Friday, 25 September 2015

mold II photos - Part 2

Good afternoon ladies - here I am to show you the photos from Mold II's meeting on Tuesday where the project was the Northern Lights technique which Joanna & Janet from Mold club explained & demonstrated.

Here are the cards that they demonstrated with;

The two above are from Janet

These are Joanna's 2 demo cards

Now, take a deep breath & sit back to look at the work of the ladies;

Annette, wow, you have come up with 2 very different styles

Carolyn's rainbows are softer in colour.Works well with the village scene.  I think I still have that stamp. I have always loved using it for Christmas.

I like how Christine has that light spot in the centre - very effective

Dot also has that light spot in the top one. Three very different skies here.

I love the reflection in Elizabeth's top  photo - its a step further on from the central light spot finish.
Very colourful second one.

I like in Helen's how the colours of sky seem to reflect on the snow ground.
The highlight on the building also shows it off well.

Lin has given us a very bright sky - with the tree looking very dramatic against it.

A lighter delicate sky from Liz.  Very effective too.

Rita has given us 3 different skies.

Sue has produced 2 different skies - I think I prefer the top one, & there is that village scene again.

After looking at the photos again I notice that quite a few of you used the tape frame around your work, that Joanna uses.  It certainly gives a really nice finish to the image.

They are brilliant - well done ladies.

Well I haven't done any crafting at all over these last days - I just cannot concentrate long enough - which is not good as I should be making my brother a birthday card.  May have to look in my box & see if I have something suitable.  It also at the moment makes me take twice as long to write the blog.

I did think whilst I was more or less just sat here, that it would be a good idea to press on with the cross stitch sampler for Gareth & Elayne. But because I kept coughing it wasn't a good idea.  Talking of which - only 2 weeks to the wedding now - exciting!!!  Where has that time gone - must rid myself of this cough.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.  "Talk" soon.  'Bye for now.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Mold II photos - part 1

Good morning everyone & what a beautiful sunny morning.  All helps to make me feel better.

The first set of photos from Tuesdays Mold II meeting is of their Show & Tell cards.  The theme for these cards was .... Using Card Stock only.

Annette made this lovely blue & white butterfly card

A beautiful clean & crisp card from Carolyn

Dot has made an owl - she is really cute. I am assuming because of the flower over the ear that it is a she.

Elizabeth has made 2 absolutely brilliant cards, perfect for the men in our lives.  
A lot of work there Elizabeth!

I love the design & colour of this beautiful card from Elma & we also get a glimpse at the back of the card, showing her signature little dog stamp.

Two quite different cards from Helen. Love the black & gold together, very rich looking.

Three cards from Lin, or should it only be 2 as the 2 Christmas cards look identical. 
Very Christmassy

Liz has made a really festive Christmas card.

Sue's card is so delicate - love the pink of the flowers.

Well done ladies - they are brilliant cards, & thank you to Joanna for taking all the photos.  I had an idea to help Joanna on that task - which was to give her a card with all your names on to be cut up & placed with the photos to identify the makers.  Joanna had also had the same idea & had come armed with the same.  Great minds, Joanna?  In fact it has worked so well I am going to use it from now on - it will save me a lot of writing at the time.

OK - I will be back later (hopefully today) to show you the results of the project for that evening.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

mold photos - part 3

Good afternoon everyone.

I am just popping in with the third set of photos from the Mold club night last Thursday. It was the second project using alcohol inks & this time we used them with a water bath to do some marbling;

These are the work of Janet. On the bottom one I think some other inks have been introduced.

These are Joan's work.

These are by Joanna & there is another one were I think other inks have been used as well.

These are Lynn's work & there was a lot more - so I am just showing the more colourful ones.

Three samples from Mair

Three, also, from Sheelagh ....

... & three from Yvonne

I look forward to finding pieces of this work in Show & Tell cards in the future.

That's me for now.  I have seen the Doctor today & he is putting me on antibiotics - so now we wait & see.