Wednesday, 30 November 2011

quick pop in

Good evening ladies
The amount of crafting I have done today doesn't take up much time to describe & tell you about.

The inserts for the cards have all been sorted - but didn't get stuck in.

Bob & I had our lunch today which was at a pub called "The Barn Owl Inn" at Lymm in Cheshire where we had an excellent meal amongst really good company.

So! crafting took a back seat today.  Tomorrow morning I am meeting Sue & we are going to take a look at the Celtic Fayre at Broughton, then the afternoon will have to be spent completing those cards before I start on the next batch.

So that's my day - perhaps have more to tell you tomorrow.

Hope you have all had a good day

Night night

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

just chatting

Hi Ladies
What dreadful weather we have had today - I hope you didn't get caught in it.

Well! I have several large piles of Christmas cards on my dining room table all waiting for the inserts to be put in then they are finished.

Bob decided he wanted 13 cards to send out & so I gave him some from a card kit I had made up back about early October.  That means I still have some more to make for myself - but that's fine.

Now it's time to decide how I make the cards for the family.

Tomorrow Bob & I are off to his Naval lunch which will be very nice, then I may have a workshop on Thursday morning but it is not looking too good at the moment.  Starting on Thursday there is a Celtic Christmas Fair at Broughton Retail Park (I expect you have heard about it) - I am hoping to go on Thursday with Sue.  That takes us to Friday when I will probably be back to card making.

My knitting is coming on well & I suspect I will finish the scarf tomorrow night.

It is hard to believe that it is December on Thursday & the days to Christmas are counting down fast. Where has this year gone - I know it hasn't finished yet but there isn't much left is there!

Next Wednesday (7th) sees the final meeting for CSNW after that I will put up the programme for 2012 & that may also be when I change the layout of the blog, I haven't quite made up my mind yet.  I have a lady who is going to help me & I don't want to encroach on her Christmas & New Year.

Well that is me for tonight.  More tomorrow.
Night night

Monday, 28 November 2011

just chatting

Good evening ladies

All cards I have been working on this week now have the "made by" quote on the back & they have inserts printed but not yet put in.  That is tomorrows job. 

Tomorrow I hope to finish making the ones for Bob's work colleagues - well I have to as they will be given out at the Christmas meal on Saturday evening.

This afternoon I took one of my "senior" colleagues out to visit another "senior" colleague & spent a couple of very pleasant hours chatting.  It was a rather interesting visit as both ladies have a hearing difficulty & one of them talks quietly.  So guess who ended up being interpreter?  I say interesting it was a couple of times quite amusing as I would have to tell one what the other one said, then a little later the other way round.  Still perhaps I might have hearing problems one day so mustn't laugh.

This evening I have been doing some more of my knitting whilst watching TV - it grows really quickly.  It's a very unusual yarn - its almost like a ribbon with button holes along one edge, & it's the buttonholes you knit with.  I will photograph it when it is finished.

Talking of photos here are a couple of the batch of cards I made for my lunch group.  I have photographed 2 together & tried to show the different ideas that were used throughout the batch of 30.

It's my photography that makes them looked curved - I must over Christmas give some thought to better photography.  I will have some other photos to show you of work I have been doing - but I cannot show them until after Christmas.

That's me for today - more tomorrow.
Night night.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

A quick chat

Good evening ladies
Not a lot to talk about today - but I did reach my goal of making the cards for my monthly lunch group.  I made another 9 cards this afternoon making the total I was aiming for of 30 cards.  I decided against the sparkle - but tomorrow I have to create the inserts.

I also finished too late in the afternoon to once again take photos.  I will do it in the morning before I forget or only remember as the light fails.

Tomorrow I must return to the cards that I have to send abroad, & finish the cards for those people who work with & for Bob.  This is how I work when things are busy - I sort what I want to do, how I will do it, sort out the stamps, paper etc - then slowly build the finished article.  Yes! it is a little like conveyor belt stamping but at this time of year with so many to make it is the only way - but who is receiving the card is still thought of & a suitable card created & where I feel it needs it - I change my mind.  This evening Bob suddenly asked if I could make cards for him - so the number is rising.

I hope you have had a good weekend & done everything you wanted to do.

More tomorrow

night, night

Saturday, 26 November 2011

just chatting again

Good evening ladies
My! what a blowy day - positively rattling all the doors & windows.

