Saturday, 25 June 2016

birthday greetings

Today is 25 June 
& a Mold club member has a birthday

Have a lovely day

Thursday, 16 June 2016

just chatting

Good evening - I do hope you are all surviving this nasty wet weather.  Fingers crossed the sun will come back again soon.

Tonight I have been at the June meeting for the Mold club, & again, despite being short of quite a few people we had a very pleasant evening.  It is always difficult at this time of year with holidays & other things going on, to get a full house.

I will have photos for you of tonight's meeting after I have uploaded them to my computer, but it may not be for a while, as Bob & I are taking some "our time" (which is "me time" for 2 people).  So in order to have this time I will not be blogging for a little while  - just pop in from time t time to see when I am writing again.  The club pages are up to date for a while so you can still go & check those.

That's me for tonight.  Sleep tight.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

a recent card

Good morning everyone.

Going through my box of finished cards, to find one for a birthday, I realised I hadn't shown the Bendy card that I made as a sample for the ladies of CSNW club. It hadn't even got as far as the club photo page.

But coming across it reminded me also that in that meeting we had discussed the back of the card, because of the flap that sticks out through the slit & the tabs from the two side pieces.  It did look a bit untidy.

So I had a think about it & tried out the idea we had come up with.  You will need to make sure you have a matching or complimentary piece of card left over from making your card. Then cut it to slightly smaller than the size of the back piece & apply double-sided foam tape on all 4 sides (make sure you are as close to the edge as possible).  Mount this onto the back & hey presto - no mess showing.

The next test came in ensuring that the tab that was going to slide into that back slit - would still go in. On the first attempt I had to slip my craft knife blade into the slit to open it up a little.  Thereafter I could fold the card flat for posting & then with a little note inside as to how to make it stand - bingo!

It is so good when a plan comes together, as they say.

I have a feeling that Carolyn who is showing the Bendy card to Mold II club this month has created hers all in one piece - so the above will not apply to them.

Here is the card I made.  I used Hunkdory card & papers;

That's me for now.  'Bye.

Monday, 13 June 2016

My workshop project

Good afternoon ladies.

I thought today I would show you the MDF mirror that I decorated in the workshop I attended on Saturday.

The middle section is the mirror & it looks a little funny at the moment as I have not removed the protective covering.

Here are someclose-ups of the squares / Jigsaw pieces;

The 3 pieces like the one on the left in this photo - have been painted in a beige colour that has a hint of green in it.  The decoration is texture paste through a stencil (or mask).

At the moment I am thinking of adding colour too those pieces  using pan pastels to get a delicate colouring.  It will be fiddly as the stencil was Carolines - so I haven't got it to place over the texture paste whilst colouring it.

So if I am going to do it it will have to be when I am feeling very relaxed & steady handed.

I would rather like to do another one using a similar technique as in our mixed media card. But as I am not sure where I am going to put this one - I don't know if I have room for another one.

That's me for today.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

birthday greetings

Today is 12 June 
& a Mold II club member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Sue

Have a lovely day

Saturday, 11 June 2016

just chatting

Hi everyone

Once again I have no idea where yesterday went - I did things, I went places, but apparently nothing to write about.  Except I did fill one of my new die storage cabinets with dies.  Ooh it is so nice to just pull out the shelf & find want you want.  Have to fill the other one tomorrow.

Today! Well that was a different day.  I attended a workshop  with my HSNW fellow members & we had a great day.  I was not sure what we would be making & eventually was pleasantly surprised with my results of what we did make.

I have a little more work to do on it - purely because I wanted to use things I have here at home.  I am hoping to do that tomorrow & when it is compete will show you the results.

I hope you are having a great weekend - despite the downpours.

'Bye for now.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

just chatting

Hi everyone - I hope you are well & holding up under this hot sticky weather.  Mind you they say it is going to change - unfortunately for the wet kind of weather.

Yesterday I did not do any crafting as Bob & I took the day off to enjoy a late lunch with an old friend, who we meet up with about every 6 weeks, which was extremely enjoyable, although not good for the figure.  Still never mind.

Today I had the second of my crochet workshops this week.  Once again I have a really lovely group of ladies in this workshop & especially one quite elderly lady (& I hope I use the term kindly) who really is struggling - but she will not give in.

I note that I am falling a little behind with my update of club pages - so I will put that to rights tomorrow & get as much on there as I can - even if I haven't actually already told you about them.

Another thing I realised today as I was thinking about craft - is the number of ideas I have, some of which get started & never get finished.  Also those where I decide what I am going to do with oddments of demo items, & scraps of paper & card - & they are still sitting in a box. So I am going to go back & take another look at them & get them finished, & hope I don't end up writing another post in about 6 months time with the same things still not finished.

I put the problem down to the fact that every day something pops up that I need to do NOW, something new,  & so the thing that I was going to do - goes on to the back boiler.

Well! that is my excuse.

That is me for tonight.
Sleep well.

Birthday greetings

Today is 9 June 
& a CSNW club member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Joyce

Have a lovely day

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

some cards from a demo

Good morning everyone.

I have just had a quick look back through the blog & it doesn't look like I have already shown these cards to you.

