Friday, 31 December 2010

Popping in for the last blog of the year

Hello everyone
and that includes Bob & Gareth who seem to pop in every so often & have a look at what I have written.

Well! Just a couple of hours left of the year of 2010 & for me it has been a year of mixed feelings.  The fun & work towards a family wedding, a magical holiday in Carcassonne with that wonderful day trip into Andorra.  Then the worry of my health scare -  which I hope is now well under control.  But it has been rounded off with a most enjoyable family Christmas Day & then some restful days since then.  

Tomorrow sees the start of a new year & another family dinner - as Gareth, Russ & Nadine will be joining us.  Then on Monday we will be joining together again for an evening meal probably at Ghandi's restaurant, to celebrate Bob's birthday which is on Tuesday.

I have some crafting photos to show you & also that winter sunrise photo - but I am going to leave that until tomorrows blog. 

Whatever way you are seeing in the New Year do have a good time & will look forward to seeing you all in 2011.

Monday, 27 December 2010

What did you get for Christmas?

Good morning ladies ............ & Gareth, in case he has popped in.

I hope you had a very pleasant Christmas Day & that you are managing to take advantage of this slightly longer weekend break.  I know I am.

Did Father Christmas bring you lots of lovely goodies (or whoever buys the presents in your family group)?  I do hope so - any crafting goodies?

I was thoroughly spoilt.  Firstly I didn't have to lift a finger all day - we spent the day with "Bob's other son" (Cheeky thing even signed his Christmas card that way!!!).  He cooked dinner for all of us - himself, Bob & I, Russ & Nadine.  Bob & I arrived reasonably early & we even had bacon sandwiches for breakfast.  Bob then went & collected Russ & Nadine about 11 o'clock, & once we had settled it was time to open presents with Russ acting as Father Christmas passing the gifts out. I received some very nice chocolates from various people - so there goes the start of my diet in January. I also had a couple of books - one from Russ & Nadine was the Oxford Dictionary of names - which is surnames, first names & place names.  That will be very useful when I am researching family histories.  As I do a lot of my research on my net book whilst sat with Bob watching TV - he bought me a Laptop cool tray.  It even has a built in fan for cooling -  it's not overly quiet so could become a nuisance if used whilst we are watching TV.  I have my net book sitting on it now - its really good. From Gareth I received a Kindle - I told you I had been spoilt - so yesterday I sat reading the Users Guide then searching out some books to store on there, I have gone for some of the old out of print classics - which also have the advantage of being free.

Oh yes - one of the presents from Russ & Nadine was a Marmite Breakfast set which was a toast rack, knife & jar of Marmite.  I love Marmite - Russ can't stand it.  But ............... they also gave me a bar of Marmite flavoured chocolate!!!!!!!!!!   Hmm, there's going to have to be a big bit of courage to try that.

My friend Veronica gave me the most beautiful round magnifying glass on a lovely  ornate stem type handle with a tassel.  Again it will be very useful when reading old documents.  Come to think of it some new paperwork as well - who am I kidding about eyesight.

Back to Christmas Day  - we had an absolutely fantastic day, with a lovely Christmas meal & happy, loving company. I say Christmas meal - we also had cheese & biscuits around supper time. Thank you Gareth for a lovely day & for all your hard work it was very much appreciated & I felt you needed a more public thank you that is why I have repeated it here.

So! after that - yesterday was a really lazy, relaxing day, & today is going to be the same.  I am going to sit here & continue writing up that family history research - it's for Nadine & I hope to give it to her New Year when we will all be meeting & going out for a meal next Monday for Bob's birthday which is on the Tuesday.

Yesterday morning when I arose there was the most beautiful sunrise.  Now I know I have done one of those before but I couldn't resist taking another picture - I will probably add it here tomorrow as I have not uploaded from my camera.  But the only way I could frame it with something was to go outside the front door - which I did.  Fortunately there were no passers by at that time as I was still in my dressing gown.  Boy, was it cold too.

Well that's more chat than I thought I would do.  More tomorrow.  Enjoy the rest of the festive season.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Friday, 24 December 2010

Don't forget to hang your stocking!

Hi everyone.

Popping in early today - just in case you all have time to check the blog amidst your final plans for tomorrow.  Have a very happy day however you are spending it & I hope you receive some lovely gifts.

