Friday, 30 November 2012

November Project Photos - Mold

Back again - this time with the final set of photos for the project you all worked on during your November meetings - this time those created by Mold club members.

Here is the sketch ......................

.......  & here is their cards ................

A lovely "Me to You" design & it works so well on that blue striped card.  I had to take this photo very carefully as Clare had not got the images stuck down.  I wonder if she is going to give him his blue nose it will just finish that card off.  Listen to me!

A stunning Christmas card - which with the tartan background would make a great Hogmanay card too.  I like the way the 2 diamonds are slightly off set with the holly spray in the middle.

Another "Me to You" design & again that lovely blue stripe paper which goes so well with it.  Think these 2 were sat next to each other.  Well of course, I know they were it was mother & daughter team Clare & Yvonne.  Wonder if this one will get a blue nose.?

Ah ha - someone took the sketch to a totally different shaped card - an easel card.  Well done Jo (Brookes) it is a great card & that sentiment is really lovely.

I watched the patterned background of this being "built" but didn't know until it was finished that an ATC was being made.  So another size card - isn't it great & doesn't it work well that size.  Rachel likes her ATC's. 

This time the strips to divide the background into 3 strips, have been put on top of the design.  It works too & the sketch layout can still be seen.

I like the smooth rounded corners to the background layer & a great colour scheme.  It is almost a mono colour scheme.  The trees have been stamped on a multi-colour pad - or inked with different ink pads across the stamp.  I think the latter is probably the way. Really nice card.

Oh so elegant a design.  Each of those ladies have had their hat & coat collars paper pieced - very time consuming but delicately cut out. Both the lady & the flourish were from that lovely Art Deco freebie set a few months back & I know that Janet particularly loves this set.

Well done ladies.

I have said well done at the bottom of each of the posts for this project - & I mean it ladies.  When given a sketch for a Show & Tell you have time to think about what you are doing, but given it on the evening with only a quick look at the previous month is different. The usual comments were made - "I would have brought different papers / stamps etc if I had known the shape & size" - but you all managed it anyway.

Well, the weekend is here & tomorrow it's the 1st of December - Christmas is definitely just around the corner.

I don't like writing too many posts without photos - so when I don't have any in the next few weeks I think I will do a "down memory lane" post & show again some of things we did this year - & possibly even last year.

Have a great weekend whatever you are going to be doing.  If the cold weather comes in - wrap up warm.

'Bye for now.

November Project Photos - Mold II

Here I am back again this time with the photos of Mold II's interpretation of the sketch ...............

& here are their cards .....................

I thought I was going to have trouble taking the photo of this card because of the mirror card it is made on - but all it did was give this beautiful rainbow effect.  The squares & diamonds have been replaced with a floral shape.

A very clean & simple card & the sketch has been reduced to fit on a card, rather than a sketch across the complete card.  This time the shapes used are - as you can see - Christmas trees.  
I just love those tree stamps.

Some really pretty background paper for this one & those glittery flowers work so well tying it all together.
A lovely card

Ah cute - that teddy doesn't look he will be asleep before Santa gets there.  A lovely festive take on the sketch - wonder what he will get in his stocking?

A really clean style card which would make a great card for a man even with those lovely paper flowers on - well I think so.  That check pattern background paper is so clean & crisp like a freshly ironed shirt.

I often go on about the elegance of cream & black cards. The next combination that has the same elegance is the one in this card - a warm red & cream. I believe the 60 was put there to fill a negative space - I think Chris should hold on to this card in case someone she knows becomes 60 soon it's lovely

A nice bright Christmas Card.  Not too long ago I took some of my stamps that I had not used for ages to the club & sold them.  This little snowman was one of them - it is so good to see him in use again.  Lovely, lovely card.

I am told that this little chap will have some clothes (well coloured ones) later.  This was part of a very recent freebie set on a magazine.  Now I have seem him used I think he might go on a couple of my cards.  Another clean & simple design.

Ah ha - here he is again - this time with clothes.  Definitely one to use soon.  Like the card before this a very clean, fresh design.  I love it.

A very interesting interpretation of the sketch - everything is there just in slightly different sizes.  These sketches are really good for getting the creative juices going.  That fern leaf stamp is very useful & pretty as is the butterfly.

Another card where the sketch design has been reduced to put on the card as a topper, rather than cover the whole of the card.  Like the other one it works so well.
I don't think I have seen that done with sketches before the 2 made like it today.

Well done ladies.

Off to load Mold's photos now to complete the set.

November Project Photos - CSNW

Finally our photos are going to appear - I hear you say.

CSNW were the first club to create the November project from the given sketch.............

............ & here are their cards ...................

No matter what the card or the subject - black & shades of cream always look so elegant & this card is no exception.  Very elegant & the butterflies are 3d.

I love silhouette style stamps & that one of the birds on the branch is lovely.  I also like the way the 2 flourishes have been stamped from the base card to the toppers.  Lovely effect.

Clean & simple design really lovely.  Another silhouette style stamp used & they don't have to be done in black ink - nice to see a colour for a change.

Pampered pets - again - I love this set.  Another nice clean & simple design.
Perhaps I should just say here that by clean & simple I mean uncluttered - but CAS as it is known as a descriptive term for a certain style.

More black elegance, & another really nice bird stamp.  A lot going on in the main design but again a CAS design & the sketch has been turned 180 degrees.