After the usual weekend shopping trip I had another chance to sit & do some crafting - some more Christmas cards. I made 15 more of those cards for my lunch group - bringing my total up to 21.  So about another dozen should see me right.

I haven't taken any photos yet as by the time I decided to stop for the day the light was not good.  Will take some tomorrow.  They are not stamped - but made simply & quickly using some of the loads of stash I have in my craft room.  Actually - I quite enjoyed making them.  What I mean is I enjoyed making them in the manner that I used, which was rather like a conveyor belt system.  I decided on a couple of different layouts & followed those. I was thinking earlier I will probably add a little sparkle to them somewhere as well.  Not a lot - just enough for a little glitter & sparkle.

This evening whilst watching the TV I got on with the knitting I am doing - I am really enjoying that as well - because I haven't knitted for ages, & it is growing quite fast.

So all in all a good day for crafting.  Hopefully another one tomorrow as well.

That's me for tonight.  Sleep well.
Night night

Friday, 25 November 2011

more crafting done

Good evening ladies
After some running around this morning I managed to settle down to some card making.

In the morning I took some items that I had sorted out, to the Cancer charity shop in Buckley.  I also visited Parkfields Community centre & booked the Mold & Mold II meetings for 2012.  They are holding a coffee morning late January so if any Mold and or Mold II ladies would like to make some cards for them to sell it would be appreciated.  I believe the coffee morning is on the 25th January - but I will confirm later.  If it is then there will be time for you to bring any cards to the meeting in January.

Then in the afternoon I completed the cards that I had started a couple of days ago - all now neatly mounted & embellished.  Then I sorted out Christmas stash for the cards for the lunch group that I am making cards for.  Following that & deciding exactly what to do I managed to complete 6 of the cards which leaves around 24 more to do.

I then rounded the day off  with Bob & I going out for our evening meal - my treat - we went to the Red Lion at Doddleston.  Very pleasant indeed.

I will have photos of these cards I am currently making but that may be later rather than sooner as some of them are the cards I have been making for you - the club members.

Something that I will be doing over the Christmas break - well most probably doing - is changing the look of the blog.  I fancy a different look.  So don't be surprised if you sign in sometime between the last days of December & early days of January & see a different look.

So that is my day - more chat tomorrow.

Have a good weekend whatever you are spending your time doing.
'Bye for now

Thursday, 24 November 2011

just chatting

Good evening ladies
Do you sometimes get one of those days where you start with a plan then something comes along that changes it, then something else & something else.

I had a plan this morning of calls to make, emails to send, meals to sort, hair to wash.  Then time in the craft room.

No! part of the way through the tasks I had set myself I needed to ring an lady about visiting her.  She had rung me last night & so I got her to leave her telephone number in order to ring her back with my arrangements.  When I rang her - the number was wrong - I got someone else who was getting a little bit tired of being called for this lady.  No-one else who new this lady did not have her telephone number, neither did a central point I might have been able to get it from.  My brain suddenly kicked in & went to the phone to retrieve the number - why didn't I think of it before.  But no - when she rang she had withheld her number. Agh!  After getting on with another task I thought I would turn some of the numbers around - it took me two calls to find her.  Not bad work.

Now back to my tasks I had set myself.  Once they were done I sorted Mold II club box so that it could be put away until January, & wrapped the Christmas presents for CSNW - so that is ahead of plan.

Finally I could spend some time in the craft room.  I had been sorting some stamps & found just the one for another set of stamps I had to make.  I got the main image stamped & a sentiment, the card cut to size, the base card sorted & the card for matting & layering.  The light in the craft room as the afternoon draws on is not too good so that was all I had time for - but everything is now ready to complete tomorrow.

The other day I mentioned that at the HSNW meeting on Monday night I won a prize for one of the quizzes we did. Well this afternoon I opened it - as it had been wrapped with nice Christmas paper.  It is a beautiful stamp from the company Indigo Blu - I absolutely love it & can't wait for a reason to use it.  I popped the packet on the scanner so that I could show you.  Here it is;

Isn't she stunning?  Those are snowflakes in her hair - so I guess I could use her this Christmas, but I can already think of way to use her other times of the year.

Well that's me for today ladies - more tomorrow.
Night night

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Christmas shopping

Hi ladies - it's me again
Good evening.

