Wednesday, 24 May 2017

another recent card

Good afternoon ladies

This afternoon I have another of my recently made cards.  This time it was a birthday card for our son Russ who had a birthday earlier in May.

I always find cards for men a struggle & I know I am not alone in that. But in amongst the different things we collect I remembered a digital download I had purchased sometime back.  All I had to do was remember where I had got it from.  Fortunately I remembered quite quickly, it was from a company called The Clip Art Fairy.

I selected the background paper, the sentiment page & put it together for a card using a piece of software I have for doing this.  I then searched other digital kits I had & found the paper clip, penny-farthing bike & the cog. The software I have allows you to add drop shadows so it does look like the items stand proud of the paper.  The sentiment was very apt at this time.

This morning I ventured out in the car to go to Tesco's at Broughton, to pick up my craft magazines. I hadn't realised walking around shops was so tiring. Good job I wasn't planning on getting a lot of shopping. I was absolutely warn out when I got back home, so still a bit early.  Little steps needed.

More tomorrow
Bye for now.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

a recent card

Good evening everyone - what a lovely day & promises of it lasting at least until the weekend. Let's hope it continues into the bank holiday weekend.

Today I have another of one of my recently made cards to show you;

I made the card for Iwan - Elayne's son & Gareth's stepson, for his 14th birthday earlier this month. Gareth has introduced him to Rugby matches  - so I thought I would use that as the theme for his card.

All the elements & the background paper are digital items & some little alphabet stamps to add his name to the rugby balls. I was quite pleased with the result.

Another car tomorrow.
'bye for now.

Monday, 22 May 2017



A couple of days ago I had an email from Dot of Mold II club.

I am going to print it here - so you can see clearly what she said, and it also makes sure I don't make a mistake by retyping it;

"Hi Gloria
I have just opened up my E-mail and found an email from yourself saying:   good afternoon DKedgeley 

then it shows a link for me to open up called: 

Do you think someone has hacked into your email and used your contact list?"

Well it is possible that my list has been compromised - but nobody else has reported it - & sometimes it is just a casual pick up in some way.

If you do get this email - IT IS NOT FROM ME - so JUST DELETE IT.  Looking at the link I think the name would make me stop.  scary!  quite possibly.

Another indicaion it is not from me - I would have said --  "good afternoon Dot"

I don't think the link here in this post is active - but just to be sure - don't click on it.

Take care.

Club page updates

Good morning everyone
Just to let you know I have updated the club pages as far as I can.

I will be back later with photos.
'Bye for now

Saturday, 20 May 2017

A recent card

Good afternoon ladies - oh dear what a damp start to the weekend!

Today I thought I would show you a photo of a recent birthday card I made. It was for my niece who turned 30 in early May;

Ever since she was a little girl she has loved pandas & still does - so I had to incorporate one somehow.  The Happy Birthday die was one of a set from Tonic which I bought some time ago, it has a thank you & best wishes frame as well.  The "30" is also a Tonic die - there is one for each special birthday along with some other dies.  I think the wine glass was a freebie on a magazine ages ago & the panda stamp was also part of a freebie set including embossing folder on another magazine.  As soon as I saw it I knew some of the set would be used on her card - so I had to put it somewhere safe for when I needed to use it.  I used a combination of black & cream card along with the gold die cuts.

Just so you are aware - I have not forgotten to show you the photos from the Mold club meeting on Thursday evening.  I am going to show them after the Mold II club ladies have had their evening next Tuesday, as they are doing the same projects.  Then I won't spoil their surprise card.

Have a lovely weekend.
'Bye for now.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Mold II photos - part 2

Good morning everyone - how are you all?

It's Friday & time for another weekend.  I do hope you have some nice things organised.

This morning I have the photos of the Mold II clubs project from their April meeting, where with Carolyn's guidance they started making a file folder album. I say "started making" - because Carolyn told me that in the time given the ladies would probably not completely finish it.  I do  hope they finish them at home & bring back to another meeting for us all to see.

As you will see from these photos there are some really nice albums in the making;

This is the front of Carol's album.  I love that lacy edge binding & isn't that bunny delightful.

Two views of Elizabeth's album - the front & back covers. I am loving the heart dangly embellishments.

