Thursday, 31 August 2017

It's that time again .................

............... & so it starts.

What starts?

As you may remember each Christmas I make a couple of "sets" of Christmas cards for other groups I am involved with plus a batch for Bob to send out.  Each set is different but are the same within a set.

So yesterday & today I have started on the first of the set of 10 cards;

This is where I am up to at the moment with this set.  All the cards have been embossed on the front with a split design embossing folder.  Snowflakes & dots with a narrow unembossed line between them.  This I will be covering with Christmas ribbon - as can be seen in the photo.  I stamped the "Merry Christmas" & embossed it with silver EP, then I have coloured in the design with red & green pens.  The final touch is then to make a random cut around the greeting & also run the red pen around the edge to finish.  The ribbon is glued down with DSST & the greeting is on sticky pads.

If there is any fault it is that the ribbon has Merry Christmas on it as well - but in gold.  But it works OK.

Now to put them all together, & create the inserts.

That is my post for today.
Take care - 'bye.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

My mini album so far

Good afternoon everyone.

Today I thought I would show you how my file folder album is going.  Not the one I started at the club meeting but the second one, when I had found nicer matching & toning papers to use for a more cohesive finish.

The front cover

The inside cover & first page.
I have added a little pocket on one side & a tag flap on the other.
The right hand page is also part of the top loading pocket page & holds a large tag 
(you can just see the thread pull)

The next 2 pages
On the right hand side I have added a waterfall photo album. 
It will hold 10 small photos, as each page is double sided.
The right hand page is also part of the side loading pocket & holds a large tag.
Again you can just see the pull thread at the side.

The next 2 pages 
So far only the right hand page has had something added to it.
This time I have added a very narrow pocket into which I have put a mini album.
This right hand page is also part of the second top loading pocket.

The last page & inside cover
So far I have not added anything to these pages.

Finally - the back cover.

Once I decided to make this second one I worked on it non-stop for a few days.  Now I have to decide what other embellishments I will put on it & what photos are going in it.  It has a slightly vintage look to it & I have some photos of my grandparents & great grandparents that I may reproduce in sepia tones & put in there.

I absolutely loved making this & I am already thinking of another one.  
Thank you very much Carolyn. 
I had wanted to make one for ages & kept putting it off to do other things.

That's me for today.  Off to have a play ............ uhmm, I mean, make some cards - probably Christmas.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

How cute is this????

Hi everyone.

Good morning, & I hope you had a great weekend.

I just had to show this photo - I hope you don't mind;

Our little grandson, during our visit yesterday - fast asleep on Mummys lap. He was in such a funny position but obviously very comfortable.  Mummy took the photo for me as I only had a back view.

Hopefully back later with some craft photos.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Paper pads

Good afternoon everyone

Do you remember the post on 18 August of the Mold project - Carolyn's file folder albums?  In it I mentioned some pads I had found for £1 each in The Range.

I said in that blog post that I would take some photos of them.  Well I only took one, but thought as I hadn't really got anything today to talk about I would just show you the pads;

Each pad is Kraft card - 2 of them just have designs on them in black outline. Great for colouring. The others, as you can possibly tell from the photo have foil embossed patterns plus some sheets like the plainer pads.

Now I need to get my brain in gear to decide how to use them.

I hope your weekend is still going well.  Tomorrow Bob & I are off to visit our little grandson.  We haven't seen him (except in photographs) for 2 weeks & it looks like he has grown quite a bit.  Can't wait to see him.

That's me for today.  'Bye!

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Stand for Double Slider card

Good afternoon everyone.

This morning I had a look at the tutorial for a Double Slider Card with stand, that Dot of Mold II club had told me about.  I had mentioned it in yesterdays post.

So I have written notes along with a diagram to make a stand that fits our Double Slider card.

Sorry the background is grey - it was printed on white paper.
But I think it is quite legible.

I have used a large size of the scan to make sure you could read the writing - it will look different depending on what equipment you use to look at it.  It could be too big for smaller setups.

I will print some copies off & bring along to the clubs as well - but at least it is here for now.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.  Bye.

Friday, 25 August 2017

member showcase

Good afternoon everyone.

Today I have a member showcase for you & it is from Mold II club member - Dot.

I have had an email from Dot saying how much she enjoyed making the Double Slider card, so much so that she has made another one.  Also she did some searching on You Tube & found a video showing the card - slightly different shape - but the lady had created a stand for the card.  I had a quick look at the video & I will go back & watch it properly & work out the size for our card (Dot has also given me some measurements) & I will put the information on the blog.

Here are the photos of Dot's card;

What a lovely bright fun card & it is for someone who is going to be 80.
I'm sure they will love it.

This photo shows how Dot has put the message on the back........

....... & here is a view of the card where you can just see the stand at the back.
This card that Dot has made is a different size to the one we made at our club nights, also the mechanism was made slightly differently - but it all comes down to the same thing in the end.