No crafting was carried out in this house today - but out in the big wide world there was Christmas shopping.  Oh my gosh - I really must have aged since last Christmas - I only went to Sealand Road, Greyhound Retail Park & I ended up absolutely whacked.

The one thing that struck me was most of the shops carried the same items - there was not a lot of choice - I guess price was the deciding factor.  But if you shopped by price factor alone you would have to start Christmas shopping about August.  Most of the main presents I want to buy will probably be bought online - but strangely despite the earlier remarks I do like to browse the shops.

I said no crafting was carried out but I did purchase something for me to craft.  I am making a brief return to knitting for one of my presents.  When it is safe to do so I will tell you more about it - so watch this space.

Tomorrow I have designated as another craft day - I have often mentioned a monthly lunch I attend & I am to make some quick Christmas cards to be given to each of those people or couples that attend on behalf of the group.  I have such a lot of stash accumulated over the years & know that I can use some of that stash even for a simple quick card.  It will still look good of course.

So with all that to do I had better get some beauty - or is it craft - sleep.

More tomorrow.  Night night - sleep tight

Mold II photos - part 2

Here I am again

This time with the project photos from Mold II's meeting.  The project was a tag window card - which both Mold & CSNW made a little while ago. When it was time to show Mold II what the card was like I could not find my sample & I still cannot find my sample.  I found another template so their design is slightly different & they made the card "blind" so to speak as I didn't have time to make up a sample for them.  Here are the photos;

I am so sorry about the glare on the acetate on this one
Towards the end of taking these photographs I found if I stood the cards against my camera case
I could avoid the glare

A very delicate shade of green & the little flower looks lovely peeping through the window

A really nice "gift" look to this one with the greeting on the paper that was used

I just love Tatty Teddy - isn't he cute

Wow! She is really sophisticated isn't she

A lovely design that has been water coloured
How many of you remember that little palette of pearly water colour paints of a few years ago
from "The Works" that cost £2-99?  That is what was used here by Carolyn

That lady is sooo elegant isnt' she & I love the black & cream colour scheme

That pretty flourish paper in the background really sets off the flower

I love the window effect on this one - which wasn't quite finished - but
you can see it is going to look great

Love this snowman - we are getting some really lovely cute snowman images this year

Another lovely snowman - what a shame he hasn't got a hat - his head will get cold

very dainty, clean & crisp card

That's the photos ladies - I may be back later with just a chatty post.

'Bye for now

Mold II photos - part 1

Good afternoon ladies

Here I am with the first set of photographs for last night Mold II meeting.  They are of the Show & Tell which was a Christmas ATC -

this lovely blue & white one was painted by our in club artist Liz

this lovely blue frosty design is one of three that had a slight difference between them which I didn't
spot - so sorry to Elizabeth who made them

Oooh what a happy little snowman

the second photo above shows this ATC group closed which when opened surprises us with
a 2012 calendar.  Great idea.

Very delicate mono-chrome tag shaped ATC

I can never remember if this style is art-deco or art nouveau
very stylish

Aaah! isn't that lovely.  That stamp is really cute & looks great on this ATC

A chilly looking glittering penguin - love his hat

if you sit very quiet you can almost here them singing

Hello! it's that happy snowman again.  Fancy two people choosing to use him.
he looks really good on this easel ATC

Right, that's the show & tell - now to put the project here.

Back in a moment

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Mold II Meeting

Good evening ladies

Well! I have just got home after another great evening with Mold II club.  I have photos of the show & tell and also the project for the evening - but will load those tomorrow.

There are several stages to loading the photos & if I do them late in the evening I am more likely to make mistakes.  First I load them onto my net-book computer, from the camera.  Next I run them through a photographic package to crop & trim, take out any defects in my photography that I can.  Then finally reduce the size & copy them into their own folder.

The very last stage is writing the post then inserting the photos as I go & sometimes the size needs re-adjusting again.  Plus of course any chatting I want to do.

So tomorrow morning when I am fresh is the best time.

Hope you have had a good evening.

More tomorrow.  Night night

just chatting

Good afternoon ladies

Did anyone spot my "deliberate" mistake in yesterdays posting?

