants, so cups of tea have had to be made.  This means I cannot settle to things. The front already looks good.  Just got to keep on top of the weeds that's all, when they have finished. Unfortunately with the size of garden that is easier said than done.

Tomorrow I am off to the Wrexham Stamp festival with Sue (which I think I have already mentioned).  As I am basically trying to reduce my stash I do not intend to buy much.  We will know by this time tomorrow how good a promise to myself that is.

I didn't post this straight away in case anything popped up that would be of interest.

We have just had a visit from Gareth on his way home from work & have chatted putting the world to rights & many other things.

Will look out for you tomorrow.
Have a great weekend.
More chat tomorrow

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Just chatting

Good evening ladies
Well now what have I been up to!

I didn't mention in yesterdays blog that I had had a very good workshop in the morning.  There were only two ladies on it which we don't normally do (there has to be a minimum of three) - but I knew that one of the ladies had tried several workshops & they hadn't taken place due to lack of support.  So I let this one go ahead.  The Project was the card gift box that I showed on my blog recently.  Because there were only two ladies the project went a little quicker so I was able to add a small item on the end - a pop up card for holding gift cards (you know the one that shops give out that look like credit cards).  All in all it was a very pleasant morning.

Today it was another tidy day of the craft desk & sorting out projects I need to do next.  I have some quickie cards to make up - Christmas ones - for my fundraising efforts.  So will probably sit & do some of those tomorrow.

Then this afternoon I  popped into the garden centre to buy some plants - I have "a man who does" & he is coming tomorrow morning to put them in for me & also do a tidy up.  Those weeds didn't go on holiday that's for sure.

Bob's foot is improving he drove down to Asda's this morning & is going into his office base in Crewe tomorrow.

Nothing outstanding to tell you about - hopefully more crafty news tomorrow.

Take care

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mold II evening phtoos - part two

Hi, it's me back again
I rather liked putting the photos of the show & tell on the blog in that manner it gave me a chance to comment about them whilst they were on the screen.  I think that is the way I will go all the time now & if there are lots of photos they will go up in several parts.

Here we are with the evenings project this time, & it had been requested that one evening we try a scrapbook page.  A couple of ladies had never tried this craft & a couple had dabbled - but the results are great.  Bear in mind some of them are still work in progress & might not be fixed down or have more embellishments to go on.

The one on the left has made the most of a favourite stamp.
I love the "best friend" part of the page on the right very effective.

Isn't the background paper on this on one the left just right for the photo & the sentiment?

The page on the right has more photos than
the others - but the photos tell a story 
so the larger number on one page works well.

The page on the left is about a special day & I think will probably end up being a double page spread as there were other important photos of the day to include.

This last page I have inserted a little larger than the others purely because rather than a 12"x12" page it is an A4 page.  I know this is one of the lay outs from one of the ladies who had not scrapped before.  But the beauty of being in a group is that everyone helps each other & so through various chats these unusual split photos were created.

I often split an image like this when making a card - it gives a window effect.  I can't remember how the decision to cut on the diagonal came about but it is so effective.

It was a most enjoyable evening & I think the other two clubs should have a try at this.  so watch your programmes you never know what will appear.

OK that's me ladies - Bob & I are going to pop out for a meal this evening - providing of course he can get shoes on his feet & he wants to drive in order to check he is OK & that his foot wont cause problems.

Mold II evening photos - part one

Hello ladies

Because of the change to how I display the photos from club meetings now I am going to write about those from Mold II in two posts. 

This first one will be of the show & tell - which was for cards with newspaper in the design.  Funny how they were all to do with flowers!  

I think it is because the trend at the moment is for the shabby look & if you cut out flower shapes & use distress inks on them it works really well.
Doesn't the black one with the peel offs over newspaper look good - I would never have thought of that.

The tall thin one on the right at the bottom has had a resist technique used on it over the newspaper. 

We are going to be shown how that was done.


A really good show of cards.

Right I am off now to write up their project photos.

Be back in a short while.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Mold II Evening

Hello ladies
Tonight's meeting of Mold II has not taken place at this point in time.  I thought I would do a little blogging as I sit here having my lunch.

This morning I had a sort through some scrapbook papers as tonight we are creating a scrapbook page.  I thought I would look out a couple of photo's that I haven't scrap booked yet & some papers etc to go with them.  I was also going to look out some 12 x 12 papers to take with me should anyone like to use them.  So what photos should I use.  Well when I opened a drawer that I know had photos in that are not in albums of any kind I found the very thing & strangely we had been talking about them at the weekend.  Gareth's graduation day.  For the purpose of the page this evening I scanned the couple of photos I was going to use in case Gareth would like the originals.  I had to laugh as I looked through the box of photos - I took them & I know it is not a good  enough excuse but it was a rather windy day & there are quite a few where I have chopped peoples heads off.  Thank goodness for digital cameras - which of course I did not have then.

