Sunday, 31 October 2010

Spooky, spooky & Mold II pictures

Spooky spooky greetings to you all whether you take an interest in this day or not.

Before I get to the pictures from Mold II club meeting I think I owe all of you somewhat of an apology. I did rather rant on yesterday about my problems.  I was feeling rather low I admit - but I needn't have used your page to do that.  I guess it was easy to do because it is just like to talking to friends.  So to close that episode - I am still a bit itchy, can still not see completely out of left eye - but feeling brighter.  Have got on top of it. You have to don't you - doesn't do to wallow.

Thank you to Joanna for your kind comment on yesterdays post - & thankfully it is not shingles - just (just!) an infection.  hey ho.

So, photos.  On Tuesday Mold II was making the pop up Christmas card (there is a picture on their club page) & Rota has sent me 2 photos that show them clustered together in the open position.  I understand Rita has some more showing the outsides - so when she has time to send me those they will appear in one of the later postings.

Well tomorrow is the start of November - so I guess countdown to Christmas starts - & it only seems a couple of weeks ago the family was sat all together opening our presents awaiting Christmas dinner.  Ah well.

So, I guess I should go & do something & creative - perhaps have a cup of tea first.  Te he.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Sorry I've not blogged

Hi everyone.
Sorry I have been missing for a few days - I had one of those funny days on Wednesday - where I really did not feel like doing much.  Also it looked like a recent infection in my ear had returned & that left me feeling a bit low as it is quite uncomfortable, plus I couldn't get warm.  In fact during the evening I was really quite cold.

Anyway, I managed to hold the workshop I was doing on Thursday, but when I got home I felt so shaky & cold I went to bed.  I didn't really sleep but dozed a lot, eventually got up again about 5:30, didn't feel like dinner.  My ear was hurting & down the side of my neck on both sides was tender.

Friday morning I decided to call the doctor & managed to persuade reception that I couldn't possibly get to the surgery & required a home visit.  Turns out it is an infection but not in the ear - just everywhere else around my head.  In my scalp, across my forehead.  You name it it is there.  So I now have a lovely collection of pills & ointments.  Also yesterday I had a rash on my forehead which by last night had spread & become a bit lumpy with streaks down each side of my nose onto my cheeks.  You know those lovely markings on a cheetah's face?  Well like that - but not beautiful. So! I have obviously upset something in life - but I think enough is enough now.

That brings us to this morning - & really I should not be doing all this typing, as the rash has called my eyelids to swell especially my left one & I can hardly see out of it - in fact I can hardly see my eye.  Fortunately the blogging set up has a great spell check - so I can just keep typing & go back & run the check. You will have to let me off if some words slip through as they may be correct words but not as I want them.

Sorry about the whinge - will find something more interesting & crafty tomorrow.

I have some pictures from Mold II's club night - but I will pop in again later today & put those up.

I hope you are all ok & free of any health troubles.

Oooh - don't forget ....................

an extra hour in bed tonight!
Love to all

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Mold II Club meeting this evening

Tonight I popped along to the Mold II meeting to see how they had interpreted the sketch I left with them last month.  I didn't stay very long as I had had one of my "not so good days" today.  But it was nice seeing everyone again.

Here are the photos from their Show & Tell - I must apologise for a bit of a shine on some of them.  Quite a lot of mirri board had been used & the lights overhead were shining on them.  I had turned the flash off on the camera to avoid that.

Once again another lovely set of cards.

For their project this evening they were making a lovely pop up Christmas Tree card with Rita - & she will be taking some photos to send to me - so keep an eye they will probably be put up in the next couple of days.  There is a preview of what it looks like on the Mold II club page.

That will be it for tonight - sleep well & we will talk again tomorrow.  Perhaps I will have some more interesting things to tell you.

Night night.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Just chatting

Hi everyone - hope you have had a good weekend.

All in all I guess I have had a rather lazy weekend, except for that final cutting up of the card for the HSNW workshop I am preparing for.

I had meant to make another sample of the project so that they can see two versions, then changed my mind.  But I should at least do a couple of "pages".  Then today whilst talking to Sue something she said triggered off an idea that would link to the project - I can't mention it here in case any HSNW members do read this as I don't want to give anything away.  I don't think they have been told what they are doing.

Sue & I were over at Carolines most of today having a good poke around in Carolines stock to find embellishments for our workshop.

Talking of workshops I hope all you ladies have been putting some thought to a couple of dates for a workshop for yourselves early in 2011. I will be asking you about that at your next meetings.

Then the thought of the next meeting which for Mold & Mold II is the last meeting of the year reminds me that I must make sure I have the first 3 months of the 2011 programme sorted & printed off to give you to in November.  My oh my where has this year gone.

Well that's the chat for today folks, except for the little ATC below.  I was looking at images on Google to give me some creativity ideas & came across it.  So thought I would put it here to send the message -  sorry about the website across the bottom.  Details of the website came up too - I am off to have a closer look at it.

I am hoping to try out a couple of ideas tomorrow - I may tell you about them or may keep them for a club night.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Tutorial - Spotlight technique

It's me again.

Just popping in to let you know that I have added the tutorial for the Spotlight technique onto the tutorial page.  It doesn't have any step-by-step photos at the moment - but I will add those in a couple of days.

