Friday, 29 November 2013

mini canvas & bookmark cards

Good morning
Just thought I would pop in quickly with those photos of the extra things I made for tomorrow;

These are the 3 mini canvases I made - I punched 3 snowflakes & 3 holly sprays for each canvas, glued them together & then glued them to the canvas.  I then painted the canvases red & when they were dry sprayed them with Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist which gave them a slight shiny sparkly coat.  I then added ribbon to hang them & the little wooden baubles which were glittery silver on one side.  They looked nicer with the glitter side up & I also added silver pearls in the 2 opposite corners.  Some red card on the back finished them.

The design on the bookmarks were from a CD & I just trimmed them to shape, punched a hole, added some thread.  I took a DL card & cut it up to make pockets to go on the front of each DL card.  Slipped the bookmark in the pocket & added a peel-off that said "A gift for you".

I may be back later - if I have anything to say.
Have a good day & as the weekend starts tomorrow - I hope you have some good things planned. Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Some cards

Good evening everyone

I have been busy today getting my boxes of things ready for the fund-raising event on Saturday - I'm sure I have too much.  But then if the Christmas cards don't go I will use them for myself. I also made some bookmark "gift" cards & 3 little Christmas canvas hangings.  I will photograph them tomorrow to show you.

The other cards I have been putting the finishing touches to are the ones for Bob's work colleagues & staff.  They are basically all the same design I just changed the greeting outside & the message inside.

I am showing you 3 cards - one of each of the different greetings;

I haven't got the light quite right - I can assure you the greetings show up better in real life than they do in the photo.  Unfortunately because of the mirri card you do get a reflection of something behind me. I really enjoyed making these - gave my e-bosser a lot of work.

All my cards this year are mainly white with silver.  Little highlights of colour have been added on some but I wanted the crisp clean finish this year.

I fell for these dies quite early on & particularly like the cracker tag that sits in the centre.  There are 2 other centres - a bauble (which is a funny shape - not sure if I particularly like that one - but they came as a package) & presents.  The silver oval & filigree overlay are adhered flat to the card front, then the silver tag & filigree overlay are also adhered flat to each other then placed on sticky pads to go over the oval.  I found some little silver stars on left over peel-off sheets & had just the right number for 5 cards.  Also from recent sort outs I found the silver edged narrow ribbon - so made some faux bows too put on the crackers as well, plus a white ribbon also with faux bow down the fold edge.

That's me for today - I'm off to bed.  Have a good night & sleep well.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

mold II photos - part 2

OK - this is as fast as I can be getting back again.  I have to write the words & add the photographs, then spell check it & publish it.

So, the project last night was "ghosting" technique & as I said in my quick post last night - Joanna from Mold club came along to show the technique to the ladies.

Here are the photos.  Not everyone got to make a card completely - but at least all the pieces were stamped ready;

This is looking good - very delicate flowers & leaves & a nice ghosting effect.  I am assuming the single flower on the side was a practice run.

Wow - look at those pearls - they frame that top photo beautifully.  I don't know what flower it is - but here in the photo it almost looks like a dandelion "fairy" that is about to blow away.

This card was done by the lady who did the Catherine Wheel in the show & tell. I think that is great seeing as she cannot see too well at the moment.

This is very delicate & to get a better view - click on the photo for a larger photo.

A card this time - again very delicate & the ghosting is just right.

Another card & what a beautiful layout.

When Joanna was demonstrating she also worked one design on black card & that looked absolutely beautiful.  So although we did it with kraft card, it will look good on dark card as well.

Also I noticed they were all done using lavendar/purple ink & one pink.

Now for some photos of the group enjoying themselves whilst "ghosting"

I also took another photo at the meeting - one to do with member news.  will publish that one tomorrow.  It gives me something to write about.

Night night - sleep well.

mold II photos - part 1

Good evening everyone

Well here I am with the photos from last night's Mold II meeting.  The first set is of the Show & Tell where the theme was fireworks.

I think everyone came to the same conclusion on this one - a Catherine Wheel.  It's great & the person who made it is having a little problem with her eye-sight at the moment - so even better result.

What a great skyline - very atmospheric indeed - you can juts here all the whizz bangs, can't you.

Photographing this was a little difficult due to the acetate sleeve - but it hasn't come out too badly. There is a great feel of fireworks taking off as the green & blue strips underneath really makes you feel as though they have risen into the sky.

Right - I am off because I am going to come back almost straight away with the photos from the project.

See you in a little while.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

just chatting

Good evening everyone - before I pop off to bed I thought I would just write a few lines.  Earlier this evening we had the final meeting of 2013 for Mold II.  The project for the evening was the technique "ghosting" & Joanna from Mold club very kindly came along & show the ladies the technique, which she had shown to Mold ladies last week.