Don't forget to hang up your Christmas stocking - you never know what Santa might bring.  You do still believe in him, don't you?

Merry Christmas to you all.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Turkey & shopping

Hi ladies
Well a successful trip was made & Turkey has been collected, plus other bits of shopping that were required.

That's it.

Bob & I don't go out tomorrow.  It's the start of our Christmas break -  a quiet day just making sure pressies are wrapped & ready for taking to Gareth's where we are spending Christmas Day, along with Russ & Nadine.

We haven't heard whether Gareth's oven has been fixed - so there is a possibility there will be some cooking to do tomorrow - of the Turkey.

I hope all your plans are coming together - I will be popping in tomorrow to chat - not sure how much I will do over the couple of days after that.

That's it for now.

Night, night - sleep well.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

snow & more snow

Hi everyone
Well they said there will be more & there has been - I guess we have 2 - 3 inches outside.  Not as much as some I know but its enough to stop things happening.

I have published Jo of crafty Jo's latest comment regarding Sue's leak - seems Jo has had trouble too.  But should she be so cheerful that her son has had the same problem?  Hm! babies do that to us don't they!

I was talking to my brother this morning - remember he lives in the Isle of Man.  They have had some of their worst weather with this snow &  he was telling me that people were taking 4 hours to drive the length of  Douglas sea front at home time.  The stretch where the horse drawn tram normally runs is about 1.8 miles. So possibly the whole sea front is a little more. That is a long long drive for a short journey.  He also said that people were abandoning their cars near Douglas & walking home to places like Peel.  Peel is about 12 miles from Douglas.  What a walk & in the snow too & there are quite a lot of hills as well.

Hope we can get the car out tomorrow as we have to go & get the turkey.  We have ordered it from Hawarden Castle Farm Shop - if can't get car out its get wellies out & walk.  Fingers crossed.

That's it for tonight, but before I go -

Just to make you feel colder than you already are here is a rather nice picture I found from some of the Isle of Man in the snow - it really is pretty, pity its so cold.

Night night

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I'm up to date!

Hi everyone - how are you all on another cold cold evening. Bob has just informed me that we have had a fall of snow during the evening.  Ah well.

Yes, I am up to date - that's with my Christmas crafting anyway.  Everything from now on is birthdays etc for 2011, & samples for clubs & workshops.  Hopefully I am also up to date with my Christmas shopping because I don't see much chance of going out for anymore.

I was talking this afternoon to Sue - poor thing she has had a burst & her dining room has been soaked, so she is waiting to have that sorted out, hopefully before Christmas.  So anyone from any  of the clubs if you know Sue & Bill please hold them in your thoughts at this time.

That's it for today - a flying visit.

Keep safe & warm.

Monday, 20 December 2010

An icy walk

Hi ladies
Today I had to pop along to my Doctors surgery for my monthly blood test.  As the road right outside us is rather icy & the surgery is just up in the main part of the village I decided to walk.  It's a bit uphill from home so along with the state of the paths it was quite a tiring walk.  Having put my feet on those icy roads I am glad I made the decision not to drive, but using one of those long umbrellas - which Gareth had given me - as a walking stick I was fine. 

Just a short while ago the council came & gritted the junction of our road with the road we sit on the corner of.  So perhaps we will be able to get out of our drive now.  My courtesy car is still sat at the front of the house having gone nowhere.  There were a couple of moments yesterday with cars trying to get up & down the road at the side of us.  Two vehicles managed to slide into the road name post & bend it.

I have done some crafting today - putting final touches to a present, but it is not too warm in my craft room so I am not spending long visits in there. 

Over the weekend I did rather a lot of family history work.  Once you are on a roll it is very hard to put it down.  In fact it really is best to keep going if possible, but I think I might have got as far as I am going to get for a while now.

Today Gareth was planning to drive over to Lincoln to collect his sister & bring her over for a few days.  As yet we don't know whether he did go - so its worry time again.

Since going out this morning I just have not been able to get my feet warm again even though I am wearing socks.  I think a cup of tea is in order - perhaps it will go that far & warm them.

If you are out doing the last of your shopping do take care please - I am worry about you all.

More tomorrow.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Just popping in to say hello

Hello everyone.

Well actually I am going to say a little more than that -but not a lot. 