I must thank Joanna for the wording of the tutorial which she enclosed in her email along with the club photos.  But, I have altered it just a little bit as she had included statements relevant to the actual meeting.

Well! I think 3 postings in one day is enough.  I am off back to my card cutting exercise.  You should see the developing muscles on my right arm.  Te, he.

Mold pictures - part 3

Hello again.

Mold ladies were certainly very busy on Thursday - you have already seen their "Spotlight" technique - now take a look at their "Wax Resist" project. I may very well add this technique to the Tutorial page as well - but certainly will be taking out to the other two clubs.

Today I am slowly continuing to cut up the card for the workshop that Sue & I are doing for HSNW club members in 2 weeks time.  My shoulder is really suffering - so it is little & often.  We do spoil you when it comes to projects at workshops - where we usually do cut up the card!  I don't mind doing that it gives you more time to have fun - cutting up isn't fun is it?

Anyway - here are the "Wax resist" photos;

Continue having a good weekend - more tomorrow - or may be later you never know.

Mold pictures part 2

 Good morning everyone!

I hope you are having an enjoyable weekend.  At least the sun is out this morning.

Here, as promised, is the next set of photos from the Mold club meeting last Thursday.  This time they were creating with the "Spotlight" technique. I think nearly everyone has tried this technique but there are new members in each of the clubs now & it is always a good idea to return to some techniques.  Two good reasons for that - always good to keep a nice technique alive & new ideas around it can arise.

I am going to put the spotlight technique on the tutorials page, so if you missed Thursday night you will be able to see how it is done, or it may be that you want to revisit the technique.  Either way - have fun - & why not send me pictures of the results to put on the blog.  Talking of which - have you made a card recently & did you take a photo?  Then why not share it with everyone - just email it to me & I will show it here.

Right here are the pictures; of the "Spotlight" technique;

Aren't they great?  More pictures later of the "Wax Resist" technique that the ladies did that night too.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Mold Pictures - Part 1

Good evening ladies.

Tonight I have the first slide show for this months Mold club meeting as promised yesterday.  It is the pictures of the Show & Tell of the sketch I left with them.  I couldn't find the photo of the sketch to actually include in the slide show, so will probably pop back later & put it in on its own. 

Here are the pictures;

They are really lovely & some very different ideas.  I think that once I have those that Mold II have done - which will be on Tuesday - I might put them all together in a slide show to run in the side bar.

No particular chat from me tonight.

More pictures tomorrow - slide shows showing the two projects that Mold ladies made Thursday night.

Night night

Friday, 22 October 2010

popping in for a chat

Good evening, good evening, good evening. 
Yep you've guessed it I have just finished watching QI with Stephen Fry.  i also think I used that opening once before too.  Ah well.

I haven't done any creating today except maybe for the space that has now appeared in our spare bedroom from the boxes of stuff or stash that I have given to Clare (previously of Crafty Sue's).  I have given it to her to sell to raise money for her charity Multiple Sclerosis  A much better cause than sitting in my craft room not being used.

Mind you we did exchange "clearing outs" - as she had a big bag of books in the back of her car to be taken to the charity shop.  So I now have those to see if there are any books Bob & I might fancy reading then we will take the rest, along with some of ours, to the charity shop.  Then later the ones we keep to read will go as well.

Earlier this evening I checked my emails & Joanna has sent me the pictures from last nights Mold meeting - not only of the Show & Tell (the sketch) - but of the 2 projects they made during the evening. Tomorrow I will download them to my pictures folder & then put them here on the blog.  So there should be 3 slide shows to watch.

On Tuesday it is Mold II's October meeting & I will be popping along to see what they did with the sketch.  After I have put their photos on the blog I will show you what I did with the sketch.

Well! I am off to bed so have a good night & also a very nice weekend.  Lets hope this wind dies down & it is better weather.  Just think in a weeks time the clocks go back - ugh.  Never mind before we know it it will be spring & summer again

Night night.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

My visit to Mold club meeting

Hi everyone
It was very nice seeing everyone at Mold this evening.  I stopped long enough to have a little chat & look at how they had all interpreted the "Show & Tell" sketch.

I decided not to stay too long - so Joanna is going to take the photos & forward them to me later, along with those of the 2 - yes two - projects they were doing during the evening.  As I left I heard mention of wax resist technique.  Could be worth pinching that one for the other 2 clubs.

I have had a project sent in for the tutorial page - it was from Joanna - she pulled out the instructions for a card we made - would you believe it back in about 2007.  It was a type of tunnel card.  I am not sure if I can just copy & paste from an outside document or whether I will have to retype it.  I will see how I get on tomorrow.

One of the new members of the Mold club is a very talented artist & a dog lover & produces the most amazing paintings of dogs.  I met her through workshops at PBC & she had spoken of how she would like to have stamps made of some of her drawings.  Tonight she told me that that is now in hand & will keep us informed.  Well done Barbara.

Also well done to Rachel who won a lucky draw prize at Port Sunlight.

I too have had a little success with one of the challenges that I have taken part in this week.  If you go over to my blog here & scroll down to Tuesday 19 October there is a picture of my entry for the CD Sunday challenge. I used an image from one of the "ooh la la creations" CD's & one of the comments is from one of the ladies from their website who has asked if she can use the card in their gallery.  I am so flattered.  I know it isn't stamping but I do love working with CD's & where possible I include stamping.  This particular one did not call for stamping.  You will see what she had to say if you click on comments which appear at the end of the post.