Thank you for sending the photos & the information Dot.

Well not only is today Friday with a weekend looming - but it is a Bank Holiday weekend.  I hope you have lots of nice things planned & that the weather stays nice for us all.

That is all I have today - bye for now.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Mold II photos - part 2

Good morning ladies.

I am here this morning with the photos from the Mold II meeting on Tuesday, & they are of their project for the evening which was the Double Slider Card.

Here are their cards;

Rita has a lovely lacy flower stamped background with a very stylish lady in the topper. The "Happy Birthday" overlapping the front is a nice touch.

A very pretty, delicate, clean & simple stamped design from Christine, with the focal point cut with a scalloped edge & layered onto darker card.

A really nice message on the left hand tab in Helen's card - if you click on the photo you may well get a larger view.  I like the flourish at the side of the words - almost acts as a "this is where you stop" marker.

Sue's card is pretty in pink & a very clean, fresh & simple design.
It is a true Sue card

Another clean, fresh & simple design this time from Annette - I love that "Happy Birthday"

A beautiful trio of flowers across the topper for Carol's card with a very complimentary paper on the tabs.

A lovely vintage feel to Elma's card with her sepia tones. I have shown this card a little larger than the others in the hope you can read the verse.

What a cute version that Dot has given us, it shows that his card suits all ages (& will make a great mans card too) - again a little larger hoping you can read the messages.

A lovely Christmas design from Carolyn who has used decorative paper to cover the card topper & tabs.  Then some die-cut baubles complete the embellishment.

I hadn't thought to cover everything with paper - it works really well.  I would have to take great care as I know I would have trouble cutting to the right size.  Then thinking about it I would probably, (knowing that fault I have sometimes), to cut it a little larger than needed, then sandpaper the edges which takes the paper back flush with the card. Also gives it an aged look - so the design needs to suit too.

I hope all e clubs have enjoyed making this card & will use it many times.  I have another slider card you might like & will build it into the early part of the 2018 programme.

In preparing this card for each club I now have 3 of these cards made - one birthday & 2 Christmas. I still have one to set up for my workshop ladies at Daleside plus I had already made an earlier birthday one which I sent to a friend for her recent birthday.

Right - I am off to work on my file folder album now.  Have a good day.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Mold II photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone

This afternoon I have the first set of photos from last night's Mold II meeting & they are of the Show & Tell. The theme was a DL card with a 3-d floral theme.

Some ladies were a little confused by the term "3-d" - but non the less did a 3-d card.  I use the term to explain a non-flat image - so, using pads, or glue gel, to raise the other layer(s).  But in this instance - decoupage would be appropriate.

Anyway - here are their cards;

Elizabeth made 2 cards.  The top one is a gorgeous silver design & I love the raised banner with the sentiment on.  That is quite a popular design feature at the moment.
The second card was on a dark green background & Elizabeth has used Dreamees flower stamps.

Christine's card has lovely 3-d flowers on scalloped circles each side of a beautiful butterfly.

Helen's card has a lovely stamped "ribbon" running down the centre with flowers on squares.
This would make a lovely bookmark! 

Annette chose landscape orientation for her card & her flowers are set on a scalloped oval.
A lovely design Annette - very striking.

Carol found more of that lovely Dufex card to make her floral display on her first card.
Those fuchsias are beautiful.  Such a shame they don't make that anymore.
Her second card has a lovely flower at the top with a pretty plaque for the sentiment.

Sue also chose landscape orientation for her card & the Dufex image for her floral topper.
Very dainty & pretty.

This stunning card is from Elma & she has used a flower die that has the look of a Poinsettia 
(or it may actually have been a Poinsettia die - sorry I can't remember).
But the impact comes in the colour Elma chose to do them in.

Great cards as always ladies.
More photos tomorrow - the project photos.

'Bye for now.

Monday, 21 August 2017

my file folder album

Good morning everyone I hope you all had a good weekend.

I have a couple of photos today of my File Folder Album, as shown by Carolyn at the Mold meeting on Thursday last.

This is the front cover - not a lot going on at the moment.

Then this one shows the pages.
Those centre pages are the same colour but not the same pattern

I am very cross with myself because I sat down yesterday (Sunday) to complete adding the pages & was doing quite well when I discovered that I must have folded one of the sections wrong - because some of the print on the folder shows.  It's only a little bit - but it is at the top of a page & shows. So I spent some time thinking about how I could hide that & then spotted something else.

Now! with a project of this type it is important to think the steps through, prepare for them & then put together without mistakes.  Yes! well it is all very well for me to spout that information providing I abide by it myself.  

Sunday I did not work that way.  