Yesterday morning my little car was taken away to the place that will make it better & a rather smart red Citroen C1 left outside the front of the house.  Red, actually is not my favourite colour in cars.  Never mind. We had already had snow & the man delivering the car & taking mine away said the roads around the house were not nice.  By the afternoon my courtesy car had a fine sprinkling of snow all over it, today the amount has increased.  When the man was showing me around the car bits to make sure I knew where everything was he asked that when I returned it the petrol gauge should read "two bars" minimum.  These new cars don't have E & F?,  I asked.  Sure enough I was being given the car with 2 bars of petrol in it.  Well if this weather remains as it is that is very likely to be the 2 bars they get back too.

I have not done any crafting today - which is not good - but it was rather cold up in the craft room.  But I have been busy with family history stuff, & as it will form a Christmas present it is important to do.  I actually had a very successful day breaking down some brick walls that had got in the way of my research for some time. It's strange how when something is left for a while going back to it reaps some success.  That's what I have fo9und over the years I have been researching.

So!  Once again I ask that you all keep safe & warm in this second spell of bad weather & I hope it is not having adverse affect on your Christmas holiday plans.

Ooh yes, talking of holidays - we have booked ours for next year.  A gite in rural Brittany.  The area around it looks really interesting I have seen some photos of spectacular scenery.  Time to start saving up now.

That's it, it was a slightly longer pop in than I thought - talk more tomorrow.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Right pub, wrong village & some crafting

Hi everyone
I have been informed by Bob that I made a mistake when telling you about our drive on Sunday. The pub we popped into is in fact The Griffin, but the village was Llanbedr-D-C, Nr Ruthin, not Llanferres as I stated.  But Llanferres is just up the road.  My apologies to Llanbedr.  (By the way - I do know that the DC stands for Dyffryn Clwyd).

Just to bring you uptodate on the car - it is being collected tomorrow for repair & I am pleased to say I will be getting a courtesy car.  Mind you if we get this snow that's forecast I probably won't be going far anyway.

Craft-wise I had a good day getting on very well with one of the presents I am doing - will be finishing it tomorrow.  Then it's on to the next one.

That's it for today - keep warm & safe please.

Night night, talk again tomorrow.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

good day, bad evening

Hi everyone
Well! I had a good day today getting the last 4 of my Christmas cards made.  Because all but one had to go in the post today I forgot to photograph them so can't show you my work, sorry. 

During the course of making them I decided on ways to make some birthday cards for next year - & ways to use up the paper & toppers I have collected over about the last 18 months.  Yes! despite using lots of them during this last 5 or 6 months there are still loads left.  I have to say I am really looking forward to making some birthday cards for a change.

That as I said was the good day.

The bad day?  I had a meeting to go to tonight, the last for this year, of my "other" interest.  Coming home someone ran into the back of me at a roundabout.  In the dark it looks like the surround bumper has been broken in half just by the rear number plate.  Unfortunately the surround around the nearside of the car actually got stuck in the tyre.  But with the help of the other driver managed to clear it from the tyre to drive home. So tomorrow morning its dig out the insurance & get that moving - the other driver accepts responsibility - well she did run into the back of me - its just the inconvenience.

Hey ho - tomorrow is another day.

When I have done the insurance bit I intend to go upstairs into my craft room & play.  Serious play though as I have two Christmas presents to finish.  Will try & remember to photograph them - but you won't be able to see them until after Christmas.

Night night everyone, sleep well & warm & lets hope they are wrong about this snow.

Just chatting

Good morning everyone

I thought I would pop in this morning & say that as I am aware some of you worry if I haven't blogged at anytime, I thought I would just say that possibly I might not have the time every day over the next few days.  But will try - it really depends what I have of interest to say.

I do have some crafting to do over the next week - but will not be able to tell you about it or show it to you until after Christmas, as it is related to things for friends presents.  Something I will be doing over the Christmas break is prepare projects for the clubs which I will photograph & then they will appear on the club pages as appropriate.

So that is it for now - please take care when out & about in this next lot of snow that is due tomorrow.  

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Here is that picture

Good morning
Just popping in quickly to show you that picture that last night would not upload.  It must have just been that the server was busy because this morning it has uploaded straight away, & here it is.