Well that's me blowing my own trumpet - I am off to bed now.  Sweet dreams & talk to you tomorrow.

Changes & Updates to Blog

Good morning ladies!

I suppose actually that is good morning again, seeing as I have already written an entry this morning.

I have made some little changes to the blog.  First I have added a new page titled Tutorials.  More on that in a minute.  When I added the page it rolled the page tabs at the top of the blog round to a second line.  I didn't like that look, so I popped back & redesigned the other pages headings.  Abbreviated them really.  "Basic Information" now reads "Club Info", & "Basic Craft Kit" has had the word "Craft" removed.  Doing this meant that all page tabs appear in the one line.  Of course it now occurs to me what would I do if I decided to add any more pages.  Cross that bridge when I get to it comes to mind!.

The new page is headed - "Tutorials".  On my blog entry for October 12th I described how I had made the Double Easel Card - along with pictures.  Now, at the side of each page there is a section headed "Labels" - & all you need to do is click on the entry you are interested in & it takes you direct to that blog entry.  There is a label for double easel card - so it will take you to the tutorial that way - but I thought it might be nicer to have them all under one tab.  This would mean that the blog entry that talked about a project with a tutorial would have a link to the tutorial.  It wouldn't be on the blog twice - except for the first one - see below. Not only that - so often it is you ladies at the clubs that show a project during a meeting & I thought it would be good to have the tutorials for those posted.  What better place than under one roof - headed Tutorials.

Also if you have a favourite tutorial that you use regularly & would like to share it - then let's have a copy here.

I thought there should be a few ground rules on this.  Basically i would need written instruction along with pictures if possible, plus your name at the bottom.  If the project you have written was found somewhere else then recognition must be given to that source - eg the name of the person or company & their website.  If you have altered it in some way - just state how.

How do you get it to me?  Two ways - the first - write it all out & post it along with photos (if you have them), or give it to me at a club meeting. (Hmm! isn't that 2 ways in one?).  Second way  - email it to me.  I will then either write it up or simply copy & paste it into the blog.  If you don't have photos - don't worry i will make up your project & photograph it step by step.

For those ladies who do not have an Internet interest - I will be mentioning this at club nights & so they will have the chance to participate as well.

So come on - whose going to be first.  Don't be shy.  Perhaps I should have said who is going to be first after me - as I will copy the Double Easel Card tutorial over there. 
te he.

Talk more - possibly later.

Missing picture from yesterday

Here is the picture I couldn't upload in yesterdays blog of the stamps I spoke about.

They are really nice stamps & recently I played with them at a PBC workshop, using several of them linked together - some great borders & frames were produced.  Of course they can be used in a similar way to those produced by Card-io. The blue ink stain on three of them is not because I haven't cleaned them - it just seems that some colours stain more than others.  This is usually true of darker colours.

So! anyone know who makes them?

Have a good day & we will talk later.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A nice creative day

Hi everyone - well you will be proud of me today - I have been stamping & some!!!!!!

It started during the morning when I had a workshop down at PBC for Clarity corner Stamps.  So having to demonstrate the stamps at the start of the workshop, got me going.

Then in the afternoon I made a card & a little box, both for some challenges I am entering this week.  I started the card by colouring some white card with the good old DTP technique - using a mixture of ink pads creating a sunset colour.  The images were then stamped with versafine black ink & clear EP.  The frame stamp was part of a set I think I bought in Hobbycraft, the little kitten was a freebie on a magazine & the sentiment was from "My Sentiments Exactly".  I lightened some of the areas such as the flowers in the bouquet by using a damp paintbrush & then dabbing with a paper towel to lift the colour off. Here is the picture of the card;

The card is my entry for the challenge over at "Tag You're It". 

The next project was a little gift box for the challenge over at "Stamptacular Sunday" where their challenge this week is "No cards allowed".  I made it using one of the stamps in my stash that I had bought from Caroline quite a long time back.  It is one of a range of stamps she created for stamping over patterned paper or card to create 3d images.  The one I chose today was for making a lantern shaped box.  (Later Caroline designed a stamp based on this which had a window in each side to actually make a lantern).  I stamped the image 4 times - decorated it with small stamps, then cut it out & glued it together. It will make a nice little table decoration with a nice choccie inside or a really expensive small piece of jewellery.  It will also look nice hanging on the Christmas tree! although it might actually need some glitter for that.  Here it is; 

Isn't it sweet? After it was finished I realised that as the sides are just over 1" square it was ideal for decorating with inchies. So! I can see another box being made soon.

Going back to the stamping for a moment here is a picture of the small stamps I used - I no longer have the packaging & can't remember the make name.  Rita - if you are reading this you will know as I bought them from you;-

Oh bother the uploads are not working at the moment - I will put it in tomorrows blog .......... or if you pop over to my blog there is a picture there.  Click here to go. 

In the morning I am going to have to start working on Nadine's birthday card, & check my Christmas cards situation to see how many more to make. Then I also have to start cutting up card for a workshop I am doing at the beginning of November for Happy Stampers.

I think that's it for now - will be back tomorrow.  Ooh yes - its the night for Mold clubs meeting so will be popping in there to see what they have done with the sketch I left. I hope to take photos of them whilst I am there - so there could be piccies to see tomorrow night.  Watch this space.

