Sunday, 30 September 2018


Hi everyone I am sure you have been to the festival website & found out more info for Saturday.

I had a look yesterday & from the extra info that Liz has put up it would seem to me that anyone from our area attending the festival will not be affected - except possibly by extra traffic & unless you were planning to travel by rail. It is not clear if you can get there from Chester on Merseyrail - or if like me when I use Merseyrail I go from Hooton.  So hopefully you are all going by car.

I did ask that if you knew of anyone going from our area to let them know - but I forgot to say - let anyone from the clubs you know may be going, who do not read the blog.

Thank you.

Today is .....

This blogs 8th Blogaversary

Happy Blogaversary to us.

Then of course I wrote a different blog for quite a few years before this one so the blogging has been going on for quite a while.

Saturday, 29 September 2018


I have had an email from Liz who organises the Stamp Festival with some important information with regard to travelling to the Stamp Festival.

That weekend - the Giants are in Liverpool again.

Here is her notice;

"The Giants

As I'm sure you're already aware, the Giants are coming to Liverpool and Wirral next weekend. 

Merseyrail and Liverpool City Council have only this week announced many rail cancellations and road closures which will adversely affect travel to and from the Festival next Saturday. 

Links have been put on the Festival Home page of the website to draw attention to the information so far available. 

Please make any friends you know may be attending so that they are aware of the situation too."

member showcase

Good afternoon ladies.

Another showcase item today for you to see.  I have titled the post "member showcase" - but the card was actually made by Betty an ex-member of Mold II club.

Betty keeps in touch with me & has since leaving us, she has also sent a couple of cards for you to see.  It's really nice to hear from her every so often.

The card today is this one ---

In the email that Betty enclosed the photo in, she said ........ 

" just sending a pic of card made with the ‘above’, stamps by Toni Darroch
The stamp set was a members gift on Create & Craft" .
It's beautiful Betty. 

I do like Toni's stamps & I treated myself a little while back to one of her A5 stamps that came with its companion die.  You can see a photo of a card I made earlier this year with it by clicking HERE.

Thank you for keeping in touch Betty it's good to hear from you - keep up the crafting.

Just in case some of you ladies have not heard of Toni - she is the founder of the Company called "Stamps by Me",  & also designs most of the stamps

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.
'Bye for now.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Member showcase

Good morning again.

Here is the member showcase I mentioned & it is of a card sent to the "Simply Cards & Card Making" magazine by Joan of Mold club.

It was featured on the letters page..
Here is her letter & the card

Very clever idea Joan  & well done.
Please let us know the gift you get for being published.

Another member showcase tomorrow.

Hope you have a good weekend planned. Have fun & take care.
'Bye for now.

Mold clubs - car park

Good morning everyone.

On Tuesday evening when we left the Mold II meeting the car park was really dark & full (that lorry is still parked there).  I couldn't see a thing in front of me & as I am now walking with a stick I found it unnerving not being able to see things & people clearly.

The next morning I emailed the centre explaining the dilemma & asked whether the centre was getting better (even on that evening - some lighting).  Also on a Tuesday night there is another group that meets with quite a few ladies in - so the car park was full.  Not helped of course by the lorry & also some people not parking very neatly.  There would have been room for another 2 cars.  As I arrived someone was leaving the car park & I thought I was in luck but it was Annette who couldn't park in there for lack of space.  So we parked up by the side of the hospital, & Elizabeth who arrived just after us parked in the hospital car park.

I had a very nice reply back very quickly after sending the email.  The lighting is something that is being discussed & the person I emailed said she was currently sourcing bright LED lights for outside. She took on board my comment about the parking & is going to see that people are asked to park tidier.  Also the lorry is not going to be there very much longer.  There is a committee meeting this coming week at which the matter will be discussed further.  So watch this space ladies.  In the meantime do take great care when it is dark which it will be soon as we arrive, & I know you will park very neatly.  I will have to watch how I park as I do need to have enough space to open the door quite wide in order to get out.

Good job Bob didn't take me that evening - his car would not have got anywhere near the car park.

I will be back shortly with a member showcase for you.  Just wanted to pop in with this news.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Mold II photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone I am here with the second set of photos from Mold II club's meeting on Tuesday. 

