Thursday, 30 August 2012

molod II photos - part 2

Good afternoon ladies

Here I am back, albeit the next day, with the photos of the Mold II meeting - this time of the project for the evening.  This month is was the little card with "no name".  There are 2 photos for each card, except 1, the outside & the inside.

A lovely punched lacy edging to the front overlay.  Lovely basket of flowers, with

the pretty paper & flowers continued inside - being viewed through the apertures.

Another delicate paper with a lacy edging & .....

With some one layer inking to the edges inside dainty scalloped circles with the aperture.

This is the card with just the inside shows & this time a square aperture with a pretty lilac border stamp decorating the edges.

Some more of that one layer inking technique & a really lovely butterfly, ,....

the inking continued inside along with a border stamp.  Again a scalloped aperture. For some reason the colour looks different on the front of the card to that inside it.  But they are the same - it ust be the light in the room.

A very dramatic finish to this version. The wrap around section of the card has been brought to the front & had squares punched from it which have then had ink applied..........

which reflects the square aperture inside.

Another delicate design with a pretty tag on the front & matching corners ......

inside a round aperture but the cut outs from the aperture have been layered onto a larger scalloped circle cut out.  Again the flowers matching the front to tie it all together.

This card is still to have decoration on the front, but has one-layer stamping on the folded edge.....

with a pretty wreath stamp inside seen through the aperture.

What a lovely colour & the border is very pretty ......................

Inside a Christmas bauble being seen through the aperture.  This stamp evidently came from a freebie on a magazine & it is really lovely.  Must have missed that set.

There we are a great set of cards & all so different from each other.

I am glad to say the problem with my headache & the "blotch" across my eye did go away but not until quite late in the evening.  

This morning I finally had a workshop that took place.  It was for Black & White Christmas cards.  There was supposed to be 5 ladies on it - but 1 cancelled at the last minute.  A really enjoyable morning & 2 of the ladies have booked on my workshop next week which if I remember right is rocker cards & cards with apertures.

The week after that I am running a workshop for the birthday book that we did for the clubs a few years back I am also going to be showing Happy Stampers how to make it - so must sit down & get one made to show them.

I hope you have all sent off for your Stamp Festival tickets as they are beginning to sell well.  One of the ladies on the workshop this morning had received hers a couple of days ago & it was already number 250'ish.

That is me for this afternoon - more tomorrow.

Have a nice evening.  'Bye.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mold II photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone

Well, here I am with the first set of photos from last nights Mold II meeting & their Show & Tell, which this month was a Twinchie but using a sketch;-

Here is the sketch

It is rectangular rather than square but the idea is easy to use in a square, & here are their cards - 

This is a very delicate parchment craft Twinchie, on a silver base.  Very pretty & the ladies are quite interested in being shown how to do that.  So Liz who did this Twinchie is going to show them in the New Year.

Isn't that sea gull just cute - unlike his real counterparts.  We have them flying over the house in the mornings - oh my - do they make a row.  Very nice design.

I love the colours in these two Twinchies & they interpret the sketch really well.  I have that bird stamp but I haven't as yet cut around it like that.

This card as an acetate froont & the sketch is on the outside.  It is more sketch size & shape rather than Twinchie size - but Carol who made this was not at the previous meeting.  It really is a beautiful card in lovely shades of blue.

An absolutely lovely set of 4 Twinchies.  I love the way the glitter highlights the torn paper effect that the sketch implies.

A pretty Twinchie set in a lovely embossed frame.  Very fresh & clean design.

This Twinchie has been set in a swing or cantilever card - very clever.  I should have taken a photo a little more from the right so that more of the Twinchie could be seen.

Now ladies I have a slight problem.  i have a feeling I have a migraine on the way as part of my vision is obscured which is usually a good indication that this will happen.  It means that while looking at the screen as I type I actually have letters that are blocked by this problem.  i have tried to type really carefully - but I think some typos will have crept in so please excuse that this time.