Back in May I was the demonstrator at a club night for the Happy Stampers Festival club & chose to show them some one-layer cards.

Here are some of the cards.  Some I took along with me & a couple I created on the evening;

For this one I just masked off a small square area & used Distress Inks, Black Archival inks & a freebie stamp, then added the little bow.

This one I used the torn paper technique, creating a layered background with the round blending tool to create circles, a script stamp in one of the background colours.  Underneath the butterflies it is white. This I achieved by die-cutting the matching butterfly shape & using them as masks.    Then I stamped the butterfly into the blank space.
After finishing the card for me it felt unbalanced - it needs a butterfly in the top right hand corner. This is something I will do later.

Another torn paper technique this time with 2 different shades of one colour to give the appearance of paper or card with a coloured core. The flowers were stamped in black ink & the petals "bleached" out with water.

A more formal one layer strip. I have drawn a black line each side of the strip with a fine line pen to give the appearance of it being layered onto black card.

This time I used Kraft card & a strip of mixed blue & pink ink, again lined with black fine line pen.
The stamping was done before I drew the black line so that I could have the design off the strip. The white embossed plant was done once the other inks were dry.

A similar idea to the card above.  I do like to have the mages go outside of the coloured strip.
I noticed that I didn't do this very straight, but hopefully the wide element at the bottom hides that to a degree.  
Mind you, now I have told you about it - it won't will it.

This card I used the torn paper technique again working upwards & downwards, then stamped the flowers inside the strip.  I added a little colour to the centre of the flowers to lift them. Then I stamped the greeting in black ink.  After looking at the card for a while I decided to colour in the letters of the greeting to match the rest of the design.  It did tie it all together better.

I do like making these one-layer cards as they are reasonable quick to make, they keep the postage down & it means I always have a card ready for an emergency.

Have a good day.  I have a crochet workshop this afternoon - so must get my things ready.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Die-cutting storage.

Hi everyone

For a while now I have toyed with finding a different system for storing my dies - which have been increasing at quite a rate.

I have 2 of Tonic's system - the large folders. But I find them cumbersome & quite heavy to pick up. Also they are too tall for my bookcases so I have had to store them laying flat, which isn't good for the dies when 2 are placed on top of each other.  I also have 2 other folder systems.

I finally decided to try Stamps Away (Clever Cuts) MDF storage unit which is basically an open sided box with shelves that fit inside on runners.  Each shelf holds a magnetic mat (after you have put it all together) & they can be pulled out individually for easy access.  I purchased 2 & they arrived last week.  On Friday I unpacked all the pieces & checked it was all there & that the pieces went together OK.  Then on Saturday I asked for Bob's help as I realised I wouldn't be able to support a piece whilst trying to glue another piece in place.  So, bless him he did - well, he didn't actually - 'cos he put them together for me without any help from me.

Today I have glued the magnetic sheets on to the shelves of one unit & will do the other one later. Then over the next couple of days I will transfer my dies to their new home.  I am sure I will need to purchase another one though.

I haven't painted or decorated the units mainly because they sit on my wooden bookshelf & you wouldn't see any decoration.  But who knows I might decide to cover the sides & top with some of this "small?" amount of decorative paper I have, some time later.

Here is what they look like on the Stamps Away web site;

That's me for this visit.
'Bye for now.

csnw photos

Good morning ladies & what another gorgeous morning it is too.

I hope you all had a great weekend.  On Saturday Bob & I were out for a meal with all the people from his Company to celebrate 20 years of being in business.  A very pleasant evening.  Then yesterday we did very little all day just enjoyed the sunshine.

During the day yesterday it dawned on me that I hadn't shown you any photos from the CSNW meeting last Wednesday.  So I am here now to put that to rights.

You may remember I explained that I was late getting to the meeting due to the surge in traffic due to the Eisteddfod.  We were also a reduced group & there weren't any Show & Tell cards to photograph. The project for the evening was the Bendy card for which I fortunately, as the evening turned out, had found a slightly simpler format to make.  We managed to make the base card but really ran out of time to do any decoration on them.  So the ladies agreed to finish the cards at home & bring them to the July meeting for me to photograph.

At the April meeting they had made the mixed media card topper & I took photos of their toppers which were shown here on the blog. As they hadn't placed them on a card that night at this meeting several of the ladies brought their completed cards back for me to see.  So they are the photos I am showing you today;

This is Ruth's card & like 2 of the other ladies she had tackled the wavy hand drawn line around the card, along with the greeting.

Claire also managed the border & greeting.
It really is worth trying this as it makes the card that little more personal.

Grace was the third person to try the border & greeting.

Gwen took a completely different approach - due to the fact she said - that she hadn't remembered the toppers were going to go on the square cream card.
But, look at what a great card she created.  A perfect card for a man.
I am afraid, Gwen I am likely to pinch that idea for someone.

Well, that is me for this session.  May be back again later

'Bye for now.

birthday greetings

Today is 6 June
& a CSNW club member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Gwen

Have a lovely day

Friday, 3 June 2016

My set of tags

Good afternoon ladies - I cannot believe it is another weekend here already.  Just where are these days going!