After cutting out all the pages & deciding in which order I would put them in the album - I picked up the album & set to sticking the pages in. Feeling very satisfied with my work I started looking at the pages in order to decide what I would do on them.  First thing, I realised that I had stuck all the pages in before adding some ideas I had which had to go on first - so I was cross.  Then I noticed that when I had picked the album up to place the papers on the pages I had not looked at which way up the album was.

You probably can't see it in the photo but the inside covers have little bees on them & they are flying upside down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Steam coming out of ears!

I have decided to start another album with file folders that I have in my craft room & keep this one as a reminder of what not to do.  Perhaps when I calm down I will be able to continue with it - do bees fly upside down? Flowers certainly don't grow downwards - or at least not the ones on my papers.

Even so - I really enjoyed learning about the album & know that I will be making more than one & more to the point I will be thinking very carefully about what I am doing as I do it.

I think that's me for today.
'Bye for now.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

birthday greetings

birthday greetings

Today is 20 August
& a Mold II club member has a birthday

Happy birthday Annette
have a lovely day

Saturday, 19 August 2017

member showcase

Good afternoon everyone.

Today I have a member showcase for you, not this time from a published magazine letter - but from a practise of an idea.

The member is Joan of Mold club who on Thursday night brought in some lovely background design to show me, that she had created. I forgot to photograph it during the course of the evening but yesterday got in touch with Joan & asked her if she would photograph it & send to me.  I received the photos this morning;

One of the A4 sheets

The A4 sheet with another one folded to make a card

The folded card

This is what Joan said in her email;

"Here are the two pieces of card,  I used acrylic pearl that I have had for many years ,then I painted on parchment. I then used Adirondack colours,
Very pleased with the results,"

The acrylic pearls were put onto the paper using a crunched up piece of plastic wrap.  Doesn't it look lovely?

Thank you for sending the photos Joan I think the backgrounds look beautiful,

The ones I did a few days ago I used Gesso to make my "splodges" but I think I am going to have look out my acrylic pearls now.  They  haven't had an airing for a while - what a lovely way to use them. 

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.
'Bye for now.

Sir Bruce Forsyth

Sad news of "Brucie's" passing

Thank you for many years of great entertainment

Friday, 18 August 2017

Mold photos

Good afternoon ladies

Today I have the photos of last night's project for Mold club, when we had a visit from Carolyn of Mold II club .  Carolyn showed us how to make that lovely little file folder album that she had already show to the Mold II ladies.  It is impossible to finish the album completely during a club meeting so the photos are of the albums as far as everyone got to.  I have had promises that they will bring them back when they are finished - even if it isn't for a meeting or two.

These 2 photos show the cover & the inside page of Clare's album
Apologies Clare your second photo is a little blurry. I love the soft colours you have used

This photo is of Yvonne's inside pages.  
I did take a photo of the cover but it was so blurry I deleted it.
Must have still had the wobble that I had with Clare's photo.
Lovely shades of lilac - very fresh looking little album.

The outside & some of the inside pages of Mair's album.
I love that bright colourful paper on the cover which goes so well with the spotty paper.
Looking forward to seeing the rest of the ages

Cover & inside pages of Lynn's album using gorgeous shades of blue papers.
Lynn said that she had got the paper pad from Poundworld at Deeside (just round the corner from B&M and the Range).
So! guess who popped round there this morning.  Yes! & did they have any?  No!
Ah well - some you win & some you lose.  But I found some great pads in The Range for £1 each.

The cover & inside of Joanna's album using some beautiful green papers.
They looked like the same type of paper as Lynn had used.
I am sure Joanna will correct me if I am wrong.

The cover & some of the inside pages of Maureen's album
That cover paper is gorgeous & I am sure Maureen said it was wrapping paper.

You've got to stop doing this to me ladies - I will now be looking at wrapping paper.  
Mind you it's a good idea as one sheet will go quite a long way & the quality is usually very good.

I also joined in, but I also spent quite a bit of time talking to Carolyn about various crafty things, including projects she has lined up for us next year.  So, I was lacking behind with my album.  When I have put a couple more pages in I will photograph it & show you.  I won't wait until I am finished - just to about the stage the ladies got to last night.

Thank you Carolyn for bringing this project to Mold & Mold II & I really hope I can do your instruction credit when I show CSNW club in 3 weeks.

I will try & take a couple of photos of those £1 pads I bought in The Range, to show you.  They all have a Kraft paper base.

That's me for today ladies, have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Member showcase

Good afternoon everyone

This afternoon I have a member showcase for you & it is - once again, bless her - Rita from Mold II club.

The showcase is of a card that Rita had published in the latest issue of Simply Cards & Papercraft (issue 166);

Great card Rita - that was rather a nice little freebie, wasn't it?  Although I did not have a great success with the die that came with it.  But will try again.

It's the August meeting for Mold club tonight & I am really looking forward to it as we have Carolyn from Mold II showing us how to make a mini album.

Hopefully some photos tomorrow - but not necessarily of a completed album.