Two views, also, of Helen's album.  I am assuming by the scalloped edging that we are looking at the front & back covers.

The outside & 2 inner pages of Sue's album.  On the right hand page you can see that there will be a pocket to hold something.

Two views of Annette's album showing the front cover & 2 inside pages, again showing the pocket on the right hand side.

These 3 photos are of Dot's album.  Dot  has made these albums before with Carolyn & gives a lovely idea of the different ways the pages can be built to give the album a lot of interest.

Ladies they are looking good - I look forward to seeing them a little more complete - or maybe finished đŸ˜‰sometime soon.

Mold & CSNW ladies do not despair the album will be coming your way.  Carolyn has agreed to show Mold club ladies at their August meeting & I promise to watch & learn so that I can show it to the CSNW ladies some time later.

Have a lovely weekend
'Bye for now.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Mold II photos - part 1

Good morning everyone.

This morning I am showing you the photos of the Show & Tell cards from the Mold II club April meeting.  The challenge was the gate-fold card with a different fastener or closure.

A really delicate card from Annette with an oval topper held in place by the little butterfly.

Another delicate card this time from Carol & her topper closure is held in place by the flower at the bottom, nicely balancing the flower at the top.

Delicate is definitely a well used word for these cards.  This one is by Carolyn with that beautiful doily & flower holding the card closed.

Dainty tails from a bow hold Elma's card front close. Very clever idea, Elma.

Helen's pretty floral card held closed by two linking flowers.

Really lovely cards ladies.
Thank you to Carolyn for taking the photos & emailing them to me.

The photos of their lovely project tomorrow.

'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Mold photos - part 3

Good morning ladies

The cards that I have photos of today are some finished drapery cards, from Mold clubs March meeting, brought back for me to see.

Three cards from Rhiannon showing each of the 3 designs we made

Two designs from Janet.
I love the way that Janet has layered the drape in the second photo - it really lifts it.

Thank you for bringing them in ladies - it is always nice to know that you did finish the cards & to see how they look.

Tomorrow I will have the start of the photos from the Mold II April club night.

'Bye for now.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Mold photos - part 2

Good afteroon everyone.

This afternoon I have the second set of photos from Mold clubs April meeting & they are of the project which was a revisit to the Resist technique.

We were, as I said yesterday, a small group that evening, so initially I demonstrated various resist techniques then the ladies had a play.

Sheelagh has used some clear & some white embossing powder then applied inks over them.
That technique is one of the basic resist techniques - but it never fails to look good.

Because of the time since photographing these samples I am sorry but I cannot remember exactly what Janet did to the piece on the right.  But the black sample is the Joseph's coat technique. I am sure Janet will let me know after she reads this.

Maureen also used the white EP resist, the used a lovely shade of pink ink over it. 
Makes a lovely topper.

Another white EP resist, this time from Rhiannon, & she has used a delicate shade of blue ink over it

White EP under ink

Double resist - the text is laid down first then the flowers in white EP followed by a layer of ink

The Joseph's coat resist technique

Joanna experimented on gloss & matt card.  Again thinking back to the evening I think the tags are laid down so that the glossy ones are on the left & the matt ones on the right.
I am sure Joanna will let me know if that is wrong.

That was a good play with the techniques & I hope I will some of them again in the future in your cards.

Yesterday I received a couple of emails from Carolyn who looked after the April Mold II meeting & project, with photos of their evenings work.  Once I have down-loaded them to my laptop & resized them I will put them here.  Before that I have photos from Mold which are of their drapery cards which a couple of the ladies brought back for me to see.

'Bye for now.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Mold photos - part 1

Hello again everyone.

This set of photos are of the Show & Tell cards from Mold clubs April meeting where the challenge was a gate-fold card with a different fastening.

We were rather a small gathering that evening, so only a few photos to show you & apologies to the Mold ladies for them taking so long in appearing here;

Joanna's fastening for her gate fold card was  the overlapping Lace medallions.

Do you remember the Lace metal templates, (that e should have a little accent above it) it is not lace but "lasay".  Well you can now get dies to do the same job - a lot easier, cutting through those templates was hard work.

Rhiannon used one of those skirt (or trouser) hook & bar fastenings to close her card.
You can see a reasonable close up of it in the centre photo.

