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About the Clubs.
The format of our evenings are - a little business; a "Show and Tell"; a hands-on project along with of course a good helping of friendship, a cup of tea or coffee & biscuits.

The "Show and Tell" is a pre-set project that we (optionally) carry out at home & then at the next meeting explain to the other members how we each had interpreted the project. It is quite surprising how many different effects are achieved from one idea. These "Show and Tell" sessions are a little like the challenges that some blogs have each week - so sometimes it might be a colour theme, a sketch to interpret, a set theme such as floral, wedding, Burns Night, different shaped card etc.

Recently, for 2 of the clubs, the format of the Show & Tell was changed & it runs a little like the WI run their monthly competition.  The projects are placed on a table & the ladies vote for those they like the best.  They each have 3 buttons to place where ever they like.  The buttons are then counted & the person with the most buttons wins a small prize.  I keep account of these numbers & at the end of the year the person who was the highest number of buttons awarded to them will win a bigger prize.

The members pay an annual fee which covers the cost of administration, hire of hall etc.  When first attending a meeting I ask that visitors pay a percentage fee for two visits & then join via the subscription.

Where & when possible there can be a chance to purchase goods, & we also have a raffle which helps raise funds for the clubs.  This fund covers the cost of purchase of a prize, then the residue is added to the main funds. Beyond that it pays for a free raffle at Christmas, & when I can arrange it, the cost of a visiting retailer for a meeting. 

In the past we have also arranged coach outings to Craft Retailers or Craft Centres that are normally a little more difficult to reach.  

All levels of expertise are welcome, & once a year I try to organise a one-day workshop, details of which will appear on the workshop tab. 

Whilst generally speaking I set the programme for the year for all 3 clubs I am often helped out by members who are willing to take the meeting & pass on a technique or idea to the other ladies. This is always very much appreciated & I do try & encourage members to come forward in this way.

Using the word ladies in the above paragraph I must explain that this isn't being exclusive to ladies, these clubs do not exclude the gentlemen - we just haven't had any apply.

Our first meeting took place in April 1999 in Rhyl and we now meet in Rhuddlan.  This was the first club that I started with the help of a very keen stamper, and in 2009 we celebrated our 10th birthday with a very nice cake and we are looking forward to 10 more creative years.

We meet at the Rhuddlan Community Centre Rhuddlan on the first Wednesday of every months with the exception of January.  The meetings start at 7:30pm.

Because of their longer club name Creative Stampers North Wales are "affectionately" abbreviated to "CSNW"

We held the first meeting of this club in the September of 1999 six months after CSNW & we too celebrated our 10th birthday in 2009 again with a cake.  This is the largest of the 3 clubs.

We meet at the Parkfields Community Centre, Ash Grove, Mold on the third Thursday of every month with the exception of December.  The meetings start at 7:00 pm.

This is our second club held in Mold and it came about when the first one had too many members for the size of room we met in.

Like the other Mold club we also meet in the Parkfields Community Centre, Ash Grove, Mold.  This time on the fourth Tuesday of every month with the exception of December. The meetings start at 7:00 pm.

Early in 2008 the number of members attending this club did dwindle a little, so in order to maintain the club I opened it to other card-making crafts as well, but we still major on rubber stamping. 

Would you be interested in joining us?
If you would be interested in joining one of the three clubs above, please contact me in the first instance by leaving a comment under the newest post.  Enter your request giving me a contact telephone number or your email address.  Next select "Post comment" if you are asked for a profile - select "Anonymous".  A message will appear saying that your comment will appear after being moderated.  When I receive the comment I can get the information to contact you then delete the comment.  That way your privacy is maintained.

I have added a little tutorial for posting comments on the blog. It can be found on one of the posts for Monday 8 November 2010.

All three clubs currently have vacancies - we look forward to you joining us.