I thought it was time I showcased the tags I made for the 2015 project.  Because I made them for all 3 clubs I decided to keep them fairly simple (that is - simple for me to make, not simple to look at!!!!).

Just to make this post a little more interesting I thought I would show you the creativity in its various stages - because I can - te he :)

I decided to make the actual tags a little smaller than the stated size & the layer theme onto black card.  This photo shows the first stage where I have coloured the white tags with Distress Ink in the 6 colours I chose.

The next stage was to put a subtle background on them & I used a text stamp I have along with the same Distress Ink colour as was used on the background

Next I used black archival ink to stamp some silhouette grasses on the tags.I do love these stamps, they are from Stamps Away - who also trade as Clever Cuts.

Then added the word "friendship"

After some thought I decided to put a 3-d butterfly on each tag.  This particular stamp has a matching die......

...... so here they all are cut out.  They are from Clearly Besotted.

Now! - my original idea was to take 6 pieces of white card & colour them with the Distress Inks I had chosen. Then stamp the butterflies & die cut them.  But - my head got a bit behind my processing of the idea & I had die cut the butterflies before I realised I hadn't done that.  So I had to colour each individual butterfly, then stick them onto the tags.

I then layered them onto black tags (the correct size) & added some black ribbon.

Here is a photo of all 41 finished & laid out in the numbers for the 3 clubs plus 3 for me to keep for myself - 1 per club.

Here's a close up of one of each colour.  I decided at the last minute to add a little bit of sparkle & bling to the butterflies by going over them with a Clear Wink of Stella brush & adding 2 tiny gems on their body.

I really enjoyed making those.  I hope you like receiving them.

Have a great weekend.  'Bye for now.

OOPS! Nearly forgot ............ pop back to the post about my disaster topper & see Rita's (of Mold II club) comment.


Thursday, 2 June 2016

Sometimes things don't .............

.............. quite work out as you want them to.

I promise not to continue the theme of the last post - when I basically moaned about my day.  But the day before that I had decided to finish the mixed media topper - or rather start it - from the evening with the Mold II ladies last week.  On last Sundays post when I showed the Mold II photos of their mixed media cards I mentioned I hadn't had time to do mine during the evening & that also I would do mine in pale colours rather than the black finish for a change.

So! I laid out my pieces;

The colours you can see on it are the actual colours of the pieces I used.

My next step was to cover it all with white Gesso;

Things going quite well at the moment.

I then spent a little time thinking about the next stage.  What pale colours was I going to use & what medium would they be in.

For some strange reason I decided on an overall cover of a shade of pink.  Which I arrived at by mixing red acrylic paint with white Gesso.

Mistake number 1

What on earth was I thinking & where am I going to go from here.
Well, I decided to paint the pieces in different colours.

Mistake number 2 & total disaster.

I hate it.

After staring at it for a while I realised one of the things I did wrong was to layout such a symmetrical design.  The nice thing about this technique is the randomness of it.  
So where did my randomness disappear too.

It is now sitting on my desk as a reminder of what not to do.

I am going to produce another one over the next few days & have had the thought that I could use some of my shimmer sprays instead of acrylic paints.  That's the idea anyway.

I thought I would show this to you to just show how easy it is to get things wrong if you don't think them through.

Tomorrow I will have the photos of the CSNW project from Wednesday night.

'Bye for now.

Just chatting & catching up

Good morning everyone.

Sorry I have not been on since Tuesday, but things have been a little hectic.

Tuesday was a very pleasant day & was rounded off with Bob & I going to Venue Cymru in the evening to see Bill Bailey. We left home fairly early as we had decided to have a meal before the show & to try the little Chinese Restaurant in Penrhyn Bay called - Yeung Sing.  That was the best Chinese meal we have had in a while & we will definitely be returning.

Bill Bailey's show was absolutely great & I haven't laughed so much for a while.  He is very clever - well I think so & Bob & I are both great fans.

The show & the drive back home meant we had a bit of a late night - so I was a little tired the next morning - Wednesday.

During the morning I popped to Asda for some shopping & when I got back felt absolutely worn out. The outcome of which was that at 3:00pm I decided I needed to go to bed for a couple of hours, & very unusually for me I actually slept.

Then in the evening it was time for the CSNW meeting.  So off I set for the drive to Rhuddlan, only to find the A494 absolutely gridlocked.  The Eisteddfod traffic!!  Once I managed to work out how to continue my journey - with a little advice from Bob whom I had to ring - I managed to drive around Buckley & Mold through to Northop to then drop down onto the A55 & make my journey to the club venue.  As I was going to be late I asked Bob if he would ring the centre & leave a message.  He spoke to the Treasurer who said she would pass the information to the ladies.  Only ---- she didn't. So, as I am never late the ladies were a little concerned.  Anyway - the evening went well & I will be writing about it a little later.

So - I am sure you absolutely loved reading all that didn't you???????????/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)

'Bye for now.

birthday greetings

Today is 2 June 
& a Mold II club member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Lin

have a lovely day

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Birthday Greeetings

Today is 1 June
& a CSNW club member has a brthday

Happy Birthday Hayley

Have a lovely day