I am going to give my eyes a rest then return later when hopefullly it has improved in order to show you the photos of last night's project.

'Bye for now.

Page update

Good afternoon ladies

A quick pop in to say I have updated the Club Project Photos page with a photo of the canvas project you will be doing with Marie in October.

I will add the materials you require for the canvas later in the week, when I have also worked out the programme for the remaining months of the year.

Back later with the photos from the Mold II meeting last night.

'Bte for now.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

just chatting

Good afternoon ladies

This evening is the August meeting of Mold II club so will have some photos for you - although as usual they will not be here until tomorrow.

So that you have something to look at - here is the digital page I did after my day out & visit to Little Moreton Hall -

I decided to do the whole page in shades of grey - nothing to do with the book :) - as the building looks so good black & white I changed the coloured photo I had taken.  I am pleased with it.

All these pages are going into an album - so I have got some busy printing day ahead of me.

Hope you are all well.  More tomorrow with information from tonight's meeting.
'Bye for now.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Some cards

Good afternoon ladies

Well, that's the Bank Holiday weekend almost over & not too nice a day to end it on.  I hope you all managed to find something really nice to do.

I have been having a quiet play day today as Bob had to set up some computers for his work this week.  i have been playing with some very clever features on the digital side which I will show you later but first some cards that have been stamped.

You will have seen Sympathy cards from me like this before.  It is a very pleasant image & says all it needs to say.  Then inside I can write to suit each sad occasion.

This is another birthday card to add to my collection of cards.  I must make some without birthday on as well. It has a diagonal front as you can see & this came about by accident.  I had stamped the image in the bottom left corner & wanted to also stamp one from the top right almost joining up to it.  But, it didn't stamp very well. In a fit of pique I nearly screwed the card up to throw away.  Then I noticed the position of the images - laid the ruler across & found I could cut off the bad image.  I then cut a narrow strip of card with deckle edge scissors & coloured the edge with the same ink as the flowers.  This was then adhered to the inside back of the diagonal edge.  I then sealed the bottom edge of the card to create a pocket.

I stamped my favourite verse onto a square of card which I edged with the same colour ink as the flowers.

Here it is complete with insert.  I rather like this style of card & think I will make some more like this for different occasions

The floral image on this card is from a set from Woodware.  Very delicate images that will get used over & over I think.

That is my cards today - I may be back later to show you a digital page from my day out yesterday.

'Bye for now.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

just chatting

Good evening everyone - I hope you have all had a good day.

Bob & I went out for the day today & visited Little Moreton Hall - not far from Congleton.  if you haven't been it is really worth a visit.

You can have a guided tour or walk around on your own.  It is a very relaxed approach.  As you look at it it doesn't look like it should be standing -but there it is.  I took rather a lot of photos - so there will have to be a scrapbook page - possibly both types - digital & hybrid.

The weather stayed nice too - don't think it is going to last for tomorrow though.  Whatever you are doing on the last day of this bank holiday - have fun.

That's me for today - very quick pop in.  Night night.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

A well done card ............

.................. that is, I mean a card to say "Well Done", rather than a card well done.

Oh - you know what I mean.

Our grand-daughter got her exam results this week & has done rather well, so I have made a card for her to tell her how pleased we are.  She is a very arty girl - so I decided to do a digi card with a slight steampunk theme.

What do you think?  Be kind now!!!
I have a couple of cd's with steampunk images on & they are quite good fun to use.
The other thing I have done today is create a digi page from my visit to Great Budworth with Gareth yesterday;

The right hand half of the page is one of the photographs I took that has been faded into the background - it was a really nice leafy walk which took us round the village.

I am off now to make the sympathy card for Bob's brother.  This will be stamped.

Hope you are having a good weekend.
'Bye for now.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Just chatting

Good evening ladies

I am sorry I didn't post last night but I had a fairly busy day & didn't get any crafting done.

