Sunday, 30 July 2017

csnw photos - pop-up bouquet

Good afternoon everyone.  I hope you are having a good weekend despite the off & on showers. Although right now it is constant showers 😓

Today I have for you, the pop-up bouquet card photos from the ladies of the CSNW club made at their July meeting;

Just the inside of Joan 's card to see, & the circles are just plain in different shades of blue.
I think that although Joan had the circles she wasn't at the meeting about decorating them.
But I like the different look.

An outside as well as the pop-up inside for Elvena's card.  
The text background stamp works well with the circles.
In fact when I made my sample - I used a text stamp for the background on my circles.

Ann used some very pretty flourish stamps to decorate her circles.

An outside & inside from Clare on her card with very delicate pastel colours.  Clare enjoys using chalks & I wouldn't be surprised if the background paper has been created with chalks, as it is very subtle.

Just the inside of Ruth's card to show.  Lovely bright colours for impact & a flower stamped in the centre of each circle.

Gwen also went for bright colours for her bouquet - it gives a totally different look.

Grace used a flourish background stamp to decorate her circles - another delicate design.

Once again I think all the results were brilliant considering you did not know what you were going to be using the circles for.  Well done.

Tomorrow I will sow you the pop-up bouquet cards made by the Mold II ladies at their meeting.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Mold photos - pop-up bouquet

Good afternoon everyone.

This afternoon I have the first set of photos of the lovely pop-up bouquet card you all made recently.  I am going to show them in the order that the project was done.  The first set are of those made by the Mold club - back in June.

There will be 2 photos for each - the front & inside;

Maureen's card front has a lovely pink flower on the outside layered onto a scalloped circle & leading to a cluster of pink flowers on the inside.

Sheelagh's card has a lovely flower mix on the outside followed by another colourful mix on the inside.

A pretty blue front to Yvonne's card with a pretty stamped design on the circles that looks almost lacy.

A pink front to Clare's card leading to some very delicate lilac flowers inside. Again the stamped image makes it look lacy & I like that the design left a white edge around it.

Joan concentrated on the inside of her card with this really colourful bouquet, & will be finishing the outside later. By stamping several flowers on the circles has made the bouquet look bigger.

Joanna's bouquet image on the front of her card leads us to this eye-popping bouquet o the inside.

Those lovely colours in the image on the front of Janet's card are repeated in her bouquet on the inside.

Rhiannon's bouquet on the inside of her card picks up the little pink flowers on the background paper on the front of the card.

A really bright & cheerful front to Lynn's card taking us to a very delicate bouquet on the inside.

I think all the results were brilliant considering you did not know what you were going to be using the circles for, & that applies across the 3 clubs - because I know, I have already seen what the other ladies produced.  I particularly like where a flower stamp has been used as the centre of the flower - I wish I had thought of that when I did mine.

I don't think I have yet taken a photo of the card I made.  Will take a photo & show it after I have shown the other 2 clubs cards.

'Bye for now.

Friday, 28 July 2017

member showcase

Good afternoon

Here I am again with another member showcase & this time it is Dot from Mold II club.

Dot thought I might like to show her cards on the blog & also apologised that they are not stamped cards. Whilst that is always great to see I also like to show any style of card you have made, & it doesn't have to be one that has been featured in a magazine, or on TV (if you are that lucky), but just cards you are proud of.

Dots cards were all special occasion cards;

A beautiful card Dot

I have to say that I am really smitten with white on white - it always looks so elegant, crisp & fresh.
On this one of Dot's cards there is just a little colour with the 2 love birds.

Another beautiful card Dot - I am sure that whoever you sent them to must have been delighted.

Thank you for sending them to me.
It is great to share.

Now Dot actually sent me 3 cards but I have only shown you 2 of them today, as the 3rd one is in the style of a card you will be making in a couple of months time.  So I will save that one until then.

Yep - it is me teasing again!  I got complaints from most of you,  (friendly I must add), about keeping the pop-up bouquet card a secret until you made it. I thought it was a good idea.  Sorry!

Well here we are at the weekend again - have a lovely time.