Flourishes & Die-cuts over background stamping. A lovely design & under those beautiful embellishments the original sketch clearly seen.  I like these colours too.

That background & the embossed square look like they have been distressed with inks. That lovely rolled rose makes a nice focal point. A nice interpretation.

A lovely design with the sketch turned through 90 degrees.  It just shows how great these sketches are - it doesn't matter which orientation you use - they all look great.  I love the inking on the edges of the card too really pulls the whole design together.

Another favourite of mine - mono colour & I like the way the 2 diamonds have been brought closer together & overlapped, you can still see the original sketch there. Also that cut out flower & flourish are very elegant. 

I really like this design as the basic sketch has been taken & then repeated in the layers.  The double diamonds on each of the main diamonds is so effective, & the colour scheme is very different.

This version is a square card with a rectangular take on the shapes so quite a bit smaller than the other cards here - very clever & the layered look is very elegant.  Again a momo chrome colour scheme

Aah! another pampered pet design & again a nice clean & simple design.  As I write about this card I remember it being put together by ......  (ooh now I have to show my lack of being able to tell 2 ladies apart) ..... Andrea or Hayley  - not liking the balloon having no colour.  To correct that she patted her finger on the ink pad & carefully put the colour on the balloon that way.

Well done ladies a great set of cards.

Off to load Mold II photos now.

quick post

Last night I mentioned that I should have taken one more photo of Joanna's Show & Tell card.  This morning Joanna has put a comment that if anyone wants to see the side view (so that you can see the box of crackers on the top of the card) there is a photo on her blog.

this link will take you to her blog & the exact post.

Back later

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Mold photos 1 part 1

Well what a little group we were.  I knew the change of date would have an effect - only 9 ladies attended but we still had a good evening.

I rounded the year off well by forgetting to take the sketch that Mold are supposed to use for the January show & tell - so had to design one on the spot.

The Show & Tell tonight was a card inspired by a cracker.

A really festive cracker card all nicely pulled open showing the contents.  Afterwards when we were chatting Sheelagh who made the card mentioned that it actually did close.  So I took it back & photographed it again

Cracker closed.

This is a lovely interpretation & very delicate too.  I should have asked about the design but it says cracker to me - it is lovely.

A different approach the topper on the cracker is the card - & it is a lovely square cracker too.

Well! this one leaves you speechless.  I have taken several photos - but looking at it now there is one more I should have taken.  The topper on the top of the card represents a box of crackers - there are little rolls of paper inside a box, which then sits on the card proper.  I should have taken a side view.
As you can see the post it note says - "look inside" - so of course we did.

A cracker pop-up or more correctly a pop-up cracker.

Here's a close up of the pop up.
Joanna - it is absolutely beautiful.

So - there you are - I have just popped in to show you those photos.  Tomorrow I will start putting the photos of the sketch project you have all done this month.  They will be put up in the order they were created - CSNW first, Mold II then Mold.

I'm off to bed now - sleep well.

Just chatting

Tonight is the last 2012 meeting for the Mold club & I know a couple of ladies are going to be missing.  It is such a shame as the date had to be changed because of the Police Commissioner Election taking place on their regular day .

Lyn is in the States for work, Mair & Joan have gone away for a few days - gosh I hope the weather is good for you.

If I am not too late home I will try & post the photos from the evening's Show & Tell, then I can post the delayed photo's from the Sketch project for each club tomorrow.

'Bye for now, back later.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Another Christmas Card

Yes another Christmas card with that lovely flourish Christmas Tree.

This time I have embossed it in silver rather than gold - to make a change & added some silver ribbon at the side & the smaller Merry Christmas greeting.  The greeting that goes with the tree was too big this time as I made a lightly smaller card.  I have entered it into a blog challenge where the theme was Glamour & Glitz in a clean & simple design.

You can see more about it on my personal blog.

That's it - just thought I would pop back & show you.

Mold II Photos - part 1

As for CSNW's meeting earlier this month there will not be a "photo's part 2" until after Mold club have had their November meeting tomorrow (Thursday), because it is the sketch.  But today I have the Show & Tell photos for you & some interesting backgrounds to show you as well.

Here is the Show & Tell where the theme was a card inspired by crackers -

What a jolly Santa - & he was made from felt I think.  I wonder who those presents are for?  Do you think they are yours or mine?  Te he.

Now that is one sumptuous looking cracker.  A box of those would set you back a few pennies.  Wonder what it would contain!!!

Another lovely cracker & I love the way the bows have been balanced - framing the centre section, & isn't Teddy Santa adorable.

Well! they have already got their cracker hats on - so I wonder how many crackers they have pulled & what lovely surprises they may have had.

This card wasn't actually put in the show & tell - it was made by Annette who made the one above it.  She felt the picture on it was too small - but because of the way it folds flat & then you open it up thought it was reminiscent of pulling a cracker.  So I thought I would show it along with the others.

The other photos to show you are of some background papers that Rita made.  She was inspired by the way Marie showed us how to create the backgrounds on our canvases, & wanted to try it out on card.

Rita used ordinary lightweight white card (not glossy) which she coloured with Distress Inks, then flicked water on to get that speckled pattern, & also used bubble wrap to add to the background. Now! Have I got time for a play today!

I would love to see what you do with them Rita.

We had a lovely evening - nothing too serious - mincepies & a drink.

More tomorrow - or I might be back later - depends what I get time to do.  'Bye for now - have a good day.