Night, night

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The weather & me!

Hi - its me again, again.

In the last post I mentioned the state of the weather as I was typing up my blog.  Well a little earlier in the morning straight after another bit of a downpour, the sun came out, & there across the next roads gardens was the most beautiful rainbow.  Now you know me & pictures of the weather.  I had to grab the camera & take a picture.  After all we have had sunsets & sunrises so why not rain & rainbows. Here are the better ones;-

I was once told (a long time ago), that you can't capture a rainbow with a camera - how wrong that person was. I think it is beautiful - wonder who has the pot of gold?

OK that's it from me today.  A little later I am going over to Liverpool to my friend Caroline.  It will be the first long drive & I will be coming back in the dark - not looking forward to it if it is still raining.  We have a HSNW committee meeting tonight to prepare for next years club programme.  I am standing down as Chairman of Happy Stampers - so this will be my last committee meeting. From next year I will be an ordinary member - that should be fun, as I have been Chairman for more years than I can remember.

Tomorrow morning I have a workshop down at PBC - I am covering Pattern Making with Clarity corner stamps.  So all in all quite an active week for me, as on Thursday I will be visiting the Mold club meeting for a little while in order to say hello & see how they got on with the Sketch Show & Tell project.

Bye for now - talk tomorrow.

A wedding card

Hi - I'm back again as promised.

I recently mentioned that I had a wedding card to make, well I finished that on Sunday & will be putting a photo here in a moment.  As you know I like to keep my finger nails nice & it is the young girl who looks after them that is getting married.  She is going on a cruise to somewhere warm & then getting married - in fact, I have a recall of memory that she is actually getting married on board the cruise ship.  i will be off for my latest treatment in a moment - must remember to ask her. Right at this moment it is absolutely pouring with rain so I expect she is really pleased she is not getting married here. Here is the card including a side view - as it is an easel card;-

I just love making those easel cards.  I think I enjoy them more than the stepper cards.  Unfortunately there isn't any stamping - I know, I know - I am supposed to be a stamper.  I have a couple of wedding stamps & didn't fancy using them, so there!  The papers & image are from a Joanna Sheen CD called Victorian Romance.  I thought the cream/peach colours were a bit warmer in colour seeing as she is getting married in a warmer climate.  I believe her bridesmaids colours are quite Caribbean in colour.  Should make for fantastic pictures.

News for Mold II club meeting

Good morning ladies

My first post today is a short one to let the members of Mold II know that if they go to their club page there are details of the project that Rita has organised for their meeting on Tuesday 26th October.

Also a reminder that I will be popping in to see how you got on with the Show & Tell project I left with you.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Just popping in to say hello!

Hi everyone
I hope you have had a good weekend.

Just popping in quickly so that you know I haven't forgotten you all.  I have been reasonably creative today & made a wedding card & one for one of my weekly challenges I enter.  The challenge one was using images etc from a CD - so I spent quite a bit of time just going through CD's to find the right background & papers.  In fact the wedding card was also made from CD images. I shall have you all shouting at me if I don't get back to doing some stamping, won't I?  I ran out of time to photograph them today - will try & do it tomorrow.

We do have a full day tomorrow, as we sadly have a funeral to go to, so I know you will forgive me if I don't get around to writing the blog.

Take care everyone - talk soon.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Pictures sorted - now to show you.

Good morning everyone & another nice morning it is too.

Well I have solved the problem I was having yesterday with uploading photos.  Just had to approach it from another direction. So they are now all loaded into my blog so that I can link them to the challenges - three all in one day.

The first one was for a blog called Theme Thursday & their challenge for this week was - Pink.  Its for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  So I found some pretty pink papers (they look lilac in the photo - but they are pink) - that had been in an early issue of Making Cards & designed by Nancy Watts, from which I made a tag.  I had bought a little pink button with a heart on it to include - but the pink was so different that I didn't use it.  The sentiment is the word Believe - it doesn't show up too well though.  It is one of those block style peel-offs with the lettering cut out. Here is the tag -

The next project was for the challenge over at Tag You're It! - which was called Jewellery Quarter.  I wasn't sure which way to go for this - but time wise (yes I know I have more of it these days - but it can still disappear quickly) - I didn't go with beads etc.  I used a stamp from one of CaroLines jewelled series. It is a beautiful butterfly & I stamped it & embossed it in gold, then used gelly roll pens to give the jewelled or enamelled finish.  I coloured the sections twice to give them a better look.  I then stamped the butterfly again on a strip of card - one complete one & a half each side of it.  Next I cut out the coloured butterfly & layered it over the central one.  The body was created with little flat back stones.  Here is the card & a close up of the central butterfly;

Now for the third challenge.  This was the double easel card that I did a mock up for a couple of days ago - but got ink everywhere?  To produce this one I used 3 square cards & one of the stamps that was produced a while back for Marie Curie cards.  The instructions for making this appeared in an earlier post - but I did one thing slightly different.  I wrapped the ribbon on the outside of the card holding it in place with a cutout of the centre of the flower in the stamp.  Here are the photos;

So! that's me uptodate with telling you about my projects. It would be nice to hear from any of you who have been busy making cards - or anything else you may be crafting.  I have been thinking of a way this could be done through the blog.  So I am going to give it serious thought over the weekend.  Watch this space for news.