I have said it before & here it is once again - isn't nature absolutely fantastic.

More later.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Some pictures

Hello again
I am popping in now to show the photos that I have been talking about for some days.  I think I have remembered all the ones - well about 7 in total - that I spoke about.

After spending a couple of hours with two friends this morning I popped down to Broughton Shopping Park to do a little Christmas shopping - or perhaps that should have read some Christmas little shopping.  I mainly went to buy Crackers - the sort you pull at Christmas dinner & read funny (?) jokes & wear silly hats - not the type you eat with cheese.  Although I also bought some cheese for Christmas - some nice Edam, some brie & another one - a blue cheese, can't remember its name.  I had it in France during my holiday this year. Also picked up one or two other bits.

The other main item I went for was to get a copy of Craft Stamper - I really must get a subscription sorted out after Christmas.

Earlier today I updated the club pages with the programme for the next few months.  Also on the side panel I added a link to "Crafty Jo's Blog".  Joanna is a member of Mold RS Club & her blog is worth visiting.

Right! Photos - first there is a little slide show of some of my last Christmas cards - the square ones - I think there are 2 of them with the decoupage are from the kit I bought off Create & Craft.

Then here are 2 more photos taken when Bob & I went for that drive yesterday.  The view is just as we come out of that lovely drive over Moel Famau & come down onto the main road just above Llanferres.  If you go up the main road you drive past "The Clwyd Gate Hotel".  I was trying to capture the 2 effects in one picture - the frosty lane & the sunlight fields & hills.  Both pictures taken at the same spot - one looking down the road & the other one looking back up the road. Hope you like them.

During this year I have taken photos of nature around me especially the weather, sunsets & sunrises.  The other day as the sun was setting we still had snow in the field opposite the front of the house.  So another set of photos had to be taken.  Here is the best one - well I think so.

Well! I had a problem tonight & it would not upload this picture, so I am
going to leave it now & try again tomorrow morning. 
My server kept rejecting it.  Not had that problem before
so do not understand it.
That's it for tonight.  Sleep well.

Club pages

Just popping in to let you know I have updated the club pages with the programme information for the first few months of 2011.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Lazy weekend

Hi everyone
I hope you have had a good weekend - we decided to make it a rather quiet lazy one. Lazy that is - after we had done the weekend shopping & been & posted our Christmas cards on Saturday morning.

Whilst Bob was watching the rugby on Saturday afternoon - I sat with him with my trusty netbook computer on my lap & did a mixture of things.  I did some family history research & updating of record keeping, then a poke around for rubber stamping ideas & also had a good look amongst my downloads for papers for some cards & things that have to be made soon.  I am left with one very special Christmas card to make & 2 rubber stamped ones, & one in any style I decide on for a lady I had missed on my list.  Not sure how that happened. 

Bob didn't have Gareth to share the rugby with this weekend as he is visiting friends in Kent.  At least there is a great improvement in the weather this weekend - not that Gareth would have tried in weather like last weekend.  So his journeys should be ok - but even though they are older now - you still worry don't you.  Talking of weather I have just read the headline on Google that more snow is forecast before Christmas that is going to upset holiday travel plans.  Glad I am not going away.  Furthest I am travelling is to Gareth's for Christmas day & that's virtually just up the road.  If you are travelling at Christmas I hope this weather holds off - but if we have to have it - I hope it doesn't spoil your plans & celebrations.

Then today, Sunday - as it was such a nice morning I suggested that perhaps we went out into the countryside for a drive.  So that is what we did.  We drove all country roads out through, to name a few areas - Northop, Cilcain, Moel Famau, Loggerheads.  Those are not in the order we went through them. Going in a fashion that is our want by getting to a crossroads or a turning off the road & just going where it takes our fancy.  This meant we drove through some lovely country lanes, & little villages & some magnificent views.  We stopped at the Griffin Inn at Llanferres for a drink, then came home via the main roads.  During the course of our drive we spoke about our 2011 holiday & where we felt we would like to go.  Of course I am going to have to watch how far we travel now.  At one point in the week talking to someone the idea of Jersey popped up.  Then today Bob said he wasn't sure about spending a fortnight there.  I do enjoy my trips to France - so we thought that as we hadn't been to Brittany that could be our choice.  So when we got home - I started surfing for gites in Brittany.  We like to find little villages & out of the way places to stay - not big commercialised areas.  I think this will be something we will be looking into over the Christmas break.  Thoughts of the summer sun.  Yessss!  The day was rounded off very nicely with a nice Sunday Roast which Bob cooked.  I am so spoilt!!

