Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Saying Hi

Hi - just popping in quickly to say I am sorry there hasn't been any posts but the link here is not so good & I cannot actually connect to the Internet via my netbook which is where I blog when I am away.  So it is also where I keep the photos I want to show.  So as Bob has a link via his more powerful laptop I thought I would pop in & say hello.

I have had some lovely photos, via email from Carolyn of the Mold II meeting - but it is looking like I will not be able to blog them until I get home.  Should I get a connection on netbook I will do so - but please be patient as it is ore likely to be when I get home.

We are having a nice restful time - but still getting out & about as well.

Hope to talk again soon - take care everyone.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

just chatting

Good morning
Just a quick pop in to remind you that I won't be blogging everyday - but will pop in as often as I can - for a little while.

Mold II - your meeting on Tuesday is being taken by Carolyn - I hope you have a great evening using her templates - don't forget to take plenty of card with you for this & I hope someone will take photos of the Show & Tell - also any cards you make with the templates.  Then once I have them I will put them here as soon as I can.

Talk again soon.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

update on Monday (19th) post

Please pop back to this post & see the new comment.

It was to do with "your news" being unnamed.

my "season" photos

Good evening all

Just popping in to show you a couple of photos I took this evening from the back garden.  You know how I love to capture nature - especially season type photos.

I went out into the back garden & over the back hedge the moon was quite bright with clouds across it - it wasn't easy to capture & they are not my best photos.  But if you don't try taking them you will never get them.

You can see by the fuzzy hedge that I found it hard to keep the camera still because I had it on zoom.  But if I had tried to set it up with the tripod it would have been morning before I got to take the photo.

The top photo is the nearest to what I could actually see.  The bottom photo is a bit distorted - but I have to say - I like it.  I will return to these at some time & incorporate them into cards or scrapbook pages.

We had a very nice couple of hours earlier this evening when Gareth & Elayne popped round - just sat & chatted & guess what? - Elaynes mum is into craft & card making.

Right time to check if I have everything ready for Thursday & work out when I am going to do that ironing.  Ugh!

Back again tomorrow.

Birthday greetings

It is 20 August so popping in to wish a Mold II member a happy birthday

Have a great day Annette

Monday, 19 August 2013

just chatting

Hi everyone
A quick pop in to say - do take a look at the comments sent in on the last post I wrote earlier.

I have not been in long following my meeting at Happy Stampers this evening - so this will be a quick chat.

I hadn't realised until I signed into the blog just bow that I didn't write anything on Saturday or Sunday.  Time just flies - mind you I had been busy in my craft room unpacking more boxes. Nearly there just a few more to see to & I think they are ones that hold large boxes so will not take long to unpack.

On Sunday Russ & Nadine came round for a few hours which was very nice & rather than cook we had a Pizza delivered.  Gareth was spending the day with Elayne at her mother's house - so we didn't see them this time.

earlier this afternoon I sorted out a small bag of craft to take with me on holiday.  I like to have something just in case some time arises.  We do tend to have quiet Sundays - so will probably do something then.  But if I didn't take something I would need it - if I don't use it it doesn't matter.

That's me - must away to my bed.  Hope you are all ok - more tomorrow.

Your news

A while back I asked for photos of work you have done - or just a write up of your successes.

Today when I look at comments waiting to be published there one.  It had been entered using the Anonymous option on the "post a comment" section - but the person forgot to put their name at the end - so I am a little unsure as to which one of you wrote it.  Perhaps you could email & let me know - then I will update this post with your name.  Also it had been posted on my Digital blog - but it was something I asked of the rubber stamping clubs - so as I can't move it between blogs (well I don't think I can) - I have reproduced it here;

"a while ago you wrote to say if we had anything to pass on to write on this blog. Today was our Flower show in Ruthin lo and behold I bought two trophies back home,which was a bit of surprise as some things had to be finished a little rushed, as I've had the grand children to look after quite a lot recently and last week I had to take eight year old Ella to the Eisteddfod in Denbigh, four times, two to the crowning and chairing ceremonies as she was one of the little dancers and twice she was in the County choir for two other medals ceremonies and a very proud Naini I was too. Back to today one trophy I won was for most points in the craft section and the other for best in show in the craft section which was make do and mend. I made an Altered Book, and I had best in show for a Knitted Mattinee coat and also had some prizes in the cooking section I realise now why I'm feeling tired. Gloria I wish I had my work space as tidy as yours"

Whoever it was has been a very busy person.  Well done at all your success.  I look forward to finding out who you are - I have my thoughts.

Back later.

Friday, 16 August 2013

club page update

Just popping in to say I have added to the Mold club page the sketch that they are to use for the September Show & Tell.
I think the ladies there last night copied it - but it is there just in case.

mold photos - part 2

Hello again.

Here I am with the photos from last night's project at the Mold club.  We had a play with the decorative technique known as Zentangle & used stamps as its base.