Now I have another challenge to do which could be interesting as the theme is "More than 2 legs".  In my drawer unit of stamps I have a couple of stamps that have I think only been used once - well one of them.  They meet this criteria  - they are frogs.  They are cute frogs - so I'm off to see what I can do with them.

Have a brilliant weekend whatever you have chosen to do.  I hope the weather stays like this.

More tomorrow.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Quick message - computer problems

Good evening everyone.

Well! I sat down to get blogging & show you everything I have been doing today & there is a problem with the Internet.  I just cannot get into loading pictures.  I started with my blog & 3 times I tried to browse my pictures folder to load my photos for challenges I had entered & it locked.  Then I was going to pop in here & load them here for you to see along with some chat.  But still no luck.  So I am going to bed now & will do it all in the morning.

Technology don't you just love it!

Have a lovely weekend - talk soon.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Another challenge entered

Hi - I'm back again.  Hope you have all had a good day.

I managed today to sit down & get those fairies onto a card for the challenge.  I started with one idea which I couldn't quite get to work so ended doing it a different way.  I have written up in detail how I made it over on my blog here.

Basically I placed the fairies onto black tags, after pre-stamping them with a small fairy using clear embossing ink & EP.  After deciding I couldn't go down the path of my first thought technique, I took a folded A4 card & using sponge applicators, coloured it to reflect the colouring on the images. Here is the photo -

Do you like the little message - if you can read it that is. Two things in this card that normally I do not usually do much of - but I seem to be doing more at the moment - & that is glitter & 3-d.  Both fairies have been decoupaged & their wings have glitter on.  Mind you I am not sure either shows up too well in this photo.

The stamps are from a free gift on the front of a magazine recently, except for the little background fairy on the tags & between them - that is one of CaroLines silhouette fairies.

So what's next - did I hear you say?  No!  Oh well.

I have already started on an image for another challenge which has to reflect jewellery.  So watch this space.

How are things going with you ladies in Mold & Mold II with the sketch Show & Tell. I am looking forward to seeing how you have interpreted it, having already seen those created by CSNW.  I am in the process of looking out some more sketches to be used during 2011, & I am also thinking about a project for 2011.  I presume you would like a challenge for the year?

I think that's me for today - more tomorrow.  Have a nice evening whatever you may be doing.

Preparation for a challenge

Sorry, that I didn't drop by yesterday.  i had a rather peculiar day.  For a start I didn't feel 100% & that dropsy thing I had the day before seemed to continue.

By the late afternoon I was feeling a bit brighter but not ready to go back to the double easel card I had been working on.  So instead I started preparing for another challenge.  Again it was stamping, but this time I didn't drop the stamp on the work neither did I put the work down on any inky patches.  So improvement all round after all.

Earlier this morning I scanned the work so far of this newer project & will pop the pictures in here - in the mean time I have to think exactly how I am going to finish the project off.  The colouring in is better in the actual image - although I can see there needs to be a little tidying up, & I used glitter.  Most unusual for me. The theme for the challenge is "Fairy Tales".  Here are the pictures & I will talk again later, hopefully with a completed project & a description of the method I used.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ink on my desk!

Do you get those days when things do start out OK, then sort of go wrong.  Well that was me today.

Oops nearly forgot - hello everyone.

This afternoon I sat at my work desk ready to create a mock up of a card I wanted to show you & also to put in for one of my challenges.  I had seen someone make one on Create & Craft but hadn't been watching with full concentration.  On that basis I needed to make - as I said above - a mock up.  The other idea was to turn it into a tutorial here by taking pictures at different stages of the process. That as it happens was not the difficult part.

The problem started when I was doing some of the final stamping.  I was stamping the holly border on one of the toppers when the clear stamp fell off the acrylic block onto the craft mat.  Ink side down of course. But - it didn't just fall on the craft mat did it.  No! it fell on my work. I didn't worry too much (ooh that's a porkie), as it was really a working sample but it was frustrating.  Also I had begun to think, up to that stage, that it was working out quite well & might have become the actual challenge card.  But no.

The work carried on & then I started to put the elements together.  I turned the card over to do something & when I turned it back I had lain it down right where the border stamp had landed.  Where I had forgotten to clean the mat!!  Ah well.

So it will be back to the drawing board tomorrow to make the card properly.  Here are the step-by-step pictures & notes.  Enjoy. 

Double Easel Card (sort of);
There is only any need to give you an example measurement - rather than actual measurements.  This is because the card needs to be twice as long as it is wide - here is the example - 8" x 4" (10cm x 5cm).  Oh dear - that's two measurements.

3 pieces of card (twice as long as they are wide). 
Note; Square cards are very good for this, & it would take 3 of them.
Backing papers                      stamps or toppers                 ribbon        embellishments
Usual basic craft kit

Cut the first piece of card in half to create 2 squares.
Score & fold the second piece in half, then score & fold one half in half.
Repeat with the third piece.
This gives 2 square cards & 2 easel style cards.
Place in front of you as in the picture.

Apply adhesive to the inside back of the left hand card & adhere the back of the right hand card to it.  See picture.

the card should then look like this - 

If closing the card with ribbon, put it in place now.  Cut a small slit in the 2 score lines each side of the centre back panel.  Thread the ribbon through remembering to pull plenty to one side for a side fastening.  Leave out of the way of the remaining work.