Message for Mold club & CSNW club

I have just updated your club pages with an extra item you nee to bring with you for

Mold meeting - 17 August


CSNW meeting - 6 September 


I will bring a selection of mine with me for those who may not have seen the blog.

member showcase

Good morning everyone.

This morning I have a member showcase for you.  It is Rita of Mold II who once again has had one of her letters & cards featured in a recent magazine.  This time the "Creative Stamping" magazine.

Well done Rita.  My you are a busy lady - making cards AND jam

I am sure lots more of you make cards inspire by magazine articles (& freebies of course) - so why not send them a photo.  You do get a small gift - unless you are picked out for special mention as Annette of Mold II was recently.  In which case the gift is bigger & better.

Another member showcase later.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Mold photos - part 2

Good morning everyone - what a nasty wet morning.

Never mind, here are a few photos to cheer you up.  At Tuesday's Mold II meeting Annette & Elma brought along their "cards in a tin" project that they were shown at the June meeting with Rita.

Here they are;

The first set are from Annette
who chose quotes as her theme

I totally agree with that quote

Lovely pastel decorated pages, & I agree with that last quote too.

George Burns was amazing, along with his wife Gracie.  In my early teens I used to watch their TV shows, with my Mum & Dad & my brother.  At the end of every show George would always say .......... "Say goodnight Gracie".........
& of course she would always say ........... "Good night Gracie".

Isn't it amazing what will trigger a memory - thank you for that Annette.

The next set of photos are of Elma's card in a tin 

Black & gold - you can't beat it for elegance
& elegance is what you are about to see;

They are beautiful Elma - I love the gold frames around the images.
As I said - very elegant

Then I also had an email from Dot who sent me photos of her card in a tin.  We saw the outside of her tin when I posted the photos some days ago - now we can see the finished item;

What a lovely idea for this card

I did try blowing the photos up so that I could cut out 2 pages at a time for everyone to better see the images & words - but they got too distorted.
Perhaps you might be able to zoom in on them on your computers.
Thank you for sending them in Dot

More project photos for you, from each of the 3 clubs, over the next few days, & also some member showcases.  The project photos will be of the surprise card made with me - the pop-up bouquet card.

That's me - 'bye

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Mold II photos - part 1

Good morning everyone

This morning I have the photos from last night's Mold II meeting & they are in, this set, the ones of their show & tell.  It was a very small group last night as the date coincided with a couple of wedding anniversary celebrations, & holidays & sadly a funeral - so only 6 ladies for the evening. None-the-less we had a very pleasant evening & I bored everyone with photos of my grandson - oops, sorry Bob - our grandson.  I will put a photo on the blog some time over the next few days,

The theme for the show & tell was a card using pink & blue & no baby cards;

Annette used a lovely vase of flowers image & the layers of pink & blue card is really fresh looking. The stamp set was a freebie from a magazine & I used some of that set for one of my sample double slider cards.

Elma made a DL card from blue card & then placed pink card on the front with blue stamping.
I love that sentiment Elma & I also like the simplicity of the card which at the same time is also very striking.

Chris said she wasn't sure how to approach this but coloured her card with pencils that she had then added the stamped images.
I think it works really well Chris - lovely card.

Carol chose navy blue to go with her pink for this card - it is so elegant & of course I just love those "Dreamees" flowers.

Don't know why but I said you could imagine a really nice ladies outfit ib those colours - very smart & like the card - very elegant.

Elizabeth made 2 cards - due she said to not really liking what she was making - but these 2 are great.  The one on the right was the first one she showed us & then the one with the little clothes hanging on the line.     Lovely.

This is Sue's card.
Sue was one of the ladies unable to be there last night but Carol brought her card in for her.
It is so pretty & stunning .................. and.......................... it has stamping on it.

That is not me being cheeky - it is what Carol said that Sue had told her to say.  So you will have guessed that Sue's stamping is usually of the minimal kind.
A beautiful card Sue.  Love it.

Two of the ladies brought their tins back from the June meeting which Rita took for me - I will put those photos up later today.

Have a nice day - that is me for now.  'Bye.

Birthday greetings

Birthday Greetings

Today is 26 July & a CSNW club member

has a birthday

Happy birthday Grace
have a lovely day