The main thing I wanted to do yesterday was to pop to the craft shop in Llandudno & pick up some supplies for a workshop I have next week - which is definitely going ahead.  I am doing black & white Christmas & there are 5 people on it.  I knew - well I thought I did - that the shop would have black & white Christmas peeloffs which I could use.  I was very disappointed with their selection & that great Christmas Shop that they had next door has been cut down in size & wasn't very good at all.  Still I got some black cards to use & a couple of peeloffs - I think I have some others left over from the last time I did this workshop. I was disappointed with the shop in general too - it wasn't so good as before - well I didn't think so.

After I left there I popped into Tweedmill as I wanted to find a top to go with some black evening trousers for the function Bob & I are going to aboard HMS Warrior in Portsmouth in October.  They had a pretty good sale going on - but I think they were clearing the summer stock ready for the new Autumn Winter stock.  Nothing really jumped out at me.

Next week I am hoping to go to Boundary Mill - if Nadine has a day off to suit.  Better to have someone with me I think.

This brings us to today - where again I have not done any crafting - but that is because I have been out all day with Gareth.  We set off to visit Dunham Massey but the House doesn't open on Fridays & as it was the house we wanted to see we didn't stay.  From there we drove back the way we had come & went to see if we could visit Arley Hall.  The house is only open on Sundays.  So we decided to have a drive through the countryside & I spotted on his satnav that we were near Great Budworth.  I don't know why but I thought there was something about Great Budworth that I should remember.  But no.  Anyway we drove there & what a beautiful village it is.  We parked the car & as it was now lunch time we popped into the local hostelry for lunch.  Afterwards we took a walk around the village & around the church.  I have some photos which I will show you tomorrow.  Following that we took a countryside drive back home in order to get back before the roads round here got clogged up with the weekend traffic.

Sadly I have a sympathy card to make as one of Bob's Sisters-in-law passed away yesterday morning.  But on the brighter side his grand-daughter did well in her GCSE exams - so I also have a Well Done card to make.  So definitely crafting tomorrow - especially as Bob will be watching rugby.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.
More tomorrow - night night.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A card today but .......

............... yes another digital one not a stamped one.  Sorry!

In fact I made 2.

Anyway, Good afternoon ladies & how are you all.

I don't think I have mentioned before but we have had 2 wasps nests in our house.  Well, actually one in the garden & one in the roof of the kitchen extension.  The man helping with the garden discovered that one by getting stung.  Fortunately he did not have an allergy to wasp stings.  The other one, I had a pretty good feeling it was there somewhere as I could hear them when I was in the craft room.  Then one of the warm days last week I opened the window for fresh air & could see them going in & out between the roof tiles just a little way below the window.  Yesterday the man from the Council came & injected the garden nest but said he couldn't do the kitchen roof one.  He recommended someone to do it & they came this morning.  He has recommended I don't use the craft room until tomorrow when it will be safe to open the window.

That is my excuse (& I am sticking to it) of why I have not produced stamped cards today.

Yesterday late evening I downloaded 2 of Carolines digikits into my Serif software & this morning decided to use them to make cards.  Here is the first one -

I really like the different colours for these poppies.  Everything is from the kit.  The corners are a little cluster of 3 poppies which when turned slightly & also placed slightly off the page create a corner image.  The topper is made from 2 poppy rings with one being reduced in size to fit inside the other, then a poppy cluster placed inside that & finally a single poppy flower in the centre.  Across the middle is a poppy ribbon.  The software allows me to put in shadows so the pieces do look like they are slightly raised on the background.

I made that one before even getting dressed this morning.  So a bit later I went back in again & produced this one -

I played with this one a little more.  Within the software you can copy the backgrounds & turn them into material which allows you to cut them up & punch shapes out of them.  I was going to use that feature to start with & then changed my mind.  Instead I created an embossed background using one of the background papers in the pack - which was daffodil clusters, & then put it through an effect process which caused it to be embossed plus by applying other effects I achieved this single colour background.