Use the 2 squares of card to create 2 toppers.  Also at this stage decorate the inside centre back panel. 

Next put the card parts together.  First adhere the centre back panel over the ribbon holding it in place.  The next stage is to adhere the front panels.  This needs to be done carefully.  Take a look at the next picture;

I am sorry the writing on the little cards has not come out as clear as I wanted.  But this is what you do -

To put the left hand topper in place - apply adhesive  to the right hand half of the left flap.  Then place the topper on to the flap by placing the only right hand half of the topper to the flap.

Repeat this for the right hand topper remembering to reverse the positioning of the adhesive & topper.  If you have made an easel card these instructions will make more sense. Here is the card with all decoration attached.

& finally with the card closed & tied with ribbon.  Look you can see the black mark.

The card closes by folding down the right hand flap first, then the left hand flap.

Sorry that ones a bit blurry.

So hopefully tomorrow I will be able to show you a non-inky tidier version. 

Hasn't it been another lovely day?  I wonder how much longer this sunshine will last.  Talk tomorrow.

Monday, 11 October 2010

A couple of quiet days

Hello everyone
Well I have been a little quiet over the last 2 days creativity wise.  Although I had not felt overtired on Saturday evening after visiting the Stamp Festival, I was tired on Sunday.

So, I spent a fairly quiet day during which we had a visit from Gareth who stayed for Sunday dinner with us, before which he brought his I-pad with him in order to give me an idea of what a "Kindle" works like, as I had voiced the fact that I was considering buying one.  In the evening we watched a Bill Bailey DVD he had brought round with him.  I don't know how many of you know his type of act - he is a comedian & a very clever musician too, which he used quite a bit in the DVD.  He often appears on QI. You may have seen his programme on TV some time back about the Orchestra.  Absolutely brilliant.

I did make one card, sadly it was a sympathy card.

Today I have had quite a bit of paperwork to do. But I still found time to take a look on the Internet at the various blog challenges that were being set for this week & tomorrow hope to start on one of them. So with a fair wind there could be pictures tomorrow.

I hope you have been playing with the things you bought at the Stamp Festival & that you had a good weekend. Hasn't the weather been just gorgeous?

Hopefully a more creative blog tomorrow.

Information for Mold RS for next club meeting

Good morning
Just popping in to let you know that I have just updated your club page with information on the materials you need to take for the 2 projects .......... yes TWO projects, that you will be doing at the October meeting.  Please check back again later - give me at least a day - when I hope to also have posted the images Joanna sent me to go with the project materials.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

HSNW Stamp Festival

Well! it was really strange being at the stamp festival without actually working.  Sue & I arrived a short while after noon.  She had decided that she would walk round on her own & meet up with me about an hour later to see how things were going.

I was very good & didn't spend a lot of money or in fact buy a lot of things.  I have bought something for a raffle at each of the clubs - I think you will like it - but it will probably not appear until first meeting 2011, but you never know.  One of the things I really wanted to get was the craft mat that Gordon from Once Upon A Stamp had invented.  I first saw it on Create & Craft.  It has been treated on one side so that it clings to your desk, then when your doing all that lovely blending & things with inks it doesn't slide around all over the place.  I must admit I had encountered quite a problem with that.  So I am looking forward to using it.

I also bought a stamp from Mary K of Stamp Camp USA - the stamp doesn't look that much in itself - it has 3 solid long diamonds in a row & that's it.  But the decorating & fun comes with what you do with combinations of other stamps with it.  When I have played I will put photo on blog.

Did you see the lovely little battery tea light ornaments on CaroLines stand - she had fan shaped covers made from parchment paper, & the fans can be used to decorate a card, make a table centre, put on a serviette wrap - altogether making a beautiful table setting. There were also some beautiful stamped candle votives - again for battery operated tea lights.  I can see my Christmas table being decorated with tea lights this year.

The best part of my visit was all the lovely people who came up to me gave me big hugs, kisses & wanted to know how I was.  I feel very humbled by all your kind wishes & thoughts & concern.  Thank you very much.  I even got a big hug & kiss from Andy who works for Hulme Hall & was on duty at the refreshment bar.

Sue & I left around 2:30 I think & I have to say that once I was here at home with a cup of tea & my feet up I did feel a bit tired.  But I wouldn't have missed it for the world.  It was really quite interesting seeing the festival from the other side of the counter so to speak.

Oooh, nearly forgot, remember that black & white card with the decoupage on that I wrote about yesterday?  Well I entered that for the festival competition too.  There were lots of beautiful cards there I don't envy the judge their work.  Did you also spot my black & white offerings on the club members exhibition board?  Gosh I have been busy!

I hope that all of you who attended had a good day & bought lots of lovely things.  i want to hear about what you bought so don't forget to let me know.  See you briefly at your next club night.  Did you take a look at Card-io's stand - they have got some great new stamps.

Well, that's it for now.  Bob has just got home - I expect he will be tired having been on duty at the festival all day.  It was really strange when he left home this morning to be there & I wasn't going with him.

More tomorrow.

Friday, 8 October 2010

A decoupage challenge & workshop idea.