They are of the project for the evening, which was a project with me - with quite a bit of help from Carolyn. The project was my fold flat card with the double box feature on the front.

I love the clean lines of Chris's card. The pale Blue & Navy work so well together 
set off by those 2 flowers.

Elma created a lovely festive card with her design.

Ha! what a cutie & the delicate pink papers are just perfect in Elizabeth's card.

Another Christmas offering from Sue.  Love the colour combination.

Rita's striking paper is a great background for the decoupaged watering can of flowers.

A lovely clean & crisp card from Carolyn - again with Christmas in mind - in this delicate shade of blue.

Another cutie character, this time on the front of Annette's card.
He is adorable.

A different approach from Carol - two elements featured on the front section rather than one topper.
I like the look - very fresh.

Blue & swirls decorate Madeline's card, which is awaiting its topper.

A big thank you to Carolyn for taking the photos & for helping me out with some of the instructions. The photos were in an email to me almost before I got home from the evening!  Thank you Carolyn.

My visit to the Oncologist this morning was not so good as I wanted.  A little problem with my blood test, I had to have it again & still not right, so I couldn't have my next batch of  medication & my injection.  I have to go back again next Thursday!  It's mainly my immune system that is low, the hormone therapy seems to be doing its job on my cancer cells.  So not all bad news!

That's me for today.  I have a member showcase for you tomorrow, & in fact another one for the day after.

'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Mold II photos - part1

Good morning everyone.

This morning I have the first set of photos from last night's meeting of the Mold II club & they are of their Show & Tell.  The subject for the S&T was a card using the "Card from scraps" idea that Madeline had shown them at the August meeting. After creating the design the card is run through an embossing folder which really gives the finish a different look.

Here they are;

Pretty Christmas poinsettias on Elma's card.  
I love that almost double diamond shape that Elma has created.


Here is Madeline's card & the embossing on the card afterwards really makes the patchwork pop.

A different idea from Carolyn & a very effective design.
I am sure we all have strips of paper in our stash - so rather than cutting them down - use them in a similar way to this.

Another Christmas design this time from Annette.
The matching layers really does set off the pattern beautifully.

Here we are with Christmas again this time with Carol who has created a Christmas tree with graduating sizes of squares. A clever use of  a half a square gives a really cute pot for the tree.
(I suppose most of our thought are on this season now.!)

Lovely cards ladies & thank you Madeline for introducing that to us.

I have been going through my stash & have passed on lots of sheets of paper that I am not using to a good cause, but I still have my bits box.  So perhaps that should be my next card making session.  Get the old mojo up & awake.

That's me for today ladies.  I have the photos of last night's project to show you tomorrow, which will be after my monthly visit to the Oncologist.

'Bye for now.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Mold photos - part 4

Hello everyone.

Here I am with part 4 of Mold photos from their meeting last Thursday.  Today the photos are of a second extra card that Joann showed them - it is called the Double Triangle card.












As this was an extra card that the ladies weren't expecting I think Joanna took along card for them to use, as she also did for the extended card. Then the ladies obviously had extra card to decorate them.

A big thank you to Joanna for all her work for that meeting, & for taking & sending me the photos.
Thank you very much Joanna, as always it is much appreciated.

That's me for today. I have a couple of member showcases for you over next couple of days.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Mold photos - part 3

Good afternoon ladies & also any gentlemen reading the blog as well.

Today I have for you the first of the 2 extra cards that Joanna showed the group how to make.

This card is called Clean & Simple Extended card & as you look at the photos I think you can see why they are called this;

Clare's card

Joan's card (just the front though - not sure why there is no inside)

Joanna's cards

Lynn's card

Maureen's card

Rachel's card

Rhiannon's card

Sheelagh's card

Yvonne's card - just the inside

I love this card style & I will try it during the week.

I am sure you have all worked out how these were done - but just in case.  A piece of card that divides into 3 equal parts,. scored & folded concertina fashion.  The design is started on the front of the card & continued into the 2 other portions.  Score it but don't fold it until design stamped.

'Bye for now & remember there is another set of photos to come - which I will post tomorrow.