I don't think I am actually going to say much at each photo - because they speak for themselves - absolutely great results.  Mind you I can't say nothing at all - so possibly a comment at the end.

Some ladies worked more than one design - so plenty for you to see.  Here you go;-

look carefully at this pattern that was tried out - it's in the next image.

told you to remember the shoe - I want a pair!!!!!!!!!!!!

this stamp was used in the work below

this looks an interesting play
& below is a closeup

this one was inked after being worked

zentangle in colour.

Now! as happens sometimes one of the Mold ladies had to bring her daughter with her to the meeting.  She is very good & always sits & crafts whilst she is there as does her sister when she comes.  Last night she joined in the zentangle & I just had to show you her work.  I think she might have been playing with it before, but not sure;

Isn't he adorable?
Well done Lois.

Oh yes & I just had to show this photo too

Everyone else was starting to pack up but these 3 lovely ladies were still heads down & working. I just couldn't resist the photo opportunity.  Sorry girls.

That's zentangle & its coming to your club evening some time soon.

Another weekend approaches so I hope you all have something lovely to do.  I think Bob & I are getting things ready for our holiday.  Have fun whatever you do.

mold photos - part 1

Good afternoon all!

I am here with the photos from Mold meeting last night & they are of the Show & Tell cards where the challenge this time was a colour theme & the colours were - Neutral, Raspberry & Lavender.

The neutral colour did give quite a wide choice - here are the cards;

A saucy little basque - love the feathers.  The die cut layers really compliment the image

What more could you ask for - actual lavender.  Very pretty card with another die cut layer.

Ooh shoes - (remember this image you will see it again later).  Love the way the flowers match the insole of the shoe & the stripes go in different directions.

What cute owls! These are very popular at the moment in all different shapes & sizes.
A lovely anniversary card

Wow! so much cutting out - this person must have had a lot of patience.
Beautiful card.

Lovely use of the colours here - almost spring like - so it is holding the winter blues at bay.

The choice of colours for this challenge weren't very popular with everyone - but it just shows what can be done when you actually sit down to do it.

I meant to say at the end of last night's little post - that it would be number 1200.  Just doesn't seem possible to have written that much & of course if I hadn't missed days over the last few months it would have been even higher.

Back later with the photos from the project for the evening.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

just chatting

Hi everyone

I have not long been in from the Mold club night.  There are going to be some great photos to show you - the project tonight was Zentangle & there are some great designs.

Ooh that was 2 greats in one sentence.  I hate it when that happens.  I try not to do it - especially in speech as it really annoys me when I hear other people doing it.  There is one lady who is on C&C (not so much as she used to be) & she was always using the word "actually" over & over again.  I used to end up shouting at the TV.

Anyway nothing much to talk about right now - so I will probably think about getting myself off to bed.  I will load the photos on here tomorrow.

Sleep well - night night

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A bitsa day

because I have done a bitsa that & a bitsa this.

Very bad grammar I know!  But fun.

My day started with a visit to the hairdresser - trying to get it under control before the holiday. Then when I got back home I did a bit of tidying of my desk, a bit of gardening, a bit of digital creating followed by a bit of blogging on my digital blog.  Then I popped out in the garden & did a bit of weeding.  All this was followed with a rather large bit of box emptying.

I managed 3 today from those at the end of the craft room.  Now let me see what did I find - quite a bit of silver & gold card; shrink plastic; craft magazines & books; Cardio stamps - now have to find a good place for them at hand; & sad to say loads of paperwork that needs filing &/or shredding.

On Monday evening there was the most amazing sunset - so in the way I do I popped outside & took photos.  Look at that sky!

I will be dong a scrap book page of those.

Tomorrow is my usual monthly lunch followed in the evening by the Mold club meeting.  this month we are looking at the Zentangle technique.  So there should be some really interesting photos to show you on Friday or Saturday.

Over the next couple of days I really have to settle down to sort my clothes out for the holiday.

Oh yes - if you want to see the digital card I made today pop over to my digital blog - you can get there by the link at the side.

More tomorrow - off to bed in a minute.  Sleep well - night night.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sorting the craft room ....

.. continues.

Today I tidied the boxes that I had just popped onto my new large bookcase.  Each one was opened & the contents checked, then it was labelled.

Occasionally I found 2 boxes contained similar items - just shows how slapdash i had got about putting things away.  So the items were put together & a box was made available for something else.  If there isn't a label on the box - or there is but it doesn't have anything written on it - then it is empty.

I have 2 large boxes & one small box full of ribbon; a couple with 6x6 papers in; others with tags & different sized pieces of card (they are smaller than A5); 2 boxes with club raffle & Show&Tell prizes in, & others.

