Wednesday, 31 May 2017

member news

Good afternoon everyone

Today I am taking a break from catching up with showing you my recently made cards & bringing you a member news item.

This has come from Joanna of Mold club who sent it to me after I got back from holiday to use if I was short of things to show.  Evidently she had this & a couple of other items in a document to send me & had only just remembered to do so.

Here is what she said in the email she sent;

" I shall tell you here about the Make with Cake Janet and I attended:

I won an invite for myself and a friend to attend a 'Make with Cake' in Wrexham. I was hoping it would be at the Sizzix headquarters but instead it was held at a hotel (with the tightest, smallest car park you've ever seen!!!).  There were about 30 people there from as far away as London, guess we were the lucky ones only travelling a few miles.

We started the afternoon using the Big Shot to cut out letters and flowers to decorate a cushion cover (all materials provided) and the results were nice but with only two ironing boards and irons available to attach the die-cuts etc.. it was a long, rather tedious process.

We had a break for afternoon tea which was very nice and then made a card - a little child-like, nothing too skillful, but OK. It would have made more sense for the group to be split in half and do the projects separately to make better use of the ironing bit but...we all finished eventually.

We left with a goodie bag with papers, a die, embossing folder and a few other bits and bobs.

All pretty good for a Saturday afternoon :)"

Here is the cushion Joanna made;

Very pretty

& this is the die & embossing folder from her goodie bag.

Apart from having to wait for the iron it sounds like a great day.

Thank you for sending it in Joanna.

That is me for today - 'bye.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Wow! .... I have won..............

Good evening everyone.

Well I had a lovely surprise this afternoon when a package arrived for me with no indication of who it was from.  I couldn't think what it could be as I had not been ordering anything.  Perhaps Bob had bought me something!!

On opening it I found I had won a competition in "Card Making & Papercraft" magazine (issue 168).

Take a look at this;

Whose a lucky girl then?

'Bye for now.

Monday, 29 May 2017

birthday greetings

Birthday Greetings

Today is 29 May & a CSNW club member
has a birthday

happy birthday Clare
have a great day

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Mold II photos

Good afternoon ladies

I thought I would pop back in again today & show you the photos from the Mold II meeting last Tuesday, where the project was the butterfly card with Janet.

It looks as if Carol has used her own butterfly die for her card - which shows that this didn't have to be made with a solid image.

Lovely delicately decorated butterflies in Elizabeth's card.

Love the colours of Dot's butterflies & that really pretty background paper.

Nice vibrant card from Christine & I just love that sentiment on the front.
It is so true of many people.

Very zingy colours to Annette's butterflies.  We don't seem to have a front view photo for this one.

Sadly the camera missed the name on the card - but looking at the next photo I think it is the inside of Sue's card.

Do you agree?

Lovely big bright colours from Rita, with a great background.

Beautiful pastel colours from Carolyn.

Thank you very much to Carolyn for taking the photos for me it is much appreciated.

The ladies did make the little squash card as well, but I do not have any photos of those to show you. So ladies if you want to take your own photo of what you made & send it to me I will show them on the blog.

'Bye for now.

Mold photos - part 2

Good morning everyone.

This morning I have the photos of the second project that Joanna showed to the Mold ladies at their May meeting a couple of weeks ago.

It was an extra  little project that she thought the ladies would enjoy & so as they didn't have knowledge of it she took all the materials they would need from her own stash.

Here are Joanna's sample cards & a photo of the box of materials she took with her;

Two lovely sample cards

Wow! You just want to dive in, don't you.
Thank you Joanna  - that was very kind & generous.

Pretty colour choice by Clare all topped off with that lovely white ribbon - obviously some more things to go on the inside

Some pretty die cut flowers on Janet's card also tied with white ribbon.

That layered topper is really effective.  Looks like Joan still has to think what is going to go inside.

Three views of Lynn's card with the lovely large daisy style flower.  The belly band as a closure is a really good idea.

A delicate lilac flower in a die cut frame from Maureen.  Again inside to be finished

Ah! another person with the idea of a belly band closure - this time Rhiannon.  Love that muted background paper.

A multi-layered doily style motif for the front of Sheelagh's card - love the colours.

Yvonne chose one of the Lace (lasay) die cuts for the front of her card. Very nice.

Well ladies -- seeing as you didn't really know what you were going to be doing that evening I think you have created 2 really great projects.

Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend.
'Bye for now.

Just popped back because as I read this through before pressing the publish button, I thought about the couple of times I had said "inside still to be finished".  I hope that didn't sound like a criticism it was merely a passing comment. I really must be careful how I express myself when writing it down. I am impressed with how much you managed to do in the evening.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Mold photos - part 1

Good morning ladies
I am sorry I didn't post again after Wednesday - I had a couple of days where I was quite tired - but that seems to have worn off now.

This morning I have the first set of photos from the Mold meeting a coupe of weeks ago.  I held back showing these photos so that Mold II still had a surprise when they had the same project earlier this week.

This project is the one using the precut butterflies that you were given to decorate.  So - here are Mold ladies creations;

This is Joanna's sample card that she made to show me the idea.

I really like Clare's "earthy nature" colours

A very delicate colour scheme from Joan & the matching butterfly on the cover ties it all together.

Lovely vibrant colours from Lynne  those butterflies inside look great on the striped paper.

One of Maureen's favourite images - butterflies.  How pretty they look with their floral decoration.

Rhiannon added quite a lot of colour to her butterflies & at first I thought they were made from vellum.  But of course you had all been given the paper ones.

I love the bold colours i the inside of Sheelagh's card

A lovely group of butterflies with a delicate pattern on them from Yvonne.
They can't be called a "group" - anyone know what the collective noun for butterflies is?

I think Joanna might have used Janet as a guinea pig for this project.
Well she certainly seems to have enjoyed making the cards - they are beautiful.

That is me for now - I will have the photos of the Mold second project later today.

'Bye for now.

It's me again ..................... I just had to look up what that collective noun was.

A flutter

What else!