No? - oh that's good.  Still I must own up to losing track of things.  I said that this morning I would put the other photos from the Mold meeting on the blog this morning.  Well! I had already done it.  Just as I was starting to type this posting I had a little niggling feeling at the back of my mind - so popped out ^ checked the blog & there they were.

Anyway, I have made some more cards today - this time a couple of birthday cards.  Tomorrow I have to make the Christmas cards that are going abroad - I meant to start them some days ago.  I know what I am doing but hadn't started them properly.  Then it is Bob's daughters wedding anniversary on the 12 December, so I must get on & make them a card & get it in the post as they live in the USA.  Also a week Saturday it is Bob's Company "do" so I have to make 6 cards for those attending.  Have already decided what I am doing for all these cards & have got papers etc ready - just need to get on & do it.  Then on Sunday a friend rang to see she is moving house - so a New Home card to make.  It's getting quite busy!  I think I mentioned before, that at the start of the NewYear I have quite a few birthdays.  Talking of which - we are just about to go into December & I have a birthday card to make for an elerly cousin.  Oops nearly forgot.  This chatting comes in useful.

OK that's me for now I am off to Mold II evening later & will have news of that for you plus some photos.

'Bye for now

Monday, 21 November 2011

just chatting

Good evening Ladies

I have just got home after the HSNW final meeting for 2011.  On our last meeting we don't have any crafting - we have a buffet & quizzes etc - so a fun evening.  We also have a free Christmas raffle there the same as I do for our clubs here.

We were given an extra task this year - which sadly not many entered - & that was to write a poem as the 12 days of Christmas but using stamping products.  The winning entry was very good.  I won the prize for one of the quizzes - so that made me very happy.

I have been busy with cards & Christmassy things today & didn't leave myself enough time to put the project photos on here for Molds last meeting.  I do apologise & will put them on tomorrow morning sometime.

Tomorrow night is the last meeting for Mold II - so there will be photos from there to load as well which I will probably do on Wednesday.

I forgot to take a photo of my lucky dip[ card for HSNW -but I am intending to another one the same for a friend - so will photograph that one.

Right I am off to bed now - have to pop down to Sealand round about 8:30 to pick up Gareth as he is leaving his car for some work & needs a lift back home.

More tomorrow - sleep well.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

mold photos - part 2

Good evening ladies

I do hope you have had a good weekend.

Now, first - the remaining photos from Mold meeting last Thursday.  This time it is of the project for the evening, my 3-way card

I am going where possible to show you the outside then a sort of inside view of each one;

A nice phantasy bird in pretty shades of pink

An elegant lady image with beautiful dot card - I think this card was a lilac shade.
Sometimes they come out a bit blue in the photos.

A really elegant black on cream design finished with a lovely verse
"We make a living by what we get; We make a life by what we give"  Winston Churchll

I like the simplicity of the front of this one with the colourful surprise inside

Ah - we have seen this lady & this lovely paper before.  Looks like some sharing took place here

Some lovely bright pink flowers

Another elegant lady image & I do love these "coffee & cream" colours

A happy little snowman family with a lovely lilac snowflake christmas tree background

I think this lovely zesty green really suits the fun image on the front - don't you?

Beautiful butterflies.  You can never go wrong with a butterfly design
& I love the use of the Card-io peg stamps

I haven't seen this little character stamped for a long time - it has a name doesn't it!
Can't remember what it is.

This style of reindeer image is very popular at the moment
He looks like he is about to leap from the card

These are really cute images & they show that you don't always need to add lots of colour
Lovely clean crisp card

Just love those bright yellow flowers - that image has the look of a StampMan set

Another set of images that show you don't always need a lot of colour
Beautiful images

Another image style that is becoming very popular - stylised trees

A beautiful flower - again images where one flower gives all the impact. An image very much of the time
No inside to this one - not sure why.

If ever a design had to be coloured this is it.  Isn't he just gorgeous - a real Santa.

As you know I attended a workshop yesterday.  Our first project was absolutely stunning & a new technique which I can't wait to show you all.  Mind you it will have to wait until about April - unless I change one of the already prepared months around.  I will think about it.

I will have some photos for you from the workshop - but it will probably be tomorrow or Tuesday.  Tomorrow evening I have the last meeting of the year for HSNW & like we do here in North Wales we have a lucky dip Christmas Card - I made mine today.  Running a bit late on that.

Well that is it for now.  More tomorrow.
Night night