Wednesday, 28 February 2018

a recent card

Good afternoon everyone.

I hope you are all nice & warm in this freezing cold weather & I wish the snow wold make up its mind.  Is it going to snow "properly" or are we just going to keep getting these snowfalls that go during the day.

Anyway, today I have one of my recently made cards to show you;

I rather like the effect of white embossing on Kraft card & this time I have done just that.  But it resembles a little the technique we learnt some time back called "the whitewash technique".

On this card I did not use any white ink on the flower petals I used Promarkers & was pleased with the way the colours took on the Kraft card.  I had done a test run on a scrap piece.

The floral spray is one from Honey Doo Crafts .  I used part of the image to stamp & emboss in white around the edge of the base card, then layered the focal image onto a piece of white card before placing it on the base card.  A ribbon down the fold, with a faux bow completed the card. I also stamped & embossed the "happy birthday" twice on the focal image piece.

Now that I mention the "happy birthday" I can see from the photo it looks a little strange - why would I stamp one of them upside down!

Ah yes! I remember now - I haven't turned the photo around.  It should look like this;

That's better!

Right, that is me for today I am going to walk into my craft room, look at what is on my craft desk & see if I can awake my mojo - as it has deserted me again over the last couple of days.

Stay safe & warm.
'Bye  x

Tuesday, 27 February 2018









I have had several emails today regard this evenings Mold II club meeting.

Mainly they are to inform me that people are unwell & will not be attending.  So far that is Helen, Chris & Carolyn.  I will not be there either.

I have contacted the centre & have been told that the roads are ok in Mold & that the car park of the centre has been cleared & gritted.  

So the centre will be open.

Have a great evening - I look forward to seeing your scrapbook pages & the little cards that Rita & Annette are going to show you.

The ladies I have birthday cards for - I will put them in the post to you.

birthday greetings

Birthday Greetings
Today is February 27th
& a Mold club member has a birthday

Have a lovely day Yvonne


The keen eyed amongst you may notice this greeting was posted a few days earlier.
On the 15th to be exact - must have been gremlins.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

member showcase - very very late

Good evening everyone.

I really do mean very very late. 

Earlier today I was sorting emails in my inbox.  Deleting those that could go & moving some that I really had to keep.  Those emails that showed there were attachments I checked to see what they were & if they were photos I checked that I had saved them in my pictures folders. 

In doing so I came across an email from Joan of the CSNW club with photos of some extra cards she had made following one of our meetings.  She had liked the design so much she sat & made some more & sent me photos to show me.  When I checked my pictures folder they were not saved there.  I then checked the blog & they weren't there either.

Straight away I shot off an email to Joan to apologise & here I am now blogging the photos.  How much very very late?  Oh yes ............................................ March 2017. 
I am so sorry Joan  😢 

The card was the Twist & Pop one;
Card one


card two


card three


card four


card five


They are lovely cards Joan & thank you for sending them to me.

So - a message to you all ladies - if you send me photos & they seem to be taking a time for me to show them - just give me a nudge.  I will not be offended.

Now I am keeping my fingers crossed I don't get lots of nudges.  😊

I hope your weekend has been going well.  That is me for today - 'bye for now.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Club(s) workshop for 2018?

Good evening everyone.

I thought I would pop back again today to talk about a workshop for all 3 clubs this year.

Before I went into hospital I contacted Wendy of Card-io again regarding a workshop with her, & I am afraid to say have not had an answer.  I was talking to Liz (the lady who runs the stamp festival at Port Sunlight) just after Christmas & she is having trouble getting a response from Card-io as well.  But she did tell me that Wendy has purchased an old garden centre & is opening her business there, so she will obviously be very busy.  She hopes to open it in the spring, which I have seen noted on her website.

I won't give up on getting hold of Wendy regarding a workshop - but it looks like it may take some time.  I will talk to Liz again in the next few days & see if she has heard from her.

In the meantime Elizabeth who gave us that great workshop last October has said she would be delighted to come & visit us again.  So perhaps you would all like to think about this & let me know how you feel. 

Would you like to  have Elizabeth again - or would you like to wait for Wendy bearing in mind it could be quite a wait.  Or perhaps you know of someone else who would come out one Saturday. Let me know.