It was a very pleasant evening & I think everyone enjoyed learning about "ghosting".  I will have photos for you tomorrow.

During the day I loaded some photos onto my laptop from my camera & when I went to take photos at the meeting I kept getting a message about memory being full.  I didn't seem to be able to cure it & thought there was something wrong with the SD card (or whatever it is called!).  So I opened the camera & there wasn't an SD card in it - it was still in my laptop where I had transferred the other photos.  Duh!  Anyway,  I had the fallback of my mobile.

Right I am off to bed - more tomorrow.  Sleep well, night night.

some cards

Good afternoon everyone

Just popping in to show you some photos of the cards I have been making for this fund-raising event.  It's really just an overview photo as they are in their cello bags & in the basket ready to take.

This is the basket of Christmas cards - there are about 48 in total. I hold my hand up there are not any stamped ones in there.

A close up of 3 of them - at least my e-bosser got a good workout, so it wasn't all just pick & stick

This is the tray with the everyday cards - birthday, thank you, get well, best wishes, congratulations, open (blank for own message).  Now, there are rubber stamped ones in this basket, along with fabric squares, embroidery on paper, iris folding, peel-offs.  Again there are about 45 - 48 cards in there.

Some of them still have to have inserts which I will finish tomorrow.  Then I have to make the cards for Bob's work colleagues as we are out with them for the Company Christmas meal on Saturday evening.  We always exchange our cards on that evening.  I think I will be using Tonic dies for those - but I may change my mind - although I do not have much time left to do that.

Right - now to make sure I have everything for tonight's meeting for Mold II.

Possibly back later this evening.

Monday, 25 November 2013

mold photos - late entry

Good evening everyone.

I have one more photo for you from the project at the Mold meeting last Thursday - it somehow escaped the notice of the photographer - & here it is ..............

............... & it's a completed card too.  Janet, whgose card it is - said she had a lot of trouvble with her top colours sinking into the white base.  it is still a good vcard Janet.

Yesterday & today I have been busy making sure my cards are ready for a fund-raising event on Saturday.  I will take some photos tomorrow to show you my stash of cards,

I also took a little time out to enter my usual challenge over at CD Sunday with this card

the theme was "F is for ..." - my F is for Fairies & Flourishes.  If you want to know more about how I made it just pop over to my digital blog.

That's me for today - more tomorrow.  Night night.

Oops nearly forget - tomorrow is the final 2013 meeting for Mold II - so there will be pictures on Wednesday.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Mold photos - part 2

Good morning all - as promised the photos from the Mold meeting project - the technique of Ghosting.  Thank you to Joanna for taking the photos.

Here they are.  Not everyone got around to completing a card, but did make the sections for the card;

Lovely shades of lilac/purple.  Perhaps I should have darkened this a little to show the ghosting. Have a look at a larger photo by clicking on it.

Purple again - it really is a favourite colour at the moment.  Very effective.

This sample shows that the technique will work with a more open stamp as well - as mainly this is done with solid stamps.

What lovely bright colours.

Ah - one of those who made a card.  Aren't they just cute.  I am sure I have that stamp.  I notice that on the top strip it looks like the white has been put on the top of the colour.  It is still very effective.

A lovely design & the ghosting very clear to see.

Wow! definitely caught the idea - another completed card.

Of course a technique like this is made easier by the use of a stamp positioner.  I wonder how many of us have got one & rarely use it.

Just in case club members didn't have one Joanna created some out of Lego blocks, but her husband Nigel made some out of wood for us - so a big thank you Nigel & here are some of them at work.

& here are some of the ladies hard at work - including me!!!!

Oops - got myself in there twice!

Great evening.

That's it for this morning.  'Bye for now.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Just chatting

Hi everyone - apologies have not got Joanna's photos of last night's meeting loaded.

The day has just flown by - I had to finish some cards fora fund-raising morning a week Saturday, then I also realised I had not completed my card for this weeks CD Sunday challenge.  I had printed everything off but it kept getting covered up by other things,  Anyway it is done now & sent up to the challenge blog.

So - Mold photos - tomorrow morning I promise.

Have a great weekend whatever you have got planned.  I expect Christmas dinners & parties & all that will be going on very soon,  If you have one this weekend - have fun!

Mold photos - part 1

Good morning everyone.

The first set of photos today are of the Show & Tell cards from last night's meeting where the theme was Fireworks.  Sadly only 4 cards - but what cards -

You can just see these lovely shapes in the sky can't you? I love the background - it's like the dying colours of earlier fireworks.