Tomorrow, I am meeting 2 friends for coffee & a natter, then back at home will spend some time crafting.  I still have some photos to put here - but sorry not done them yet.  I took a couple of photos as we came down off Moel Famau trying to catch the fact that the road was frosty but the fields below were green & sunny.  I hope it has come out ok.

Well that's it ladies - more tomorrow.  Sleep warm & well. Night night.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Christmas Shopping & Christmas cards

Whoopee!  I've been out.
More precisely I have been out in my car.  Today is the first time it has been driven since the first heavy frost, then the snow started.  It has been covered in heavy frost, snow, more frost.  I was worrying that it might not start first time, that it might be frozen & also that the handbrake might have frozen on.  But no!  what a little treasure - it started first turn & no sticky handbrake.  I have had to review the car situation in the light of all that - I had for a while being talking about possibly changing the car - but I am not so sure now, after that much dependability.  Heck! is that a word?

Anyway it meant I could go & do some Christmas shopping.

Then this afternoon when I came home I sat down & wrote out my Christmas cards.  I have 4 cards to make, then I am done - that's 138 in total & not one single shop bought card.  I think that makes 2010 my record year now, also I have only bought 2 shop cards throughout the year.  They were both sympathy cards which I was actually sending out on behalf of groups of people - there wasn't the time to make them.  So not bad for 2010 I think.  Plus I made over 100 cards to sell for fundraising.  I think having to take things a little easier helped - it did give me time to make things.  I wonder if I can keep it going in 2011!   So, when the last 4 cards are made - probably tomorrow - I can start playing with other things.  Mind you, I think I mentioned before I do have 4 birthdays in the early part of January - so there are those to make before Christmas.

That's me for today - talk to you tomorrow.  Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

First turkey & last function

Hi all
Today I had my first turkey meal & it was also my last function for this year.  From now on it's just friends & family get-togethers.

The meal was my usual once a month lunch that I go to & help organise - this time Bob came with me.  He also acted as taxi driver in picking up two colleagues who were going.  Then after the lunch he also drove them back home.

It had been my plan to retake the photographs from yesterday - but with the things I had to do in the morning before going to lunch & the time that we got home afterwards I didn't get them done.  The light in the afternoon was already fading & once you put the house lights on the pictures aren't the same.  So will do them first thing tomorrow morning.

I can't believe that there is just two weeks to Christmas, this month is just flying by.  Tomorrow I must also write the Christmas cards that have to go in the post & get them posted.  I never do send them out much earlier than this.  Then over the weekend I can settle down with those that I hand out & in particular sort the ones for family.  I say sort- I still have to make those.  But I think I know what I am doing.

So not a crafting day today. but more tomorrow..... oh.....& Saturday as well I guess, as there are about 4 rugby matches on I am told.  I can lose myself in my craft room whilst they are on.

Enjoy this slightly warmer weather but remember to still take care when you are out & about.

More tomorrow.  Night, night.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Cards & more cards

Good evening everyone

Well today really was a good crafting day.  I spent most of the day in my craft room & made lots of cards.  In fact I made 32 in total - that was 31 Christmas Cards & 1 birthday card.  I still need more - but that was how many I made today until I felt I needed a rest.

I did take photos but it was evening & they did not come out too clear the electric light has made them look yellowy, so I will take some more tomorrow in the daylight.  But I will put 2 photos here of the cards, which includes some I had made some time earlier, I have been storing them in 2 A4 boxes whilst making them, so that is how I am displaying them.

Tomorrow I will take those pictures again plus some of the individual cards.  Of those I made today 20 that were made from a kit I bought from Create & Craft.  The square ones at the back left of the top box, & the square ones at the front of the lower box.  The kit was designed to make 10 cards with about 4 layers of decoupage with a matching vellum insert. I thought all that was a bit OTT - so I made up 10 cards with one layer of decoupage, then I made another 10 cards using the vellum inserts as wraps around some square cards I made.  Also I laid one layer of decoupage over them.  The ones in the lower picture are the vellum wrapped cards.  So that made 20 of the cards, the remaining 11 were from some Dufex toppers & also printouts from CD's that I had been accumulating.  There are also some decoupage pieces from each design left over which with careful thought will make a couple more cards.