Sheelagh also used part of the hook & bar fastener for her closure, as well as creating from card the metal latch that drops into it.

Very clever ideas ladies.

I will put the next set here, which will be of that evenings project, sometime tomorrow.

'Bye for now.

Amendment to post "Update on club meetings"

Good morning everyone.

I am just popping in this time to update information about the next Mold meetings extra to the earlier post.

For the Mold meeting this week (Thursday 18th), Joanna will show you the butterflies & I will show you the flowers at the June meeting so please don't lose them.  Bob will be popping in at the start of the meeting to bring you the paperwork for the June meeting & something for a raffle prize.

For the Mold II meeting (Tuesday 23rd) the project for the evening is, as I said in the earlier post, using the butterflies you were given to decorate. Joanna was going to be doing this demonstration but she has another commitment on her time, so Janet - whom you have met before with Joanna - will be covering the demonstration this time.
The other half of the evening that I would have been doing we will do in a couple of months time - so please don't lose your flowers.
Helen will be calling round to me on her way to the meeting & I will give her the paperwork for the June & July meetings & raffle prizes for the evenings. Rita will be giving the project for June & I am just waiting on information from her for what you will require.

For the CSNW meeting (Wednesday June 7th) - providing things have improved enough - we will be doing everything as we were going to do this month.  So treat your May programme sheet as your June programme sheet.

An update on ourselves - Bob is improving a little faster than me but he is not 100% by a long chalk. My chest seems to be easing a little - but like Bob I have no energy for very much at all. I don't expect the sudden weight loss helped either. Ooh, this getting older doesn't help either does it.

Enough of our ills & woes.  I hope you are all keeping healthy & look forward to seeing you all again soon.

I am going to try later today to put the photos from the last Mold meeting on here - very late & overdue.

'Bye for now.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

birthday greetings

Birthday Greetings

Today is 13 May & a Mold II club member
has a birthday

Happy Birthday Helen
Have a great day

Thursday, 11 May 2017


Good afternoon ladies

Sitting here last night I gave a great deal of thought to each of the club nights this month.  As you already know I had to back out of last nights CSWN meeting in Rhuddlan. So I have made the decision not to attend the Mold meeting on Thursday 18th May & the Mold II meeting on Tuesday 23rd May. I have made the decision based on my chest infection & feel that by the June meetings I should be fit again & at no risk of passing anything on. Also hopefully will have built up my strength again.

For the Mold meeting on the 18th ............... this was to have been a double evening with Joanna & myself. So Joanna will take the evening showing you the card to be made with the butterflies you were given to decorate.  The flowers that are for my part of the evening - please keep them safe & we will use them at the June meeting.

For the Mold II meeting on the 23rd ............... this was to have been the same sort of evening.  So things will go as for Mold above, with the butterflies. My session with the flowers will not take place until July - so keep them safe.

I will organise the programme sheets during the next couple of days & will find some way to get them to the meetings for you.

Enjoy the meetings & hopefully someone will take photos for me to see.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.
'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

That time for us break ....................

............ hello everyone.

Well, what a break we had.  What a disaster.

Both of us have been very ill for the 2 weeks. Hardly any food passed our lips - just glasses of water. The outcome for me is a chest infection - & without having a cold too.  Bob was ill first then a  day later it hit me.  He is now recovering quite well although no way is he fit. But it has left me breathless, no energy & in some discomfort.  Both of us have lost a stone in weight - which under some circumstances would be good - but not to lose it so quick.

The first effect on things is that I have had to excuse myself from taking the CSNW club night tonight.  I am so sorry ladies - I hate letting you down, but I just couldn't possibly make it. Plus of course I wouldn't want to pass any infection on.  I have also had to back out of the demonstration evening I was to do for the HSNW club next Monday evening.  I am on strong antibiotics for a week, to be reviewed next Wednesday.

I think I have some photos from the Mold club evening on 20 April - so will gradually look them out & pop them here. There might even be some of my recent cards to show you.

I will pop in & post when I can - but it won't be every day.

I hope you re all keeping well.

'Bye for now.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

birthday greetings

Birthday Greetings

Today is 7 May & a CSNW club member
has a birthday

Happy Birthday Kate
have a lovely day