What a great skyline & I really want to see that green firework live - it has to be pretty spectacular.

Brilliant interpretation & obviously looking forward.  Love the use of the large O to hold the skyline & the underground symbol for the other O.  Very effective.

This totally evokes a good firework display - a lot of patience involved cutting out all those little people at the front.  Great card.

I have already received the other photos - from Joanna - so as soon as I have resized them for the blog I will be back. 

Have a good day.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Just chatting

Good evening everyone.

Tonight was the last 2013 meeting for Mold club & we were shown a very nice technique by Joanna, who has taken some photos & will be forwarding them to me to put on the blog.  I didn't take the photos tonight as I was one of the "girls" & was learning the technique.  The evening finished with mince-pies & a drink & the sharing of Christmas cards & a pressie from the Christmas goodie bag - which has become a bit of a tradition.

I have to hold my hands up & say I didn't make a very good job of it either.  So tomorrow morning I am going to put that to rights, & will show you the result.

As soon as I have the photos from Joanna I will put them here.

So not very much to report tonight.  I will be off to bed shortly - sleep well.  Night night.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

just chatting

Hi everyone

Well - I think the less said about the weather the better - don't you?

A bitty day today for me - I had something to do first thing this morning, then it was back home until I needed to go down to the garden centre for a workshop.  Once again - it was - crochet.  Still it is a very nice small group & everyone is doing really well.

In the gap before going down for the workshop I prepared 3 small canvases with Gesso ( to make sure - seeing as they were very cheap - that the canvas has been treated). So now they are ready for painting & the adding of the little Christmas decorations.  But that won't happen until Friday - as tomorrow is another busy day.

In the morning (well lunch time) I have my regular monthly lunch & then in the evening it is time for the final 2013 meeting of the Mold club.

Reminder to self - don't forget the mince-pies & drink.


Reminder to Mold ladies - don't forget your lucky dip Christmas card.  If you don't put one in - you don't pull one out.

See the Mold ladies tomorrow night - more tomorrow - with photos.
Night night

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

just chatting

Hi everyone - what a cold day!

Because I was late home last night from my HSNW meeting & Bob was in bed when I got in due to an early start to the day today - I had to get up to move my car - so he could go to work.  As well as move my car I had to scrape it - it was frozen.  I don't these days do car scraping at 6:30 in the morning - in fact I don't normally do very much at all at 6:30 in the morning.

I had a very good final 2013 meeting last night at HSNW & one of our members showed us how to make a very interesting card - in fact we were shown 2 cards.  But it was the main one that caught my attention & so I went & had a word with her afterwards to ask her if she would mind if I showed all you lovely club members the card.  She was delighted & said yes - what is more at the end of our meeting she gave me several templates that she had left over - to assist me.  So this will appear on your programme around the April - June quarter.

This morning I popped along to Hobbycraft to purchase some items so that I can create another canvas - some acrylic paints, gesso, palette, etc.  I also picked up a few Christmassy things (wooden items) to attach to some small canvases I have in mind to decorate to sell at a fund raising coffee morning.  I think, too, I have decided to white-out the canvas I did on the workshop & repaint it.  But there again I am still in 2 minds about it - should I leave as is & just do another one to my liking. Decisions, decisions.

Now - before I close for tonight - I have a "for sale" notice;

I have a friend who wishes to sell her E-bosser. 

It has only be used twice & she is looking for around £150 for it.  
If you are interested, or know someone who might be,  get in touch with me.  If you want to make an offer - please do so - I will pass on your offers on & see if they are accepted.

That's me for today - more tomorrow.  Night night - sleep well.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Member news - 2

Hi - it's me back again with the second piece of member news.

This time it is from Betty of Mold II club who has sent me a photo of a card made with some new purchases.

Betty said she had only ordered them the day before she received them - that is pretty good service.   She has made the card for some friends who are moving out to France to live.

A great card Betty - keep up the good work.

Don't forget ladies - share your work - other than the projects or Show & Tell photos that I put here.

Member news - 1

Good afternoon everyone - what a dismal day.  It has just finished absolutely throwing the rain down here & I have to go out in it tonight.

I had an email from Joanna of Mold club a couple of days ago - she had won a prize for an anniversary card challenge she made for an Internet group she belongs to.

This is the card & below is her prize.

The stamps are Michael Strong - & his blog is why nnot go take a look he sells some great stamps.

The card below was made for the people whose anniversary it was who were going on a cruise &
here is the card she made.

I am sure I read the email correctly & that the prize was for the card with the owls.  But if I am wrong I am sure Joanna will leave a comment accordingly.

Well done Joanna.