The birthday card was made from a free digital download that I picked up earlier this week.  The person the card is for is not one for fussy cards  although I did do just one part layer of decoupage on it.  The same sort of image also came in some really juicy fruity colours - so I downloaded a few more.  They will be good for the fundraising cards that I make.

That's it for tonight ladies.  More tomorrow.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

just chatting

Good evening ladies
Another chilly day, my poor car just hasn't had even the slightest chance of thawing out.  Our driveway is at the back of the house & slopes down from the entrance.  My car is at the lowest point & the sun, when it's out, is just not reaching down there. I hope it's not completely frozen - it hadn't had it's winter service so I am not sure about any anti-freeze.  Ah well - I will find out soon enough.

Bob had to go into his office today & as he was expecting a parcel, I couldn't really go upstairs to the craft room to craft.  If the postman had knocked the door, apart from the possibility of not hearing it straightaway, I probably wouldn't get there before he went away.  I didn't want to bring things down stairs to do, so after a few domestic tasks, I got on & wrote my first set of notes for the 2011 crochet workshop & started on my samples pieces.  It was good fun.

Back to card & present making tomorrow.  Talk more tomorrow.  Keep warm & safe.

Monday, 6 December 2010

frosty, cold & beautiful

Hello again
I just had to take pictures of the beautiful white scenery outside my house this morning.

Nature just leaves you breathless doesn't it.  I wasn't the only person this morning who thought the view was worth recording.  A car pulled up outside our house & a man got out & took a photo of the same view as I did. Some of the photos are taken over my back garden too - the one where you can see part of a brick wall on the right hand side is the view across my back garden.  That lovely big tree is in a neighbours garden.

I did do some card making today - 2 Christmas Cards for the States, a masculine birthday card plus a thinking of you card.  Sadly I didn't take photos of them as they all had to go in the post today & Bob was waiting to go to the post office as I was finishing them.

My workshop due to take place tomorrow has been cancelled as there was only one lady booked on it - I was due to show how to make bags & boxes.  A new workshop I am starting in 2011 is "Learning to crochet" - so sat in front of the TV over the next few weeks I will be preparing stitch samples & writing notes. Evidently there are already 3 people booked onto it.  It's been a while since I did any crochet so it will be quite good fun getting ready.  Whilst trying to find where I had put all my crochet hooks I looked inside a wicker storage box (which is where I thought they might be) - to find that what was inside was loads of wool.  So! looks like I will have to find things to crochet to use it all up.  Interesting find but my hooks were not there, although I did find one in my sewing box, so I can get started. I am quite looking forward to it - I think that sometimes giving yourself something new to do - (even if you have done it some time before) - can lift your creativity in other areas.  Well! thats' my theory anyway.

That's me for today - I have been thinking that I might turn some of those pictures above into cards - very appropriate for Christmas, don't you think?

Sunday, 5 December 2010

just saying hello

Hi everyone
Just literally popping in to say hello.

I didn't get to craft today after all - as I was quite weary from my late night last night, after a fantastic meal & the previous late night talking to my brother on the last evening of his visit.  So pretty lazy day apart from general shopping - which means i should be full of energy for tomorrow & actually get some things done.  We will see.

Chat more tomorrow - night, night

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Catching up

Hi everyone - sorry I didn't get to blog yesterday - but my brother was visiting.  He dropped in last Thursday on his way to visit several friends around the UK, as I think I mentioned.

He was due to go to Lincoln on Thursday to visit a friend & then come over here to us on Friday before returning home today.  But due to the weather he decided to come here on Thursday as he couldn't afford to get stuck there. So yesterday I went with him to Chester to assist with some shopping, then last night the three of us went out for a meal at the newish Indian Restaurant in Queensferry called "Ghandi's".  Now I am pretty sure I mentioned this last week when we went there. We had so enjoyed that visit & the good value of the £6-95 meal - we did it all over again last night.  Of course we did spend a lot of time chatting - so of course I didn't get to blogging - so sorry about that.