Hi everyone

Today I entered another one of those challenges that I seem to have become addicted too.  addicted in a good way of course & it is certainly helping my creativity mojo.

Todays entry was for a blog called Stamptacular Sunday where their theme was "layer it on" & they wanted a minimum of 5 layers.  Anyway I found a stamp I hadn't worked with for a while & managed 6 layers in total.  I will put a picture here;-

The full instructions are on my blog here.

I mentioned a couple of days ago about an idea I had to help with my rubber stamping workshop.  Do you remember the sunset I took the other week - this was one of them -

& it gave me an idea.  We had been covering using brayers & inks to colour card & paper & talking about how you could use it afterwards.

So, I coloured an A6 piece of smooth card (the type Barbara Gray of Clarity uses) with Kaleidacolor Ink pad called "autumn leaves" using pieces of cut 'n dry & carefully merging the colours into each other.  I even used Barbara's method of masking off the edges of the card to get a nice even border around the colour. Then I stamped the silhouette spray a couple of times with Versafine Black ink.

This was the result;- 

The colours in the actual sample are a little more sunset coloured than appears in this scan, although the dark patch near the top is about right.  Its the bottom colour that looks a little lighter than it is.  But it shows how the things we see around us can help us create.  I need now to find the right card etc to layer this onto.  I will look into that over the weekend & see what I can come up with.  A picture will be taken & put on the blog for you to see.

If you are off to the Stamp Festival tomorrow - have fun.

Update to slide show problem

Good morning
I am still a bit mystified by the process of what has been happening - but here is what you can do.

When the slide show finishes you can click on the white arrowhead if you like. 
This will then open another window & take you to the actual web album for those pictures.
One of those pictures will then be on display 
There is an option to "Show All"
Clicking on that option will display all the pictures in the album. 
There is then an option to "watch a slide show"
Clicking on this option will re-run the slide show with larger pictures.
To return to the blog click  "close".

If you don't want to look at the pictures again, as described above - leave the white arrow head on the picture & just continue reading the blog as normal.

Have fun.  More later.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

CSNW Slideshow previous post

I am experiencing a little difficulty with the slide show.  When it finishes displaying there is a white arrowhead in the centre of the screen.  This would normally indicate replay - but if you press it it will take you out of the blog to where the album is stored.  So when you have seen all the photos just continue reading.  I will put up a notice when that is cured.
It comes up also on the first slide show I did but doesn't take you outside the blog.

can;t think clear enough now to resolve it - will work on it tomorrow.

Night night.

CSNW October Show & Tell

Hello everyone

Yesterday evening I popped along to the CSNW meeting for about half-an-hour.  Last month I had left a sketch with them & so I wanted to see what they had made of it. 

When I left they were preparing to make a "swing card" - so I look forward to seeing those next month.

There were also 2 new members at the club last night - so welcome to them.  I hope they enjoyed the meeting & look forward to seeing them at future meetings.

CNW members ............ I have added to your club page the details of your November meeting.

I had remembered to take my camera with me - so here are the photos of their Show & Tell cards;......

That's it for today - more tomorrow.  I might have a picture of a card I made yesterday.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Gareths birthday card & a challenge

Hi everyone

Not long returned from our meal out with Gareth for his birthday.

I think he liked his card - although he did point out I had made a mistake.  Here it is............

and a side view

The mistake?  Although I was careful to pick a character with a red shirt because Gareth supports Liverpool FC - this little guys shirt has a black chevron on the front - which is Man U.  Men & their football!!!!!!!!!!!

I was really pleased with this little card. I made it using a download from Crafts-U-Print.  The background paper I had left over from making other football cards.  I even did a bit of 3-d work & you know how that is not my favourite thing.

Crafts - U - Print is a great site for downloads & has been helpful for me out of a couple of tight spots, when I just don;t have the right thing in stamping.

So there we are - mystery over.

I have another photo to show you too.  My entry for the CD Sunday challenge, which this week was - yep - Decoupage.  full details of how I made it over on my blog here.

Pretty isn' it.

Well that's it for tonight - have had an idea for a card that I will be able to use in my workshop on Thursday.  I hope it will illustrate things I have been telling them in the last 2 lessons.

More tomorrow - night, night.

Message for CSNW members

Hi ladies
Just to bring to your attention I have updated your club page with a "Show & Tell" for November.

Hope to pop in to the meeting tomorrow evening.  There will be 2 new ladies joining.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Black & White

Hi everyone here I am again as promised.

Today I finished Gareth's birthday card - but you can't see it until tomorrow evening - after I have given it to him.  Bob & I are taking him out for a meal at the local new Gastro Pub near us.  Gosh that's two eating outs in three days - will have to watch my weight!!!!!!  I wonder how long before people stop calling it the new Gastro Pub?

Also today I finally decided that I must finish my samples for the HSNW Festival Exhibition board.  Those of you who go to Port Sunlight will know that we always have an exhibition of members work on display. I had come up with the idea a few weeks back, cut out the card then decided to give it a bit more thought, as you do.  They are needed this week by a colleague in order to set up the boards.   So! after a phone call from her to remind me to put them in the post to her I set to & finished them.  A couple of places I got frustrated as things didn't go quite right.  Then after stopping for a moment & re-gathering my thought off I went.  Here are the photos - I made two samples rather than one - you will see why.  After the photos I will explain what I did.

