Friday, 29 April 2016

just chatting

Hi ladies

Another weekend is with us - so I am just popping in quickly to say - I hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend & fingers crossed about the weather.  

Bob & I are quite busy this weekend so I probably won't get the chance to write anything until Tuesday.

Have fun - whatever you choose to do.

'Bye for now.

2015 project - csnw - part 5

Good afternoon ladies

Today I have another set of  CSNW 2015 project photos & they will be the last for a little while - I think there are still some for me to see & their next meeting is May 4.  The photos today are of the tags made by Joan;

Loved your use of envelopes for your tag folder Joan.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

2015 project - csnw - part 4

Another day with some more CSNW tags to show you.

Todays tags are from Amy - who is a honorary member of CSNW in that she is Grace's sister & doesn't live locally.  Amy likes to Grace to show her things we cover & then join in on some of the things we do & also attends the CSNW workshops when ever she can.  Her are her tags;

Thank you for joining us again Amy.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

2015 project - csnw - part 3

Hello everyone

Todays 2015 project photos are of the tags made by Grace of CSNW club;

Great musical ideas Grace

Birthday Greetings

Today is 27 April
& a CSNW club member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Ruth

Have a lovely day

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

2015 Project - CSNW - part 2

Hi everyone

Todays project photos are from Claire of CSNW club.  I will just mention here that the cover of Claires project does not reflect the theme of her tags, due to certain things her theme was changed - so it is the content that is more important;

Lovely Claire - so CAS.