Just to add to the misery of the cold & snow - last night our water went off.  In fact just before we were trying to decide what time to go out to eat.  So when I booked the table I had to check that their water was ok.  By the time we got back home water was on -  but about 9:30 this morning it went off again. It is now back on again but quite weak. 

My brother has just left to drive to Birkenhead for the ferry. Tonight Bob & I are off out to his company's Christmas meal, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that this slight dampness on the road today doesn't freeze later tonight.  I do not like icy roads.

Tomorrow - I am going to do some more crafting as I have a "thinking of you" card & another birthday card to make.  Early in January I have 4 birthdays to make cards for - so I think it is time to start thinking about it now.

Enjoy your weekend - but continue to stay safe & warm.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Just chatting again

Well! That snow didn't amount to so much after all - but boy is it cold again - especially now the evening is drawing in. 

I spent some time earlier today checking Christmas papers & designs that I had downloaded from various websites, in order to make up the last of my non-stamped Christmas cards.  I keep thinking I am close to finishing then realise I have left someones name off my list.

My next Christmas task is to make a special present. When it is finished I will photograph it - but won't be able to show it until the new year as the person who it is for does possibly read the blog.

With a nudge from Joanna I have found a great technique to include in the new year programme - but first I must give it a try.  So if you too find something of interest - please let me know.  Remember you can leave a comment by clicking on "post a comment" at the bottom of each blog.  If you don't want me to publish - that you are using it a bit like email, that is ok. The comments don't go straight on the blog, I have set it up so that I read them first.

Keep an eye on your club pages as they will be updated anytime now.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Good afternoon's work

Well! as it wasn't or even - isn't - a day for going out, after I had sorted what to do about the CSNW meeting I settled down to some card making.

You may remember some time back I showed you some pictures of my work in progress card making for the cards for Bob's work colleagues.  So I have now finished them & I have a completed photo for you.  Here it is;

If you want to see all of them pop over to my blog HERE .  Also over on my blog is the photo of the card I made for Nicky (Bob's daughter) for her second wedding anniversary.  There are 2 postings for today - you will see the anniversary card first as it was my latest posting.

At the time of blogging this I do feel vindicated in deciding to cancel the CSNW meeting as just about 4:30/5:00 it started snowing here & it is turning really cold.  A little message - again - for those ladies, as we are not meeting I will be popping your Christmas cards in the post along with the details of our meeting in February, & with some card that you will need for the Show & Tell.  Also if you had made a lucky dip card - perhaps you had better open it for yourself & just pretend it came from someone else in the club.

All club pages will be updated for 2011 programme over the next few days.

That's it for tonight.  Keep warm everyone.  Night, night.


Hi ladies
This is specifically for the ladies of CSNW whose final meeting for 2010 is tonight.

Due to weather conditions & after great thought I have cancelled tonight's meeting.  I have reached everyone by telephone whether speaking to them personally or leaving a message or another member agreeing to phone another member.

I do not like doing this but I would only worry about you all not only driving there but more importantly driving home, as it is forecast that temperatures will be very low tonight.  I would much rather think of you all safe & warm at home.  I have spoken to Wendy of Card-io & she is rather relieved considering the conditions & the distance she would be coming, but she & Martin would  have come had we been meeting.  I will be in contact with her to re-book her as early as possible in the New Year.  Of course as we are all aware this weather could be repeated any time up to about March - so I will probably ask her to come around April time.  But she will visit us.

As we are not meeting tonight I will pop details of the programme for February in the post to you along with anything else that will be needed for the meeting.  Details will of course be on your page on this blog probably over the weekend.

My best wishes to you all - please keep safe.

More general chat later today.

Sorry - missed yesterday

Hi Everyone
Sorry - I missed writing anything yesterday.  Other things took over my time - one was making sure I could get hold of a certain Christmas present plus much on-line ordering as there is no way I am shopping in this weather.

Also, I have been trying to find out weather conditions between Wigan - where Card-io are - & Rhuddlan where CSNW meet.  It is very difficult to make a decision as to what to do.  This morning I will be ringing Maureen the caretaker at the community centre where we meet to check the conditions there.  But it is really the conditions at "going home" time that is the worry & they don't look too good for Wendy & Martins return journey. Anyway will be back later today to update you.

Flippin' snow.

Take care everyone