So I am now prepared for the evening & will pop back in when I get home to let you know how it all went.  Talk then.

Good evening - well here I am home from the meeting.  Quite a lot of ladies were absent some of them on holiday so we were just a small group of 8 plus me.  Some confusion had arisen about the show & tell - that's me being confused not the ladies - so the cards were the one using newspaper in the design.  Our hands on project for the evening - the scrapbook page went very well & some great pages were made & some of the ladies had never tried it before.  I took photos of the show & tell and the scrapbook pages which I will put on the blog tomorrow.

That's me for today, I do hope this weather is going to continue for a while it does make everyone so much more cheerful & feel better too.

Have a good night - chat tomorrow.

Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings

It's 26 July & a CSNW member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Grace

Have a lovely birthday

Monday, 25 July 2011

Just chatting

Good evening ladies

I trust you all had a lovely weekend - was the weather great!  We had a quiet weekend due to Bob's damaged toe.  When he damaged it he also took a bit of a bashing in his body - so has had a rather painful weekend. Also due to the damage to his toe I have had to dress it everyday & he can't get a show on.

Not to worry though I had some admin work to get up to date so I did that.  I write an e-letter for HSNW club members about the months meeting - this goes out to members who didn't make the meeting to keep them informed.  This month I was including some photographs as I found it easier to do that to show them how to make something rather than just write in words. 

Today I have been out with our daughter-in-law Nadine.  We went over to Bromborough to visit the silk flower wholesale shop/  It's not just flowers they sell.  I was pricing up candles as prior to next Christmas, not this - next, I am demonstrating decorating candles.  I was trying to get an idea of the cost of candles & some ideas of other items to go with them.  Oh - I didn't mention that Nadine too has a bad toe - something heavy fell on hers & she had to go to hospital for it - I have heard of like father like son - but never like daughter in law like father in law.

From there we went to Burley Dam a really nice garden centre on the A41 where I bought some plants for my garden.  I have a garden man coming on Friday to clear out the last of the weeds from the winter & then he is going to relay my flower beds.  The plants today were for a narrow little flower bed that runs along the length of the front of the house against the walls. More plants to buy later in the week for the big side bed.

Tomorrow morning I need to spend time in card making , then in the evening it is the July meeting for Mold II club.  Will tell you all about it tomorrow evening.

That is me for today.  Keep safe.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Birthday cards - Part Four

It's me again.

Here we go let's see how tidy I can show the remaining photos;


There!  I don't think I have left anyone out.  It was tricky trying to insert them neatly & keep track of what I had already shown.

Just a couple of comments.  The last 2 photos - the one on the right is a close up of the floral display behind the acetate of the card on the left.  The little zig zag card was presented in the little box above it which had a paper band around it with Happy Birthday on it. Oh & the one with the candles?  Yes! there are 70!

Many of the cards had my age on it - most of them very subtly -  once again thank you very much.

Right time to make some dinner & feed Bob who is suffering at the moment due to having knocked his big toe on one foot.  Rather nastily actually.  

More tomorrow.  Hope you are having a good weekend.

Ooh, nearly forgot - next Saturday (30th) is the Wrexham Stamp Festival - I have got tickets for Sue & I - so may see you there?

Birthday cards - Part Three

Here I am again - with more cards. 

I am not sure whether this post will contain the remainder or if I might have to do a part four.  Let us see what happens.

I hope you are still with me on this -

More on the way

Birthday Cards - Part Two

Good afternoon ladies
........... ooh sorry .............. & Gareth

Right let me see if I can show you the next set of cards a little neater than before.


That is a little neater than before - well I hope it will be when you view it.  The trick appeared to be putting images that were the same size together.  I laid it out will 2 rows with 3 photos in & then one photo on its own.  But I have just popped to look at a preview & the top row has 3, the second row has 2 with a gap & then there are 2 on separate rows.  Still at least you get to see the cards.
So now I am off to see how many photos I can put together on the next post.  There are quite a few square ones so I will probably put those next.  Then there may have to be a page for the different shaped ones.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Birthday cards - part one

Hello again ladies

Here we are then - finally part one of my beautiful birthday cards to share with you.  Don't forget click on the photo to get a larger view.





That's the first 12 - more in the next post.

Putting them in like this takes a bit longer so I will have to prepare in advance in future, especially if there is quite a few to show.

NOTE - I have just taken a preview of the page before posting & the photos are all over the place - I would be interested in hearing how they appear on your display.  I obviously need to give this more thought.