The background of the card has 2 small squares of this new paper & 2 squares of one of Carolines backgrounds.  The topper is from the pack, but I copied it then put it through a photo cut out section of the software & took away all the background & frame.  This then allowed me to 3-d the daffodil flower.  The borders are made of the daffodil ribbon.  Again shadows give it a little more reality especially the central flower.  As I look at the picture now I can see I didn't give the words a drop shadow which would have just finished it nicely.

I haven't printed these 2 yet - they are 5" square cards - but I did print one that I made about a week ago & was very pleased with the result.  So I think my fund raising cards will be created this way.

Before I print it I can go back & make any changes I wish or copy it & change the colours for a different card.

Also this afternoon I have prepared some more of our wedding stationery.

So, actually I have been a fairly busy girl.

That's me for today - no workshop again tomorrow.  Never mind.
Have a lovely evening.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Another card!

Good morning everyone

Yes, another card - but this one was made at my Happy Stampers club night last night.  Very much made on the hoof.  It was our birthday meeting last night - we are 17!!!!  I cannot believe that it is 17 years - where has the time gone!

Our project was to make a birthday card that featured cake.  Well! not my sort of stamp - but I had a set that was a freebie on a magazine so I took that & some ink & watercolour pencils.  Oh dear - some of the stamps were rather frustrating.  There was one that I think was meant to represent a tablecloth - I couldn't get ink in the middle & as you know I use a stamping mat to assist with the pressure. Anyway I was rescued by Caroline who had one of her texture mats with her which was lacy - so you will see that I used that on a piece of torn paper.  The set had a row of bunting which I thought was cute & was going to use but it wouldn't stick to the block.  That can be remedied for the future. Anyway here it is -

As you can see very simple.  The little dots on the background at the top are actually glitter glue which another lady let me use - is it called Sprinkles?  The Happy Birthday is from another set I have & I only had a scrap of card left to stamp it on so I used torn edges again & added colour with water brush & pencils.  As you know quite a bit recently I have been using my ink pads & water brush to colour my images.  These images were coloured using my water brush but with some watercolour pencils I had.  I had actually put them in a box to see if anyone would like to have them as I wasn't using them - but I am afraid they are now back in my drawer.  Sorry!

I should have had a workshop this morning - but only one lady had booked on it - so that wasn't taking place.  Tomorrow afternoon there is a scrap booking workshop - only one regular lady has put her name down for it - so that doesn't look very promising - unless the others have just forgotten to confirm they will be attending.  This means I have to go in case they all turn up - if they don't the one lady will have to go back home.  It is such a shame.  The workshop on Thursday is also looking like it won't take place.  I just don't know what is going on.

For September & October I have cut the workshops back to one a week - if they still don't take off I think I will stop altogether.  Either the ladies round here have done everything or I am not coming up with the right ideas.  So a bit of thinking to do on this I think.

Right! must get on with some domesticity.  May be back again later.  Have a great day - 'bye for now.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Another card

Good afternoon ladies

Well, I have managed another card for my collection - I think that makes it 9.  I don't seem to make them at the weekends, so I am possibly closer to the number I should have made than I thought,.  But I am not going to worry too much about it or it becomes a chore.

When I last used this stamp for a card I had stamped a couple of extras, so looking at them I decided perhaps I would make a gate-fold card with them both on rather than think about making 2 cards.  To cut the oval shapes I dug out my Coluzzle cutting templates which haven't been out for a while.  After cutting the 2 images in ovals & laying them on the card I noticed that they were different whites.  Now! I was already in an unhappy state of mind (which I will explain later) so this didn't help.  Anyway I remembered my "dotty" stamp & went round the edges with that & some blue ink & voila difference gone.  Well, not so noticeable actually.

Here is the inside - where I used one of my favourite verse sentiments.  Again cut in an oval & although the white matched this time - to keep the theme going out came the spotty stamp again. I then stamped opposite corners on the fronts & rounded the corners.  The corner images came from the same set of stamps - the latest freebies on Creative Stamping magazine.