You know - one of these days ........... yes, I've said it before...... I will get the items straight in the scanner.  I'm sure there is a gremlin in there that moves them when I close the lid.

So, this is how they were made.  Ir's a technique called "Split Negative".  Very basically you stamp an image twice & cut them into 2 pieces, then you reassemble them again into 2 different pictures, each one containing one half of each image.  I guess the picture is more self explanatory.  As you can see I created matting & layering in 2 sizes in each colour - black & white.  Looking at the top photo you can see that I started with a large black square & layered a smaller white square on to it. Then I stamped the image with Versamark ink onto another black square & heat embossed it with white EP.  I then repeated the steps the other way round with white & black layers & stamped the image onto a white square with black Versafine ink & heat embossed it with clear EP.  I then carefully sliced those 2 images in half diagonally.  On the top photo a half white image has been placed in the lower left side on top of the full black image.  On the lower photo the reverse has been done the half black image has been placed in the lower left side on top of the full white image.  Make sense?  There are actually a couple of different ways to do this.  One is to stamp the image twice in the 2 different ways, then cut them in half, then place 2 halves together onto another plain layer.

Phew!  I really hope that makes sense.  We did actually do this technique at the Mold club quite a while ago. I am going to make it a project in 2011 - so if Mold ladies would like to do it again I may put it on their programme too.

More tomorrow.  That's it for tonight.  Sweet dreams.

Sunset & Ducks?

Hi everyone - just popping in with my photograph from last nights visit to the restaurant. 

You may have gathered from the title of the post that possibly I missed the ducks?  Well, you would be right.  It's a beautiful sky but I obviously missed the ducks - they had either not got there or had flown by.

Back later this evening with some actual stamping information & photos.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Birthday Meal

Hi, here I am again as I said I would be.

Well we had a very pleasant meal this evening - the company is always good.  I was a little disappointed in the service as waiters insisted on leaning across us to put things on the table when there was clearly enough room to walk all round the table.  Moan over.

I said the other day I couldn't show you the card I was making for Gareth for his birthday & I was right not to do so - or should that read - I was right to do so?  Hmmmm.  Weird that. Tonight he asked why I wasn't putting it there.  Cheeky. See! I knew he would be peeking.

Did you see the beautiful sunset tonight.  As we drove to the restaurant the sky was all pinky & fluffy clouds, I really could have done with stopping & taking a photo especially as a skein of ducks flew across making an absolutely perfect picture.  In the restaurant car park I did try - until I look in the morning I won't know what I managed to take.  I couldn't actually see the ducks in my view finder - so its probably a no-no.  If it has worked there will be a photo on here tomorrow.

Well that's it for now.  Hope your weekend was enjoyable.  Night night - sweet dreams.

Wet, Damp Sunday morning

Good morning & what a morning.  Mind you the night wasn't much better was it?

I've just popped in this morning to say that I have posted information regarding workshops on the "Future Events" tab, just to let you know what stage I have reached.

Also I have received my first comment on the blog - so now I know that someone is out there reading it.  I hope to hear from more of you eventually.

During the day I hope to sort out more of the 2011 programme - I have just had a look at what I had sorted for 2010 that you have not done because I haven't been at meetings.  Will probably use some of those as well.  Also I will be preparing for some of the new challenges that I participate in - so far just the one has been revealed - that is on the CD Sunday Challenge - their theme this week is CD & decoupage.  That will be a good test as decoupage is not my favourite craft.

Also today - or rather this evening - we are all going out for a meal for Gareth's birthday.  It isn't until Tuesday but Nadine & Russ both have a day off today so that makes it easier for us all to get together. We are going Indian.  Will tell you about it later.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Programme for 2011

Happy Saturday everyone.  I hope you are having a nice weekend.

I have been busy today but not actually creating anything.  I have been sorting out projects & "Show & Tell" items for our programmes in 2011,

At a recent meeting at the Mold club the ladies brought ideas into the meeting of things they would like to do or learn about.  Amongst them  were things like - stamping on acetate; brayering techniques; using friendly plastic & using bleach.  So if you have any other ideas please let me know through the comments option at the end of any of the posts. 

I think that we have covered friendly plastic at all 3 clubs, but that would have been some time ago.  So I will add it to the 2011 programme - I have searched the Internet & found a very good supplier & also some new techniques to use with it.  So! watch this space for further information. 

I am also looking at finding another retailer to visit us at one of our meetings in 2011 - because of our geographical situation I am looking at Companies from around Warrington & Manchester areas & have 2 or 3 in mind.  I will be contacting them next week, will keep you informed.

This time next week the Stamp Festival will have closed - I hope to be there long enough to pick up ideas on new products and/or techniques.

As you know I enjoy browsing amongst the many blogs that are out there in Internetdom & joining in challenges.  One of the things that some bloggers seem to like doing is taking a peek at what is on each others desk on a specific day of the week.  I think it is Wednesday.  The reason I mention it is when I was in my craft room last Wednesday I was reminded of it by the state of my desk.  Thought you might like to see.  I just cannot believe I managed to work with the state its in.  Its never clean & absolutely tidy when I am working - but ...........................

Could you work in that?  No neither can I - so tomorrow - tidy time, ready for the next set of projects & a couple of birthday cards.

I better rest this evening t9o builod up the necessary energy ...... te, he.