Here are some photos to show you how it's looking now;

the view as you step down into the room

looking towards the window & my crafting desk

bookcase to right of my desk

new big bookcase

bookcase to the side of my computer desk which holds craft CD's & my family history folders

and the boxes still to be sorted.
It looks worse than it is - not all of them are craft boxes & there is still the pine bed leaning against the wall - that will be setup in my craft room.

Going to tackle those boxes tomorrow, after I have been to the hairdressers & had a quick play with the Christmas die's that I weakened & bought off C&C.  They arrived yesterday.

That's me for today -  more tomorrow.  Have a good evening.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Finally - a card!

Good afternoon everyone

Well I have finally sat down & made a card - it has got to be the first one for quite a while.  But it is this preparation work for showing Zentangles that has got me going.

Do you remember those 6-sided wood mounted stamps you got in your Christmas goodie bag? I have used those - I was going through my stamps & saw them in the drawer - they seemed just right.  I was sure I could do something with them.  What do you think?

I stamped in black on cream card, then cut them out roughly, & with a fine black pen zentangled them.  They were then trimmed & glued & placed on a piece of cream card.  This was then mounted onto a square of black card, then onto a cream scalloped edge square card.  Comments welcome.

I am writing a post about them on my stamping blog & will have some closeups of the sections.  So if you are interested - pop over there & take a look.  But allow me time to write it first.

'Bye for now.

projects page update

Dropping in to let you know that I have updated the projects page with a photo of the August project for Mold club.

MoldII & CSNW will have this in their programme sometime as well.

it is great fun & is called Zentangle

Sunday, 11 August 2013

just chatting

I hope you have all had a great weekend.

I really didn't realise I had not blogged yesterday - probably due to the fact that Bob & I spent a bit of time yesterday shopping for things for the home - amnongst them a bookcase for my craft room (a large book case this time) & one of those "plastic" type greenhouses.  You know they have green metal struts then a throw over plastic style cover.

After the shopping Bob put the bookcase together with the exception of the extra shelves - bless him - what would I do without him.  The remaining shelves we finished off today.  Then of course I had to sort out the things to go on it.  At the moment I have just got most of the extra boxes of goodies put on it which leaves me with a few spaces on one of the smaller bookcases.  Gradually over the next few days - or longer! - I will check the contents of the boxes, label them better & sort out things I do not need.

Once the bookcase was in its position I found I had to re-arrange some of the items - so that was most of today taken up as well.  Some of those plastic boxes I had goodies in have gone out in the summerhouse - to be sorted one by one at leisure, although I did clear 2 of them as I rearranged the room.

But I did find a little bit of time to relax yesterday at my desk & will show you photos tomorrow of what I did.  Will also give you an update photo of my craft room.

I am off to bed - hope you all sleep well.  Night night.

Friday, 9 August 2013

I've won ......

.. ok it wasn't for a stamped card, but even so.

perhaps it will help me get my creative juices running again.

CSNW photos - part 2

Good afternoon all

Here I am with the second set of photos from Wednesday's meeting of the CSNW club.  This time they are of the project which was introducing them to the triple stamping technique.  I spotted this some time ago - but it was Joanna from Mold club that brought it to us.

Here are their cards

A lovely crisp design & the leaves on the tree have had just a little green colouring added to them & the little leaf branch is just right for the background.

A lovely black & white card - & more by accident than design (I am sure that is what the owner said) the matting is not even all the way around but I think it gives a shadow effect on the layers.  I quite like it.

This card is stunning - here the contrast card with the black ink really gives a dramatic effect.  Good use of that beautiful butterfly stamp too.

A lovely pastel image as the focal point of this card & the leaf surround is very delicate too.

Another great black & white design.  I think this style really suits the black & white - in fact any monochrome colour scheme.

This one is really delicate - those butterflies just flitting across the card - very effective

A "work in progress" I was told this one is.  I look forward to seeing it when it has its focal image on there.  Very delicate background - could take quite a dramatic focal image.

Love this colourful design & actually finished off with a bow at the side too!  Very nice indeed.

Again another really lovely card & the fairy on the crescent moon is just perfect for this style of card

A very effective layout with the design to the side - leaving room at the side for a complimentary greeting panel.

Aah! he  is so cute (of course it might be a she - but cute anyway).  The design has been stamped quite lightly but the layers do not over-power it even so.

Trees again - they do work well in this style & I like the different depth of inking that gives the images perspective.

There you have them.  Great weren't they?

The eagle eyed amongst you will probably have noticed the little easel I sat the cards on whilst I photographed them.  It - or I should say they as I have 4 - were a great find when unpacking.  I now have one in each club box & don't have to lay the cards flat anymore to photograph.  Laying them flat can distort the edges - it makes straight edges sort of curve off at each end.  So hopefully better photographs from now on.

Have a good weekend whatever you have chosen to do.

One of the things we will be doing is collecting a large bookcase from Argos & Bob putting it together for me.  Then who knows perhaps more boxes unpacked - but at least those items I have unpacked will be stored better.

'Bye for now.