My unhappy state of mind?  I received a text today from my friend who is over from Australia for her brothers wedding, & whom I was going down to Portsmouth to see this weekend, to say the family is having a big "do" so we won't be able to meet up after all.  Sadly this weekend is basically the only time I am free & able to go - as it means at least one overnight stay.  Never mind - she says bravely - these things happen for a reason.  

I hope you all had a great weekend - & what a beautiful day today!

More tomorrow - have fun.  'Bye for now.

birthday greetings

Today is 20 August & a Mold II member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Annette

Have a lovely day

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Donnington show

As it is now 10:30 at night - this bit of information could be too late.

I was just on a feature within facebook & noticed messages from very irate people who attempted to go to Donnington Craft Show today.  Even though they had prepaid tickets they could not get in. It appears to have been well over-subscribed plus notices to say tickets would be available on the door.

There are tales of thousands in the queue. They were only letting people in as people came out & it appears they were asking people inside to leave as soon as they had made their purchases. If people came out they could only get back in by re-joining the queue - which would take hours.  Evidently the journey was also taking hours, especially close to the centre.

I think Create & Craft are going to have a lot of explaining & apologising to do.

I do hope none of you ladies have been caught up in this today, & will keep my fingers crossed that you feel the need to have a read of the blog before you go tomorrow.  Because the message is ............. DON'T GO.

Mold photos - part 2

Hello again, how is your weekend going.

As I sit here putting the photos on the blog the sun has decided to shine & the bells of the local church are ringing out so I guess someone is getting married.  Let's hope the sun continues to shine until after the wedding.

The project for the evening was the rocker card brought to us by Carolyn of Mold II.

A lovely Christmas version & there is some glitter on it - I think if I remember right it is on the lettering.

Now, here is that delightful image again.  It is from the freebie set I spoke about a while back.  I think quite a lot of ladies had bought that magazine.  The wrap has been coated with a glaze which is very effective.

A lovely poppy image & the border one is so suitable & compliments it exactly.  Very pretty card.

Aah - Tatty Ted & a fairy cake.  (Yes I know it is possibly called a cup cake for the image - but I prefer fairy cake). Lovely baby card.

This is soooo sweet.  Wouldn't this make a great New Baby card?

Very delicate design.  Love the shaped topper.

Here she is again.  The flowers on the side panel are also off the same set.  I still have to use this lady on my cards.  Perhaps this weekend!  Lovely card.

On this card the background has been lightly created by stamping the butterfly in different colours. The stripe under the main butterfly is ribbon which Lynn (who made the card) coloured with ink to match the butterfly.  Really well coordinated card.

Now!  This would make a really romantic card - "I love you", Valentines & Anniversary card.  Really pretty.

A really "girly" card - absolutely brilliant for a young girl going to her first Prom night amongst quite a few other celebrations.

Once again this card was enjoyed by everyone - I can see it appearing again & being used for other challenges.

Now I need to try & find some inspiration before going to make some more cards.

Enjoy your weekend.  'Bye for now.

Mold photos - part 1

Hello ladies

Here I am with the first set of photos from the Mold meeting last Thursday, where the theme for the Show & Tell was a Twinchie but using a sketch.

This is the sketch

A lovely gold & purple Twinchie - very rich looking.  Quite a lot going on in a small space but doesn't look overloaded.

A beautiful floral music Twinchie.  The elements of the sketch are seen through the flowers.  Lovely.

Some clever punching & layering to follow the sketch

A beautiful image.  The mother of pearl sort of appearance to the background paper really sets it off.

Here the Twinchie is on a card which also reflects the sketch.  Very clever combination I think, & makes a lovely Christmas card.

That's the Show & Tell for the evening.  Being holiday time there are fewer entries than normal.  I will be back shortly with the photos of the evening's project.

'Bye for now.