Organising a workshop for you I can do from the comfort of my armchair, along with my computer & phone.  😀

Take care

my Mold II January project card

Good afternoon everyone - isn't it nice to see the sunshine again today.  I believe it is forecast to be very cold over the weekend though, so make sure you all wrap up warm & take care out & about.

Today I made the Mold II January project card as shown to the group by Carolyn.  It is the Suspended (or was it Suspender?) card.

When I popped into the meeting that evening Carolyn gave me a copy of the card front template - there were no instructions.  But fortunately Carolyn sent me a card for when I came out of hospital & it was this design.  So I could get it out of the my box & work it out - which fortunately was not too difficult.

Here it is - & I have taken a couple of different views of it;

This is the card laid down on my work desk.

Two views of it standing up so that you can see the layers better.

I thought this was an ideal opportunity to use some of my huge Hunky Dory card & paper stash. It doesn't look like I will ever get to the bottom of it!! I didn't have an embossing folder wide enough to emboss the whole of the front cover, but it doesn't really matter as the plain (unembossed) section is under the floral paper layer.

I really liked putting this card together & I think I will make it again but next time do some stamping.

Have a lovely weekend.

'Bye for now.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

project photos update

A quick pop in to let you know I have changed the photos for the March meeting for Mold II club. 

I have received clearer photos from Dot & taken the others out.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

my mold January project card

Good afternoon everyone.

I am really going to try & make the things that you make on club nights even though I am not going to be there.

I did manage to join in the Mold January & February Show & Tell & posted photos of my cards n the blog.

Today I have made their January project card - the black & white one with flowers & dots?

Here is my version;

This really was a nice card to make - not difficult & clean & fresh when finished.  The hardest part for me was not getting hung up on where I put my dots, but to be random.  I used the largest one of my fine liner pens & even then the dots were quite small. But I am pleased with my effort.

I will make this card again with some different flowers or flower sprays, & perhaps even different images plus possibly add just a small amount of colour.  We will see.

My next catch up project is to make the Suspended card made by the Mold II ladies at their January meeting.

That is me for today.  Another oncologist visit tomorrow to pick up my new drug.  If the weather isn't too bad I think we might take advantage of being out & about & go for a drive.  Again - we will see.

Take care everyone.  'Bye for now.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

mold photos - part 3

Good afternoon everyone.

At the end of the last post I mentioned that there were a couple more photos from the Mold meeting last Thursday evening.

Rhiannon, one of the members had missed the January meeting but on Thursday brought her card for the January Show & Tell, as well as her creation of the January project in which she used the photos on the blog to assist her.

January's Show & Tell
a card from a sketch using mainly yellow & grey

January's Project card

Well done Rhiannon - It's really lovely.

 Now, I must sort myself out & have a go at this card as well

I am sure Joanna & Janet were really pleased to see that you joined in on these 2 projects even though you weren't there on club night in January, Rhiannon.

That is all I have for today.

I have updated club pages & the club project photos page.

'Bye for today

Sunday, 18 February 2018

mold photos - part 2

Good morning everyone.

This morning I have the second set of photos from the Mold club meeting on Thursday evening.  This set is of their project where the made the absolutely lovely 4-fold card.

Here are the cards & there are lots of them as I have shown them closed & open.  So! settle down in a comfy chair & a cup of tea (or if it evening - a glass of wine!) & enjoy what you see.




& an extra one from Joanna showing that the card can still be beautiful without doing lots of layers


who has gone for the unlayered look which has made a lovely clean & fresh design


I just know Rhiannon will bring this back when it is finished


Sheelagh then sent Joanna the next 2 photos after she had finished the card at home


Janet had made quite a few samples for the evening - I think she has taken to this design of card in a big way

Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

& card 4 - which is the one I showed only the front of in the previous post because it was Janet's Show & Tell offering

Ladies they are really beautiful & I wish I had been able to stay at the meeting & watch them being produced & hopefully producing one of my own.  But over the next couple of days I will make one here at home & show it when it is finished.

Many thanks to Joanna & Janet who took the evening & gave you that inspiration & thank you again to Joanna for the photos.

I have a couple more photos of some cards that were brought along to the meeting - I will write about those tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
'Bye for now.